Instead of media broadcasting the now disbarred lawyer Michael Cohen, the issues are India-Pakistan violence, nuclear weapons, and Korea


By Robert Willmann

As television and media excitedly broadcast the now disbarred former Trump lawyer and loudmouth, Michael Cohen, in the ongoing attempt to create an atmosphere conducive to removing president Trump without an election, three issues that really matter can better serve the public interest:  the tensions and violence now existing between Pakistan and India, the always critical issue of nuclear weapons, and the country of Korea.   There have been informative discussions on SST regarding the area encompassing Pakistan and India.  In addition, as a contributor, FB Ali has provided excellent insight concerning that part of the world.

President Ronald Reagan recognized the risks and problems with nuclear weapons and did what he could to end the "cold war" and reduce nuclear weapons.  Here is a speech of his from 1981–

The current issues about India and Pakistan, and Korea–


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