“Syria rebels executed civilians, says Human Rights Watch” BBC


"Rebel forces in Syria killed as many as 190 civilians and seized more than 200 hostages during a military offensive in August, Human Rights Watch says.
A report by the US-based group says the deaths occurred in villages inhabited predominantly by members of President Bashar al-Assad's minority Alawite sect near the coastal city of Latakia.
It said the findings "strongly suggest" crimes against humanity were committed.
The group has previously documented atrocities by pro-government forces.
The report calls on the UN to impose an arms embargo on all groups where there is credible evidence of their involvement in war crimes."  BBC


So, the 100,000 deaths were not all committed by the government?  pl





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8 Responses to “Syria rebels executed civilians, says Human Rights Watch” BBC

  1. Medicine Man says:

    Quelle surprise.

  2. Fred says:

    The silence from the Obama administration is deafening.

  3. Alba Etie says:

    I have been researching as best I can what arms & other support the West is really providing to the Syrian rebels . Is it possible ever since the Congress Critters told the NeoCons it was a no go for an AUMF in Syria – that the Realist in the Administration are winning the argument about staying out of any more military engagements- particularly in ME . I did see where Secretary of State Kerry praised Assad for his swift compliance with the UN Resolution regarding dismantling Syria’s CW . Anyone have an opinion – or better yet can point me to whatever current support we are still giving to the Syrian Rebels .

  4. confusedponderer says:

    It was deafening already when the “Liver/lung/whatever-organ eater of Homs”, Khalid al-Hamad or Abu Sakkar, made his public debut.
    He said in an interview soon after the video came out: “Hopefully we will slaughter all of them [Alawites]. I have another video clip that I will send to them. In the clip, I am sawing another shabiha [pro-government militiaman] with a saw. The saw we use to cut trees. I sawed him into small pieces and large ones.”
    At the time we were assured that the Syrian opposition was moderate.
    A week back there was a Guardian article about Syrian opposition massacres in Alawite villages:

  5. Poul says:

    Tid for tad atrocities are unfortunately a common feature in bitter civil wars. The worst slaughter often take place after one side has won.
    Fx. Franco’s Nationalists elimination of Socialists in Spain or Tito’s Communists throwing Serb Nationalists in mass graves by the thousands.
    So to the supporters of the rebels if they win we will see a lot more of this. Arguing for military intervention to stop the Syrian government’s abuses only opens the way for the rebels to begin the slaughter.
    Better to stay out of the conflict.

  6. Alba Etie says:


  7. Fred says:

    Still no word from Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama? Somehow I am no longer surprised.

  8. Bandolero says:

    Well, the HRW report on the Lattakia massacre may be Obama’s word, if Phil Greaves is right with his analysis:
    I disagree a lot with Phil Greaves, but I tend to agree with him that this HRW report would not have gone out without a green light from Obama.

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