Uriah P. Levy – Captain, US Navy


"Levy published articles explaining his opposition to flogging and gave lectures on the subject. He was joined in his campaign by author Herman Melville. In 1850, the Navy banned the practice.

No one gets rich from a military career. Levy became wealthy through real estate. In the 1820s, he purchased a set of rooming houses in a mud-strewn hamlet on the island of Manhattan. “Within one year it became a thriving part of the city called Greenwich Village,” Levy said.

With his wealth, Levy commissioned French artist Pierre-Jean David d’Angers to sculpt a statue of Thomas Jefferson, whom the naval officer admired for his stance on religious freedom.

Levy also purchased Monticello. Jefferson’s Virginia home was in abysmal condition. After buying it in 1834, Levy hired artisans to repair it. He also had enslaved people — yes, Levy was a slave owner — work on restoring the house. Levy moved his mother, Rachel, into Monticello and used it occasionally as a summer home."  Washpost


 We have a long history of Jewish-American presence in our armed forces.

Some examples:

Captain Uriah Levy, USN

Brigadier General Myers, the Chief Quartermaster of the Confederate Army

Major General Maurice Rose CG 3rd Armored Division.  KIA in the Siegfried Line in WW2

Admiral Jeremy Boorda, USN, Chief of Naval Operations

9,000 Confederate soldiers who described themselves as Jewish in their pay books. 



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