Too much heat for Comey?


"The FBI on Friday dropped a bombshell on Hillary Clinton’s campaign less than two weeks before Election Day, announcing that it is reviewing new evidence in its investigation into her use of a private email server as secretary of state.

In a letter to several congressional committee chairmen, FBI Director James Comey wrote that, “In connection with an unrelated case, the FBI has learned of the existence of emails that appear to be pertinent to this investigation.”

Comey said he was briefed on those emails on Thursday and that he “agreed that the FBI should take appropriate investigative steps designed to allow investigators to review these emails to determine whether they contain classified information, as well as to assess their importance to our investigation.”

He did not specify where the additional emails came from.

Comey wrote that the FBI does not yet know if the new material is “significant” and did not provide a timeframe for investigating."  Politico


I understand that Ryan has asked the DNI (Clapper) to stop giving classified briefings to Clinton based on her demonstrated untrustworthiness.  What a joke!

The perjurer Clapper never saw a boss's ass he did not want to kiss.  pl

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  1. LondonBob says:

    Perhaps Comey et al can read the early election returns properly, don’t want to get in to trouble with a President Trump enforcing the rule of law for all. Yuge! No longer tempted to bet, odds have collapsed for a Trump win.

  2. Henry J. says:

    OT: Colonel, did you see this gem that Kaine dropped at a recent campaign speech at your alma mater?
    Kaine says Clinton would seek updated war-making powers

  3. Edward Amame says:

    OK, lets announce something like this two weeks before an election about new material that may or may not be “significant” and lets not provide a timeframe for investigating. Hmmmm. I wonder what that’s all about?
    I can’t wait for this clownshow election to be finito.

  4. Tyler says:

    I wonder if Comey saw some internal polling that made him think twice about letting Hillary break the law. Perhaps he wants to keep his job under a Trump Administration or at least be allowed to retire without becoming an accessory to conspiracy in this whole mess.

  5. johnA says:

    What is the “unrelated case”??????????????

  6. johnA says:

    Assange says they will release more info that “Should cause Hillary to be arrested”.

  7. Eric Newhill says:

    Saw a clip of Clinton at a rally in NC a couple days ago and wondered why she was harping so instantly that everyone get out and vote early. It just seemed weird to me to emphasize early voting so much. Well now that question is answered. The votes cannot be taken back.

  8. Jack says:

    This looks like kabuki. Nothing can come of it especially if the manufacturing of the election result is successful.
    I speculate that this is to blunt the drip, drip, drip of Podesta’s emails that clearly show the deep corruption and the real people behind the scenes that actually run the place. Wall St and the big money from foreign governments have the seat at the table. The public position is hot rhetoric while the private position is pay to play.
    Money and hubris informed by elite groupthink rule the day!

  9. The Beaver says:

    According to the NYT it is related to Anthony Weiner

  10. eakens says:

    I still see more Feel the Bern stickers than Hillary/Kaine stickers.

  11. BillWade says:

    I’m with Tyler, I think they know who’s about to win, at least it’s clear to me here in Florida that Trump will win big.

  12. TV says:

    It’s a charade.
    Comey reads the polls and thinks that there is a remote chance of a Trump election and wanting to keep his job (VIP, bodyguards, limos, etc.), he opens another fake “investigation.”
    If Hillary wins, “what investigation?”
    The DOJ and the FBI are thoroughly corrupt politicized organizations.

  13. Old Microbiologist says:

    Plus, he is on the hook for “obstruction of justice” for failing to prosecute. He will get sold out by his subordinates quickly if Trump wins. The amount of blanket Presidential pardons is going to be staggering. But who will pardon him?

  14. Sam Peralta says:

    Trump nailing Florida. A must win state for him. That will be YUGE!!
    Can he win Pennsylvania or Virginia? They will play a pivotal role.

  15. Old Microbiologist says:

    The MSM seems to be reversing their rhetoric which is a dramatic turn around and for me is the most significant predictor of the outcome. Rats leaving a sinking ship?

  16. Sam Peralta says:

    If we want some real drama that will drive ratings through the roof then Anthony Weiner should do an exclusive TV interview. And its got to be all about deviant sex and drugs.
    That’s what all the virtue signalling Americans love most.

  17. Henry J. says:

    Apparently Comey got spooked when Hillary asked him to meet with her in Fort Marcy Park.
    Just kidding.

  18. Fred says:

    ” the FBI has learned of the existence of emails that appear to be pertinent to this investigation.”
    I take that to mean that Hilary and the Fab Five who took the Fifth didn’t release all the emails and thought the first “get out of jail free” card was all they needed. Will Chelsea be meeting with the AG this time (to talk about the baby and the weather of course.)? Perhaps Bill should arrange a speaking tour in Dubai for the end of the year.

  19. Yes, I’m taking a skeptical, believe-it-when-I-see-it attitude on this. Comey publicly admitted this past summer that he had adequate evidence to justify an indictment, but for some reason, he chose to just short-circuit the process. Why the sudden change?

  20. Henry J. says:

    Weiner’s weiner might have stopped WWIII.

  21. You mean, Carlos Danger!

  22. The Beaver says:

    Word got out because of :
    FBI Director James Comey alerted Republican members of Congress on Friday that bureau investigators would review some additional emails that might relate to Hillary Clinton’s email server. Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), the chairman of the House Oversight Committee who has already vowed to spend the next several years investigating Clinton should she be elected president, quickly rushed to announce the news, falsely claiming that the case had been “reopened.”

  23. rjj says:

    If the DNC and Media overlords could, in effect, appoint HRC, if it seems she is likely to lose be disqualified, what is to stop them from declaring an unprecedented, unforeseeable emergency which regrettably forces them to select a compromise candidate (possibly one qualified by having previously been elected to the executive branch)???
    [/same old, same old PIA WCS pessimism]

  24. BillWade says:

    I’ve been watching the Clinton News Network, I never do normally but wanted to see some squirming, it’s there and it’s hilarious.

  25. Edward Amame says:

    Have you seen the FL polling data collected at Real Clear Politics? It looks like it’s gonna be close-ish, but appears to be leaning Clinton at this point. Maybe Comey’s vague announcement will change that.

  26. turcopolier says:

    Edward Amame
    Would he be “my president” for you? pl

  27. johnf says:

    And swung the election!

  28. rjj says:

    [oh hell. was not going to repost this postecript but BW @5:04 PM mentioned Clinton News Network so]
    ….or perhaps the abovementioned possible compromise candidate could be a previously elected nominee: why is this “news”

  29. ex-PFC Chuck says:

    This, via Zero Hedge: “New Clinton Emails Emerged As Part Of Probe Into Anthony Weiner’s Electronic Devices: NYT”
    And while you’re on the subject, this too:

  30. Warpig says:

    Anthony Weiner. Sexting with a minor. Not sure why it’s the FBI’s jurisdiction.

  31. Edward Amame says:

    Seamus Padraig
    Actually, in July Comey called it an investigation that no reasonable prosecutor would have charged.

  32. Edward Amame says:

    Col Lang
    Bush II was, through gritted teeth, but he was. I’m not gonna have a hissy fit and call for grabbing my musket or whatever if it’s DT.

  33. JohnH says:

    Let the investigations start! Comey statement today only means that he wants to head off Ryan on the email issue and not interfere with a potential criminal investigation. We’ll see how long Comey can drag this out before the House starts dragging Clinton officials before the television cameras.
    Meanwhile, Ryan has many other things to investigate.
    These investigations will make the Clinton42 investigations pale in comparison.
    Quite simply, Hillary will not be able to govern without Ryan’s approval on issues big and small.

  34. TV says:

    But, but….Trump said “pussy.”

  35. DC says:

    She may, in fact, be schlonged (as coined by Trump) by a dirty Weiner. Would be a fitting end for her.

  36. SAC Brat says:

    Early voting also helps in tweaking the results with the electronic voting machines.

  37. ked says:

    You guys lack imagination, which surprises me when faith calls for vivid imagination. So get with it! Here’s a start…
    This canard will run less than a week and prove empty. But powerful in distracting voter attention from real issues.
    “More theater, please!” roar the masses. Hillary’s tactical craft has everyone flummoxed … what a weak candidate.

  38. kooshy says:

    Here is my reason for voting for republican nominee this election, not the emails.
    Trump’s election will be the biggest “F—ck You” in human history

  39. Tyler says:

    Hmm, yes who to believe? Your lying eyes or a bunch of polls that oversample D+30?
    Choices, choice.

  40. Tyler says:

    He took sufficient steps so that if he committed suicide by shooting himself in the back of the head ten times, he’d be able to get the truth out there.

  41. Tyler says:

    That sounds like a lot of “Nothing to see here! Everything is fine!” spin.

  42. Henry J.,
    Did you read the article? I see nothing wrong with this. Kaine and others have maintained that Obama has been conducting military operations against IS without authority. He claims that using the existing AUMFs as justification is a farce. He has convinced Clinton that she should ask Congress for specific authority to continue such operations.
    This should be done. If Congress had a decent set of stones among the lot of them, they would take this opportunity to rescind every other AUMF and vote on a new AUMF (declaring war is a pipe dream) targeting IS with the desired end state clearly spelled out. Congress should do this no matter who wins the election.

  43. Tyler says:

    Your squirming is delicious over here. Keep it up. I’m sure Alicia Machado and the rest of the HRC fabulists accusing Trump was totally organic tho and fine with you.
    Its not that you’re ignorant that I don’t like you, it’s your blatant hypocrisy that makes you so offputting.

  44. Martin Oline says:

    Tomorrow’s Post Headline: Weiner Probe Hurts Clinton!

  45. Tyler says:

    They probably realize their polling psyops has failed and pushing polls with D+30 oversamples didn’t work, so now they’re hedging bets.

  46. Pundita says:

    Bravo! Now pardon me while I continue clutching my sides with laughter.

  47. Edward Amame says:

    So you you still don’t know what oversampling is. But nevermind. Maybe you can tell me which of those (what 50+) polling orgs listed at RCP oversampled?

  48. steve says:

    So, if on November 9th Comey announced that the FBI had reopened an investigation into Hillary’s emails on October 28th but didn’t want to make it public until after the election, you would be ok with that?

  49. Edward Amame says:

    No it means that Comey would rather endure Dem howls of outrage pre-election than GOP howls of outrage post-.
    It’s not clear at all that Ryan will continue (or wants to continue) as Speaker since Breitbart and right-wing radio has announced jihad on him.
    As for the rest, you’re correct, the GOP will be hell-bent on wasting more taxpayer $$$ re-investigating HRC and sinking the institution even further in the polls than it already is.

  50. Fred says:

    Tyler, Beaver,
    FBI Director Comey didn’t mention anything about Huma’s emails back in July. Here’s the transcripts of her deposition by Judicial Watch (from July):
    Really fun reading, like “Q Okay. And during your tenure at the State Department, were you aware of your obligation not to delete federal records or destroy federal records?” Lots of lawyerly objections followed by, well everyone should just read page 108 on. I liked this from 115:
    “Q Okay. And when you were at the State Department, did you know that your e-mails relating
    to State Department business on your account were also subject to FOIA?
    MS. WOLVERTON: Objection. Calls for a legal conclusion.
    MR. BRILLE: Same objection.
    A I — yes.”
    How can any of this have been unknown to the FBI – or the Clintons or any of those involved? Why weren’t the press all over this in July? There’s far more to this we’ve been told so far. I wonder just how many groups hacked into those servers and just what they know?

  51. Jay says:

    @Beaver, I spoke to my Congressman’s office after the news broke. I was told that “reopen” was the word.

  52. diffeent clue says:

    Edward Amame,
    I think Comey was made to understand that in this case ” the reasonable is political, and the political is reasonable.” In other words: I wonder if
    somebody put
    a horse’s head
    in Comey’s bed.
    That whole speech was Comey’s way of saying: ” Forget it, Jake.
    Its Clintontown.”

  53. diffeent clue says:

    Seamus Padraig,
    Also know as Mister Huma Abedin.

  54. diffeent clue says:

    Old Microbiologist,
    Who will pardon Comey? Well, Obama might if Obama is told that some of his expected after-office millions of job-well-done dollars depend on pardoning Comey.

  55. diffeent clue says:

    Why weren’t the press all over this? Because the press work for the same upper class that the Clintons work for.

  56. wisedupearly says:

    because Weiner was until this year married to Huma Abedin probably the closest advisor to HRC.
    Weiner has had a string of sex scandals and if anyone knows how to kill a scandal it is HRC. So Weiner’s mail may contain requests for assistance with mention of some HRC dirt that he gathered from Abedin.

  57. Tyler says:

    We both know what the MSM in the tank for your Big Grandma is calling “oversampling, not a big deal!” is actually a big deal. You wouldn’t sound so shrill and womanly otherwise when these things pop up.

  58. Tyler says:

    We both know you’d faint dead away if your soft hands ever touched a firearm. It’s all good tho.

  59. Tyler says:

    Once again, an untamed weiner causes Hillary problems.

  60. Bobo says:

    Well Director Comey’s letter certainly did exactly as intended which is a notification to Congress. Looking at news reports ( what do they know) it certainly identifies a computer owned and utilized by the Weiner family that had 1,000 plus e-mails not seen before, a computer that was not seen before and a yahoo e-mail account not investigated before. These e-mails seem to have correspondence by the three musketeers (Huma, Cheryl and Hillary) plus Anthony’s dalliances with Children. They put people in jail for what he has done then they think about the legal process but not Anthony. Wonder why. My supposition is Anthony is trying to cut a deal with the Justice Department and what does he have to barter with-yup- the whole enchilada is about come out cause a child molester associated with the three musketeers is freaked out about doing time and he will talk till the cows come home.
    Go Donaldo!

  61. Pundita says:

    Through a coincidence, the Federal Bureau of Investigation obtained evidence that prompted them to re-open their investigation into Hillary Clinton’s unauthorized use of a private email server while she was Secretary of State. The details of what was a genuine coincidence are such an incredible example of poetic justice as to be eerie.
    And just like that, the blindfolded woman holding the Scales stepped into American politics.
    The Chinese suddenly melted away from Scarborough Shoal, and just like that Filipino fishermen were able, after four years, to return to their fishing haunts in the area. It turned out that Duterte’s about-face with the American government saved Chinese face, allowing Xi to pull back from Scarborough Shoal.
    And just like that, the crisis in the South China Sea, which could have led to an American war with China that pulled in several countries, was staved off.
    The U.S. government somehow provided evidence to the Russians that they’d finally embarked on serious efforts to separate ‘moderate’ rebel groups in Aleppo from terrorist ones, prompting Putin to order a delay of bombing in East Aleppo.
    And just like that, an international crisis that was careening toward war between the U.S. and Russia was staved off.
    In a stunning triumph for justice and the principles on which America was founded, a jury acquitted Ammon Bundy and his co-defendants of all charges, even those supported by hard evidence, after Bundy detailed for the jury the principles that prompted his armed stand against the U.S. federal government.
    And just like that, the crumbling faith of millions of Americans in their fellow citizens was shored.
    All in all, I’d say this was a week when the Forces of the Universe finally returned from lunch.

  62. Tyler says:

    Lmbo the Borg media is pretty mad.
    Calling it now, folks: Trump was already going to win this thing, but when he wins in a Nixon/Reagan landslide, the Borg is going to squeal about how “the FBI elected Trump” and therefore no one is under any obligation to work with him whatsoever.
    Related: My wife just showed me several FB posts from some of her friends who just got their Obamacare bill. All are women who you think would be Hillary voters. All are voting for Trump because of this.
    Its good that Edward Amame won’t touch his musket, because the day after the election is going to be a rough one for him.

  63. Tyler says:

    In this video, it looks like a bunch of violent left wing thugs are assaulting an old homeless woman who is guarding DJT’s star from further defacement.
    However Edward Amame would let us know, it is actually the old homeless woman (likely a racist. Don’t let the skin fool you!) who is attacking the spirited leftists by throwing her body into their hands and feet.

  64. BillWade says:

    Edward, I only see what I see around where I live, but given what I’ve seen I’m willing to wager $20 that Trump will win and he’ll win big.

  65. Swampy says:

    She’s under a Federal criminal investigation AGAIN. Too much has been leaked to the public to turn a blind eye or grease a palm. The Feds just got embarrassed over their phony Bundy case and now need to prove that they can close on a real case.
    But if it brings a corrupt official to justice, it’s not a waste of taxpayer money.
    The rumor with Ryan is that the Clinton Campaign has promised him to consider a family member of his a spot on the possible SCOTUS nominee list.
    With Weiner, is the FBI involved because of the age and location of the child he was sexting – (along with who he is and married to – and who she works for)? If overseas, Interpol could be involved.
    11 days left with more wikileaks emails coming and Kim Dotcom’s promised birthday present for Hillary.
    one rip-snortin’ hell of an election.

  66. kao_hsien_chih says:

    In some sense, the most astonishing thing is the way HRC has been non-handling the whole affair, as attested by this quote by her campaign manager about the email gate from a WaPo article.
    “Nope,” Mook replied early the next day. “We brought up the existence of emails in [research] this summer but were told that everything was taken care of.”
    The problem that I have with both HRC and Trump throughout this campaign has been their incompetence soaked in wishful thinking. While Trump has been acting like a political amateur, HRC has been usually able to put up a pretense of acting professionally like a serious politician, only to leave observers exasperated by not thinking things through. The whole point of having professional campaigners do opposition research on yourself is so that you can be prepared when bad things show up and your weakness is exposed–or, understanding how wrong your own beliefs about yourself are potentially, from some perspectives. Sometimes, your beliefs are wrong and unexpected things happen, after all–not just in campaigns, but in policymaking. For all show of professionalism, HRC is no better than Trump in contingency preparation.
    I don’t think this will hugely affect the actual campaign: the only group that can change the election outcome in meaningful manner are college educated whites, especially the youngish ones and women, and, after all the Trump gaffes, I don’t see enough of them moving at this late stage in the campaign, to flip the outcome, although things may get a bit closer. The real trouble, as I see it, is that we are seeing more signs of the kind of bureaucratic obstructionism combined with unprofessionalism that we will see from the HRC administration, the kind of things that my acquaintances involved in the original Hillarycare debacle saw. I don’t agree with a lot of HRC’s policy positions, some from the left, some from the right. But more than anything, I wish the next occupant of the White House would be able to run a tight ship without making unnecessary mess, and things like this are reminders that HRC is sloppy as heck, Brezhnev-like.

  67. robt willmann says:

    For purposes of a federal investigation about “sexting”, there are these.
    Sexual exploitation of children–
    Certain activities relating to material involving the sexual exploitation of minors–
    They talk about whoever violates, or attempts or conspires to violate….
    The definitions section is important–
    Section 2256(2)(A)(iii): the definition of “sexually explicit conduct” includes masturbation.

  68. Babak Makkinejad says:

    Completely off topic, but can “Aéreo” be rendered in Arabic alphabet?
    I think not – but I thought I ask.

  69. Ishmael Zechariah says:

    Col. Lang, SST;
    In addition to the Clinton e-mails, the MSM is also going ballistic over the Bundy acquittals. I wonder what the coming days will bring to the USA.
    Ishmael Zechariah

  70. TV says:

    Except that 2 experienced prosecutors (one a former AG and Federal judge) said that it would have relatively straight forward to prosecute.
    Comey got pressured – probably that fat little Clintonista, Lynch – and folded (if he EVER intended to bring a case) like a cheap suit.
    This latest kerfluffle looks like Comey hedging his bets – trying to rescue his “legacy” and all that.
    In any case he looks like a not-very-clever political weasel and the FBI looks plainly inept.

  71. eakens says:

    Put the presidential poll aside and look at this wapo article from July. 56% not happy of FBI’s first decision.

  72. optimax says:

    What if Weiner has pictures of naked Hillary on his phone? Hope they’re never made public.

  73. crf says:

    I don’t think much will come of this. Hillary Clinton didn’t want to follow the protocols on government email. And she was obviously incompetent at record keeping. But there is no meat here: what terrible things of great import to the state do the Republicans think will be revealed in any of these new emails?
    What ought to be the biggest black mark upon her is the flaming mess in Libya, and the worsening of the US’s relations in Asia. Or how about the zombie state of the economy? It mystifies me why the Republicans get hung up on cover-ups or conspiracies. H. Clinton’s public record of service has numerous facets to attack. Bernie Sanders, for example, nearly KOed her by highlighting her public policy flaws. And Donald Trump has nothing to lose attacking her like Bernie did. He isn’t wedded to same borgist positions as was Cruz or Rubio. All this proves that the incompetent businessman Donald is also a totally incompetent campaigner.

  74. The Virginian says:

    It seems that Huma Abedin is being prepped to take a / the fall.

  75. Oddlots says:

    Tend to agree. I’ve been reading a lot of Chas Freeman lately. “Post-constitutional America” is a phrase that worries.

  76. Cee says:

    I’m just a housewife but *I* don’t even share a PC with my spouse. She was obviously trying to hide something and was stupid enough to think his PC wouldn’t be a target. What an idiot!!

  77. Nancy K says:

    I agree with Edward Amame, no hissy fit for me either. I think I would be a much better loser than Republicans will be when Hillary wins, which I think she will.

  78. Edward Amame says:

    The FBI sets a high bar for any announcements near election day when they involve candidates and normal FBI policy is to NOT discuss anything about an investigation unless there’s an indictment.
    Comey’s statement is so vague which leaves it open to maximal negative interpretation, as witnessed by comments in this thread. For all we know at this point, there’s nothing there. FBI officials have even said they could be duplicates of what’s already been turned over/examined.
    As it went down, the announcement was made for maximum political effect. IMO, Comey’s bungled/politicized the entire investigation.

  79. Martin Oline says:

    I have noticed a lot of partisan hand wringing in the media this morning about how Director Comey is interfering in the election. I suspect they are right. He is tampering. And the media will quickly turn this into a circus. A politician could survive a sober inquiry, but when it turns into a humiliating scandal it will be fatal to her campaign.
    Comey probably has justifiable fears that it would be more damaging to drag the country through several years of impeachment hearings than to face accusations of throwing the election. I suspect that what has been uncovered is serious enough to lead to a successful impeachment if she is elected. I seriously doubt that the E-mails in question have yet to be decrypted so what they reveal is undoubtedly more damaging than we expect, otherwise no action would be taken and no announcement would have been made.

  80. jonst says:

    whatever is, or is not, going on here, Comey was loath to come out with this announcement. I believe he had to be kicked and dragged to come out to make it. He is too cautious a guy. To experienced a guy…he had the know the heat he is going to get. Something pushed him. And it was probably–for reasons that are not clear now–his survival smarts.

  81. LeaNder says:

    he is on the hook for “obstruction of justice” for failing to prosecute
    MB, I somewhat doubt he is the type of person that will be on whoever’s hook. James Comey doesn’t look partisan to me one way or the other. I cannot see any evidence he is corrupt …
    But I no doubt only had a limited glimpse of him from the times as second in line at the time Ashcroft wound up in hospital in earlier legal/legalizing WOT twists and turns. I seem to recall that in those days not Comey but David Addington surfaced on Jane Mayer’s radar as “evil prince”:
    But I would be willing to admit that Trump’s public statements about matters while exaggerated are based on a solid truth. That’s why they are effective:
    The very fact that she used a private server for her communication as one of highest ‘officers’ in the US, is more then suspicious. And “it was a mistake” isn’t quite the type of excuse that satisfies me.

  82. Harry says:

    The aptly named Carlos Danger!

  83. LeaNder says:

    So Weiner’s mail may contain requests for assistance with mention of some HRC dirt that he gathered from Abedin.
    You mean he tried to get out of his problems, by using matters he knew via his former wife?
    I am not wise, but stupid, of course, but my own association was that he was/may have been in some type of distributive network at the times that matter. Which cannot be easily assessed anymore since relevant tools that were used are gone.

  84. LeaNder says:

    polling psyops
    you should write an article on that, tyler, dear. 😉

  85. LeaNder says:

    That’s what all the virtue signalling Americans love most.
    on both sides of the virtue signalling? Just with a different mathematical operator in front: +/-?

  86. Cortes says:

    Is the correct answer! Very well said. I was puzzled by the focus on his devices but the simple use of them by Ms Abedin reeks of intent to circumvent necessary controls and the content ought to be very illuminating about the whole HRC campaign. An idiot guilty of shortsighted hubris.

  87. norlurking says:

    Perhaps nail in the coffin for HRC……see how this pans out

  88. norlurking says:

    The unstated policy is to keep Isis there….thus destabilizing the ME….all of this is done for Israel….

  89. johnf says:

    God moves in mysterious ways.

  90. norlurking says:

    I think you maybe on to something about schlong cutting a deal…..

  91. Warpig says:

    robt willman,
    Thanks for this. That’s a nice resource. But forgive me, I’m still not clear why this is the FBI’s investigation. Is it because they came across evidence that Weiner violated aspects of US Code? Or is it, as some have here commented that Weiner is linked to Abedin who is enmeshed in other investigations? Perhaps because of the interstate nature of the crime(s)?
    I guess my question is: How did the FBI het involved im this and not another law enforcement agency.

  92. Eric Newhill says:

    KHC, I agree.
    Assuming the FBI has something pretty damning on Hillary now (and I think that is a fair assumption b/c they wouldn’t have re-opened the investigation, especially at this time if they didn’t), Why were there any damning emails and/other material sitting on any devices in that circle of associates? Why didn’t someone in charge bleachbit anything and everything that could have been involved a long time ago?
    Either Huma/Anthony kept some emails on purpose as leverage over Hillary or that crowd is profoundly stupid, addled and arrogant.

  93. Joe100 says:

    I find it interesting that both today’s NYT and FT headlines on this are pretty strong. The NYT reports that weiner’s laptop has “several tens of thousands” of Huma’s emails backed up…. So did Weiner have access to all of HRC’s emails w/Huma?

  94. gowithit says:

    I was in Portland, Or, for most of summer–saw mostly Bernie stickers there in that “blue” city and nothing of Trump, only 1 Clinton yard sign in my area. Now I’m in “blue” Austin, Tx (not really a “Texas” city! lol) I see a few Bernie stickers, also a few Clinton stickers/signs, nothing for Trump.
    What surprises me is that in both “blue” cities hardly any acknowledged support for Clinton. Will the SOFT support for her be more than the HARD support for Trump elsewhere in the country?

  95. gowithit says:

    Happened across state lines

  96. BabelFish says:

    Contemplating closing my eyes, putting in my ear plugs and humming real loud until Thursday, when I will stop and check the polls on RealClear Politics. Then realized that would make it hard to cast in the right direction and, darn it, the redfish are still running. Accuracy counts!
    The Marx brothers couldn’t even begin to make this stuff up. My spouse is muttering about moving to Tuscany. I’m getting the Jones for caprese at Taverna Grapollo Blu in Montalcino. Can we find retired happiness in a Fiat 500?

  97. John Minnerath says:

    There have been lots of nails, but trying to find a hammer that works has been the problem.

  98. Old Microbiologist says:

    There are two realities for Comey, a dedicated Clintonite. First is if Trump wins. Trump is not an insider who says whatever political rhetoric they perceive is necessary and shake hands and forget. Trump is not an insider and I doubt he will forget. Comey has committed a felony which is obstruction of justice and is easily impeached and prosecuted along with Lynch. By opening this investigation, which now includes 10,000 previously unseen emails from Huma’s laptop, he can save face with Trump. Remember they issued zero subpoenas as no grand jury was ever conducted to look into the Clinton email scandal. However, a grand jury has been used to look at Weiner’s devices which as fruit of discovery now extends to recipients. This required subpoenas to accomplish. Giving Comey the benefit if doubt trying to navigate very difficult political waters with a President obviously impeding the investigation, he has seized this opportunity. He also may reclaim some face within the agency who were threatening mass revolt.
    The second scenario would be if Clinton wins and he can just drop the whole thing entirely. He is safe both ways. Trump is equally dangerous as Clinton. Although she apparently kills people she doesn’t like, he will do something else instead. All of the plutocrats are prodtitutes and will jump ship if the odds really swing in Trump’s favor. This is going to be a wild week.
    Assange yesterday promised a release which will guarantee prison for Clinton. Given his poor track record on these revelations and overhyping them I have my doubts. But, the timing is critical. Americans have extremely short attention spans and 7 day old news us too old so look for the real October surprise later in the week. Should he be correct though, makes me wonder what else she could have done which is worse. Perhaps plotting the assassination of Obama? That might do it.

  99. steve says:

    She got the shaft.

  100. Old Microbiologist says:

    Look at the data for any one of them. Washington Posts poll samples 33% Democrats and 23% Republicans just yesterday. And that is better than before. It caused a 5% drop overnight.

  101. Old Microbiologist says:

    No, who will pardon Obama?

  102. Old Microbiologist says:

    Trumps retribution will be awesome should he win.

  103. Old Microbiologist says:

    Ironically, this could be so true. Talk about butterfly wings and the weather this is even more apropo.

  104. Old Microbiologist says:

    We might just see a Constitutional crisis if she wins but is indicted before being sworn in. She could very well face impeachment her first day in office. Too bad there isn’t some good dirt on a Kaine as he is, if anything, worse than her. I say that as a former Virginian and was possibly the worst governor ever.

  105. Old Microbiologist says:

    I agree

  106. irf520 says:

    When dealing with someone like Hillary it’s always good to have insurance.

  107. robt willmann says:

    The counterattack by the Democratic Party against James Comey got underway late yesterday when his internal memo to FBI employees about his letter to some members of Congress was leaked to the Washington Pravda Post–
    Overnight, the New Yorker Magazine got some information from a “well-informed Administration official” that Comey’s decision to send the letter was “contrary to the views of the Attorney General, according to a well-informed Administration official. Lynch expressed her preference that Comey follow the department’s longstanding practice of not commenting on ongoing investigations, and not taking any action that could influence the outcome of an election, but he said that he felt compelled to do otherwise.”–
    Comey publicly took the heat for Loretta Lynch when the fix was in during the summer to shut down the e-mail investigation of Hillary Clinton, featuring the fraudulent, short, three and a half hour FBI interview of Hillary, and the disgraceful “hip pocket” immunity agreements with Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson, which included allowing their laptop computers to be destroyed–
    Now, Comey has decided to try to cover his derriere, impregnating his brief letter to eight Congressional committees with weasel words, including a little light humor that he was writing to “supplement” his previous (sworn) testimony to Congress that the FBI had “completed” its investigation of Hillary’s e-mail server–
    Perhaps most telling was that Comey sent the letter to the chairmen of the House and Senate Appropriations Committees!

  108. Jack says:

    I don’t think this will have much effect on the election, if any. I have believed for some time folks decided how they would vote some time back. Just reading SST comments it’s pretty clear to me that very few decided just in the last week or so.
    What this signifies, IMO, is that the Borg Queen will be mired in controversy and the skirting as well as suppression of the law her whole term if elected. We’ll see a reprise of the 90s ad Slick Willies term in office. As we have seen with Podesta’s emails there is a massive amount if corruption surrounding Clinton Inc. The pay to play schemes will run on steroids as the big money get their pound of flesh.
    We’ll have unending drama. The complete tabloidification of the MSM will be a sight to behold.

  109. Old Microbiologist says:

    The huge difference is this investigation was performed under the authority of a grand Justus and the earlier one was deliberately not. I don’t think the administration saw that Comey could do an end run using the Weiner (a heinous and indefensible crimes against children…no one can hide that or make it go away, murder would be easier) as the excuse to get access to his wife’ computer and emails along with anyone else in the message chain. This time it is being done using subpoenas and the earlier didn’t. We are already kearningbtgere is another 10,000 emails never before seen by the FBI because they were hamstrung from the beginning. This will not go away and is escalating. The get out of jail free cards only included the emails they voluntarily showed the FBI. But, these idiots thought they could hide these thus they are not exempted as they were not part of the prior discovery. Naughty to try and hide stuff after making an immunity deal as it also negates the original deal. This is not going to end well for anyone within shouting distance of Clinton including the Obama administration.

  110. Tyler says:

    I noticed that as well. I also notice that all of the MSM stories I’ve read fail to mention there were something like 15 “government informants” there as well, with one being a Swiss citizen who had been a member of the Swiss Army and was trained in PsyOps. This guy is interesting cause he wouldn’t disclose if he was working for the USG as an agent provocateur.

  111. Tyler says:

    Does anyone else really believe that DJT had a ten point swing in four days in the latest ABC poll, or just that the media sees the writing on the wall and is desperately trying to salvage what remains of its legitimacy at this point?

  112. turcopolier says:

    Whoa! Cuz, you are French. Why Tuscany? The French coast between Aigues Mortes and the Spanish border is wonderful. pl

  113. Laura says:

    Ishmael–The Bundy acquittals do seem a little strange. After all, the Bundys took over public land and destroyed/damaged public property. Graffiti artists get more punishment.
    Too many people fail to understand that THEY are the people that were trashed. The taxpayers were dissed by these yokels.

  114. turcopolier says:

    Robert Willman
    They have the weasel Lani Davis out running around shrieking on the tube. They must really be frightened. BTW I am informed that there has been a GJ empaneled in the Southern District of NY throughout the run up to this, but I question whether the US Attorney there can indict without the approval of the US AG. pl

  115. turcopolier says:

    “these yokels.” A lot of us see them as descendants of Jefferson’s yeomen farmers.” pl

  116. Sam Peralta says:

    At this point it is hard to have any confidence that justice will be served in any FBI investigation of Hillary and the coterie around her, as Lynch will likely find a weasel way to not indict. The most transparent approach would be to empanel a grand jury and appoint a special prosecutor. Similar, to the investigation and prosecution of Scooter Libby.
    James Freeman at the WSJ, penned this oped:
    He draws our attention to how the media put Republicans on the spot all the time to disavow any of Trump’s statements but never do the same with Democrats who are given a pass on Hillary’s actions.
    So, actions that raise questions of executive judgment, conflict of interest and illegality are given the pass, but trash talk on pussy is made into a life or death deal. Reeks of hypocrisy!

  117. Sam Peralta says:

    Yes, the MSM is having a hissy fit over the Bundy acquittals. But, nary a mention of Hillary discussing rigging the Palestinian election.
    What makes anyone believe that she will not try to rig the elections here if she has an opportunity. Of course all her left wing supporters who scream at various zionist conspiracies will be tied up in knots as they justify her statements and actions.

  118. optimax says:

    The question is does Weiner have classified emails from HC on his computer? If he does, it wouldn’t be surprising if he gave them to Israel, being that he is an ardent Zionist and has the integrity of a child molester.

  119. Tyler says:

    I imagine Trump and his own Senatorial Guard (think Sen. Jeff Sessions) have their own long knives sharpened and ready to go to work on everyone.
    Look for a lot of retirements on Novemeber 9th.

  120. different clue says:

    I remember a post Colonel Lang wrote several months ago here about how if the Upper Levels of Justice decided not to prosecute, that the mid-level law-actual-enforcement and investigation-performing FBI people ( and maybe others) would do massive dumps of this material to make sure the public knew all about it.
    I gather the FBI stumbled across these emails when looking at Weiner for illegal sexting. Upon finding them, Mr. Comey sorta had to do “something”, in part because he knows how restless the natives are getting.
    My suspicion is that this will be dragged out and then pronounced to be one more “nothinginburger” ( to use the Clintonite term of art), and unworthy of prosecution.
    When that happens, numerous people all over the FBI and elsewhere, maybe even within the NSA itself, will discover their inner Snowden and release every single sewage sample they ever received from the Clinton River of Sewage.
    “Ich bin ein Snowden”.
    “Je sui Snowden”.
    “We are all Snowden now.”

  121. BabelFish says:

    Our next out of CONUS trip is currently planned as flying into Barcelona and exploring just that part of France plus Provence. Cheap flights from Miami to Barca. We will see if my SWMBO thinks it is competitive.
    I also want to visit the Sagrada Familia again. I can not put into words what I felt there. I have been in many of the great cathedrals and this was way beyond.

  122. John Minnerath says:

    And so who do you think you are to call the citizens of the jury who granted the acquittal yokels?

  123. gowithit says:

    And, in the end she didn’t get either weiner!

  124. IZ and others,
    The Bundys and the other defendants were acquitted on the basis of intent. The government failed to convince the jury that the Bundys intended to intimidate government workers. One of the Bundys was apparently quite eloquent and convincing in explaining his true intent to the jury. I wish the centrality of intent was uniformly applied in our system of justice.
    I think intent, in addition to being clever and slick, is at the core of the failure to indict Clinton on any crime surrounding her emails. The DOJ took Clinton’s lack of obvious intent to violate the laws of national secrecy or obstruction of justice as a way to avoid indictment.
    Intent in our system of justice is a two edged sword, but I’s still like to see this centrality of intent universally applied to our courts.

  125. Fred says:

    While funny, no. They have the gold mine that is the Clinton Global Initiative.
    Just one bits of truth from the sewer that we only know due to wikileaks (and Putin!).
    “”Throughout the past 11 years since President Clinton left office, I have sought to leverage my activities, including my partner role at Teneo, to support and raise funds … to support the Clinton Foundation and President Clinton personally.”….”
    The only ones to get the shaft are American citizens. To paraphrase Obama “We’re all Deplorables now”.

  126. Fred says:

    I wonder just what was in the ten hours of sworn testimony Bundy gave that might have persuaded 12 citizens of the United States resident in Oregon to decide he was not guilty of the charges brought by the prosecutor.

  127. Fred says:

    Not just Israel. Who were the recipients of the emails Huma sent? If she couldn’t figure out how to create even a rudimentary filing system in outlook I suspect they are all hiding in plain sight in the “sent” file.

  128. different clue says:

    Old Microbiologist,
    Oh, who will pardon Obama? Clinton will if she is the President.

  129. different clue says:

    Old Microbiologist,
    If she is elected, the OverClass will do everything it can to see that she is not impeached, and definitely not removed from office even if impeached despite the best effort of all the Davos, Bohemian Grove, Bilderberg, etc. embeds working together.
    She is their designated Obama 2.0. She is their ticket to privatizing Social Security and Medicare, and the VA System too if they can get away with it. And passing all the Trade Treason Agreements currently being worked on.

  130. VietnamVet says:

    Being a displaced Westerner, the nullification of any crimes committed by the Bundy family’s seizure of Malheur National Wildlife Refuge is tied up with forces that brought about Donald Trump’s nomination. Simply put the Far West is pockets of private land surrounded by a continent of federal land. Many westerners are depended on depleted land and water controlled by Washington DC. Peace was always tenuous. But, when the financial industry seized power in Washington DC, taxes were cut, regulation shrunk to benefit the connected wealthy. The little people were tossed aside. Their livelihoods gone. Anyone needing health care or an education is burden with unpayable debt. The cosmopolitan elite and ascendant minorities label them as racist left behinds.
    One of the elite sextexted a North Carolina 15 year old girl while on the family’s bed with his kid on a “shared” laptop that contains thousands of Hillary Clinton’s emails that likely contain national security information. No one is jailed. This basic unfairness starts revolts; unless, drugs, casinos, privatized justice, flat screen TVs and early death keeps America pacified as it splinters apart.

  131. optimax says:

    I expect the Dems to play the Putin card. He stole Hillary’s emails and put them on Huma’s pewter. Damn Ruskies.
    Hillary is braying that Trump’s questioning the integrity of the elections is an unheard of attack on our democracy yet she has said Putin has the ability and desire to rig our elections through cyber warfare.
    I wish Trump wasn’t a Bozo. Well, I still can root for the Cleveland Indians–dat’s my Tribe.

  132. Babak Makkinejad says:

    It is interesting that the usual discourser in US the words “citizen” and “tax-payer” are used interchangeably.
    Is this not a manifestation of the “Economistic” view?
    And it is always this funding activity of the citizen for the state is emphasized. As though they have no other significance.
    There must be something to this usage that has endured for so long in US and so prominently at that as well…

  133. Paul Escobar says:

    To all,
    Frank Luntz says a “big surprise” (anti-Trump) is coming next week.
    An interesting campaign observation, FWIW.
    It initially baffled the political class as to why Trump refused to adopt the Romney-like persona of a “serious businessman & statesman”. If you’ve seen footage of him from the 90’s & early 2000’s, he has that game mastered.
    Trump’s motivation seems clear now. He knew the “scandals” were coming. So he refused to mount a “high horse”, looking down on the public. You don’t mount a high horse…how far do you actually fall? ABC/Washington Post poll says not much, as he’s within 2 points of Clinton (that’s after the sex stuff & BEFORE new FBI revelations).
    Hillary Clinton though…
    Expensive public relations firms, 100% media support, Wall Street financial backing, 1000+ person staff & ground game, Analytics teams, Polling firms, Social Justice Warrior army…
    If it ever comes…given what Hillary Clinton represents…that would be some fall.

  134. PeterHug says:

    Not necessarily –
    Anyone in the final stages of a race who thinks they are ahead (and that certainly is where Clinton has been for a while) wants people to vote early. In particular, people who are motivated enough to come out and waste their time at an event.

  135. aleksandar says:

    Maybe he has the right poll numbers…

  136. PeterHug says:

    That may in fact be a net plus for her – would you want anything to do with either of those weiners?

  137. PeterHug says:

    Thanks for that insightful comment –
    So, Hillary is Brezhnev (or perhaps Yeltsin?), while Trump is clearly Berlusconi.
    Hell of a choice…

  138. PeterHug says:

    I would be a bit surprised if they’re the only ones involved. However, in general the FBI gets into an investigation like this if there are Federal criminal statutes that may have been violated, or if interstate communication or travel is involved.
    (IANAL, your mileage may vary.)

  139. The Beaver says:

    @ Fred
    We are learning more and more as the hours go by:
    There is no indication from the eight-page FBI report on the interview, however, that the agents ever pressed her on what has now turned into an explosive issue in the final days of the 2016 campaign: Did Weiner have access to any classified government documents on his laptop and iPhone — devices that, he apparently used to exchange sexually charged messages with women he met online, including in one alleged case, an underage teenager in North Carolina?
    The fact that FBI agents failed to follow up on this shows that the original probe into the Clinton email server was “not thorough” and was “fatally flawed,” said Joseph DiGenova, a former U.S. attorney and independent counsel who has been a strong critic of Comey and the FBI probe. “The first thing they should have done was gotten a sworn affidavit about all her accounts and devices,” he said, adding that agents should have immediately attempted to obtain the devices, including Weiner’s.

  140. Lefty says:

    Comey testified to Congress that the investigation was over and that he’d let them know if anything changed. Something changed, and with the number of people involved and amount of process there was no way to keep it secret. Notifying Congress and taking the heat just before the election was his least bad choice. Friday dumps are usually intended to minimize the impact so he likely wasn’t looking for maximum visibility.
    Weiner’s wiener is too funny.

  141. Eadwacer says:

    To throw more fuel on the fire, here’s a report that says the FBI doesn’t know exactly what they’ve got, since they don’t have a warrant to look at it.

  142. Kooshy says:

    If you drive up the Costa Brava to France, don’t miss the little French cost resort town of Collioure. Very pretty.

  143. oofda says:

    Comey is not a `dedicated Clintonite.` He is a registered Republican and a civil servant. He has done nothing to be considered that. Apparently they have not even gotten a warrant to read the emails in Weiner´s computer- how would he know that they would be ´pertinent´?

  144. Edward Amame says:

    I agree with you. Now the plot thickens. The chief White House ethics lawyer from 2005 to 2007 is filing a complaint against the F.B.I. with the Office of Special Counsel, which investigates Hatch Act violations. The Hatch Act bars the use of an official position to influence an election.

  145. Edward Amame says:

    Old Microbiologist
    He is not safe. Using the FBI to influence an election is a big no-no.

  146. turcopolier says:

    You would have to prove intent to affect the election. Do you think that is possible? pl

  147. Edward Amame says:

    Old Microbiologist
    Interesting. I’m sure that will help in the case against Comey for trying to tamper with an election.

  148. Edward Amame says:

    Don’t throw your money away like that.

  149. Edward Amame says:

    Old Microbiologist
    For what?
    After 8 years of Bush/Cheney I was just glad it was over. You’re advocating for a bananna republic.

  150. Edward Amame says:

    Article? He doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about. Asking him to write a bumper sticker would be more appropriate.

  151. Edward Amame says:

    Leave it to you to jump to conclusions without any facts.
    By now you should know where the ‘new’ emails came from.

  152. Fred says:

    So who is he going after, Lynch for meeting with Bill while Hilary was being investigated the first time or Comey?

  153. J says:

    One of the supermarket gossip rags had front page this week alleging that Hillary blackmailed the FBI, as Hillary’s crew had the goods on one of the FBI investigators for gay-sexting.

  154. turcopolier says:

    Edward amame
    Your evident panic has led you to write a number of insulting personal attacks this AM. I have deleted these leaving a few that are just passable. pl

  155. Edward Amame says:

    different clue
    Impeached for what? Seriously, you have gone over the deep end if you think that Clinton’s gonna privatize Soc Sec. That was in the Ryan Budget, not in any Dem plans. Is your short term memory so short that you’ve forgotten which side of the aisle fought GWB’s effort to privatize?

  156. Edward Amame says:

    Not trying to “hide something.” Print something. There appear to be major tech issues at DoS.

  157. Edward Amame says:

    Col Lang
    I’m guessing it would be difficult, but apparently an angry former chief White House ethics lawyer for Bush II either thinks there’s a chance. As he says, what Comey’s done is “an abuse of power. Allowing such a precedent to stand will invite more, and even worse, abuses of power in the future.”

  158. Fred says:

    Facts? Pray let us all know what they are. I believe that requires an actual “investigation” with subpoenas and testimony under oath.

  159. Edward Amame says:

    He’s going after Comey for abuse of power. The F.B.I. doesn’t conduct an investigation like this in the public eye.

  160. Tyler says:

    I don’t have time, but all I can say is that the MSM is trying to create a narrative in order to attempt to kick off a preference cascade.
    If you really believe that Hillary is winning by bigger margins than Obama I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

  161. Edward Amame says:

    The emails did not come from Hillary Clinton, nor did they come from her private server.

  162. Edward Amame says:

    None of the Weiner emails are to/from HRC. Claiming this is cause to reopen an investigation less than two weeks before the election was designed to damage HRC’s campaign.
    Said Comey himself in sworn testimony to House Judiciary Committee September on 28, 2016:

    Conyers: … Is the FBI investigating the activities of Mr. Trump or any advisor to the Trump campaign with respect to any line of communication between the campaign and the Russian government?
    Comey: I cannot say sir. As as I said in response to different question, we do not confirm or deny investigations.

  163. Edward Amame says:

    None of the Weiner emails are to/from HRC. Claiming this is cause to reopen an investigation less than two weeks before the election was designed to damage HRC’s campaign.
    Said Comey himself in sworn testimony to House Judiciary Committee September on 28, 2016:

    Conyers: … Is the FBI investigating the activities of Mr. Trump or any advisor to the Trump campaign with respect to any line of communication between the campaign and the Russian government?
    Comey: I cannot say sir. As as I said in response to different question, we do not confirm or deny investigations.

  164. BabelFish says:

    Thank you for the recommendation.

  165. The Beaver says:
    The FBI agents investigating Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server knew early this month that messages recovered in a separate probe might be germane to their case, but they waited weeks before briefing the FBI director, according to people familiar with the case.
    Wonder why they waited that long to inform their boss!

  166. kao_hsien_chih says:

    I’d have likened Trump to Zhirinovsky, keeping with the Russian theme. Equally clownish and unprofessional, drawing on similar impulses.

  167. Keith Harbaugh says:

    An extensive account of the multiple FBI probes,
    the internal controversies they have roused within the FBI,
    and severe conflict with the far-less-interested-in-investigating-the-Clintons DOJ:
    “FBI in Internal Feud Over Hillary Clinton Probe”,
    Updated Oct. 30, 2016 4:58 p.m. ET:

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