“‘Hundreds’ of Russian soldiers killed in Himars strike on holiday resort turned barracks”

HIMARS has twice the range of tube artillery

“A salvo of Ukrainian Himars missiles fired against a Russian makeshift barracks has killed or wounded as many as 200 troops, Ukrainian officials claimed.

The volley of missiles was said to strike a recreation resort commandeered as accommodation by Russian forces in the occupied city of Melitopol.

The city’s exiled mayor, Ivan Fedorov, said the strike late on Saturday evening had overwhelmed hospitals in the city, with casualties being ferried to Crimea.

Video said to come from the scene showed rescuers picking through the blazing ruins of a building and what appeared to be several casualties among the debris.

The resort and hotel complex next to a church is reported to be called the Hunter’s Halt and was said to have been used as a barracks.”

‘Hundreds’ of Russian soldiers killed in Himars strike on holiday resort turned barracks (telegraph.co.uk)

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6 Responses to “‘Hundreds’ of Russian soldiers killed in Himars strike on holiday resort turned barracks”

  1. Ram stein will be next…

    • Fourth and Long says:

      Ralph Wingmore,

      I can’t understand why my oxygen deprived mind was reminded of Slick Willy’s first chief of staff who became a Mayor of the Windy City and according to rumor, a customer of a Geisha girl I once knew from Sapporo. I will contact my nearest hypoxia remedy center for leasing rates and tips on fixing this valve.

  2. Fourth and Long says:

    That Himars is a nasty piece a work. I heard the Poland nation ordered a number of hundred. Maybe six or eight, can’t recollect, but a serious number. I wondered if the story made any sense it was so many. But if it was, say, a hundred and forty – what would the bloody Russians do? It could become a very belligerent situation. It’s why I’m thinking it was a bit of fancy. But what if it isn’t? These nitwits, if you’ll forgive my expression, ought to learn some common sense. What do they use for brains over there? Broken glass from wrecked apartments – is that their thinking cap material? It would explain a lot which is otherwise confusing.

  3. Peter Hug says:

    It may not be an M-142; I believe Turkey has sent Ukraine some TRG-230 with 150 km range.

    I keep seeing speculation that this was a barracks (i) for officers, (ii) for the Wagner Group, or (iii) for a bunch of Kadyrov’s Chechens.

  4. Bill Roche says:

    What hath Putin done.
    He can not accept a Ukrainian nation.
    All bow to the master Slav
    It requires no explanation

    Ukraine too can be savage
    Is there worse is in the wings?
    Russian demands superiority.
    Ukraine must yield in all things

    Hail the mighty Slav.
    He can kill longer
    The little Slav suffers longest
    Who is the stronger?

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