“I will direct all states …”

Our sovereign Joe the 1st, said last night that he is “directing the states” to do various things.

“First, tonight, I’m announcing that I will direct all states, tribes, and territories to make all adults—people 18 and over—eligible to be vaccinated no later than May 1.” Joe the 1st

Say what? Well, Pilgrim Turcopoles, I don’t know if his imperial majesty has that kind of authority over the various sovereign Indian tribes under whatever treaty commitments there are, but he sure as hell does not have that kind of authority over the states of the Union. The territories like Guam, etc., maybe so, maybe.

The governators of Florida, Texas, Connecticut, Wyoming et al do not seem to understand that they need his majesty’s permission to open their states for business and actual life. They are correct. There is no “chain of command” that runs from the White House to the sovereign entities that are the states of the Union. The federal government usually attempts to have its way with the states by bribing them with the monies that properly belong to the Americans people or by threatening them with withholding of those funds if they do not accept Washington’s will.

Pilgrim Turcopoles! The Democrat/Marxist coalition now in charge in Washington, as well as the rulers of their satrapies in places like California are in the process of creating a sham democracy, one in which the constitution will mean nothing.

They can only achieve that if you let them do it.

We can have back yard gatherings on the 4th of July if we are obedient?

We will see about that Joe. We will see about that. pl


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22 Responses to “I will direct all states …”

  1. Oilman2 says:

    When people refuse to comply, everything changes.
    The non-compliance (resistance) has already begun on many fronts.
    Prohibition – how did that work out for the Feds?

    Just ignore the edicts coming from a place with no real authority other than your acquiescence…

  2. Laura Wilson says:

    I think you are overreaching. “Direct” is not “order.” I’m pretty sure Biden knows he can’t order states to do this…but giving them “direction” is perfectly normal, federal, and appropriate. Hopefully, some/many states will be able to open up availability sooner but now there is a national goal.

    • Pat Lang says:

      Laura Wilson

      Rubbish. Direct means I will tell them what they may or may not do. You are defending the coming tyranny.

    • Deap says:

      What did you call it when President Trump “directed” state to do things. Isn’t that when you screamed fascist dictator? Why the sudden change of tune.

  3. J says:


    Marxist Joe nominated a Marxist for his AG.

    And yesterday this — “BLM/Antifa Folks Storm Banks in Portland, Try To Break Into Federal Courthouse, It Doesn’t Go Well”

    Marxist Joe’s AG now confirmed by the Senate, AG Merrick Garland didn’t see the BLM/ANTIFA destruction of Federal Property, and their physical assaults on Federal Officers as domestic terrorism/domestic terrorists.
    — WATCH: Biden AG Pick Says Antifa/BLM Attacks on Courthouse May Not be Domestic Terrorism Because They Happened at Night”

    Now sadly I have a 64 dollar question, their “forcing ” their tainted COVID19 chemical intrusions (manufactured by Pfizer, Moderna , AstraZeneca, J&J) upon the retired military community. I’ve already gotten letters and phone messages trying to cajole me into scheduling one of their COVID19 chemical intrusions. The only COVID19 shot out there that I would even consider would be the Russian made Sputnik 5, and I don’t see Marxist Joe’s entourage allowing us access to it.

  4. Eric Newhill says:

    I’m still feeling a sense of – I don’t what – after listening to The Big Guy last night. Is it depression? Anger? Disgust? I can’t put my finger on it, but it isn’t good and positive. There’s something monumentally dark and foreboding about the way it has settled in with me.

    The Democrat/Marxist coalition are idiots. They are not going to be able to force their twisted rule on the people of any state the doesn’t want it. We are now much closer to some kind of a great national divorce and in their incompetent ideology and lust for power, they are pushing us to it. It’s all on them, no matter how much they say it’s on the Deplorables.

    • Deap says:

      I sense the malaise is how many are now uncritically accepting this Big Government takeover of our lives and accepting the Big Brother dependency state.

      How long can the US printing presses crank out phony money before it undoes us permanently? What is the real cost when a weakened dollar boosts US exports, while not inflating our own domestic purchasing power?

      Is the Democrat goal of a weakened dollar to defeat China at its own game? Or is it more basic – the long-standing Democrat goal of pie for everyone. And let someone else clean up the mess later.

  5. Deap says:

    When HR-1 passes, you will ALL be Californians.

    To think this all happened because of 60,000 “votes” coming out of 6 suspicious inner city voting districts that tipped the balance to become this Uber-Democrat nightmare.

  6. Fred says:

    “Sham Democracy”
    On display in Oregon as the antifa insurection accelerates.
    And in NY, where killing 15,000 nursing home residents is a statistic, but #believeallwomen means Cuomo must, now that his usefulness is ended, go.
    “Albany’s Dead-Of-Night Coronavirus Vote Gives Cuomo Sweeping New Emergency Powers” 3/5/2020

    • Eric Newhill says:

      ANTIFA doesn’t like the Democrats any more than they like conservatives. I’ve been studying their ideology by listening to their own words, something the Democrats should have done. To ANTIFA *all* forms of government and hierarchies are fascist. They make Che Guevara look like a centrist.

      IMO Cuomo is on the way out because he isn’t radical enough. Somewhere in the back of that lizard brain of his is still an ounce of common sense. When he’s off guard it rises to the surface. He appealed from it one too many times, believe it or not.

      • BillWade says:

        Eric, He’s being played by Obama. Obama wants the current NY Atty Gen to be the governor of NY. I’d have to wonder if he wasn’t set up with the nursing home scheme and will be let down gently with the METOO stuff while holding the covid op over his head. I just heard him on the radio saying, “politicians have no say in my removal, the people elected me and I’m not resigning”.

        This could get very very interesting.

        • Artemesia says:

          Agree with the suspicion Cuomo was set up with the nursing home scheme, but the #MeToo offense serves at least one other purpose:
          Cuomo has been pushing prosecution of Teva and Allergan for their parts in not just the opiod epidemic that’s harming citizens, but for the included insurance scams.

          Last January Motley Fool recommended Teva as likely to soar in 2021:

          “Teva’s been clobbered in recent years by a bribery settlement, its association with the opioid crisis, and due to allegations of generic-drug price-fixing. That’s not good news, but the company also has a secret weapon: CEO Kare Schultz.. . .[who] should also be responsible for navigating Teva out of its legal mess. If the company can resolve its outstanding opioid and price-fixing lawsuits without much in the way of cash penalties, that alone could more than double Teva’s share price.”

          Several other major pharmas were also charged in the NY suits, including Mallinckrodt, who settled the state’s claims in a $1.6b settlement.

          Follow the Benjamins.

  7. BillWade says:

    I didn’t know about the TEVA thing. I’ll raise my opinion of Cuomo a tad about that.

    When Motley F says buy, I would sell. A stock they have bashed for years is PLUG, I bought that and its been good to me.

    • Jacob M says:

      The company I work for builds many of Plug Power buildings and upgrades. Their new construction budget is through the roof now. Buy and hold on them.

  8. Deap says:

    Speaking of ANTIFA- Prager U video ” How I got out of ANTIFA”: https://politicrossing.com/how-i-got-out-of-antifa/

  9. Jose says:

    We can have back yard gatherings on the 4th of July if we are obedient?

    I’m sure everyone on this blog enjoyed a barbeque and pool party of President’s Day, like we did in Miami.

    Independence Day, we might visit family and enjoy the beautiful Florida Beaches.

    Dementia Joe should be giving advice to Governor Cuomo and Newsome to resign, not lecture people.

  10. james says:

    maybe oprah can do a similar interview with hunter biden to see just how strong the chink in bidens royalty armor is?? would be an interesting interview regardless..

  11. J says:

    Marvin Hagler, boxing legend has apparently died from a COVID vaccine inoculation.


    The differences between the SPUTNIK V, the J&J, versus the mRNA vaccines AstraZeneca , Moderna are using. SPUTNIK and J&J are using ‘innactivated’, killed vaccines against COVID. AstraZeneca, Moderna are using ‘live’ coronavirus particles.

    Pfizer uses lower levels of intact mRNA particles, leaked info that last week raised concerns from the European Medicines Agency.

    AstraZeneca’s COVID inoculations have produced blood-clots in recipients resulting in numerous deaths.

    SPUTNIK V and J&J (single dose) protect against COVID mutations, B.1.1.7, B.1.351, and P.1.







  12. PRC90 says:

    “Direct all States” !
    Some of what Joe says will be verbatim off his autocue or notes, some of it will roughly correspond to the written words, and some of it will be whatever he can get out of his mouth that he thinks are about right.
    Some of the latter will be dog monkey arguments about international flooding, but some of it will sound coherent and although unrelated to any of his handler’s intentions or capabilities, it might sound like he is declaring war on Texas.

    My fervent hope is that he doesn’t start talking about broads and p**sy.

  13. J says:

    Dare say anything negative about lock downs or COVID inoculations and their contents, or a stolen Presidential election, and you get banned, kicked to the curb, because you dared to question.

    Free thought is all but dead in the U.S. these days, particularly under what many deem an illegitimate President, one Marxist Joe.

    Now the ban is working on lyrics that do not conform to the mono-culture line.

    Spotify Now Censoring Song Lyrics That Contain “Misinformation”


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