The Perjurer Clapper urges House to reject amendment on NSA Spying.


"Director of National Intelligence James Clapper issued a statement Wednesday opposing an amendment to curb the National Security Agency’s surveillance activities, the latest push from the Obama administration to sway lawmakers ahead of a crucial vote.
“I join others who caution that acting in haste to defund the FISA Business Records program risks dismantling an important intelligence tool,” Clapper said."  The Hill


Let us remember that Lieutenant General James Clapper USAF (ret.) admitted to having lied under oath to the US Senate in the matter of this program.  This is the felony crime of perjury.  He will not be prosecuted because he slavishly supports the Obama Administration.  Now this same man has the gall the show his face in the House of Representative to lobby for continuation of the program for which he lied.

Jim Clapper has always wanted to be a four star general.  His partner in perjury, General Keith Alexander is a four star general.  Clapper must think this is unfair.  Perhaps that is why he is willing to disgrace himself.  pl





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9 Responses to The Perjurer Clapper urges House to reject amendment on NSA Spying.

  1. The Twisted Genius says:

    You know this character far better than I do. He certainly has no shame. My only connection was when he used the “Clapper Report” in the late 90s in an attempt to reorganize Defense HUMINT and weasel his way back into a leadership role.
    Now he and Alexander are part of the national security elite lying through their teeth and pulling out all stops in an effort to continue their unconstitutional activities. Every day it’s smelling more and more like Honecker’s sordid and pitiable DDR. A pox on all these bastards!

  2. turcopolier says:

    Clapper gives raw, naked ambition a bad name. Yes, first he wrecked an emerging Defense HUMINT system and then he “saved” it. pl

  3. Charles I says:

    Pat, surely by now its trite to say these egos know no shame, hence cannot even conceive disgrace, only affront to self or identity, the way the Friends of Jesus of The Family ilk can only perceive instant Divine forgiveness of fleshy sins so long as the heart remains, er, pure.

  4. turcopolier says:

    Charles I
    I am not concerned with their salvation, but their power is another matter. pl

  5. Alba Etie says:

    Col Lang
    We often comment here at SST regarding unchecked how pervasively destructive to our collective comity the abuse Unitary Executive Power has become in our politics .But is this not a perfect example – this Clapper Perjury , of how we have all but abandoned the tried & true governance theory stated in the check and balances bargain we made early on in our national politics ? Why have none of the halpless Congresscritters in the House or the Senate called for Director Clapper to be indicted for lying to Congress ? Maybe its time for a discussion about a third party ?

  6. turcopolier says:

    You want tolerate the likes of Clapper because this is not a perfect world? pl

  7. Charles I says:

    Their lack of concern or conscience is part of their power, and freedom from them an appealing aspect of current power.
    Fwiw, I read AE below as so intolerant of those tolerating Clapper in this imperfect world that a third party intolerant of both is called for.

  8. Alba Etie says:

    No sir I was trying to ask the question why do we not have any Congressional Oversight? – I particularly was attempting to address if Clapper did lie to Congress – how come no one in Congress has asked for his indictment for Perjury ? If we had a third party perhaps we could get better Congressional Oversight and act on Executive Branch members that lie to Congress.
    Where is our Senator Frank Church now ?

  9. Alba Etie says:

    “whose on first , whats on second ”

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