“The 12 juiciest bits from the FBI’s Clinton report” Nick Gass


 "On at least two occasions when Hillary Clinton changed electronic devices as secretary of state, the outgoing mobile devices met a violent end on the other side of a hammer or got broken in half.

At other moments, two of Clinton’s top aides recalled that the retiring devices’ whereabouts would often be a mystery.

And elsewhere in the FBI's report of its investigation and its interview with Clinton that was released publicly Friday, Clinton demonstrated a willingness to defer to others on matters of classified material, claiming on multiple occasions that she could neither recall receiving training or, in one particular instance, responding that she did not know that “(C)” markings in an email chain denoted confidential material.

From the drones to hammers to Colin Powell, here are 12 of the most remarkable sections from the FBI’s notes related to its investigation and from its July 2 interview with Clinton at its Washington headquarters."  Nick Gass


In light of this information it seems odd that Comey did not recommend indictment on either the  Government Records Act or on a charge of mishandling classified information.  pl




"A laptop containing a copy, or “archive,” of the emails on Hillary Clinton’s private server was apparently lost—in the postal mail—according to an FBI report released Friday. Along with it, a thumb drive that also contained an archive of Clinton’s emails has been lost and is not in the FBI’s possession."  Daily Beast


The State Department is not a notably efficient or well administered part of the government.  It tends to employ people who think they are "entitled"  and above the rules, but the behavior of Clinton's personal team reeks of the '60s and 70s.  It makes me think of a group of teenagers (of various ages) playing the role of responsible government officials.



When I was a major I was for a few years in charge of security indoctrination and training for US military personnel  who had access to seriously secret material as well as the inevitable investigation of violations at 5th US Army Corps headquarters at Frankfurt am Main and then at Allied Land Forces South East Europe at Izmir, Turkey.  This was a NATO command with a large US presence in the headquarters.  Then, later in life I was "indoctrinated" (trained and briefed) many times when it was decided that I should receive access to various categories and compartments of secret information.  So, I know a bit about the way the US governments in its various parts safeguards secret information. 

In basic terms a senior recipient is trained individually and privately by a Special Security Officer whose full time job is to make sure that people who receive such information understand fully the law and regulations with regard to handling such information.  Following the training the recipient signs agreements with the government to follow the rules and accept the law.  The Secretary of State would have a VAST  access to a wide and deep number of "compartments" of information each containing some particular program or type of information of great sensitivity.  for Clinton to claim as she did to the FBI that she was never trained to handle classified information and did not know the rules is simply absurd.  pl

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  1. morgan says:

    I think he was ordered by higher ups–Attorney General, White House?–not to recommend indictment.

  2. Bobo says:

    An adult was nominated to the high post of Secretary of State by the President of the United States and by all accounts that adult did not act in a responsible manner in how the adult received or disseminated classified information. The words “Extremely Careless” have been uttered but in actuality those words are mild in describing the actions of the adult in question.
    Today, that same adult is seeking the post of President of the United States. Is this adult asking the people of this country to judge the potential future actions of the adult or the actions that were mildly determined extremely careless when they enter the voting booth. Shall be interesting.

  3. John Minnerath says:

    Can it bring her down?
    I think if it weren’t for the brouhaha over Trump it would.

  4. LeaNder says:

    Maybe it paid off to study law? At least so far?
    Let me pick one item on the “12 juiciest bits”
    Ever tried to understand “phishing or spear-phishing emails”. Would returning a pretty obvious one coupled with a known sender be harmful? If you do not open whatever file is attached or follow a link? … been watching increasing perfection … porno does not seem to belong into whatever profile though, in my case.
    But this is no doubt interesting:
    “A laptop containing a copy, or “archive,” of the emails on Hillary Clinton’s private server was apparently lost…”
    cliffhanger, stay tuned.

  5. Allen Thomson says:

    FWIW, during many, probably most, previous administrations, the Secretaries of State, Defense and the National Security Advisor were on distribution for the President’s Daily Brief. I wouldn’t think it would be different under Obama, so, unless Secretary Clinton said, “Thanks, but I can’t be bothered”, she would have had daily contact with information classified up through at least TS/SI/TK/G. One would think she’d have picked up at least the rudiments of how to handle classified material.

  6. Old Microbiologist says:

    As I said before there is plenty of time to still prosecute so in one sense she is running for her life. Should Trump win, I foresee her entire family and all her aides departing the US in the wee hours to some gulf nation where they cannot be extradited from.

  7. turcopolier says:

    Allen Thompson
    FWIW as you know many HUMINT compartments are designed to protect a singleton source. The reason this is done is that the information points in a back azimuth to the source. She would have had that kind of access. pl

  8. Fred says:

    “… known [redacted] associate …” …..” open source information indicated, if opened, the targeted user’s device may have been infected, and information would have been sent to at least three computers overseas, including one in Russia.”
    What other two countries might those computers be located? Isn’t is obvious that Russia might be a distraction and other foreign powers might be involved – or perhaps no national government at all?
    “According to Abedin and Hanley, Clinton’s old devices would often disappear to parts “unknown”….” I’m sure they are not in a shoebox in closet at some minor staffers house though they might once have been. Is every one of Hilary’s staff and friends involved getting a pardon? There are enough criminal offenses here to fill a prison. It sure explains why former Democratic Congressman Weiner would send out a damning photo so as to create a distraction from the release of this material. Now the MSM can focus on his conduct rather than the criminal conduct of his wife and her employer, Hilary.

  9. Fred says:

    Not a cliffhanger but criminal conduct. Indicts should be getting issued now.

  10. Jack says:

    Comey’s recommendation to not indict the Borg Queen was a political decision. Anyone not as influential in the highest echelons would have been thrown the book. Petraeus skated with a slap on the wrist. In our imperial city some animals. …
    The MSM are making it sound like none of this is a big deal and there’s nothing more to the story. But here’s the front runner to the presidency who claims she has such poor memory and can’t recall content from important briefings. So after she orders a nuclear strike is she going to claim that she can’t remember actually doing that?
    It is really amazing that the majority of the voters according to the MSM polls are gonna elect a person with such poor mental faculties and a proven track record of bad judgment, all because they hate the other guy. Seems like cutting your nose to spite your face.

  11. Tyler says:

    Where is Hillary anyway?
    The Left’s Wurlitzer is in full blown freak out as Trump hits his stride going into Labor Day. I think the minions of the globalists are realizing Trump is going to put this thing to bed and all they have is hysterical rhetoric about a dead Austrian artist.

  12. Allen Thomson says:

    > The reason this is done is that the information points in a back azimuth to the source.
    True. Happens not infrequently with COMINT too for the same reason and occasionally other INTs.

  13. Jack says:

    The optics of Trump’s visit with the Mexican president showed him on a presidential stage. IMO, he did very well and created some cognitive dissonance in the minds of those who like his message but believe they should dislike the man as that’s what everyone “important” is saying. His Phoenix speech consequently got a lot of attention. What people saw was a massive and enthusiastic crowd. And some who heard his speech without the media filter, noticed that he was talking about benefiting all legal Americans and upholding the law. They noticed that he wasn’t being racist. In fact he was being emphatic that citizens who are mminorities are being disproportionately harmed by the unenforcement of the law.
    The media will have to double down to make the scary paint stick! The shape of this election will come into better focus prior to the first debate at the end of this month. The Borg Queen spent the week raising big bucks – reportedly over $150 million. She’s blanketing the swing states but there may be a point that many switch off her ad and media campaign. It’s gonna get interesting in the next few weeks.

  14. Edward Amame says:

    Interesting. Regarding her Blackberry, Clinton talked with Powell right after becoming SoS and Powell told her, “Be very careful. I got around it all by not saying much and not using systems that captured the data.” Clinton followed the rules and kept the data.
    Also. State *recommended* to employees that they should not use personal email accounts but there was no *rule* that prohibited it. As you say, “the State Department is not a notably efficient or well administered part of the government. It tends to employ people who think they are “entitled…” I guess you’re right. Apparently personal email accounts were widely used there.
    Regarding classification. She emailed with a very small group of staff, apparently 15 people. Clinton assumed that her staff knew what they were doing.
    Most people here will agree with Col Lang that what’s in this report is enough to suggest Clinton broke the law and should not allowed to become president. I get it. However, I don’t agree with that it. I’ll be accused of partisanship or whatever and I don’t care. There’s just not much of anything here, maybe just a little more than your typical ginned-up Judicial Watch-initiated “Clinton Scandal.” And in typical fashion, orgs like the NY Times and Politico have lapped it up. Scandal sells pixels, esp so-called Clinton Scandals.
    At least it’s finally all out now. Of course, Judicial Watch still has plenty of time between now and Nov to present us with something new. It’s what they do.

  15. Edward Amame says:

    Where’s HRC? Raising $$ and prepping for the debates. It’s what you do, you stay outta the way, when the other guy’s epic-ly effing up practically non-stop.
    From what I’ve been reading, Trump’s not prepping for the debates, he’s gonna wing it, primary-style. How smart that is remains to be seen.

  16. turcopolier says:

    Edward Amame
    “I get it. However, I don’t agree with that…” It seems that like her you are a scofflaw who thinks that superior people are free to expose government secrets however important to easy penetration by just about anyone in the world. pl

  17. turcopolier says:

    Allen Thompson
    Yes, I have worked in all the INTs except MASINT. I chose HUMINT as an example. pl

  18. Edward Amame,
    What I find way more damning than Clinton’s and the entire State Departments widespread use of unclassified systems to conduct business and carelessness with classified information is the coverup surrounding the whole affair. Clinton and her surrogates sought to destroy evidence after it was clear that there will be a Federal investigation. That’s the crime I think she should be indicted for.
    Then there should be an investigation about the way the DOS and most other agencies outside the intelligence agencies conduct their business, as well as our whole classification system. Why is it misused by some and ignored by others?

  19. Edward Amame says:

    Col Lang
    We are apparently in an uproar over one CONFIDENTIAL email (of the three with paragraphs marked “C”) since State determined that the other two e-mail chains are currently UNCLASSIFIED.
    You might want to check this out:
    “The shocking truth about the last two Republican secretaries of state has finally come out: Colin Powell and aides to Condoleezza Rice trafficked in classified information on their personal email accounts. This is an enormous scandal!”
    Oh, wait. No, it’s not…”

  20. turcopolier says:

    No, we are not talking about the triviality of a couple of cut and pasted Confidential paragraphs. That is a red herring that you and all the other HC apologists and loyalists are using to try to obscure the SAPped TS material that Comey stated is present in many of her other e-mails and that only an idiot or incompetent would not have recognized as inherently classified at a very high level. you are justifying a sustained four year disregard for the right of the American people to have their secrets protected. pl

  21. Edward Amame says:

    Clinton’s Chief of Staff had an attorney separate work-related emails from her personal emails after State asked for them. Clinton had no part in deciding which emails were personal before they got handed over to the State Dept. Neither Clinton or staffers had a thing to do with erasing info on the PRN server. That was PRN’s eff up.
    The classification system seems like a confused mess to me too, but I’m no expert.
    I’m gonna recommend this (The Shocking Truth: Colin Powell’s Emails Don’t Matter) to you too: http://www.newsweek.com/2016/02/19/colin-powell-emails-hillary-clinton-424187.html

  22. different clue says:

    I can imagine that the whole time FBI Director Comey was delivering his talk on why-no-indictment, that he was also emitting an ultrasonic distress beacon at a pitch that only bats can hear . . . . in hopes that all the right bats would hear it.
    The text of the talk itself translates to ” Too Big To Indict”.
    I wonder if
    somebody put
    a horse’s head
    in Comey’s bed.

  23. Tyler says:

    You haven’t been reading very well then.
    Yes, rattling her tin cup to other Borgists (how very populist!) and prepping for the debates by being able to stay on stage the entire time.

  24. Edward Amame says:

    Col Lang
    At his July 5 press conference, Comey said a “very small number” of emails sent/received by HRC over her private server “bore markings indicating the presence of classified information.” Those are the three emails I referred to.
    The State Department says two of the emails were mistakenly marked as CONFIDENTIAL.
    I don’t know what TS info you are referring to.

  25. Tyler says:

    One can see the strength of Trump’s week in the full throated freak out with total loss of amygdala control by the MSM. Between the hysteria you can see the amazing projection of Trump being the “rise of ice tity” politics, as if they haven’t been playing this game since the 60s.
    Trump got the families of those killed by illegal aliens on stage and on camera, and the media has the chutzpah (after using Gabby Gifford as a human totem, to say nothing of the nothers of gentle giant and all the rest) to bitch about him waving a bloody shirt.
    Amazing to watch. I think the ad buys are a desperate gasp. Romney bought tons of ads too. Look where it got him (and Jeb!).

  26. Tyler says:

    I wonder if the FBI not indicting was a 3D chess move to ensure the Democrats were stuck running a horrid, corrupt candidate vs. Them having to replace her with Bernie or Warren.

  27. Old Microbiologist says:

    Worse, it was all done to avoid any kind of oversight and used for personal gain. This is corruption at its worst. At least one intelligence source was killed because of her carelessness. That is enough to prosecute. The deliberate destruction of evidence after a subpoena is yet another. It all adds up to deliberate and nefarious conduct and is proof she cannot nor should ever be considered to be any kind of leader and especially as the head of our government. This is the best the Democrats could come up with?

  28. turcopolier says:

    If you wish to take a sophist’s path then I can only sorrow for your blindness. pl

  29. Babak Makkinejad says:

    Edward Amame :
    Does “Amame” stand for “love me” or does it stand for Turban?

  30. MRW says:

    What other two countries might those computers be located?
    Could this be one of the answers? Although the headline is misleading. It should read How Israeli Spy firm…. The article only discusses one firm, and that is an Israeli one. But the NYT is too chickenshit or PC to tell the truth about our “great ally.”
    How Spy Tech Firms Let Governments See Everything on a Smartphone, NYT, Sept 2, 2016

  31. AK says:

    My dear ol’ dad had an aphorism he liked to employ when dealing with the cognitive intransigence/dissonance of ideologues and personality cultists like Mr Amame. As he shrugged his shoulders and turned on his heel, he would softly lament, “It’s like trying to teach a horse to talk. I’m wasting my time and annoying the horse.” In other words, sand is an awfully tough substance to penetrate with fact, logic, and principle.

  32. Jack says:

    The only conclusion one can draw from the FBI investigation report and the earlier statement by Comey is that either the Borg Queen is a) mentally incapable from a medical perspective to hold any office let alone the presidency, or b) she’s not trustworthy and will deceive and lie to obscure her “careless” actions.
    Edward Amame and others like him and the MSM will find under no circumstance anything wrong. It’s all OK as long as its my team doing it.

  33. Jack says:

    Connecting the dots one would conclude that an important rationale for the private email server was to obscure the pay-to-play schemes between the Clinton Foundation and the use of SoS office. It was a straightforward payola scheme that undermined US national security and interests.

  34. hans says:

    re Lost In The Mail. I ran a book business for 20+ years. In that time I shipped thousands upon thousands of books by U.S.P.S. and never, ever, not once, did they fail me. I was using book rate too. Some customers specified UPS or FedEx and both of them frequently failed.

  35. Edward Amame says:

    Neither, but thanks for asking.

  36. Edward Amame says:

    I think you’re being too hardline because it’s HRC. What about Rice? What about Powell? They and their staffs did the very same things. Where was Judicial Watch then?
    “In total, the investigation found 110 emails in 52 email chains containing information that was classified at the time it was sent or received. Eight chains contained top secret information, the highest level of classification, 36 chains contained secret information, and the remaining eight contained confidential information. Most of these emails, however, did not contain markings clearly delineating their status…”
    “…Experts say the story here is more about the dysfunction of government classification than about how Clinton regularly handled sensitive information.
    “Agencies regularly disagree over what should be classified or not. As the email story has unfolded, the State Department has squabbled with the intelligence community over whether certain emails should be classified today and if it was classified back when it was sent during Clinton’s tenure…”
    Was she careless? Yes. Does this amount to a crime? No, says the FBI. Is it a scandal? Not IMO.

  37. Edward Amame says:

    I think it’s just so some of us who remember the late 90s can watch right wing heads (and the “fashy” alt-right heads too) explode if she gets elected. Fingers crossed!

  38. AK says:

    Larry Johnson posted this meme over on his No Quarter site back in July. That about sums it up…

  39. The Beaver says:

    This is a good site wrt rants and raves of the DoS as well as announcements wrt different missions overseas.
    However this post on fobs and an email to HRC is an eye-opener.
    Please remember to do the following also as mentioned in the last paragraph. Click C05761923 (pdf) to read this emails via foia.state.gov.
    If one searches more on the tag “Alec Ross”, it will be edifying.

  40. turcopolier says:

    It sums what up? pl

  41. turcopolier says:

    Rice and Powell used prvate e-mail accounts. They did not set up a communications system outside the US government. pl

  42. AK says:

    My comment along with the meme linked to Mr. Johnson’s site was merely meant as a facetious explanation of Comey’s lack of motivation in enforcing the law in the case of HRC, offered in concurrence with dc’s “Horse’s Head” verse above.

  43. DC says:

    There’s an old Steve Martin routine where he explains how the ostensible rube can avoid criminal liability for a crime that requires specific intent (though I’m certainly not agreeing that Comey was correct in his assessment that the Espionage Act requires such intent):
    To me it looks like the FBI and Clinton had a mutual understanding, before she walked into her interview, that she would skate as long as there was no direct proof of specific intent to traffic in highly sensitive information. So, she conveniently “forgot” that she had ever been trained to carefully protect such material; she “forgot” that a private server or blackberry was an illegal conduit for such material; in fact, she even said she “forgot” or was unaware of what constitutes highly sensitive information!! As the Colonel points out, given her career, her answers were absurd. But Comey apparently would only accept an admission against interest, on the record, if he was going to recommend prosecution. That, too, is an absurd expectation. A jury would have easily put together the circumstantial evidence and concluded intent, imo. To do that, A prosecutor would simply have to show the jury evidence that she lies a lot. Heck, there are dozens of examples her whoppers on tape and on video.
    Our state of Denmark is really rotten.

  44. Mark Logan says:

    On the workings of Foggy Bottom: An article about a particularly dense bank, Patrick Kennedy. Appears to be as slick a customer as can be found and the man who should share the hot seat on questions of bureau SOP or lack thereof.
    Skeptical Bureaucrat pointed this out some months ago. Said the <

  45. Mark Logan says:

    PS to my previous post:
    I see the undersecretary of management as a, if not the key witness in any real prosecution of Hillary for her management at State or investigating Comey’s investigation thereof.

  46. Tyler says:

    My dear Edwatd,
    You don’t get it. If Hillary wins she is going to overstep and attempt gun confiscation. Then the fashy AR gets its Robert Conquest moment, telling the rest of the Right ” I told you so you f-cking fools” before locking and loading and making Bosnia look like nerds slapfightimg over Pokemon.
    Heads will explide, likely right after hearing “Ready, aim. Fire!” Fingers crossed. ;D
    Be careful what you wish for.

  47. Edward Amame says:

    Col Lang
    The Federal Records Act says all communication in certain branches of gov be recorded on gov servers. It also forbids the use of a personal email account for gov business, unless those emails are copied/ archived. Powell told Clinton he avoided doing that.
    According to Presidential email expert David Gewirtz, Powell and Clinton broke the Federal Records Act themselves as did their staffs. Albright and Rice didn’t use email, but their staff didn’t fully follow the rules. Why the selective outrage?

  48. Edward Amame says:

    Does AK stand for what I think it does?

  49. Edward Amame and Mark Logan,
    The grandness of the dysfunction at the State Department may be why Clinton was not indicted. For that matter, I don’t know if anybody involved in this was indicted. The information revealed by these investigations have identified dozens of violators of security laws and regulations beyond Clinton. Seems the rot may be so widespread and extends across so many administrations that the FBI investigation was paralyzed by the scope of the problem. Of course, the excuse of everybody was doing it is never a defense against prosecution for us little folk. Nor is ignorance of the law as is often heard. Unfortunately, at this point, everything about this is partisan.
    In my estimation, Clinton’s private server was no more or less secure that email systems at the State Department. In 2015 a widespread breach at State took three months to seal. I know of many breaches of this system in the years prior to that. I also know of other DOD and government systems that were repeatedly breached. Breaches of the old Army Online system were so ubiquitous that name/password pairs were handed out like candy by hackers. And let us not forget the massive breach of the OPM security investigation databases.

  50. Tyler,
    I thought of the same thing and was hoping to God she was indicted before the Democratic convention. I’m still a Bernie guy. I think Trump has been his own worst enemy since the conventions. His insistence on doing things to stay in the news has been counterproductive. He keeps overshadowing the coverage of the constant drip of Clinton sleaze with his own ego. He ought to tone it down and let her problems have the stage for a while.

  51. different clue says:

    I believe that if Clinton has to be replaced at some point, it will be by Kaine. Warren is not friendly enough to the major banks which are part of the “New” DemParty’s basic foundational constituency. And the whole primary campaign effort was engineered to make sure that Sanders would not get anywhere close to the nomination. So however unlikely a replacement might be found for Clinton, in the unlikely event that her comrades and patrons feel their survival interest requires replacing her; they WON’T replace her with Sanders. They would rather lose to Trump than win with Sanders . . . if they feel that is the choice they are cornered into making.
    And we Bitter Berners know it. And that is what makes us Bitter Berners such unhappy campers.

  52. different clue says:

    This goes deeper than “my team”. Clinton is the cult object of worshipful love by millions. And she was indeed cheated out of her nomination victory in the 2008 nomination run. That combination led many “my team” Democrats to threaten to vote for McCain or at least not vote for
    “my team’s nominee” Obama. I don’t know how many actually did that, but at least some did.
    And those millions feel that vindication and victory is within her ( and therefor their) grasp this time around. That is why they have been so rageful and spiteful about Sanders even daring to contest the primaries at all.

  53. Fred says:

    Nah, they probably have plenty of agents on her staff and get everything in real time.

  54. Fred says:

    You are correct, Hilary is raising plenty of money. Flooding in Louisiana (remember Katrina?) Trump went there, Hilary went to see the oligarchs. Invitation from Mexico, a country from which many Americans originally came – Trump went and met with the President; Hilary went to see the oligarchs. I wonder what Mexican Americans think of that.

  55. Fred says:

    The Department of State has no method to turn in a registered piece of electronic equipment for proper disposal in accordance with Federal law? That’s convenient isn’t it? What a wonderful standard of conduct she set for employees of the United States government.

  56. Fred says:

    The FBI does not issue indictments, that’s the Attorney General’s department. She works at the pleasure of the President.

  57. Fred says:

    What about them? “They did it too” is neither a moral nor a criminal defense. Obama could have instructed the Attorney General to indict them. When did any Democratic member of congress demand that? I recall none. Your very points are why I am no longer going to vote for the democrats I previously helped get elected here in Michigan.

  58. Fred says:

    Well that was good for a laugh. I can solve world problems while I sit in my jammys, pet my cat, and drink my coffee. Gotta have that work-life balance. Have these people ever worked anywhere outside of the political campaign or a university?

  59. robt willmann says:

    Edward Amame,
    Please provide the citations to a federal statute (Title 18 of the U.S. Code or otherwise), and to federal court of appeals opinions and U.S. Supreme Court opinions, that say that a private lawyer hired by or involved in representing a current or former U.S. Government cabinet official can: 1) unilaterally decide what information and documentation in the client’s possession or control is legally considered classified at any level of secrecy, and 2) unilaterally decide which items of that information and documentation can be destroyed.
    Provide the citations applicable to the distinct situations in which the client is the subject of a Freedom of Information Act request and/or a subpoena, and otherwise.

  60. wisedupearly says:

    FBI Report Page 2
    “The FBI did find that hostile foreign actors successfully gained access to the personal e-mail accounts of individuals with whom Clinton was in regular contact and, in doing so, obtained e-mails sent to or received by Clinton on her personal account.”
    Now we do know that Guccifer hacked the account of Sid Bluementhal and released emails to/from HRC when he was trying to develop business in Libya prior to the bombing. Some of these (from Sid to HRC) contained parts of extremely sensitive and classified intel reports apparently from Drumheller (ex CIA).
    Does anyone know who are these other “foreign actors”?
    from the FBI report Page 13
    “According to Abedin, Cooper, and REDACTED there were personally-owned desktop computers in the SCIFs in Whitehaven and Chappaqua. Conversely, Clinton stated to the FBI she did not have a computer of any kind in the SCIFs in her residences.”
    Now the SCIFs were created for Sec of State use and of course HRC knew that insecure devices were verboten in any SCIF as she had been pushing hard to get her Blackberry accepted in Mahogany Row and being rejected. Her staff says there were personally-owned computers in the home SCIFs, but HRC swears that she had no computers so whose were they?
    Is she lying? Is her staff lying? Did she know the computers were there? Did she approve of their presence? Did she approve of their use?
    Why were they in the SCIFs?
    the more you look the more you find

  61. LeaNder says:

    Clinton’s old devices would often disappear to parts “unknown”
    You wouldn’t want to keep the receipts of and trace shipment and reception? Which would easily let you check firm used and the respective dates? There are other curious matters in the technical transfer project that don’t look like professional handling to me.

  62. turcopolier says:

    Yes. I am still a Bernie supporter as well although his numbers don’t add up well for programs he wants, but I think he has a good heart and then there is Jane who is a good advert for him, just standing there beside him. Sometimes essences really matter. As the DI says in FMJ, “Private Joker is stupid but he has guts, and guts is enough.” pl

  63. LeaNder says:

    “The Left’s Wurlitzer”
    Is that supposed to refer to what goes under the label of liberal media?
    Tyler, I am not an expert on pro- or anti-globalization, but quite a few groups in the critics movement I am familiar with over here are on the “left” you seem to hate:
    TTIP is already dead by now. It doesn’t need Trump.
    on a different topic. Interesting read.

  64. turcopolier says:

    Edward Amame
    “Open contempt?” No. Contempt for elitists and their sheeple is what I feel. The central locii of such creatures are the major metropolitan areas and university towns. I have a great deal of respect for all the cops I see on the streets in the big cities. They are on the front line of the defense of civilization. And then, there are all the folk you see trudging around the seemingly endless long Manhattan city blocks going about their daily tasks but the level of arrogance and disdain for the rest of the country that I see in a lot of big city people (especially from the “tri-state area”) is repulsive. pl

  65. turcopolier says:

    Edward Amame
    I told you that I do not support Trump. If I change my mind I will let you know. As for Powell and C. Rice I would be quite pleased to see them prosecuted for using insecure voice devices or e-mail and/or violations of the Federal Records Act. Having said that, I imagine that her private e-mail system presented more of a SIGINT target that a cellphone. pl

  66. Edward Amame says:

    Yeah I know, your oft-mentioned RWDSs. Are they coming for me armed with AR-15s or song parodies?

  67. Edward Amame says:

    Not my point. I’m not the one outraged over this so-called scandal. It would appear however that a lot of people who are outraged about Clinton are not so outraged about Powell and Rice.
    And what prevented the same crowd going after Clinton from going after Powell and Rice? And why stop at the Democrats? Where were GOP members of Congress? Who are you gonna vote for in Michigan – the Greens?

  68. Edward Amame says:

    Col Lang,
    I did not address my earlier post to you, so I’ll redo.
    And I have open contempt for snake oil salesmen and their sheeple. As for arrogance and disdain, it’s everywhere and not exclusive to us city people. I witnessed it firsthand in the suburbs where I grew up when I told family and friends I was moving to NYC. I was told by more than a few people that it was filthy and populated with subhumans.

  69. Edward Amame says:

    Col Lang
    I liked Bernie too but the GOP wanted at him too badly. It would have been impossible to get a VT commie elected.
    I do not think much of Trump and for all I know neither does Grover Norquist. But that probably doesn’t matter too much to Grover. Like Norquist said: “We are not auditioning for fearless leader. We don’t need a president to tell us in what direction to go. We know what direction to go. We want the Ryan budget … We just need a president to sign this stuff…”

  70. turcopolier says:

    Edward Amame
    I am curious as to what you mean by “suburbs.” pl

  71. kooshy says:

    ” Too Big To Indict” that’s it, that must be the case law Comey used to make his recommendation.
    “Justice for all” comes to mind

  72. Tyler says:

    These things are NEVER dead until the Left gets what it wants. Then its settled law and time to move on.

  73. Tyler says:

    The glory of the AR is we can do both at the same time.
    Death by ironic pop reference is a hell of a way to go.

  74. Tyler says:

    The last week would indicate that the man is a quick study at how to play the game.

  75. Tyler says:

    And I can’t imagine anyone getting excited at Kaine. Lose lose indeed.

  76. Edward Amame says:

    robt willmann
    I’m assuming that was the arrangement agreed upon by the FBI and State, but feel free to do all that research yourself. Please note however, that the FBI has physical custody of the server and can recover those deleted messages to determine whether any of them actually were work-related.

  77. Edward Amame says:

    Col Lang
    North Jersey.

  78. Edward Amame says:

    Col Lang
    East. Monmouth County.

  79. ISL says:

    Same experience, hans, I purchase up to hundreds of items a month for my company, primarily from eBay – about half use the USPS. Never had one lost, either, in the last few years.

  80. Allen Thomson says:

    Now we do know that Guccifer hacked the account of Sid Bluementhal and released emails to/from HRC when he was trying to develop business in Libya prior to the bombing. Some of these (from Sid to HRC) contained parts of extremely sensitive and classified intel reports apparently from Drumheller (ex CIA).

  81. AK says:

    My first and last initials, buddy. Just a happy coincidence.

  82. Keith Harbaugh says:

    John R. Schindler’s day-of-release take:
    An excerpt:
    “Clinton stated deliberation over a future drone strike
    did not give her cause for concern regarding classification.”
    This would be stunning news to the thousands of American military and intelligence personnel who have to treat such Top Secret SAP information according to the strict rules and regulations that apply to anybody not named Clinton.

    The FBI could not find evidence of cyber-tampering with Hillary’s Blackberry, but that’s irrelevant here.
    As someone who used to do these things for a living when I worked for NSA,
    let me state that it’s easy for any marginally competent intelligence service
    to intercept unencrypted (or lightly encrypted) messages sent to or from a Blackberry.
    No “hacking” is required.
    Such routine intercepts would leave few, if any, traces for the FBI to find.
    Not that Hillary and her staff took even the most rudimentary security precautions.
    They emailed each other everywhere, all the time, even in high-threat countries like Russia and China.
    Anybody who doesn’t understand that Moscow and Beijing—and probably many others—
    have those emails (and worse, may have used them to crack into other, even more sensitive U.S. Government systems)
    is uninformed about 21st century espionage.

    It beggars belief that Hillary Clinton is really as clueless as she came across in her interview with the FBI.
    I’ve given classified briefings to cabinet officials.
    None of them were ever this out of it.
    Perhaps, accompanied by her lawyers, the Democratic nominee decided to play dumb to dodge possible prosecution.
    If that’s the case, Hillary repeatedly flat-out lied to the FBI—which, yet again, is something normal Americans go to prison for doing.

    In my time with NSA I worked in counterintelligence and I investigated people who mishandled classified information.
    It was rarely a pretty story and it seldom ended well.
    Let me state with 100 percent confidence,
    having now seen at least some of what the FBI discovered about Hillary and her emails,
    that anybody not named Clinton who did these things
    would be facing severe criminal charges and potentially years in prison.
    Democrats need to seriously ask themselves
    if this is the kind of person they want to represent them on November 8.

  83. Tyler says:

    I KNEW you were another “diversity for thee, not for me” prog.
    “The racial makeup of the county was 82.60% (520,716) White, 7.37% (46,443) Black or African American, 0.19% (1,211) Native American, 4.96% (31,258) Asian, 0.03% (211) Pacific Islander, 2.89% (18,187) from other races, and 1.96% (12,354) from two or more races. Hispanics or Latinos of any race were 9.67% (60,939) of the population”
    Not even 10% black. Move to Camden or Trenton boyo, and put your money where your mouth is.

  84. Fred says:

    “He ought to tone it down and let her problems have the stage for a while.”
    He should but then again that’s why we have Kapernick – a giant distraction for the holiday weekend.

  85. Fred says:

    Colin Powell did not run for President. He did ruin his reputation for integrity with his UN testimony.

  86. Edward Amame says:

    You wonder what Mexican Americans think of that? I dunno, but the fact that 15 of the 24 advisors on his National Hispanic Council resigned after his Mexico visit and subsequent immigration speech might just offer us a clue.

  87. Edward Amame says:

    ML and TTG
    She was not prosecuted because the private server she set up was for her unsecure state.gov account and the 15 staffers and advisors she regularly emailed with were also using unsecure state.gov accounts for day to day biz ONLY. They knew not to use it for sending classified docs. Apparently there was one screw-up in some 30,000 emails involving a (C) indicating CONFIDENTIAL embedded in a paragraph.
    There was a separate State Department system for secure for classified info (although from what I heard from an IT aquaintance, there really is no such thing as secure email). Apparently the only secure way to transmit classified info is in person, or maybe by fax.
    Col Lang is in agreement with the intel community that there was other classified material transmitted, but the D of State disagrees as do an number of experts.

  88. Edward Amame says:

    Not sure what you’re babbling about. That’s where I grew up (as in went to grammar and high school). I moved here to NYC some thirty years ago. My first apt was on a Dominican block on the LES.
    As I’ve told you before, the makeup of my current zip code is:
    30,587 White population
    4,775 Black population
    101 American Indian population
    8,277 Asian population
    21 Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander population
    219 Some other race population
    1,390 Two or more races population
    15,977 Hispanic or Latino population

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