A dog for the Donald


I watched DJT perform today at the UN.  Impressive.  Stayed on script.  I suppose PomPom's Borgist boys and girls wrote it.  It hit all the commandments in the neocon creed but Trump managed not to issue any ultimata leading to war .  That was good, very good.  And now, pilgrims, Nancy the Pelosi is collapsing in her resistance to the Passion Play that is, in the minds, of some of her children the Auto da Impeachment in which Trump MUST be led to the faggots wearing his dunce cap.   This is something they are likely to regret because it just pisses a lot of people off, people who might not have voted for the Orange One.

Trumpie is, nevertheless, IMO, a perfect example of a Triple Type A personality type.  His kind of folk have no time for people, plants or pets.  Spot is perfect.  You don't have to pet it.  It cares no more for you than you do for it.  IOW, not at all.  And you can have it patrol the WH at night looking for intruders.

I suppose you have to plug it in like a Tesla to recharge once in a while. 

You could equip it to come when called.  "Here, Spot. Here!"  pl


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  1. Christian J Chuba says:

    I heard Rush Limbaugh euphorically gush over his speech, American greatness, calling out the bad guys (Iran, don’t know if Venezuela made the cut this time). And now I realize why I love cats so much. Cats are unabashed sadists, they play with their terrorized subjects before killing them but at least they don’t drag them to the UN and brag about how morally superior they are, they aren’t that cruel.

  2. I don’t know. The Orange One let an umbrella kick his ass. This robotic dog would tear him to pieces.

  3. D says:

    …”Stayed on script”… Who’s script?
    …”divide between those whose thirst for control deludes them into thinking they are destined to rule over others, and those people and nations who want only to rule themselves”…
    …”“hopefully we will never have to use this power.”…
    Really? I think you all did!
    Glass houses have panes.

  4. Fred says:

    I watched his speech this afternoon. The parts on Iran are troubling. I did like his taking on China. The line “globalism exerted a religous pull over past leaders” sure seems accurate to me. (~11.10 mark)
    Pelosi is going to go full impeachment? They must want to lose big so they can reset for 2024.

  5. turcopolier says:

    D I said who probably wrote the script. Ah, I see, another European nutter with a conspiracy theory.

  6. Jack says:

    It will be interesting to see if Nancy has the votes if and when the full House vote to commence impeachment proceedings. Tulsi Gabbard on an impeachment inquiry: “I think that impeachment would be terribly divisive for our already very divided country”
    This is a perfect spot for Trump, as he campaigns as the persecuted one. The Democrats don’t want to get the zeitgeist that elected Trump in the first place. Their Russia Collusion has fallen flat. The Ukraine “quid pro quo” will likely seal Biden’s fate.

  7. Fred says:

    But we didn’t do this:
    Do you think everyone in SE Asia has forgotten?

  8. Martin Oline says:

    Here are more dogs for you to desire, but they aren’t at the rescue pound yet. I like the little one who bounces in the lower left at the end:

  9. J says:

    Naw, it probably has a recharge pad that it steps on, to keep its little feet warm.
    Why do we continue to host the U.N.? What has it accomplished for mankind in all of its time on our American Soil?.
    Let them take their U.N. and move it to their sparkling city in the sky in Astana.

  10. catherine says:

    Impeaching Trump is a BAD BAD idea and I am not even a Trump fan/voter although I agree with some of his positions.
    If he did try to manipulate Ukraine for Biden dirt its not different from what Biden is alleged to have done in removing the prosecutor investigating his son’s Ukraine company.
    They are all dirty.
    At a time of such tensions in the ME I find this move to be very worrying.

  11. mp98 says:

    Trump WANTS Nancy and her band of Trotskyite-Maoists to impeach him.

  12. catherine says:

    NBC reporting that Trump called Pelosi today and asked “if they could work something out on this whole whistleblower thing.”

  13. Lars says:

    If the House votes to impeach, which will probably happen, it will be up to the Senate Republicans to vote for or against removal. Since there is an election next year, I am not convinced that Sen. McConnell will let that vote happen, since he has 22 members in that election and he would not want that to be the defining issue for them, especially if Trump loses his reelection, which may very well happen. He is more concerned with remaining as Majority Leader than anything else and he is facing reelection too.

  14. turcopolier says:

    Your whole thing falls to pieces if the evidence is not there for Trump having demanded a quid from Zelensky. What will be the next “issue” that your side will raise after that?

  15. Flavius says:

    If Trump asked for, even if he demanded, an investigation into what is a reasonable suspicion of corruption, he is merely doing his duty as President. He would have been better advised to do this through Pompeo or Barr, but then that’s not Trump. If he asked for, or demanded, a result, that would be another matter. Trump also as President has the responsibility for conducting the Foreign Policy of the United States and it is within his authority to judge whether FP considerations preempt law enforcement considerations. The problem with Beltway Democrats is that they have had a problem from Day 1 with letting Trump be President and waiting the four years to contest his office in the regular way. They have cried wolf so many times they have lost their voice. Nobody outside of their Amen chorus in the media and similarly deranged political junkies cares any more. The net result of this most recent gambit is likely to be the extinction of Joe Biden’s campaign, the potential prosecution of his son, and a deepening of the national disgust for the way things are done in Washington, where the money is… oh, and increasing the prospects for the Donald’s reelection next year enormously.

  16. Lars says:

    Asking a foreign country to help your political campaign is a crime in US law. As far as the “quid” it does not have to be explicit, only implied. This should be seen as a trigger. There is plenty of evidence of lawless behavior and I expect some of that will be included in any articles of impeachment.
    But my main point is that the GOP does not want to come down too hard on the Trump side, since it could backfire rather harshly. You also have to take into consideration that this will now be the main issue in the nation for months and nobody knows how that will play out so far.
    Nixon had wide support in the GOP once, but as the evidence was accumulated, that support disappeared rather quickly.

  17. Barbara Ann says:

    Astana is now called “Nur-Sultan” after Kazakhstan’s late founding president. Who knows, one day NYC itself might be renamed in honor of the founding president of an autonomous Socialist Republic. As there is already an Alexandria, NY they’ll probably call it “Ocasio-Cortez”.

  18. Barbara Ann says:

    Being “led to the faggots” could be misconstrued, but one assumes you refer to the combustible kind under the stake. Nancy in the role of Grand Inquisitrix (in the Inquisition that everyone expected) is just perfect.

  19. Jack says:

    The “transcript” segments that I’ve seen don’t appear to show any impropriety by Trump in any way, at least compared to Biden bragging about having the Ukrainian prosecutor fired for investigating his son, Hunter, by withholding US financing. The reality could very well be very different. The actual collusion and election interference and arm twisting of a foreign government may have been the Democrats and the Obama administration. Clearly the $1.5 billion “investment” by the Chinese in a private equity fund launched by Hunter Biden and John Kerry’s stepson with no prior investment experience, two weeks after Hunter joins Joe on an official visit to China smells very fishy. Maybe who was paying whom for what during the Obama administration should also be investigated.
    The problem with Trump it seems to me is he keeps his hiring pool strictly in the Swamp and consequently he can’t turn the investigatory power of his administration on those that may have actually engaged in corruption and election interference. He’s always reacting to the next hysterical charge. Now that Russia Collusion is a flop the Swamp have got the “whistleblower” quid pro quo.

  20. turcopolier says:

    Trump did not as for political help/ You Democrats want to see that in the transcript but it is not there.

  21. Lars says:

    He did ask for “a favor”. And that “favor” was help with investigating Biden & Son. I am sure there will be many weak excuses for this, but now it will not matter. What will matter is what the House committee will put in the articles of impeachment. There is a rich environment to choose from.
    The question the Republican Senators will dread is what they would have done if the presidents name was Obama.

  22. turcopolier says:

    No “quid” was asked for. You are seeking to overthrow a legally elected president. you and your fellow leftists are seeking to frame this man. You will pay a high political price.

  23. J says:

    I wonder if Pelosi or her husband were involved with Epstein, and if so what kind of blackmail did Epstein [Mossad] have over them.

  24. Barbara Ann says:

    Lars says “Asking a foreign country to help your political campaign is a crime in US law” but I would be interested in Robert Willmann’s view on this. It is illegal to solicit from a foreign national a “thing of value” in connection with a Federal election under 52 U.S. Code § 30121. But as Biden has not yet been nominated, which election is the supposed interference in – the Dem primaries? And the law’s intent is to regulate donations and contributions. Is political capital, in its broadest sense, a thing of value for these purposes?
    At this stage it seems the Dems’ TDS may be their undoing.

  25. catherine says:

    The Ukraine is a total cesspool of corruption and I am sure we could spend years investigating corruption there and the US and others part in it.
    I wonder if Pelosi thinks bringing up impeachment now will take away any interest in Biden’s alleged pressuring of Ukraine to stop its investigation of Burisma and Ihor Kolomoisky.
    Joe Biden claimed his position/the US interest was fighting corruption in the Ukraine.
    However when the Ukraine parliament’s voted to reduce known mobster Kolomoisky’s authority to run Burisma Holdings from his position as a minority owner and began a investigation Biden pressured the Ukraine government to stop the investigation and fire the prosecutor.
    The Ukraine in 2015 had succeeded in getting a court in London to freeze more than $2.5 billion of Kolomoisky overseas assets he looted from Privatbank. He fled to Israel then but is now back in Ukraine since the election of the new president he is believed to have supported.
    The BIG thing about Kolomoisky is he is very agressively against Russia….which probably explains a lot. ….and probably explains also who arranged the Burisma job for Biden’s son.

  26. Fred says:

    I remember when Presidential relatives only sold second rate beer, not influence. I’ve read the transcript. How dare Ukraine investigate corruption surrounding state assests and how dare Trump tell them they should do so. Tell me, how was this new Ukriainian elected, promising not to investigate corruption in Ukraine? I sure hope he doesn’t tell anbody who got all that National Endowment for Democracy money. Nobody better tell Trump about that either, he might call for a congressional audit of NED spending.

  27. different clue says:

    I sometimes feel like President Trump is running parts of this whole thing like a combination Reality Show/ Wrestlemania Event. He has been trolling the House Democrats into losing their temper and beginning impeachment proceedings. Pelosi has given in to her hungry angry caucus.
    Presidency Trump: the Show!
    So now we’ll have a year or two of ImpeachMania! followed by Trump handily defeating “Joey Tomatoes” or whatever other can of catfood the DemParty elite cares to run.

  28. different clue says:

    The only way Trump could possibly lose is if the Dems are forced to run a Sanders/Gabbard ticket or otherwise a Gabbard/Sanders ticket. If the Dems nominate Warren/Sanders or Sanders/Warren, they perhaps have the remotest chance of just barely winning.
    If they nominate one of their own beloved DemCentrist Elites, they will lose bigly. Which, if that is what they do, would mean they want to throw the election bigly in hopes for some kind of reset in 2024 as Fred above suggests.

  29. Jack says:

    The only “bombshell” that I read in the transcripts was Trump asking Zelensky to look into Crowdstrike. Now that would be very interesting if we are to get to the bottom of Russia Collusion & Spygate. Since we’ve got the Trump transcripts, wouldn’t you agree that we also get transcripts of Obama and Biden’s discussions with Poroshenko? Let’s go whole hog with transparency and get transcripts of Victoria Nuland, John McCain and the rest that have been so deeply involved in the coup and it’s aftermath in Ukraine.

  30. different clue says:

    Since President Trump is a grown up adult, at what point does he bear ultimate responsibility for the script he chooses to read and chooses to believe in?

  31. optimax says:

    Trump’s fear of germs makes the shiny clean robodog the perfect pet for Trump. It can fetch his Big Mac without slobbering on it.
    Since the press won’t give Tulsi a chance, I hope Joe wins the primary. Trump will destroy his skeletal remains in the debates. Better than football.

  32. JamesT says:

    There is an increasing divide among the leftists. The corrupt corporate leftists who support Pelosi and Biden are baying for impeachment, while the more intelligent leftists realize that these same shenagins will be used by someone like Bernie if he tries to take on the establishment. Tulsi has again shown her intelligence and character on The Hillby saying that Trump should be removed – but he should be removed by the people in 2020.

  33. Fred says:

    I think colonel Lang called it a performance of “America’s Greatest President” or something like that. He sure wiped the floor with the institutional Republicans during the primary and sank Hilary too..

  34. turcopolier says:

    I was quoting him.

  35. Unhinged Citizen says:

    I always imagined Trump’s White House mascot to be characteristically 80s New York and gaudy, something like a sickly chimpanzee, spray-painted in gold..

  36. different clue says:

    I would suggest there are two basic type-clusters of Left. There is the Political-Economy ( PE ) Left. Sanders is one of a lonely few of those . . . though he might inspire more people to become supporters and explore that approach.
    And then again there is the Culture Of Wokeness ( COW ) Left. That’s the SJWs and the Identy-Hustlers and the Pink Kitty Cap Clintoads and so forth. They are the main Left in America today.
    They are the people who sneer at SanderBackers as “Bernie bros” and so forth. They would rather see Trump win again than see Sanders win because they hate Sanders for allegedly harming the candidacy of their beloved Clinton.

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