Iceland forever!

I am enjoying the fact that access to requires nothing more than access to the Web. The site comes up on a server in Reykjavik. You go to it. It does not come to you. If they want to shut me down they will have to intimidate the Icelandic government or just come to take me away. pl

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  1. Degringolade says:

    A long time ago I got stuck in Reykjavík and while wandering around went to the Hið Íslenzka Reðasafn (Icelandic Phallological Museum). To tell you the truth, after seeing the whale’s, I felt inadequate for months.
    Iceland Forever indeed

  2. Peter Williams says:

    The Saker also has his website in Iceland. My website is in Russia, but even the NSA and CIA wouldn’t be interested in it as it is about obscure Soviet motorcycling history.

  3. Aurelius says:

    Iceland. Was trying to get to Paris back in the late 1990s. Was told the flight was overbooked but they could send me on Icelandair through Keflavik with a 6-hour layover. I said make the layover 3 days and you have a deal. Best 3 days ever. It is a special place.

  4. Fourth and Long says:

    Great place. They hosted the Spassky – Fischer 1972 World Chess Championship. What’s not to like?

  5. Ken Roberts says:

    There’s a Bobby Fischer museum, I was in the town but museum was closed that day, worth a visit I think if you’re a chess enthusiast.

    And climb the Eldborg … ! Well, actually, walk up, except for the last 60 meters of the cinder cone, when you probably want to hold onto the chain to ascend the steps that have been conveniently cut for us old guys.

    Getting the most from tourism in Iceland: (1) Get out of Reyk, there’s a lot more. And… (2) If you see a little sign by the roadside, it’s likely worth a stop. Amazing place, good folks, reserved but friendly.

    What else … They understand coffee, actually, espresso.

  6. Lasttruebeliever says:

    Servers feel at home in Iceland. Wise decision.

  7. Bill H says:

    Was delighted with this post, as it indicates your resolve to soldier on in your noble cause. I know it taxes you sorely from time to time, but it is immensely valuable to many of us and, yes, I do know where the PayPal button is.

  8. Deap says:

    Love the irony, when one gets frozen out of US media access the answer is moving the format to Iceland.

    Allegedly the story goes learned when visiting these wonderful islands, Lief Ericson circa 1100’s wanted more settlers to come to Greenland where he had been exiled for his murderous deeds, so he called his new home”Greenland” and called his far more fertile former home Iceland, in order to discourage further migration there.

    Then in the 1500’s, the Greenlanders just …poof …. disappeared. Climate change and/or Black Plague options opening in mainland Europe – no one knows for sure, but it was not starvation or violence that led to the end of centuries long nordic migration to Greenland. A fictionalized account of this early colonization period is found in “The Greenlanders” – that puts the reader right into the middle of this community with its odd saga-style narrative.

    What is my own most magical travel experience? Serenely cruising Greenland’s Prince Christian Sound that separates two land masses at Greenland’s southern tip. Twice. Cruise ships are required to drop down to five knots, which made the transit virtually silent across calm iceberg-filled waters surrounded by towering cliffs of Greenland’s unique glacier-scraped topography.

    If/when cruising ever comes back, I highly recommend the various options for “Voyages of the Vikings” – either the one way transit or RT transit across the North Atlantic via Iceland and Greenland, with the requisite stop at L’Anse Aux Meadeaux- where the Vikings did “discover America” centuries before Columbus.

  9. Escarlata says:

    Pat, but why is that your blog has the ending .com and not the .is, like, for example, The Saker, then?

    • Pat Lang says:


      No idea.

      • Pat Lang says:


        Perhaps Sakr’s site was built in Iceland. Mine was transferred to Iceland after conversion to WordPress.

        • Escarlata says:

          Ok, Pat, why is that you do not have apetite?
          Have you seen the chinese doctor, in case it is something?

          • Pat Lang says:


            My doctor thinks that my old body no longer has the ability to absorb nutrients that it once had and has reduced my desire for food accordingly. I was with him this morning. That is his opinion.

        • Escarlata says:

          Try some kéfir, it heals stomach quite well…It is a bit bitter, but you will get accustomed…
          I read Putin takes it daily for his frugal dinner…and look how well he goes…

  10. BillWade says:

    Eating berries (blueberries best)helps the body absorb other nutrients, particularly iron. Eat like a bear Colonel!

    I like going through Iceland on the way back and forth to Europe, been there 4 times. Whale carpaccio is delicious. Icelanders are mostly great folks, best programmers in the world there but you’ll find them all over the world working remotely (if you call Bali remote,lol). They seem to be a little passive/aggressive though. I was running late on the way to the airport and decided a taxi was better than the bus. I hailed one and he told me 100Euros, I had 98.5 on me and he refused me. I wound up taking the normal bus and made it just in the nick of time.

    Deap, that sounds like a great cruise, I’d love it.

    It’s only 5 hours to there from NY, worth doing really.

  11. Clueless Joe says:

    Iceland is great, I concur. In that picture, I can actually spot the place where I stayed with friends, 10 years ago. We had a great time.

  12. Deap says:

    One example of a Voyage of the Vikings RT cruise Boston to Boston – one way segments can also be booked. Small ship – 35 days full trip with the Prince Christian Sound passage: *

    (* Not a commercial endorsement – just a good cruise search engine to explore options) CDC and dear Dr Fauci will tell us whether we can ever cruise again — along with the countries who may still refuse to let us in – but if dear Dr Fauci says it is okay they are often willing to take the CDC lead. (Evil little man)

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