Is this funny or what?

Fnf20060614iraqpic_1 Yes.  It is a Dukakis moment.  Armored vests and helmets look mighty fine on people not used to them.  I hope they were sitting on something real solid,  The "stuff" that comes up through the floor is usually the worst in it ability to hit you in places where you don’t want to be hit.

I was sitting across from a soldier in a Huey once and a small arms round came through the floor, went right through his foot and then out through the top of the helicopter.  Luckily for us all nothing in the helicopter was seriously damaged.  His foot was thoroughly spoiled.

They are saying that the president was not wearing this kind of gear on the helicopters?  Unless he is a fool, that would not be true.

Pat Lang

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4 Responses to Is this funny or what?

  1. Green Zone Cafe says:

    If I were Secret Service, I would have wanted Bush in a 1/2 thick steel box, at least.
    Looks like they were in a CH-46 or CH-47.

  2. zanzibar says:

    “Yes. It is a Dukakis moment. Armored vests and helmets look mighty fine on people not used to them.” – PL
    I did have a chuckle when I first saw the picture on the wires. If only the Administration focused on real issues as they do PR!

  3. ikonoklast says:

    That flight is what, about six minutes. It must have taken at least that long to get their gear on and off. Didn’t we just turn another corner in the battle against the insurgency?
    And W. wasn’t wearing the same protection, being a tough guy and all … ok, sure. The spin … he was strapped with his six-shooters … “Don’t you security nancys get all provoked, I got us covered. Any turrarist gets ornery’ll be takin’ a special delivery of Texas lead straight to Allah … now mount up!” Whatta guy!! (When he went to Nebraska on 9/11 it was only to get more ammo …) Just how gullible do his media handlers think we … never mind.
    Anyway, no SS agent could let him take a chance like that. Career suicide. A 1/2 steel box lined with Kevlar, maybe?

  4. Funny says:


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