The Holder/Obama Administrator is increasingly minority driven.

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"The Obama administration has entered an unexpected, unpredictable debate over the nation’s racial progress, warning in several events last week that much work remains to be done. Nearly six years after the United States elected its first black president, the signposts of the latest discussion have appeared across the cultural landscape — from the professional sports arena, to the diminishing Western frontier, to a little New England town where an elected official is refusing to apologize for referring to the president by a famously derogatory racial epithet."  Washington post


In my opinion, this administration is risking a backlash of historic proportions by becoming what I feared in 2008, that is, a government hostile to white people.  I voted for Obama then and in 2012 but only because the GOP nominees were unacceptable to me.  It was very much, faute de mieux.

The Democrats and their media allies and flunkies love to talk about the coming irrelevance of white people in a grand future filled with beige people, well, at least that dark.  That kind of gloatng over WASP and other whites' future powerlessnes is just simply racist.  Black activists and their allies will tell you that they can't be racists because white people have all the power.  This is an interesting and somewhat nonsensical definition of "power," but, in fact, blacks and their allies have a lot of power today and are busy re-defining the political and constitutional rights of whites.  The case of the egregious basketball team owner is illuminating in this way.  The prevailing sentiment in the TV boobery (mostly blond) is something like "how dare he sue the NBA for punishing him!"  Say what?  Since when does an American not have the right to sue anyone or anything in defense of his property or personal rights.  The amazing thing about this attitude is that most people on TV are trying to appear to believe the TV boobs are correct.  There is now an endless list of such "adjustments" in attitude that are sought by the Al Sharptons, Eric Holders and Don Lemons of the world.  Not only is supposed justice sought by such people but an enforced erasure of private opinion and expression as well.

The Democrats wish to believe that demography is destiny and that demography will make this a country ruled by "people of color." That's amusing because it used to be said that biology was destiny.  Heavens!  That can't be right.  My view is somewhat different.  I think that cultural absorption will make this a country in which such special pleading as is heard from Eric Holder will be a distant and irrelevant memory. 

As for the 2014 and 2016 elections, the Democrats would be well advised to stop gloating over their victories in advance.  pl

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  1. Marcy C. says:

    Regarding Donald Sterling:
    I am English-Indian and Brown. I am also a student who will soon have $150 left in her account once tuition is paid. So based on colour and lack of wealth I do not think Mr. Sterling and I would be friends. Still, what happened to him was utterly wrong. His private conversation should have remained so and what he said was utterly within his right to privacy. If his antipathy to black people led to treating and paying his players less, then and only then would his private views be relevant.

  2. JohnH says:

    This initiative is destined to be another BO trademark flash in the pan. If any pattern marks his administration, it is to talk about something for about a week and then forget all about it.
    Before this the issue was income inequality, which disappeared about as fast as it appeared.
    All of this simply demonstrates that BO has no fire in the belly about anything, except being the first black President.
    And, quite possibly, a desire to reap rewards from those he protected during his tenure–banksters, war profiteers, media monopolies, etc.

  3. turcopolier says:

    I have deleted the “leftist” part from the title of this post because I do not think the Obama Administration is dependably anything politically. pl

  4. VietnamVet says:

    All that is left of democracy in the United States is wedge politics. The billions of dollars going to media corporations in campaign spending is to separate Tweedledee from Tweedledum. We live country with a government run by and for corporations. The only issues left to voters to decide are cultural issues; such as gay marriage, racial and sexual issues.
    What has got me really upset about the Ukraine Crisis is that corporate media is lying to American citizens by omission. In addition, our government is taking huge risks with starting a nuclear war by supporting anti-Russian unelected neo-nazis in Kiev. All this is being done so wealthy corporate crooks, who should be in jail, can make more money.
    I will never vote for Hillary Clinton. She hired neo-cons Victoria Nuland and Anne-Marie Slaughter for jobs at the State Department. I will never vote for Joe Biden. During his visit to Kiev he must have green lighted Right Sector’s marauding though the Eastern Provinces of Ukraine killing civilians.
    The Democrats appear to be wholeheartedly supporting the Kiev Fascists. I have not heard of one who has called for negotiations to end the crisis. A neutral Finlandized Ukraine would make the world safer. But, Hunter Biden would lose his job with the Ukraine gas company.
    I already vowed never to vote for a Republican after the Bush II administration crazily invaded Iraq. This is the whole purpose of new politics. Give voters candidates who they can’t vote for.

  5. Omonaija says:

    I agree. It’s all joyful noise/ a speech finely calibrated for its audience. The Obamas and Holders of this world did not get this far rocking the boat.

  6. Jack says:

    Both the left and right – the majority of the people -want bigger government that provides them free cheese and sates their desire for symbolic social affirmation.
    Nothing is going to change this dynamic until the easy money illusion breaks down.

  7. Fred says:

    The WAPO also quotes the AG:
    ‘Holder also expressed concern about “zero tolerance” disciplinary practices at schools, saying that they are “well intentioned” but affect black males at three times the rate they affect their white peers.’
    We must not look at parenting, or lack thereof, between white and black families? No, we need a ‘separate but equal’ policy to make sure less black students are held accountable for their conduct or more white students are punished. That way punishment is statistically equal. I’m sure this plays well in the right cocktail circuit – the ones where no one has children in a public school system.

  8. r whitman says:

    The real arbiter of race in this country is the US Supreme Court, not blonde bimbos on the infotainment channels.
    We should note Justice Roberts statement that the way to stop racial discrimination is to stop discriminating (quote may be inaccurate). The court is slowly inching up on the proposition that the keeping of racial statistics for preference purposes is not in keeping with the equal protection clause.
    We may soon see official applications for public and maybe private institutions devoid of a place where you check off your race. We no longer have a place on these forms to state your religious preference.

  9. kao_hsien_chih says:

    In some sense, the Democrats’ attitude is insulting to the “minorities” as well.
    They have slotted the minorities into a preferred role and take ready and willing compliance for granted, nevermind often condescending and abusive attitudes. As of right now, the only thing that keeps large proportions of minorities voting (assuming they vote at all) for the Democrats is the attitude among the Republicans. This, of course, is not just the question of minorities per se, but so much of American politics today: the standard answer to nearly every complaint and discontent is that “the other guys” are somehow worse. One hopes that there is someone bright enough to make something out of this dysfunction.

  10. Charile Wilson says:

    TV “boobery” and “boobs”: Is this literal or figurative? Just asking…

  11. Mark Logan says:

    I agree. Making a hero out of his gold-digging concubine is a bit silly, as Kareem pointed out. Nevertheless, the NBA is part corporation and part exclusive club. Their commissioner’s comments indicate a clear breach of their by-laws has taken place. He might be right. They are in the entertainment business, image counts and bells can not be unrung. The lawyers will sort it out.
    CNN, in the process of shamelessly exploiting a man with a disability for ratings, unintentionally performed a public service by inadvertently showing this for what it really was, IMO.

  12. turcopolier says:

    Charlie Wilson
    Boobie birds. pl

  13. Highlander says:

    There are many steams flowing together to produce this cultural decline. Quite often these streams are difficult to identify until after the fact.
    One of the easiest ways to get a handle on the decline, is the math of the politics involved.
    Look at the presidential politics in play right now, today.
    A breakdown of the US electorate shows:!3% black,16%hispanic,4%Jewish for a total of 33%. Any liberal Democrat only needs one out of three of the remaining voters. Without spending a dime, a Democrat starts the electoral race with California,Washington state,Illinois,Minnesota,Massachusetts,New York, New Jersey, Connecticut,and soon Florida in his bag.Today Ronald Reagan would be toast.
    This will only get worse, and a hell of a lot quicker than most of you think possible. At one time I thought, the millennial generation might have what it takes to turn things around. That is not going to happen. The millennials can not even conclude, what is in their own long term economic interests much less turn a culture around.
    Recently, I have begun to see discussions on Jewish blogs, about how long American Jews have left to make a graceful exit from the United States,answer 10 to 15 years, max.
    When the Jews start talking about where the exits are. It is serious.

  14. ToivoS says:

    thank you col Lang. As one on the left I concluded some time back that Obama does not represent me. Obama is a strange creature to be sure. One of his colleagues in Chicago before he ascended described him as a fog of a man.

  15. crf says:

    During his first term, if Obama and his supermajority caucus had enacted a much bigger stimulus, much of the economic malaise that exists in the US, and all over the world, would have been lessened. Instead he and his caucus governed in a “Republican-light” matter and accomplished only enacting Romney-care. And then he shifted to deficit reduction and austerity (a big political and economic mistake). I bet most people who voted for Obama wanted him to do something Rooseveltian is the economic sphere: all his campaign rhetoric suggested it.
    Because times are tough, social strife between political groups has increased in the US. And, of course, on rare occasions, people act up and do silly things, and the media amplifies these stories.
    So Democrats are making this the issue, because they don’t want to run on their economic record. If they had managed the economy from the center-left, in a standard Keynesian fashion, like they had been elected to do, rather than the center-right like they actually have, less of this social strife would be occurring.
    I’d advise the Rs to just put their tea-party hats away and don’t play the Democrats’ game. Focus on the economy.

  16. confusedponderer says:
    Their name was possibly based on the Spanish slang term bobo, meaning “stupid”, as these tame birds had a habit of landing on board sailing ships, where they were easily captured and eaten.”

  17. NancyK says:

    Highlander, what blogs have you been reading? Why do you think the Jews will be leaving? Are you implying that all Jews will leave the country? The last time I talked to my husband he wasn’t planning on moving anywhere any time soon.

  18. Dismayed says:

    I’ve voted Democratic and Independent all my life. I’ve had it with Democrats. There are still good people in the party, but the entire leadership is utterly and contemptibly corrupt. Taking Al Qaeda’s side in the Syrian war was the last straw for me. WTF do these lunatics think they are doing? How is that policy supposed to enhance the security or prosperity of the American people? It isn’t supposed to: policy makers now serve other interests.
    It will be a cold day in hell before I vote for Clinton with her baggage of foreign and transnational loyalties. God help us all if the Republicans can’t put forth a candidate who isn’t crazy or even more corrupt than Dems. Rand Paul is clearly not ready for the Oval Office, but he may be our best choice anyway.

  19. Babak Makkinejad says:

    I agree with you.
    Communist government is the former Czechoslovakia used the same tactic of leaked personal conversation to discredit this or that dissident.

  20. Babak Makkinejad says:

    I am Beiege I am not against the White people – or any one else.

  21. nick b says:

    This is a column on sports law from Sports Illustrated. It’s a clear and interesting read on the Sterling/NBA story.

  22. Fred says:

    “If they had managed the economy”
    You mean if Obama had ignored Timothy Geithner, the man he appointed as Secretary of the Treasury?The people who voted for him wanted him to do just like Iceland did to their bankers – make the shareholders take the losses not the taxpayers. Then jail the ones who broke the law.

  23. Highlander says:

    There were still tens of thousands of Jews hanging around Berlin in the late 30’s. Obviously,just because somebody is very bright, doesn’t necessarily mean they have good walking around sense.
    Obama is basically a creation of the american jewish diaspora. He is the leading edge of a building wave of virulent anti semitism on the left of the political spectrum,all the way from lilly white episcopalian priests to black liberationists. Go figure. Oy Vey!

  24. Tyler says:

    Obviously Holder’s work isn’t done until we are a multicultural utopia like post Soviet Yugoslavia.
    When you’re 12% of the population racial grievance politics can turn ugly fast, but no one accused this administration of an overabundance of sense.

  25. Tyler says:

    Yeah if I was overly represented in academia, law, the media, finance, politics, and part of a seemingly hostile minority towards whites I’d want to be gone before the long knives came out when the majority started noticing things.

  26. Tyler says:

    Like I said before, this is a form of insanity.

  27. Highlander,
    A question raised by the late Tony Judt back in 2006:
    “Why is the American Jewish community so determined to convince itself that we are living in 1938. Why does the most successful, the most well integrated, the most culturally and politically influential, the most socially and economically well situated Jewish community since the late years of the Roman republic, why is it so worried about the demon of anti-Semitism – more worried than the Jewish community in any other country I know and certainly more worried than Israel itself? It’s an American issue.”
    (See .)

  28. Bobo says:

    Ah, you have revealed my secret. I recollect many a day at sea when the bird would land on the mast staying with us till a day before land. I would admire the bird checking each day to make sure he was with us. Capturing & Eating the bird was never a thought but then my name is Bobo.

  29. DH! GUILT for nor doing more in the face of the HOLOCAUST! HOLOCAUST that largely succeeded IMO!

  30. Even President Obama worries about his place in history. Thus, assuming he continues over time to get the “honor” of being the first “Black” president even though 50% white and largely raised culturally white by white grandparents [his parents absent for many reasons]then the question will always arise what exactly he did as President for “Blacks”!

  31. Highlander says:

    You presuppose that the most productive people in the country as a group,have the moral will left to offer resistance to anything. I refer you to Mr. Sale’s recent post entitled,”Hardly a Whimper”.
    And for the record, I don’t believe the Jewish diaspora is responsible for this decline. Their group attitudes are only a symptom.

  32. Laura Wilson says:

    The issue of income inequality has not disappeared. Even the Teapots will figure it out sooner or later.

  33. Fred says:

    Yes, the guilt trip needs to come to an end.

  34. Tyler says:

    And I’d say look at Weimar Germany before declaring a people done and gone.

  35. Highlander says:

    A people don’t usually disappear after their ethnic group suffers a decline. They usually are just quite literally fornicated out of existence. The Jews are notable exception to this rule.
    As for Wiemar Germany, there was a historically verified road directly from that economic disaster to the ruble pile called Berlin in 1945, and the Islamised Berlin of the not to distant future.

  36. FND says:

    There has to be a way to break the two party system, but I don’t know what it is.

  37. Highlander says:

    This will take us onto the always tricky and slippery ground of religion and psychology. You asked,so here is my personal theory.
    One has to look at the thousands of years of the Jewish historical experience. They are a exceptionally productive people and ferocious fighters, but unfortunately also a very small and fractious tribe. Who,God chose to place on a small cultural and religious tectonic plate-like piece of earth,we call Israel. As a result,they have been invaded,assaulted,barbarized,enslaved, and dispersed over and over again. Assyrians, Babylonians, Egyptians, Romans, Muslims,Christian Crusaders,Ottoman Turks, and most recently by one Mr. A Hitler(who was an early post modern pagan).
    Now virtually any other people, who have gone through such ordeals,would have been absorbed by their conquerors and ceased to exist long ago. That the Jews have not only survived all of this, but have actually prospered as never before. And reestablished the homeland of Israel, directly after the beast Hitler almost annihilated them,is nothing short of a miracle of God in my opinion.
    Over thousands of years,this persecution has produced an almost genetic Jewish tendency to suspect anyone and everyone of sooner or later being out to get them. A subtle cultural paranoia if you will.
    You couple the above with the fact that the Jews are essentially children of the desert. If you have ever spent anytime in a desert environment( and I have), you realize the only things which can survive and prosper over time in that environment, have to have a predatory nature. Now,the non predator majority generally have a dislike for predators for obvious reasons. I might add, predatory behavior is one aspect of the natural order of the world.
    Now to the American Diaspora, they essentially came in significant numbers starting around 1900. For the most part they arrived with nothing, and have built many great fortunes and great power in the last 130 years.(My Jewish neighbors while growing up, arrived from Poland in the rural deep south with nothing) Thru hard work,they became manufacturers and made a significant fortune. They provided a large amount of employment to poor whites and blacks. Who other wise would have been poverty stricken. They kept mostly to themselves, but were classic model citizens,and did many unrecognized civic good deeds in this small southern backwater. To my knowledge they never used any unethical actions to acquire their wealth. They quietly worshiped God in their own manner, and that was okay with the local Episcopalians, Baptists and the Methodists. They were highly respected and valued citizens.
    Some time in the 60’s all of this begin to change for the American diaspora. They begin to abandon their core religious beliefs at a pace even greater than that of the mainline protestant churches.
    Science has shown, man has a need to believe in something other than himself. As post modern thought has destroyed one pillar of our culture after another. It has also done the same for the Jews. As a substitute for truly worshiping and obeying their God, a huge majority of the secular and modernistic American Jewish community have now made some weird ass cult of a religion out of the Holocaust experience. The purveyors of this weirdness must continue to sell this emotional fear and survivor’s guilt to their fellow Jews(just as Glen Beck sells fear to aging gentiles),to fill the void in their souls due to their essential abandonment of a belief in their Hebrew God.
    The Jews also know great periods of social unrest and economic decline are not good for them as a people. A good case can be that America is headed in that direction. So just in case, the wise ones, based on their historical experience as a people, are starting to keep an eye on the exits.
    I apologize if my hurried thoughts don’t make a great deal of sense to you. It is a busy day for me, fortunately the uber rich are restless,and buying lots of jet fuel for their imperial barges.

  38. Tyler says:

    That’s not the point you were making and a prediction is not a fact. Try again.

  39. Highlander says:

    I do believe the Russian Army quite literally squatting on top of Berlin in 1945,and crapping on the place for the next 45 years is a verified historical fact.
    As for the Muslim wave, it has happened, but you are quite correct Sharia has not been established quite yet.

  40. different clue says:

    Jews who don’t think in those terms probably don’t read those blogs to begin with.

  41. different clue says:

    His place in history will be: made the Bush Tax Cuts permanent, got Ocare passed so others can turn it into Heritage care, immunized and impunitized the financial players involved in the 2008 crash and ran out the clock on their risk of facing prosecution. That is what he expects to be paid hundreds of millions of dollars for after he leaves office. He tried to destroy Social Security but if he doesn’t still succeed he won’t be paid for that. Naked Capitalism has chronicled some of his other achievements over time.
    On the plus side, he delayed war with Iran so far and was humiliated by Putin out of war on Syria. On the minus side he staffed his Admin with people who have engineered a meltdown in Ukraine and seek a NATO-reviving Cold War 2.0 with Russia.

  42. Tyler says:

    Let’s review. I know Talmudic arguing of black into white is in your nature, but you said:
    “have the moral will left to offer resistance to anything”, and then referenced Sale’s piece.
    My point was that Weimar Germany was likely just as hedonistic and in even more dire straits than the US today (comes from not having the petrodollar), and yet look what happened there. I wouldn’t count a people out before we’ve even reached the climax.
    As for your second point, a cursory search shows that Turks are leaving Germany moreso than coming in.

  43. Highlander says:

    Yes, you are probably correct.
    I consider the Jews to be a hobby of mine, and I go out of my way to seek them out, and explore their thoughts.
    They in general,consider themselves to be much more open minded than us goys. But my observation is,like any other human being,they are just as petty, hubris ridden, and close minded to outside concepts as the rest of us.

  44. Highlander says:

    I sincerely hope that I am being overly pessimistic on these issues. For the sake of the young in my own family if nothing else. But I am old and quaint, and I happen to love this United States, and for the record, ALL of its peoples. I want only the best for the entire country.
    One of the hazards of getting old,is you fall into a trap of thinking nobody or no thing is as good as it was. I try very hard to guard against this. I much prefer the company of the young for their enthusiasm and positive outlook.
    Perhaps,I am influenced by having been in several countries over the years which were at the point of collapse,brought on by either economics or war or both. I know it can happen. I stood at the Brandenburg Gate in 1989, and a Russian Army soldier tried to sell me his uniform and side arm. He looked pretty hungry.
    I have read extensively about the Roman Imperial epoch. I am sorry to report, I see many parallels between America’s present and the last 75 years of the Roman Empire. Perhaps I am wrong in my conclusions, it certainly wouldn’t be the first time.
    Moral will is the fountain head for moral courage,and political courage, which is in turn the basis for the centurion’s physical courage. Our elites by and large are now devoid of these character traits. That does not bode well. The regular people of America still have the traits, but without leadership,we count for less and less.
    You mentioned the Petrodollar i.e. The US dollar as the world reserve currency. That is the key stone. If the dollar is collapsed, we will collapse as a country very soon after. Putin and the Chinese have now profiled Obama as the clueless, weakling emperor,he is. I and others much more knowledgeable, believe there is a high probability, they will wage economic war on us before Obama leaves office.
    I suspect you have more than adequate resources of moral will. You will be fine come what may.

  45. Perhaps a NUDET in DC?

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