Woof! Woof! (What? Mice don’t woof?)


 "“We will not let the Iranians and Hezbollah be the forces that will win the very brutal war in Syria” and then move their focus onto Israel, he said. Up until now Israel has been very careful to say out of the war in Syria, saying it will only intervene – and indeed only has intervened – to protect the red lines Netanyahu established: that game-changing weaponry is not transferred to Hezbollah via Syria, that Hezbollah and Iranian troops are not on the border with Israel, and that the Iranians do not establish permanent bases in Syria.

Amidror said that the cease fire plan was made without taking into sufficient consideration Israel’s need to defend itself.

“At the end of the day it is our responsibility, not the responsibility of the Americans, or the Russians, to guarantee ourselves, and we will take all the measures that are needed for that,” he said.

Explaining how the Americans and Russians — with which Israel has good ties and a dialogue — agreed to a deal that could allow for a permanent Iranian presence in Syria, Amidror said that the Russian strategic goal in the cease-fire was to ensure that Assad's regime remains, and the the American strategic goal was to destroy Islamic State.

Israel, he said, needs to “take care of its strategic goal,” which he defined as “keeping Iran and Syria from building launching pads in Syria.”

Amidror said that that while Israel obviously wants to see the killing in Syria end, “the price can't be having Iran and Hezbollah on our borders.”

He said that Israel has both diplomatic and military options to keep this from happening, and said “both options should be used.”"  Amidror in Jpost


Yesterday Natanyahu told some people in Paris that Israel does not approve of the ceasefire arranged by the US, Jordan and Russia in SW Syria.  Today this fellow (whoever he is) states baldly that "Izghayel"  (have to get the guttural R right) has a strategic goal of excluding Hizbullah and Iran from any role in Syria.  Is this supposed to have been a big secret?  To that end Israel was one of the major players in inciting American neocons and R2Pers to push for rebellion in Syria.  To that end Israel has provided direct military support to jihadis located just east of the Israeli occupied Syrian Golan Heights.  Israel continues to do that in the evident hope of creating a jihadi buffer zone in Quneitra Province.  The Izzies tried this thing once before in southeast Lebanon which they managed to effectively detach from Lebanese government control for some years until the whole scheme fell on its ass when the Israelis withdrew from SE Lebanon and the various kinds of Lebanese managed to talk to each other.

This kind of thing is a perpetual problem in dealing with the phenomenon of Israel as a factor in the ME.  They continuously try to punch so far above their weight that the effect would be comic if it were not so murderously dangerous.

Amidror needs to go talk to IDF General Staff intelligence.  They could tell him, (if they dared) that a program of air attacks on Hizbullah and Iran in Syria would very likely result in a barrage of 20,000 or so Hizbullah missiles and artillery rockets falling in the northern half of Israel.  These would not be the pathetic flying pipe bombs that the Gazans occasionally shoot out of their ghettoized city.  No, these would be the real thing and the IDF has no idea how they would deal with that.  

What's next, a threat to launch drone attacks in DC if the US does not behave?  pl 


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  1. Pajarito says:

    Colonel sir, perhaps these are mice of the genus Onychomys, found in the US Southwest deserts. I’ve heard them, they really do howl like wolves, only the pitch is very high. They are also predacious carnivores, striking terror in their small prey. Apt analog, perhaps? https://www.wired.com/2012/02/mouse-howls-like-a-wolf-bites-like-a-tiger/

  2. Fellow Traveler says:

    Sharon’s purge-the-clown-car-PLO effort got them Hezbollah, I’m sure Netanyahu’s strategery will produce a better result?
    As the kids say, Derp.

  3. Fred says:

    From the article: “Amidror ……“At the end of the day it is our responsibility, not the responsibility of the Americans, or the Russians, to guarantee ourselves, and we will take all the measures that are needed for that,” ”
    Go ahead, defend yourselves. You don’t need the US, you said so yourself. Thank goodness we got that cleared up.

  4. Old Microbiologist says:

    Netanyahu also said Hitler wasn’t such a bad guy after all.I am amazed he hasn’t been taken out and drawn and quartered by his citizens who should be foaming at the mouth after that. Apparently, Merkel is less than pleased as well. http://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/1.681525

  5. phodges says:

    Also keep in mind that there is a sizable Neocon establishment in Washington actually pushing the Israelis to cause more trouble.
    I probably picked this up here but will pass it along again- a fine, detailed exposition of Lebanese history, politics, and Geopolitics- “Beware of Small States” by David Hirst

  6. The Beaver says:

    It didn’t take long to calm the whiners. The article says the State Dept but IMHO it is the work of that Heritage Foundation pip squeaker Nikki at Turtle Bay.
    The US has announced fresh sanctions against Iran over its ballistic missile programme and what it says is Iran’s support for terror organisations.
    The US state department said 18 entities or individuals would be affected by the new measures.
    It said all 18 supported Iran’s ballistic missile programme or the elite Republican Guards Corp.

    The Democratic members ( most probably the GOP also since for the past three years they don’t publish the names of the Congress men and women) were on their free junket to Israel 4 weeks ago.

  7. Thirdeye says:

    And Hamas.

  8. ann says:

    They are welcome to return our money.

  9. Ishmael Zechariah says:

    Izzies might not need the USA, but they definitely need your money, your weapons and your sons to dismantle Nasrallah’s light infantry and artillery. Seems like the Donald is not accepting this. Hence the “threats”.
    This Turkish dissident deplorable gets happier each day that Hillary was not elected POTUS.
    Ishmael Zechariah

  10. ISL says:

    Dear Colonel, if it didnt get so many people killed it would be amusing.
    Apparently, Israel was party to the cease-fire talks:
    So either this is pro-forma for domestic Israeli consumption, or Israel planned to sabotage the cease fire they participated in setting up to backstab the Trump administration (why not – everyone else is).

  11. David Lentini says:

    “What’s next, a threat to launch drone attacks in DC if the US does not behave?”
    Lest we forget what they did to U.S.S. Liberty. And if they did attack D.C., I’m sure we’d do nothing except perhaps apologize and pay for the drone.

  12. Alaric says:

    I assume we can expect more Israeli support for al qaida but will the IDF attack the Russian peace keepers or even know where they are? I think they will

  13. Kooshy says:

    The recent new pole showed even today after all the Russian gates and demonzations, she is less popular then DT.

  14. Kooshy says:

    IMO, once US gets tired of spending money and life in ME, Israel and other US satrapies in the MENA wouldn’t survive in their curent format. IMO that time is not too far, 10- 15 years ago conversations
    like this site or even mild ones like Tucker’ was rear and non-existing. Stalemate and internet connectivity is eventually overcome the fake news and PR. As the result, eventually the cost of maintaining Israel and US FO, becomes abublic debate and into US elections regardless of the PR and fake news.

  15. Kooshy says:

    Iran don’t need to wipe Israel of the map, Israel is doing it herself, and a good job of that.

  16. wisedupearly says:

    Why are dual-passport holders still given high level security clearance and allowed to inform American foreign policy?

  17. ked says:

    It’s been a race to the bottom.
    Second place gets to be prez.

  18. Phil Cattar says:

    Unfortunately once the shooting starts the Israeli lobby in the US and the Neocons will make sure Israel will get all it needs.As a matter of fact if Hizbullah/Iran starts strong and makes some initial progress ,Israel will get even more help and quicker…………Israel has long threatened to destroy Lebanon if they are attacked from Lebanon…………….IMO they will do major damage to Beirut and would probably love to get North of the Litani river……………The Neocons and the right wing in the US will have no trouble killing Arabs and Persians………….I’m am certainly not a military expert but I do not think Hizbullah has any answer for the Israel Air Force………….Even though many Israelis may die.I believe they have excellent civil defence programs and shelters……………….The Neocons/Israeli Lobby/AIPAC are ready……….Unfortunately

  19. Kooshy says:

    from the article
    “Iran’s Republican Guards Corps was set up after the 1979 revolution to defend the country’s Islamic system and provide a counterweight to the regular armed forces.
    There is no Republican guards in Iran, so I don’t think it matters or iran will care if “Republican” Guards get the sanctions. Where is the BBC’ editor.?

  20. turcopolier says:

    Phil Cattar
    You are right. You are not a military expert. The IAF could attack Hizbullah firing positions but they could not prevent the kind of response I described. And, if you think the Israelis want to ride out a salvo with many thousands of weapons in it on the basis of their Civil Defense you are sadly mistaken. Why do you think they have not already done so? They love Hizbullah? pl

  21. Ante says:

    Doesn’t Israel’s bragging of their bomb shelters remind you a bit of Enver Hoxha’s Albania. Holes aren’t the solution to political problems. Occupying the Golan Heights is a political problem and now that the Lebanese have a real military force, the sky is falling.
    Israel is playing the long game, but all the eugenics and fences in the world aren’t going to save their demographics. They’re going to end up assimilated into the local milieu like nearly every other Levantine out-group before them.

  22. jdledell says:

    Pat – You are 100% correct. I have relatives in both the IAF and IDF. In the last Israeli incursion into Lebanon, the IAF was bombing the crap out of empty fields because they did not have good intelligence on the location of Hezballah fighters. When the IDF followed in, they were constantly surprised at the number and location of Hezballah fighters popping up. In addition, the IDF had no idea Hezballah had anti-tank missiles. After a couple Merkava tanks were lost, the IDF retreated to safer positions.
    No one in the IDF wants to fight Hezballah ever again. As my nephew who is a captain in the Golani Brigade says he would rather fight Hamas in the streets of Gaza than Hezballah. In addition, one of the biggest problems with the IDF is their reluctance to take casualties. In Israel the IDF is the peoples army and Jewish casualties are abhorred. It makes their ground forces very timid in their attacks, something that artillery and aerial bombing cannot overcome.
    Lastly, everyone in Israel knows that Hezballah rockets will be delivered in huge waves which will totally overwhelm the Iron Dome system and deliver significant personal and economic damage to Israel.

  23. turcopolier says:

    Phil Cattar
    Have you spent a lot of time in Israel? pl

  24. Lemur says:

    Koooshy, the problem is a lot of people just use the internet to watch the latest Beyonce or cat videos.
    Remember how Huxley imagined a society where they didn’t need a law against reading ‘illicit materials’, because no one wanted to read?
    A more likely scenario is the demographic swing toward non-white majority in America leading to the ascendant coalition of colour siding with the Palestinians against a group they perceive as another white oppressor.

  25. blowback says:

    “gets happier each day that Hillary was not elected”
    Amen to that particularly now the Clintonist alleged foreign policy experts are joining up with the neo-cons to form a new Borg foreign policy group. What could possibly go wrong?

  26. Ishmael Zechariah says:

    The position and composition of the Russian peacekeepers are not state secrets. The Borg press has many links. here are two examples:
    http://foreignpolicy.com/2017/05/04/putin-has-a-new-secret-weapon-in-syria-chechens/ ; http://www.apnewsarchive.com/2017/Russia-s-mostly-Muslim-republic-of-Chechnya-is-becoming-a-major-player-in-rebuilding-war-ravaged-Syria/id-06535c16ef0b4efe9765e67b92f10a1b .
    On what basis do you think that Benjamin Mileikowsky will order IAF or IDF to attack Russian MPs(non rhetorical question)?
    Ishmael Zechariah

  27. blowback says:

    I doubt it – past experience suggests that whenever the Israelis make any claim that’s economical with the truth the White House and the Borg regurgitate it as if it were the truth. A prime example was the alleged Syrian reactor that the Israelis allegedly bombed. The SDF/YPG captured the site several months ago and nobody has claimed to have investigated it, which suggests that the White House, Pentagon, CIA, State Department, Uncle Tom Cobley and all know that the Israeli claim was complete garbage.

  28. Swami Bhut Jolokia says:

    In other news, it appears Mr Trump had a private meeting with Mr Putin. Looking forward to reading the rationalization by Publius Tacitus.

  29. turcopolier says:

    Why would any “rationalization” be necessary? pl

  30. turcopolier says:

    I appreciate your nephew’s position on fighting HB again. I presume that the infantry types re being rotated out of the field in Syria where they would have become even more formidable. pl

  31. turcopolier says:

    Assuming that the IDF tried a grand flamking maneuver toward Damascus and then west through the Bekaa Valley this would not work well. It is a long distance and by the time thy arrived among the HB fortified firing position belt (50 miles long maybe)the fire into Israel would gave created havoc in Israeli towns. pl

  32. Fred says:

    The President of the United States of America had a private meeting with the President of the Russian Federation and the NYT was not invited? I’m shocked, just shocked that an American president would meet with the leader of a foreign country without a permission slip from the NYT and the usual folks in America’s foreign policy establishment. It’s almost like he believes he’s President of the United States. The neve of the guy.
    Can’t wait to see who leaks the details. Oh, wait. Democrat operatives leaked the news that the US could, well used to be able to, read Russian councilar traffic. Thanks. Good going safetypin pink hat people. I wonder if anyone at the FBI will ever get around to investigating just who did that.

  33. Anna says:

    “The Neocons and the right wing in the US will have no trouble killing Arabs and Persians”
    Are ziocons human? – http://www.unz.com/ishamir/are-non-jews-human/

  34. Anna says:

    Exodus of Israelites from DC looks like a solution

  35. Kooshy says:

    Actually, IMO, the new younger generation of Americans, although they don’t show, are much better informed of world then the generation i went to college with. Although, they this new generation, are provided with a lot more easier to get, distractions, diversions and decoys, they have a lot harder time to find opportunities and support to enter the society and become on their own then we did. Nevertheless, they also have a lot more tools to find out how much and what they need to know. I believe Words will eventually gets around no matter how much PR, lobbying and fake news is spent. I believe in this new younger American generation regardless of their color and ethnicity. if they can watch RT/ etc. on their phones for free, some will do that, and the word eventually will get around.

  36. Ivan says:

    The Israelis have only themselves to blame. Had they not been so bloody minded in their indifference to the fate of the Syrians at the hands of the head choppers, they could have come to an understanding with the Syrians. But now having exposed their utter cynicism to all world much sympathy has evaporated.
    I do support the Israelis in their fight against the Iranians. The Iranians have been trying to insinuate themselves as leaders of the Islamic world through their support of various destructive efforts directed at the Israelis from the beginning. It is easy to see that Iran during its revolutionary phase sought to displace the Saudis as the leader of the Islamic world by leveraging the Palestinian issue. In essence the destruction of Israel is the means by which the Shia Sunni rivalry for dominance is to be resolved. But I do not know the extent of the Iranian commitment to such a programme now. Nonetheless the Israelis could have been a little less cynical about it.
    What we are seeing now is that the overthrow of Saddam has changed drastically the balance of power between the Shias and the Sunnis. In an ironic way the ISIS and its Arab supporters seen from the perspective of balance of power, were trying to redress the balance.

  37. turcopolier says:

    You Germans understandably are willing to bend over backwards to kiss your own fundaments if the Israelis look displeased. A lot of the rest of us are tired of having been dragged around by them as they use our citizens as a political 5th column. “Public diplomacy” my ass. They are seeking to bully us into fighting their enemies while they insanely wish for the victory of the jihadis in Syria. I never wrote anything about handling Israel with care. I think quite the opposite since they have nowhere else to go except to come to the US feeding trough. l

  38. turcopolier says:

    You seem to remember everything ever written on this blog as having been written by me. In contrast to what you wrote here I have always said that Israel knows it is incapable of doing more than damaging Iranian facilities on a basis that will simply enrage the Iranians and cause them to return to the process of building a deliverable nuclear weapon. Therefore what the Israelis want is for the US to destroy Iran as an industrialized country similar to what Morgenthau had in mind for Germany, but this time in the ME. New subject: Who told you that all that Israel wants is to reduce Iranian spending in support of terrorism? Are you that gullible? Remember, the Israelis consider the Palestinian resistance movement, Hamas, to be a terrorist organization. pl

  39. turcopolier says:

    Phillippe T
    This link does not open for me. pl

  40. turcopolier says:

    are you referring to me as an “American hasbara?” pl

  41. Babak Makkinejad says:

    “…US to destroy Iran as an industrialized country…” this was in fact the project that US and EU pursued through their economic warfare.
    Some EU citizens, Germans I believe, estimated the number of tires Iranians needed to maintain their civilian commercial lorries and then set about devising clever ways of denying imports of such tires into Iran.

  42. Henshaw says:

    If USA and Israel want a war with Iran, they can’t wait ten years. While the USA is hyperventilating and devising ever more onerous domestic sanctions against Iran, the rest of the world is busy establishing (China) or re-establishing (Europe) economic and political links with Iran.
    It’s one thing to attack an isolated, outcast nation, but quite another to attack a fellow member of the international community, as Iran is working hard to become. Meanwhile, the US continues to put all its eggs in the Saudi basket …

  43. Kooshy says:

    Can you explain how and when the Saudis were the “Leader of the Islamic world”? Any Popularity of Iran in Islamic streets is due to it’s stand against western hegemony in ME, which includes her stand against legitimacy of state of Israel. IMO Iran uses her needed muslim street popularity as a deterrent soft power defence shield countering the west to solidify her independance.

  44. sid_finster says:

    The problem is not that Israel tries to exert influence well above its actual strategic usefulness.
    The problem is that the United States not only lets Israel do so, but bullies its other allies on Israel’s behalf.

  45. sid_finster says:

    To the extent Israel has any sympathy in any government outside the United States (and, for historical reasons, Germany), it is solely the result of American bullying on Israel’s behalf.
    The rest of the world is fed up to the teeth with Israel.
    And why on earth would anyone support Israel against Iran? Iran has acted reasonably in recent years, but if Iran is still hostile to Israel, it is because Israel hasn’t exactly been seeking normalization of relations.
    Rather, Israel and its Saudi buddies have been using every means at their disposal to get the US to start a fight on their behalf.

  46. Babak Makkinejad says:

    Be that Iran were indeed the leader of Islamic World, the the rest of Islam
    – excluding Turkey – would have then received a “Brain” for a change by then.

  47. Phil Cattar says:

    Yes Anna They are human,very human.The problem with humans is that they are human.From Abam and Eve to Cain down to you and me.Menachim Begin was very human when he helped bomb the King David Hotel in 1946,killing innocent Arabs AND Jews.He was later elected PM of Israel.Ariel Sharon was very human when his IDF units provided cover for Christian Lebanese forces who massacered hundreds of Palestinian men,women and children in the Shatila refugee camps .He was demoted but later was elected PM of Israel.Half of my ancestors were Christian Lebanese.They were human also………………The reason why the Palestinians were in Lebanon was because they were chased out of Israel where their families had lived for many,many generations.The Jews say THEIR GOD promised them that land thousands of years ago.They were run out of their home by the Romans about 76AD…………..and came back almost 2000 years later.In 1900 only 10 % of the inhabitants in present day Israel were Jews.And a lot of then were Middle Eastern Jews…………..who have only had 1 cabinet post in Israel………The Jews have had it rough all through history.If you have not read “A History OF THE JEWS” by Paul Johnson ,I think you would find it interesting to say the least.

  48. Babak Makkinejad says:

    There is only a single path with Iranians, articulated 30 years ago by my German friend: “Accept them the way they are or leave them alone since they have their own culture, religion, civilization.”
    And that is the bane of Fortress West policy in regards to Iran; it cannot accept Iran the way she is nor can bring herself to leave her alone. So it winds up with the worst of all world; no diplomatic leverage and at constant logger heads with her.
    The sensible thing, in my opinion, would be to negotiate a series of timed, limited cease-fire deals that cover some of the power competition issues and postpones them to some future time – at which the Western Fortress might have descended back into that Planet called Sensibility.
    I think Iranian leaders could be amenable to a series of such cease-fires modeled after JCPOA.

  49. LG says:

    perhaps there is error in perceiving the self proc’aimed nitwit leaNder as german, when her loyalties lie elsewhere.

  50. Jony Kanuck says:

    I think it was last year that Israel evacuated the area around the ammonia plant in Haifa. Nasrullah publicly chortled about it & implied that maybe Israel should evacuate Dimona (Is. Handford)too!
    On a related subject, I think one of the reasons for the decline of Israeli infantry is that they have been used to beat up defenseless Palestinians too many times. Van Creveld doesn’t bring that up but he says the last ‘good’ Israeli army was the one that fought the 1967 war.

  51. blowback says:

    From the accounts I’ve read so far, it looks more like they were in the same room together eating dinner and said a few words to each other at the end, So yes, technically, it was a meeting but it was hardly private and not secret. But it does show that western MSM is getting a bit desperate for proof of Trump and Putin conniving together. I shudder to think what the NY Times et al. would be suggesting if Trump and Putin had visited the loos at the same time.

  52. Lemur says:

    Well, i’m of millennial vintage, and I can’t say i share your optimism.
    My peers are certainly exposed to a wider swathe of information, but their attention is so scattered and degraded they lack the focus to gain a new understanding on any particular issue. They’re all dreadfully conformist too; I’m regularly pilloried for eschewing social media. Just look at the things millennials strongly support like gay rights – they do so because the powers that be have heavily pushed those values. We are more susceptible than most to propaganda because our identities have become incoherent, virtual, and without grounding in a stable set of social and civic relations (this was already apparent in prior 20th century generations but has reached an apogee with us). Our ‘individuality’ (of which we are scrupulously ‘tolerant’) is limited to consumer choices and various sub-culture ‘lifestyles’. Deleuze talks about how the liberal state and capital ‘capture’ and convert desire to serve their ends. No insight more accurately ‘captures’ my generation.
    Sure, there’s outliers, but then there are always outliers and a main stream.

  53. Valissa says:

    Since the meeting occurred at a dinner attended by all G20 folks it was hardly private. It was only private in the sense that Trump didn’t have any of his borg minders involved.
    Trump may be an obnoxious jerk on occasion, but I appreciate his attempts to work constructively with Russia despite all the roadblocks that the borg and especially the dim dumb Dems are throwing at him (I’m a 3rd party voter, didn’t vote for Trump).

  54. Klaus Weiß says:

    How can you be sure they have that number of “missiles”? AFAIK, the figures are Israeli ones …

  55. Fool says:

    Colonel Lang,
    As someone who was born and raised in a Zionist environment, I have never truly understood the hatred for Iran. I have come at this from all perspectives, acutely enough to have even met several of the ziocon figureheads whom you’ve written about. (I have combed the SST archives, perhaps one of few who’s also read the novels of Leon Uris…) Still, I have never understood what it is that drives Michael Oren to say to a room of rich, old, paranoid Jews that Iran is an existential threat, end of story, and to stray from the party line in opposing the Iran nuclear deal is the ultimate betrayal.

  56. alaric says:

    “As someone who was born and raised in a Zionist environment, I have never truly understood the hatred for Iran.”
    This is simple. As Secretary Clinton noted in leaked documents, no one believes Iran will launch a nuclear (or even conventional) attack upon Israel outside of self defense. The problem is that Iran limits Israel. The Israeli’s can’t just do whatever they want with a strong Iran and Hezbollah. The Israeli’s appear to want to balkanize the majority of the middle east and to occupy more of Syria and Lebanon. I wouldn’t be surprised if they tried (are they now?) to slowly but completely ethnically cleanse the West Bank and Gaza of Palestinians.
    Israel has a major resource and space problems and it really is a tiny territory that would be hard to defend against a viable opponent.

  57. Babak Makkinejad says:

    Ask the Europeans who organized those sanctions…

  58. SmoothieX12 says:

    It was really difficult to read Foreign Policy piece which lacks any grasp of what is going on with Russian contingent in Syria (and by extension in Chechnya). The main (and relatively correct) message of the article–that Chechens are Sunnis–is hidden in the midst of a typical borg rhetoric. It is not surprising when one sees names of Mark Galeotti who fancies himself an “expert” on Russia. Pretty much a standard (by now) “Russia expert” commentariat.

  59. sid_finster says:

    “…drafted with the assistance of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee [AIPAC]

  60. turcopolier says:

    A word of caution. If you write to say things like; Israel does not fear Hizbullah rocket and missile fire into Israel, and that Iran is continuing to develop nuclear weapons under cover of JCPOA I will judge you either a fool or an Israeli hasbara and ban you. If you write to say I am a liar in asserting that I read the Israel intercepts I the winter 0f ’67-’68, I will ban you. pl

  61. Kooshy says:

    IMO, is true that Iran is an existential threat to Israel, this is not because Iran is going to, or need to fight to wipe Israel off the map. In it’s natural, historic form It’ Iran’ independent geopolitical posture, her ascending rerise as an independent western Asian country that reduces Israel and her supporters clout that Israel correctly feels as an existential thereat to her survival. In a different way, but in the same format, the same is true for KSA, they have the same feeling for any non-aligned, independent non monarchy Muslim state in ME.

  62. Ivan says:

    The Saudis were defacto leaders as it is their money that financed most of the fancy mosques you see. They finance(d) the mullahs and the missionary efforts from as far afield as the US, Burma and India. (The going rate for converting a Burmese with an engineering qualification was USD 30,000 a couple of decades ago.) In addition they subsidise the Hajj, always a winner with the really pious Muslims. Saudi Arabia has been at it since I can remember (from the 70s). But it took on new urgency with the rise of the Iranian mullahs in 1978 and the attempted takeover of the Grand Mosque in Mecca at the end of 1979.
    As you say they need the street banshees to consolidate their revolution, or more accurately their position. But the revolutionary zeal withered out even in 80s. The mullahs are owed big time by both the US and Israel. I may not like what both of them are doing now, but they were (largely) not the ones looking for trouble.
    The Iranians who could only manage to fight Saddam to a standstill, undermined the US efforts at pacification in Iraq. Many of the allied forces, American and British fell to the Iranian backed irregulars and IEDs.
    As for Israel, the Iranians and their Hizballah client stoked the Hamas from around 1994 or thereabouts. You may recall that when Rabin exiled Hamas leaders to South Lebanon, it was the Hizb that provided tea and comfort. The Iranians have no legitimate beef with the Israelis, their only intention was to put Israel in play in the cockpit of the Sunni-Shia fight. I could see it, since I know how the Muslim mind works when it comes to their collective objectives. The Israelis saw it and put paid to it.

  63. Ivan says:

    It is a matter of time frames. The Israelis are troublemakers now, but it was the Iranian mullahs that started the ball rolling. They are the ones who should be contained (along with the Saudis.)

  64. Ivan says:

    Not if the mullahs had anything to do with it.

  65. TonyL says:

    I’m neither Republican or Democrat. But I can’t resist to point out that Trump voters are really a bunch of sore winners 🙂
    Hillary Clinton is old news, finished, finito, done, fin… in the trash heap of history. The election was almost a year ago. Please move on and analyze/critize/praize/chewing-the-fat… whether President Trump is fit for office and whether his foreign and domestic policies are good for the country and/or the world.

  66. Fred says:

    Yep, that’s why Mueller and his dozen investigators should be let go, nothing to worry about now. The “Resistance” will have to change its name to something more progressive and the media, I’m sure that they’ll just drop the Russia, Russia, Russia theme any day now.

  67. Babak Makkinejad says:

    You do not understand Iran and the place of mullah’s (literally, “leaders”) in that polity.

  68. Babak Makkinejad says:

    Says who? Says Ivan?
    When Israelis invaded Lebanon in 1982, was that in response to Iranians – mullahs or otherwise?
    Murdering Palestinian ambulance drivers is an act of self-defense that was initiated when the Iranians started the ball rolling?
    Which ball was that, by the way?

  69. Babak Makkinejad says:

    Many of the allied forces, also fell to car bombs with Saudi license plates in Iraq.
    I am glad that you are mentioning the Shia Militia of Lebanon, crated in response to the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982.

  70. Babak Makkinejad says:

    That’s what I am trying to state: Germany, and indeed the entire European Union does not have to maintain diplomatic, commercial, cultural or any other kinds of relations with Iran – a country that they find so disgusting in so many ways. Perhaps they ought to consider following the footsteps of Trump with his travel ban of Iranians.
    Then Germany and EU could leave the field to tChinese, Russians, Koreans, Indians, and Japanese of this world who do not let their personal feelings and aspiration get in the way of productive relations.

  71. Kooshy says:

    Sorry but what you have glued together as analysis factually and historically is not true . Factually there are no de facto (free) leaders in islam , as matter of fact going up the ladder in Islamic leadership (political or cultural) is very hard and it don’t happen by accident or just building Mosques, de facto ascending hardly if ever becomes legitimated within the islamic streets, where it really counts. That’s why I questioned your assertion. Your analysis of inner islamic events is similar to what comes out of WP or NYT.

  72. Philippe T. says:

    Sorry, Colonel. Maybe because the link drives to the french Amazon. Here is a link through Amazon.com :
    If it remains blind, please, type michel goya in the search window. Most of the Colonel Goya books or booklets are available (in French). Name of the book: Chronique d’une défaite annoncée 12 juillet – 14 août 2006″.
    M. Goya publish a blog “La Voie de l’Epée” : https://lavoiedelepee.blogspot.fr/
    (but the French press and blogs are currently flooded by the sacking of the Chef d’Etat Major des Armées by Macron.)

  73. Philippe T. says:

    Thanks. I just sent the amazon.com link to Colonel Lang.

  74. Ivan says:

    The Israelis committed acts of state terrorism there. No argument there. Their invasion of Lebanon was characterized as Lebanonsraum by an Indian cartoonist then. These days the Hindu nuts who are running the place Modi included can’t get over their Israeli love fest. Which is ironic in more than one way since the parent organization of the ruling BJP, the RSS are chock full of Hitler admirers. The first time I saw a copy of the Mein Kampf was in an an Indian bookshop in 1980 or thereabouts.

  75. Ivan says:

    I am not an expert on anything. I just lived through those times. As for the Holocaust only a fool would deny that the the Nazis targeted the Jews. But having said that I do not care to characterize it as the central event of world history. I am a Catholic. I get the symbolism of replacing Jesus Christ with the Jewish people. But even in own terms it is not going succeed since it is erzatz. The Holocaust remarkably among acts of genocide continue to supply an endless stream of books and articles and remembrances given to no other similar genocide. For example one would be hard pressed to find more than a handful of books on the depredations of the Khmer Rouge or of the Indonesian army in Irian Jaya. When one considers that many of the writers on the Holocaust dealing with topics ranging from German attitudes to Polish antisemitism and so on , are from theological departments, it is clear that the ‘mystery’ of the Holocaust has replaced the Mystery of the Godhead for many Jews.Nothing wrong with that provided they do not seek to criminalise any and all questioning of the Holocaust. I myself do not believe in the 6 million figure for starters. Many so called Holocaust deniers got their start when they are outraged by the overreaction of the keepers of the Holocaust. I may be wrong due to poor recall: But the notorious Robert Faurrison was beaten up by Jewish thugs for contradicting the line that gas was used in Dora. Now Dora was a death camp where prisoners were worked to their death, Faurrison should know since he was sent there. But there was no poison gas. I’ve come across countless such examples over the years.

  76. Ivan says:

    Boss I live among Muslims. I did not arrive at my position on a whim. I can however agree that my generalization is far too sweeping. But the business end of Islamic fundamentalism is not driven by the moderates and therein lies the problem.

  77. Ivan says:

    Please Hamas bots thought that they could behind ambulances and hospitals after murdering Israeli civilians through the most cruel way of the suicide bomber. I say cruel since they took advantage of the common humanity of the Israelis in order to kill people in pizza parlours, buses and bus stations. If the Israelis crossed the line to barbarity – which I incidentally I do not agree with as far as their campaign against the suicide bombers is concerned – the Palestinian have a lot to do with it.

  78. turcopolier says:

    You have become stranger and stranger. Someone suggested here that you are no longer what you were. Your “ignorance” seems feigned of late. pl

  79. Babak Makkinejad says:

    I was referring to Palestinian ambulance drivers and medics in the West Bank and not HAMAS.

  80. Babak Makkinejad says:

    I am not sure why you bring Hindus and RSS into this?

  81. blowback says:

    I’m not a Trump voter but I seriously doubt that Hillary Clinton is finished with presidential politics. If she were, she’d have ridden off into the sunset by now but instead she and the Clintonists still maintain their control of the Democratic party machine perhaps for another run in 2020 “by popular demand”. And it’s time liberals got over it and accepted her loss was her fault alone, not Comey’s and not the Russians’.

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