Is Transgender the New KKK?

Trans showrunner Jaclyn Moore leaves Netflix after Dave ...

I don’t know about you but I am fed up with the hypocrisy, fascism and blatant racism of the so-called transgender community. Sex is more of a biological certainty than race, but the transgender movement demands that you ignore the penis on a man or the vagina on a woman and acquiesce to whatever gender the person claims to be. Yet, if a Caucasian man or woman from Norway self-identifies as “black” African he or she is condemned (rightly so) for cultural appropriation or fraud.

Cristina Laila’s piece today shows you the insanity of the largely white transgender mob in full rage trying to silence comedian Dave Chappelle, who happens to be a black American. I watched the latest Chappelle special and it is not correct to characterize his performance as “telling transgeder jokes.” He was not joking about transgenders. He was calling out their hypocrisy and racism.

He specifically called out Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner for being named “sports woman” of the year shortly after he/she declared himself/herself a woman. He said that was insulting to women. I agree. Here is a point he did not make. Let’s say that chalky white Virginia Governor Ralph Northam declared himself a black American and was subsequently awarded “Black Governor of the Year”. Do you think most sane people would applaud and exclaim, “Ain’t that special?” Hell, no. It is ridiculous.

Dave Chappelle told a poignant story about an aspiring male comedian in San Francisco who identified as a woman. The trans comedian confronted Dave before one of Chappelle’s shows and Dave invited him/her to be his opening act. The trans comedian was terrible, according to Chappelle. Yet, rather than reacting like most comedians who bomb, the trans comedian sat through Dave’s show and then went backstage and bantered with Chappelle and his guys. Dave treated him like a person.

Sometime after the show, the intolerant bullies in the trans community started attacking Chappelle on Twitter. Chappelle did not care. But the trans comedian did and rose to Dave’s defense. And the result? After enduring a torrent of venom and hate, the trans comedian killed himself. Chappelle was crushed by this and he acted. He set up a trust fund for the dead trans comedian’s daughter. Dave ain’t a transphobe. He is a comedian doing his duty to make fun of the absurd.

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  1. BillWade says:

    Laughing here, I’ve seen the Chappelle KKK sketch several times and always get a great laugh out of it, pure genius. Jerry Seinfeld won’t do college shows anymore, he can’t stand the toxic climate.

    Today is International Pronoun Day, mine is Bill normally but when out and about I prefer Majesty.

  2. Eric Newhill says:

    This is what happens when we take crazy people seriously. Transgender and related weirdness used to be considered a mental illness and should be still. “I’m a woman trapped in a man’s body” or “My body doesn’t feel like it’s my own” are delusions no different than “I am Napoleon” or “I am a werewolf”, which are heard not infrequently in psychiatric institutions.

    That many will find my comment offensive shows just how far off the deep end our entire society has gone.

    • Barbara Ann says:


      I do not find your comment offensive and even if I did, I’d have the good manners to recognize that my offense is not your problem. But on this issue I have to declare a reluctant personal interest, as one of my kids is afflicted with this “delusion”*. I am thus in the position of having to acknowledge that someone I love feels this way.

      How much societal acceptance of alphabet people and the freely available information on the subject of ‘transition’ surgery has led my child into thinking that they will be happier going down this road, I cannot tell. We are not ‘there’ yet. All I can say for sure is that I will advise as best I can and love my child unconditionally whatever happens. We joke together about wokeness and even the sort of transgender zealotry that Larry describes, so make of that what you will.

      * I put “delusion” in quotes as while it is clearly delusional to think one can change gender there is no doubting my child’s genuine anguish at feeling ‘trapped’ in the wrong body.

      • akaPatience says:

        Barbara Ann – Abigail Shrier has been a rare voice and author who’s had the courage to buck current transgender orthodoxy. I’ve been reading articles by her for a few years now. Very simply put, she’s theorized that some people have problems coming to terms with their homosexuality, and being able to blame it on transgenderism is easier. One can understand why some parents may feel the same way.

        I have a beloved family member who seems to have an in-your-face attitude about her homosexuality, grooming herself more and more like a man, getting more and more tats and piercings, etc. Whatever. While I realize it’s all part of queer style, I have to admit I hate to see her disfigure herself to such an extent, as it’s no doubt prevented her from getting a better job and may even cause her a lifetime of underemployment.

        Good luck with your child.

      • Mishko says:

        On the one hand, a sign of decadence.
        Predominantly mothers assisting their sons.

        On the other, a negative, a dark cloud that shrouds
        and obfuscates and seeks to genderise.
        The effects of hormones are brutal: damaging and invasive.

      • TV says:

        How does a male “feel” like a female or vice versa?
        Which gender is this male sexually attracted to?

      • Eric Newhill says:

        Barbara Ann,
        I appreciate you sharing that about your child. My younger brother and only sibling is a chronic paranoid schizophrenic and has been since he was 19 or 20 years old (He’s 54 now). I am his legal guardian. Been in that role since my mid 20s as our mother died in an accident before the schizophrenia kicked in and my father just couldn’t – or wouldn’t – put my brother’s needs above his own. My brother and I were very close and he was a handsome, intelligent, well liked and generally stellar guy before the illness struck. Afterwards, he was a mess and a danger to self and others. Now he is just a lost soul controlled by medication. He lives in a group home. I still love him deeply and treat him kindly as I want everyone else to.

        My son is 100% disabled from a head wound in combat in Afghanistan. He is not OK either, but my wife and still love him deeply and want the same for him with regards to how he is treated by others that I want for my brother.

        I get it. I am no way advocating for cruel treatment of anyone suffering from delusions or other symptoms. I think people should be treated according to the golden rule. That includes transgenders and related conditions. That said, I do not think that my bother’s perceptions should be a basis for political or societal mores or decisions.

        We do not feed diabetics cake, candy and sugary soda just because they want it. Nor do we remove these items from the shelves just because diabetics can’t have them.

        • Barbara Ann says:


          Sorry to hear about your brother & son, I am blessed in comparison.

          Thanks also to the others here for the kind words.

          • Eric Newhill says:

            Barbara Ann,
            Of course the idea wasn’t to trade or one-up stories about unfortunate conditions among family members.

            My brother is one of the werewolves (among other severe symptoms). I long ago gave up trying to convince his that his journeys into lycanthropy are not real. If werewolves were a politically useful group, I’d be socially – perhaps legally – sanctioned for denying the reality of his delusions just as we are regarding transgenders.

            How did it become acceptable – even encouraged – to believe that a man in dress is a woman? Or that gelding oneself makes one a woman? How is that ok, but a guy who believes he is a werewolf is not ok?

            When we geld a stallion we don’t get a mare. We merely get a gelding. If we put pink tack on a colt we don’t call it a filly.

            It’s all about forcing us to accept the delusions of a select set of mentally ill people. It’s pushing limits to move *us* farther from reality; to depend on elite masters to tell us what is real. And it’s about weaponing useful delusional people to further the cultural revolution. It’s nuts. I refuse to play.

          • Barbara Ann says:


            Of course. I only shared my family’s circumstances in order to highlight an area where I am going to be forced to confront a value system very different from my own. Not my child’s choices, but interference from mental health professionals whose advice on surgery is what really concerns me. It is one thing to live as a man (my daughter’s choice) but quite another to have irreversible surgery on the advice of health authorities obliged to follow woke guidelines that say it is possible to butcher yourself into the opposite gender. I can’t refuse to play in this case.

  3. Babeltuap says:

    Communism has an answer for both of them. Neither will like it.

  4. Fred says:

    “declared himself a black American”

    Shaun King has played that schtick for years. Then there is American Indian Elizabeth Warren. The grift works.

  5. JK/AR says:

    It’s a tyranny of, by, and for the fruitcakes.

    Whether Mr. Chappelle’s remedy will prove sufficient remains to be seen.

  6. akaPatience says:

    Chappelle is a comic genius, no doubt about it. The KKK sketch is hilarious. I’ve watched his latest show, the one that’s riled some LGBTQAEIOU people, and all I can say is LIGHTEN UP, the righteous martyrdom is tiresome. I’m white and from Ohio and I can still laugh at his many OH-themed jokes (he lives in Yellow Springs).

    Here’s a funny one aimed at my race and home state:

    • Barbara Ann says:


      Satire is a potent antidote to hypocrisy and thus a critical component for the maintenance of civilization. The satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo may have seemed a strange target for Islamic terrorists, but as a beacon of the peculiarly pretentious French brand of secular intellectualism it represented the very heart of everything the fanatics despised. If comedians like Dave Chappelle start to get shut down you’ll know the end is close.

  7. John+Merryman says:

    The big picture is that the marginalized are being weaponized against the core culture, for both financial and political reasons.
    Most of the groups, blacks/minorities, feminists, gays, are large enough to have some larger, organic political sense, to understand being weaponized in some larger fight can create responses and blowback that are not conducive to their causes. The transgender community, on the other hand, isn’t big enough to have that political sense, along with being composed of people who love going overboard/camp, so there isn’t that restraint to not get out over their skis and bet too much on a weak hand.
    Liberals don’t have an actual culture, because they are one side of the core culture, just like any community has both liberal and conservative sides. They are also being weaponized by aspects of their own social impulses and the financial situation of being the college educated management class, but not seeing how that exists in the larger economic situation, where all the industry hasn’t been off-shored and it’s just starbucks barristas.
    I could try keep unspooling this knot, but the issue is the first Tuesday of next November. Given the cancel culture/woke world seems caught in its own self re-enforcing feedback loop, building to a high pitched shriek, it seems likely that not only will the broad swath of the middle grow extremely disenchanted with the Democrats, to the point the Republicans take both houses, but, along with redistricting, do it by a wide margin.
    Then the political pendulum starts swinging back the other direction and we get hearings on everything from Hunter to a broken NATO, all of which will be used to throw at Biden. They probably won’t impeach him, because he will make such a good punching bag. To the point the Democrats try getting him to resign.
    Which is to say the next two years will be quite eventful. Hopefully we have someone besides Trump and Harris to chose from, in 2024.

  8. Outrage Beyond says:

    There are a number of commenters in the blogosphere who suspect that the real reason for the uproar against Chapelle is another bit in the show called “Space Jews.”

    This joke is of course an analogy for Zionism.

    • BillWadeq says:

      You hit the nail on the head OB, Chappelle did hint that we won’t be seeing him much on the TV soon enough and that he didn’t mind, hope he’s got something planned for those of us who consider him to be a great talent.

    • cofer says:

      Correct, we control the entire transgender industry and they were ordered to take down Chappelle after he confused Jews with Zionists.
      In fact we control six out of the seven letters, the L’s are just too wild.

    • Condottiere says:

      I’m sure Andrew “Dice” Clay Silverstein ✡️ found it just as funny. 🤣

  9. John+Merryman says:

    What if we had Tulsi Gabbard, versus Rand Paul?

    • JK/AR says:

      What if we had a top of the ticket Florida governor [P] and a Tulsi [VP] run?

      Yeah I know – couldn’t happen in a million years.

      But still … Imagine the turnout.

      And that’s the thing … turnout.

      In this day and age of “contested” elections.

  10. Deap says:

    They all need to travel to Polynesia where the “third gender” is quite acceptable. No one gets in anyone’s face over this commonly occurring cultural phenomenon. And no one pretends it is anything other than what it is. Men acting and dressing as women.

    None of these transgenders in the US are breaking new ground, even though they are trying to break heads demanding others pretend they are something else. They are who they are. Got it. Move on and leave the rest of us alone.

    Never expect us to not see them as men dressed as women. Stop the pretense. Get okay with that, transgenders. Take some tips from your Polynesian brethren.

  11. MapleLeaf says:

    Gender and sex are two different dimensions that apparently have become “the most important thing ever” for us to construct our identities around. Best that we imprint that on every single child that enters the world, while yelling at them to think for themselves.

    Society constructs all sorts of shit. Ideals of beauty, notions of success, whatever concepts that float between two or more people in that strange intersubjective realm that exists once we begin to talk with one another and share our perspectives about the world. If it disappears when we all stop moving our lips, we’ve probably made it up.

    There is a sad, destructive, internal contradiction to all those defenders of categories, alphabet or otherwise. They come down so hard on distinction and division they are nothing but another Procrustes, tying people down and trying to make them fit, causing a whole bunch of harm along the way. And for many individuals that shy away from conventions, that is exactly the very approach that causes them harm in the first place — the insistence of others that there are only options A, B and C— clear and distinct— as if we are a bunch of walking definite state machines, nothing more than another layer on 1’s and 0’s…. Best keep such ideals to the level of atoms, where one can literally replace another without anyone noticing.

    I feel beautiful inside, but I’m ugly, should I then go about getting plastic surgery until I match a social construct?

    I feel like a woman inside, but I’m man, should I then go about getting plastic surgery until I match the social construct?

    When does slashing and stitching yourself to look like someone else’s ideal, ever equate to being free and at liberty?

    As others have written, those people may want to believe they are for liberty, but they are for insisting about the most reductionist view of life and individuality that we have yet imagined— who gives a f’k about who you f’k and who you want to f’k you…

    And as we are all complex creatures, such a reductionist approach just maims us all. Procrustes would be proud, don’t adjust the bed, adjust the people…

  12. j.+casey says:

    I watched the Chapelle show. He is a real professional and I admire his delivery. I find him less of a comedian and more of a story-teller. Apart from the Space Jews jokes, I did not laugh much. For that show, he deserves to be cancelled? I’m starting to wonder whether there is some unconscious drive in the wokesters to look away from the reality that is pressing in on all sides. They seem driven to refuse any aspect of reality they don;t like and, like a drug addict, they need bigger and bigger doses of reality denying “phantasmagoria” (to borrow Putin’s phrase from his Valdai presentation) in order to pretend to be sane.

    BTW, am I wrong to interpret the recent NIH admission that, yes, Fauci and company paid for gain-of function work and lied to Congress about it as signaling Fauci’s ouster?

  13. fakebot says:

    Barbara Ann, Eric Newhill, and akaPatience,

    You are the salt of the earth. I admire your sense of character and duty. The ones you love are lucky to have you.


    What’s more, I think you and Dave touched on something very important. These activists are not victims, but rather bullies trying to force their way with everyone. Dave spoke about Daphne Dorman, a transgender comedian he befriended who had committed suicide in 2019, not longer after defending Dave in a previous Netflix special against claims of transphobia. What Dave didn’t say was implied, that the transgender activist attacked Daphne for supporting Dave’s comedy and that in part led to his/her suicide.

  14. John Merryman. says:

    I have to admit I was born in the body of a younger child in a large family, but I learned to deal with it.
    Not every acorn gets to be an oak tree.

  15. Eliot says:


    Have you tried hyperbaric oxygen for your son? It’s an expensive treatment but I have a friend who helps fundraise for veterans and Hyperbaric Medicine. I would be happy to reach out.



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