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  1. alba etie says:

    Col Lang
    I am wondering if Candidate Trump ‘s dismissive attitude regarding the Iranian Nuclear Deal is political theater for the GOP primaries – and further wondering if President Trump would really try to undo the Iranaian nuclear deal ? Meanwhile the SNL skits skewering all of our national candidates only underscores what a National Treasure SNL has always been !

  2. Kyle Pearson says:

    “Uploader has not allowed viewing of this in your country”

  3. steve says:

    Good find. Thanks for both the Hillary and Trump clips.

  4. rjj says:

    SNL has always complied with the Central Committee’s ban on political comedy. Elementary schoolyard mimicry is not political comedy.
    Not a problem. The real thing in real time is parody proof and truly transgressive. This instance violates the Eleventh Commandment [Thou shalt not bring out the worst in thy fellow creatures.], one of the easiest and one of the worst to break.

  5. Fred says:

    Use Google to find SNL/Trump.

  6. rjj says:

    By way of the political humor provider shortfall and alternate sources thereof …
    haven’t laughed that much since the last time I checked DuffelBlog. It’s going to be harder to dislike Cruz after that. Could easily degenerate into an America’s Got Humor nominating process.

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