Is Paris dying?

Stephane Bern with Macron

“Faced with a once-beautiful idyll that is now increasingly smelly, litter-strewn, crime-ridden and badly run, Parisians are fleeing for the hills – or failing that, the Côte d’Azur or Normandy’s green hills. 

The latest to do so has raised many eyebrows. It is hard to think of a more consensual figure in modern France than Stéphane Bern. The star royal reporter at Paris Match magazine is a longtime television perennial, famous for his lavish Secrets D’Histoire documentaries. He has presented the Eurovision Song Contest and debutantes’ balls and has been appointed by President Macron (a great fan) as the head of an unpaid unofficial mission to catalogue historical French monuments in urgent need of repair.

In our Republic, the 58-year-old’s cross-party and cross-class appeal is as close as we come to royalty. Think of him as a sort of Prince Charles or David Attenborough figure. This should give you some idea of how seismic his decision to leave Paris has been. And he is not going quietly.

“The city has become a rubbish bin,” he told the popular Le Parisien tabloid this week. “Emblematic street furniture, from benches to newskiosks to wrought iron railings are being replaced by ugly modern pieces.

“I’ve never seen so many trees sawn down, so many flowerbeds torn off. How can you pretend the city is building new ‘ecological neighbourhoods’ when this starts with tearing down all the trees? The city is noisy, dirty, violent; the streets and pavements are full of potholes; historic monuments are sold off to commercial concerns.”” telegraoh

Comment: I, too, am a fan of Bern. “Is Paris Burning?” Hitler asked von Choltitz the military governor. Choltitz either lied or ignored him not wanting to be remembered as the destroyer of the “City of Light.” But, now the flood of destroyers seems to be winning. pl

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4 Responses to Is Paris dying?

  1. Fred says:

    On my first visit in 2011 l found Paris met all my expectations. Then they elected Anne Hidalgo. Graffiti, homelessness, and crime have increased every year since.

  2. Morongobill says:

    I wonder why the authorities can’t seem to notice all the changes wrought by the
    migrants upon their once beautiful city and country.

    • JerseyJeffersonian says:

      Why? Degenerate ideology. Way to many of our “rulers” embrace this, and this always has consequences across all areas. Like Satan’s minions, they are eager both to impose this degeneracy, as well as to enlist others in this effort, our children and young people first.

  3. akaPatience says:

    I’ve been reading reports of this sort for a few years now, but since I haven’t been there lately, I wondered how accurate the reporting was. But now I’m convinced, and it makes me sad. Paris, San Francisco — once beautiful cities, gradually being destroyed by crazies. It’s sickening.

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