“Israel’s Juvenile Ground Army” W. Patrick Lang


"In my opinion, the IDF is an army built to very specifically suit Israel’s individual circumstances, needs, and philosophy. It is in some ways, a singular force. It actually more closely resembles the Swiss military establishment than it does a large standing force backed by reserve units in the way that the US Army is built.

The IDF ground force is essentially a reserve or militia army that keeps most of its forces in inactive status while maintaining a handful of units on active duty as a training base and a force in being to meet short term contingencies.

In this essay I am writing of the “line” of the ground forces as represented by armor, infantry, paratroop and artillery units at brigade level and below, i.e., battalion and company.

The special operations forces are a small part of Israeli capabilities and are manned and maintained on a very different basis. In many ways they are more like a “SWAT” team than a military force.

To understand the IDF ground forces as an institution, there are certain things that must be understood in order to “see” clearly the actual capabilities of this army:"  W.P Lang in the Unz Review


This is a revision of an article I published years ago on the subject of the Israeli Army.  In the present circumstance of a US president who pledges America's unending and unlimited future support of the Zionist state this article is particularly timely.  We should examine what it is that we are wedded to.  IMO the IDF ground forces are nothing like what the average American assumes them to be.  They are in fact an army that has been very lucky in the enemies that they have faced.  Their present employment in the massacre of Palestinians at Gaza is the kind of thing that they are now good at.  The fabled hard assed kibbutzniks of long ago who won against Arab armies are gone, replaced by the Gucci generation.  Israel should be wary of committing these people to combat against serious fighters.  The Israeli Air Force is the real center of gravity of the country's armed forces.  pl 


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