“Israel ‘giving secret aid to Syrian rebels’, report says” The Independent

“Direct funding, food, fuel and medical supplies allegedly provided by Israeli state to keep Isis and Iranian-allied forces in neighbouring civil war at bay “

“The supposed support for Sunni rebels is thought to have begun as early as 2013 under former Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon, with the goal of creating a ‘buffer zone’ free of radical militants such as Isis and Iranian-allied forces along Israel’s border.

A special Israeli army unit was created to oversee the costly aid operation, the WSJ reported, which gives Fursan al-Joulan – Knights of the Golan – an estimated $5,000 (£3,900) a month. The group of around 400 fighters receives no direct support from Western rebel backers, and is not affiliated with the Free Syrian Army, the official rebel umbrella organisation.”

Comment: All these groups are ISIS or AQ affiliates under other names. pl


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27 Responses to “Israel ‘giving secret aid to Syrian rebels’, report says” The Independent

  1. Pat Lang says:

    Note the rifle covering the patient.

  2. Some Dude says:

    I thought that this had been known this for years. Not the specifics, but the headline.

  3. Matthew B Hughes says:

    Seems like a good time to revisit the definition of “state sponsor of terrorism.” The names of the Usual Suspects might need an update.

  4. walrus says:

    Yeah Right,

    Three stabbed in nineteen seconds.

  5. Interesting that this stuff — crackpot conspiracy theories only a few months ago — would be coming out now.

    • Pat Lang says:

      Patrick Armstrong

      The scales have fallen from people’s eyes. The degree of Israeli support to the jihadis in Syria has been common knowledge but not worth talking about until the BLM discovery of Zionism as colonialism. The reactions of the hasbara are delicious.

      • Barbara Ann says:

        Yes, this ‘discovery’ is key. If one thing can trump the anti-Zionism = anti-Semitism canard it is Zionism being decreed unwoke.

    • Eric Newhill says:

      I gave it an 70% to 80% probability of being true a few years ago and up until recently. However, new evidence coming out puts it close to 100%, IMO.

      It’s challenging to know what to think these days with all of the information wars raging in open sources. Most people who are truth seekers, but not insiders with direct knowledge, don’t want to fall victim to crackpot conspiracy theories and misinformation and go off the deep end. The 20% to 30% doubt that I (we) held, was, I think, reasonable. Sad that reality is turning out to be more in line with what the conspiracy theorists said it was in this and so many other matters.

    • blue peacock says:


      The question that needs to be asked is why is this coming out now? It’s not that the “journalists” and “media companies” not to mention the US government military and intelligence agencies didn’t know it. They were all active participants in the “White Helmets” ruse and other info ops as well as arming and funding AQ in Syria to topple the “tyrant” Assad. There were many actual reporters who did write stories on all this. They were never provided the Big Media megaphone but were instead ridiculed as conspiracy theorists.

      Now the EU have their panties in a wad on Lukashenko forcing a commercial passenger jet down to grab one of his opponents. The EU conveniently forget they did the same to Evo Morales jet in the “hunt” for Edward Snowden who blew the whistle on the duplicity of US intelligence agencies in targeting US citizens. And not to mention all the renditions in the War on Terror. This is why a minority don’t trust anything western governments and media publish.

      • Eric Newhill says:

        What amuses me, because I appreciate a good case of irony and near instant Karma, is that all the Jews in Hollywood and the media, by propagating wokeness, are now helping destroy their own tribe’s promised land.

        Not so clever for a tribe that thinks itself the most clever on the planet. Maybe another long wandering in the desert for their sins is coming.

        • blue peacock says:


          My swag is the Likudniks will bring the wokesters at least in Big Media and Big Tech in line. They wouldn’t want to lose their decades of successful manipulation where they’ve got all and sundry to heel.

          If they don’t then there will be a good dinner of schadenfreude???

          • Barbara Ann says:

            blue peacock

            Committed Zionists are cynical almost beyond imagining – viz. the Epstein kompromat op. Should the progressive Dems prove resistant to the usual methods of control, I’d be on the lookout for a genuine act of anti-Semitic terror on US soil – to refresh the Israel-as-a-victim narrative. They are quite capable of this IMO.

  6. TV says:

    So, you don’t like Zionism and BLM doesn’t like Zionism.
    You got a BLM sign on your lawn?

    • Pat Lang says:

      Hardly. A massive non sequitur. I know it is not hard to make money in finance, but did you really? Do you consider yourself a Zionist?

  7. Leith says:

    I and many others boycott Israeli products! Netanyahoo probably cares less about my few measly bucks. But he is hurting enough that he had AIPAC manipulate two thirds of state legislatures to make it illegal.

  8. Terence Reeves-Smyth says:

    For those of us that have followed the Syria war through AMN Al Masdar News and other Arab/Lebanese news outlets over the past six years and more this is old news, but it is interesting that MSM in Britain are now starting to report this stuff, though it should be noted that The Independent Newspaper was always less biased in its news coverage of the Syria War – it was after-all the paper that published news reports from that outstanding journalist the late Robert Fisk, who knew and understand the Middle east better than most. What is still not being reported is the extent to which the Israeli state was supplying IS and other so-called ‘rebel’ islamic groups with weapons. As the SAA cleans up the post war mess they are regularly finding large hidden caches of Israeli made weapons, not just in the south province of Al-Suwayda, but in Hama and elsewhere and furthermore, not just small arms, RPGs, Hand grenades, night vision binoculars, communication devices etc but also anti-tank missiles and artillery pieces. It has long been Israeli policy to keep Syria divided, but this will surely do them no favours in the long term – they should realise that Syria and its people, like the Palestinians, are not going anywhere and that they, the Israeli state, will have to come to an accommodation with them in the end. If they do not, they will surely end up like the Crusader States, who ceased to exist once their sponsors in Europe lost interest in providing support.

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