Hunter was “framed” by Putin? (the theater of the absurd)

“A senior member of Russia’s parliament on Thursday said the U.S. should apologize after President Biden said he agreed that Russian President Vladimir Putin was a killer, and the official indicated that the Kremlin could take additional action after recalling its ambassador to the U.S.

Reuters reported that Konstantin Kosachyov, the deputy chairman of the parliament’s upper house, called Biden’s answer a watershed moment in the relationship between the two countries. He said such a comment “is not allowed from the mouth of a statesman of such a rank.”

Kosachyov was referring to an interview Biden had on ABC News this week when he was asked if he believed that Putin was a killer. Biden said, “I do.”

The Wall Street Journal reported that Anatoly Antonov, the ambassador, was called back to Moscow shortly after the U.S. released an intelligence report directly tying Putin to election interference in the 2020 presidential election.” foxnews

Comment: I suppose that I will be called a Russian stooge for expressing incredulous disbelief over the behavior of President Biden. Pilgrim Turcopoles! Let us remember that the Russian Federation is the world’s second most puissant nuclear power. Translation – They could rip us a new ass if they went crazy even as they breathed their last breath.

Joe Joe has problems; the border, immigration, the raving left, his problems with enacting his “Animal Farm” agenda, Kamala waiting in the wings, his own feeble condition, the Chinese who threaten to call for payment on what he owes them, his corrupt family, etc.

He clearly thinks that it was a splendid ploy to have a press toady ask him if Putin is a “killer.” What a great diversion! The public were programmed throughout Trump’s term to think of the Russians as demons. Surely that conditioning will hold. Surely!

Hunter was framed by Russian Intelligence? My god! The US IC report on foreign interference in 2016 and 2020 does not claim anything like that.

And now Russia has recalled its ambassador for consultations? What is next? Does he “ask for his passport” as the expression used to be?

Insanity! pl

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73 Responses to Hunter was “framed” by Putin? (the theater of the absurd)

  1. semiconscious says:

    glenn greenwald on this subject: Journalists, Illustrating How They Operate, Yesterday Spread a Significant Lie All Over Twitter

    “Do you see how they behave? Take a look. Prior to the election, out of desperation to ensure that Biden won, they censored and maligned this reporting by mindlessly endorsing an assertion from life-long CIA operatives that never had any evidence: ignore these documents; they are Russian disinformation. They not only invoked that claim to justify ignoring the story but also to successfully agitate for its censorship by Twitter and Facebook. So they spent weeks spreading an utter lie in order to help the candidate that they favored win the election. Remember, these are journalists doing that.

    Then, yesterday, the intelligence community issued a report that does not even purport to contain any evidence: just assertions. And they all jumped to treat it as gospel: no questioning of it, no skepticism, no demands to see evidence for it, not even any notation that no evidence was provided. They just instantly enshrined claims from the CIA and NSA as Truth. How can you possibly be a journalist with even minimal knowledge of what these agencies do and look in the mirror as you do this?…”

    • TV says:

      The “journalists” are a rancid mixture of incompetence and America-hate.
      The “intelligence” community seems to be just inept and loyal – to the swamp.

      • Pat Lang says:

        The barons of the IC are just more swamp creatures. The people who do the work have long been abandoned by them.

        • TV says:

          That sounds like “The FBI management is political scum, but the agents in the field are upstanding Americans who risk their lives daily.”

          • Pat Lang says:

            I do not consider the FBI to be part of the IC even if it was shoehorned into being such after 9/11. The FBI is a highly politicized secret police force. CIA, DIA, NSA, State INR. Army Intelligence, etc., are the the real IC. If you do not believe that tant pis pour toi.

  2. Escarlata says:

    But…this insanity is growing from time ago…

    IMHO the worst problem Biden is facing is the exploding of Wall Street debt bubble, to be exploded, according to Daniel Estulin around three to six months from now..

    In this escenario, I fear some people in DC would even risk a hot war with Russia, whatever so that the US population does not turn against them in mass in front of the coming scam…

    Another option is invading Spain, as the exercises between US and Marocco of these past days, developed without warning to Spanish air control authorities at scarce miles from La Graciosa Island ( Islas Canarias, Spain…) , so worryingly show…

    I fear a lot of surprises are going to happen as the whole building of financial capitalism falls apart…Calling Putin a “killer” will be the least of our ( and theirs…) worries, as those are only words, rude as they could bem but words after all…

    • Pat Lang says:


      Which lefty relative is writing this stuff for you, hija?

      • james says:

        i claim no responsibility for escarlatas writing! and as far as i can tell she has a different leftie teacher then mine!

        • Escarlata says:

          Indeed, starting with the fact that I am self-taught in geopolitics…thus nobody teachs me

          P.S: lo flipo contigo…tío…

          • Pat Lang says:


            I am teaching you. Whether you are grateful or not is another matter. A rich neighbor asked me years ago to teach her children geopolitics. When I told her what I would charge her she blanched. You are getting it for free, but you read too much lefty propaganda.

          • Escarlata says:

            Indeed, Pat, you teach me, as all the others I read, for free, right, but one has to have the correct disposition to learn…

            Thanks, Pat!

          • james says:


            i certainly appreciate reading your commentary… you are like a breathe of fresh pacific air which i get here on vancouver island, but not so much when i read the news on the internut..

          • Escarlata says:

            I am greatful, Pat!

            “De bien nacidos, es ser agradecidos”, is an Spanish saying…

          • Pat Lang says:


            If you are well born, that is a shame because you are ill-mannered and discourteous.
            for you to address me by a diminutive of my Christian name is impudent. For you to address me as “hijo” is even worse. And then there is the matter of your pen name. “Eascarlata in Tara,” You are mocking me for being Southern in culture. I will have to think about what to do about you.

      • Escarlata says:

        Nadie, Pat, I told you, lo hago yo sola, hijo…
        Por qué es tan difícil de creer?

        I read a lot of stuff over there, this analyst, the other, I have a lot of sources, and then I make my own conclusions…I am aware I am a principiante, but I am planning to become a strategist of the hell…Do you think i am on the right path?

        Btw, invading Spain could reveal as a very bad idea and turn into a nightmare similar to those taking palce in the lands of our kinda relatives beyond the seas…
        Recall that we were once part of the Omeya Caliphate of Damascus and that first families settling in Al Andalus were Yemeni families…I say because of the resistance gen that could remain…

        P.S: have you any idea why in the Earth “james” could think anybody would relate him to me by any streight of imagination?

        • Pat Lang says:


          Some your statements are pure child and some are quite sophisticated even if foolish.

          • Escarlata says:

            No, Pat, I am not mocking you by using that nickname, just loved Scarlett in that film…

            I apologize if I offended you by calling you by your name of pila, I did as others here do it, and since, as I told you, I hate calling you colonel, as I am not military women.

            I call you Pat because by this time, after almost a year or so, I feel familiarized with you, as like if you were my grandpa, or a friend of my grandpa…and because you seem to me funny…

            I could change my nick if you want…

            No te enfades conmigo, pat, please…

          • Pat Lang says:

            “I hate calling you colonel, as I am not military women.” It is a matter of common courtesy. It has nothing to do with you being “military.”

          • Escarlata says:

            Lo de bien nacido, en el caso de ese dicho, no tiene nada que ver con ser rico o tener una buena educación de pago…
            Es bien nacido, en el sentido de buena persona…noble, nada más…

    • Deap says:

      Uhhhhh… we already have Mexico in the US… we don’t need Spain too.

      However, California schools are now transitioning into fully bi-lingual campuses – no more English-only K-12 supremacy. So on second thought, maybe that is to prepare for our upcoming “invasion of Spain”. Pass it on.

  3. Escarlata says:

    Framing Hunter, and everybody looting the Ukraine, would be, not only a subject of any intelligence service out there aprticipating in the nazi coup, as the resultant junta lives on IMF loans which disappear as they arrive in the Ukraine, but mainly of Russian intelligence services, as the Ukrainian people are mostly ethnic Russians, especialy those inhabitants of the Donbass region, who, moreover, hold currently Russian passports…

    One would think it would be an obligation and unavoidable task of the intelligence services ( economics section…) to keep vigilant on what happens with Ukrainian people´s assets while this illegal junta, and its promoters in different parts of the Western world, are in charge, so that keeping a record of the looting for future claims by the Ukrainian people at international courts…

    The same should be happening in Lybia, Syria, Iraq, Yemen…

  4. J says:

    “Translation – They could rip us a new ass if they went crazy even as they breathed their last breath.”

    = Perimeter

    Yup, they could rip us a new one.

  5. Teddy says:

    It seems like the proxy wars are going to heat up shortly in Donbas, Syria & Iraq. Come May 1 if we haven’t withdrawn all our forces from Afghanistan per the Doha Agreement, things will heat up there as well.

  6. J says:

    Putin replies to Marxist Joe’s absurd behavior:

    Putin replies to Biden’s insinuation that’s he a ‘killer’: says US President is talking about himself but ‘I wish him good health’

    “Speaking on Thursday, Putin suggested that Biden may be projecting, noting that evaluating other countries “is like looking in a mirror.”

    “When I was a kid, when we were arguing with each other in the playground, we used to say, ‘Whatever you say [about others] is what you are yourself,’” Putin added.”

  7. A. Pols says:

    Biden is “Grandpa Simpson”, indeed a “dotard” at this stage of his life.

  8. james says:

    thanks pat…. why haven’t you swallowed the russian koolaid like every other patriotic american? lololol! what kind of patriot are you? lol!

    you see the choice is you are either a patriot or you are a friend of putins!

  9. james says:

    you might enjoy this…

    Putin and Biden go to a restaurant.
    Waitress: what will you have?
    Putin: Steak, medium rare
    Waitress: and for the vegetable?
    Putin: the vegetable will have steak as well

    • Rick Merlotti says:

      Thanks for that, l did enjoy it.

      • Razor says:

        That’s a retread from the story of Mgt Thatcher and her Cabinet going to dinner and her Cabinet of vegetables. Showing my age now!

        • Ghost Ship says:

          It’s from a sketch on Spitting Image back in 1984.

        • exiled off mainstreet says:

          It is good to recycle them. The question was what is Nancy Reagan’s favourite vegetable? Ronald Reagan. Recycled, what is Jill Biden’s favourite vegetable? Senility Joe. The whole story would be funny and absurd if the consequences were not so alarming.

          • Deap says:

            What is Kamala Harris’s favorite vegetable? Pot.

          • james says:

            deap – better start calling her president harris now… biden did!

          • different clue says:


            I have to wonder whether Draculamala ever even tried any cannabis back then, or if she now just pretends to have tried it in order to look groovy, cool, hip and stuff.

            But about cannabis as a vegetable . . . . just last summer at the little downtown Farmers Market here in College Townville, a couple of enterprising young farmers were selling smallish bags of fresh bright-green cannabis leaves on the theory that they are multi-mineral-rich and would make nutritious and delicious cooked greens. And since it is not the leaves where any of the drug-bearing resins build up, one couldn’t very well sell the leaves on the theory of any drug effect.

            At $10 for a small bag of leaves, I thought about it but didn’t quite actually buy any. But if marijuana greens becomes a thing, plant breeders may well start working to develop strains with less resin and drug and more edible leaves.

  10. Susan says:

    I hardly ever comment but I come here every day for the wit and wisdom, never mind the fact at this point I’m too horrified at the sheer vulgarity of the current administration that I need more laughs than usual.
    A. Pols Granpa Simpson remark reminded me of this one:

  11. Fourth and Long says:

    Possibly the Biden pooch has distemper or rabies – after all he had to be moved back to Delaware last week for biting people. Rumors of his return might assist the State Department with this case of diplomatic hoof in mouth disease. Russian papers report this morning that Putin responded to questions on Biden’s remarks by wishing the American President good health and inviting him to a live online debate in front of the whole world – with no delay.

  12. LeaNder says:

    Biden also described Putin as having no soul, and said he would pay a price for alleged Russian meddling in the November 2020 U.S. presidential election, something the Kremlin denies.

    oops, must have missed miles and miles of open source intelligence … How crazy is that???? And strictly I thought I followed files, complaints and cases about election fraud as closely as I could … not being a fan of either US horse in the election race.

    But curious that Fox News adds Viktor Yushchenko´s dioxin poisoning to its list. A long, long time ago, admittedly I somewhat wondered about that too.

    • different clue says:

      “Putin doesn’t have a soul” is exactly what Clinton said when she was in some kind of power position, maybe SecState or Senator. Putin replied something like ” having a brain should be a minimum qualification for being a statesman”.

      This may be the generally beloved thinking-point about Putin all over the Borg.

  13. Deap says:

    Compare and contrast:
    1. Hunter was framed by the Russians
    2. Trump was framed by US Deep State and Team Obama/Clinton.

  14. Robert says:

    President Adderral, what a guy.

  15. Escarlata says:

    Perdona, señor Lang, ya no comentaré más.
    Me voy a buscar por ahí a ver si encuentro qué ha dicho hoy Nasrallah, parece importante…


    Qué le vaya bien!

    P.S: Igual encuentro un ruso soviético que me deje llamarle Dimitri…a secas…

  16. elaine says:

    Escarlata, Thanks for posting the Youtube video about Arabs in Spain.
    I think I finally understand you.

    • Pat Lang says:


      It was not Spain until the final expulsion of the Moors. Before that it was a number of Christian states like Aragon and castile. And on the Muslim side the renewed Ommayad Caliphate and the tawa’ifa states.

    • Escarlata says:

      Wondering what you have finally understood, elaine…

      Are you a military woman?

  17. akaPatience says:

    We now have a POTUS whose mental state renders him unable to participate in press conferences, much less deliver a State of the Union address. I recently saw a video clip of a FAKED – yes, FAKED – impromptu presser as Biden left the WH:

    In case anyone’s wondering if this video is some hoax perpetrated by Trump supporters, I checked into it and the Associated Press featured this same clip with the sloppy CGI work in a recent story about Biden, a story that was carried by MSN. If it doesn’t show up now (I’m too lazy to check) it’s likely because the fakery has been exposed.

    SO, I hope I’m not alone in being frightened that scenarios such as an impromptu presser are being faked because Biden’s too far gone to be trusted to engage in candid, off the cuff questions and answers. If he can’t perform a task like this, one shudders to think of him engaging in just about any aspect of the job.

  18. sbin says:

    Read something along the lines of.
    You can negotiate with a scoundrel but not an imbecile.
    When one is both there is no need to talk.
    Very good description of current DC regime.

  19. Carey says:

    The Hologram Biden/HU Harris regime currently infesting DC is not a pretty sight, and President Putin’ s response mentioned directly above make that cabal look even stupider and more loathesome. These acts- like calling the Russian President “a killer”- are not
    those of a confident ruling class.

    What a time.

    • Carey says:

      Adding- regarding Vice President Kamala Harris: I’m one of those former-Democrat voters, and observing Ms. Harris in the debates and on the campaign
      trail, I caught the distinct sense early on- in her haughtiness, and that
      malevolent little smirk of hers- that the fix was in; that she knew something
      we didn’t.

      Just a thought.

      • Fasteddiez says:


        I love how Tulsi destroyed her sorry ass in one debate. Someone other than Joemela must have picked her. She went to high school at Westmount High School, (protestant School Board), one mile away from my high school (Catholic School Board).

        • different clue says:

          The Democrats froze Gabbard out of further debates and out of their Party in revenge for that Kamala-destruction on TV. And they also stood up and funded a primary challenger against her in Hawaii for the Congressional Seat she was running to serve in again.

          If the Republicans recruit her into their Party, they will need to be prepared to respect her independent views, knowledge and actions. Would they be prepared to do that?

          • Fasteddiez says:

            I understood that she chose not to run for the house seat again in Hawaii. She does not need the headache after what was done to her by the DNC, and besides, she and her husband are good surfers. No surf’s up on the Potomac.

            Also, imagine that she had become president, am I the only person in this exalted Peanut Gallery that believes (or to use the Langley posse weasel phrase “We are fairly confident that ….”) she would have suffered through an Auto Da Fe from the Blob in the form of a Zaprudering.

        • different clue says:

          If Tulsi Gabbard were to think seriously about running for President some day, she would study all the assassinations very carefully. She would try to identify every little breach in any layer of security which let the shooter(s) get through.

          She would try to remain too constantly unpredictable a moving target to ever be reach-out-and-touchable by the Zapruderisers.

  20. Deap says:

    Wasn’t there more to the recent Biden killer comment -at least this was circulating first – another Biden remembrance when he met Putin sometime in the past. Biden allegedly claiming he told Putin when he looked into Putin’s eyes that Biden saw the soul of a killer. Putin allegedly replied – now we understand each other.

    Was that part of yesterday’s story fake news or now suppressed news? Was this Biden just mis-remembering again ala Corn Pop – and riffing off GW Bush’s analysis of Putin’s eyes?

  21. AK says:

    The man referred to KH as “President Harris” again in a speech today. This is so unbelievably, transparently ugly at this point. We definitely do not have a functioning republic under the rule of law anymore.

    • Carey says:

      AK: sure looks like the elites- through their 10%er minions- are trolling the Citizenry big time, and laughing all the way.

  22. j. casey says:

    OT, sorry: “This is my person, it’s my issue, It’s very serious with me personally. I need this man [al-Awlaki] released from prison in 48 hours.” Did al-Awlaki have something on George Tenet?

    Why is this recording “leaking” now? And why did Tenet, at the time of the recording, not want the FBI to know about it?

  23. Deap says:

    Did US intentionally insult China during the recent Alaska meeting in order to prevent Biden from having to face Xi F2F at a later head of state summit? Was Blinken co-conspirator or just plain clumsy.

    Now Trump’s curious claim Biden should have insisted on a Washington DC meeting makes sense – Trump knew Biden was never going to be allowed to meet them F2F on home turf. Just like Putin knows Biden will never agree to a public debate.

    Interesting speculation about this curious turn of events in the Biden Return to Decency Campaign:

  24. Deap says:

    Myanmar doing the work Biden’s DOJ refuses to do: seizing Soros-funded organization bank accounts and criminally charging them with election fraud.

  25. Steve G says:

    Reminds one of Soviet era leaders in 82 and 84.
    After Brezhnev before Gorbachov. We now have
    Either Yuri Biden or Joe Chernenko. Both barely made
    It for two years if memory serves. Time frame seeems
    Appropriate for the current occupant!

  26. longarch says:

    NEW : The FBI admitted that through a series of unintended events, they have “accidentally” destroyed the laptop computer belonging to Hunter Biden.

  27. fakebot says:

    Does Biden do anything anymore that isn’t stage managed? Putin made light of that fact by suggesting he and Biden conduct a “live” debate. In an added twist of irony, Putin questioned Biden’s fitness for office by wishing him “good health.”

    Biden carried this same killer theme with MBS too. The sanctions applied to Saudi Arabia over Khashoggi are somewhat similar to those applied to Russia over Navalny; however, Biden fell short of calling MBS a killer since he remains an ally.

    Despite Putin’s playful comments, the Russians didn’t take kindly to Biden’s wording. They also seemed genuinely concerned by Biden’s threats to conduct cyber operations.

    Biden wants the Russians (and the rest of the world) to take note of an American show of force, but judging by Biden’s fall today as he climbed the steps to Air Force One, I think there are real questions to be asked of him and what role the US will actually carry moving forward.

    I’m not sure the US can keep this posture with Russia. Nor do I think they can afford it either. I don’t know what the Pentagon expects to accomplish by eventually bankrupting the US to support wars in Afghanistan (as had happened with the Soviets). Frankly, it seems like they don’t know what to do either and are simply afraid of conceding ground to China and Russia more than anything.

    Does anyone really want to fight a new Cold War against a Russia that is no longer Communist? Calling the Russian president a killer will leave us where eventually? There has to be a smarter posture in dealing with Russia than this.

  28. longarch says:

    Satire — the linked site is evidently NOT journalism but rather intended as satirical humor.

    I initially submitted the twitter link without a satire warning. I apologize.

  29. Peter Yang-Yeovil says:

    Zero sympathy for Biden personally – strikes me as a finger-jabbing bully, a kind of modern-day Tammany Hall ward boss – but there’s something very seriously wrong with the WH “team” that allowed this embarassment to air on national TV. They’re supposed to prevent this sort of thing from happening, and if they can’t do that, at least keep it out of sight. Instead, they set up an infirm elderly person make a fool of himself for everyone to see. And even more shockingly, they seem to think the whole stunt was a big success.

  30. Carey says:

    > And even more shockingly, they seem to think the whole stunt was a big success.

    Possible simpler explanation that still fits the facts: they’re trolling us, big time- Biden and Harris- who were going nowhere (fast) last March, are now *somehow* President and Vice President of the United States- at least nominally.

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