Joe Biden is a flunky for Natanyahu & Co.

"So what is Israel actually trying to achieve? Basically, nothing. There is a superficial peace process which is going nowhere but eases international pressure on Israel to reach a deal with the Palestinians. 

Netanyahu prides himself on his decades-long relationship with Biden, but managed to destroy it Tuesday night when Israel spat in the vice president's face. Barak and Netanyahu's grave explanations, that they "didn't know," "didn't hear," didn't see" each time a new plan is approved for construction, (or on the flip side, demolition) in East Jerusalem – see Sheikh Jarrah, Silwan and more – are dwarfed by the current embarrassment caused to the American administration."  Ha'aretz


Biden has been a faithful friend to Israel for a long time.  Perhaps  "mindless" friend would be a more accurate description.

I mentioned once here that I was in Biden's senate office on one occasion when Biden's Zionism boiled over in a truly repulsive display of temper.  I was there with my Arab employer to visit the senator.  the Arab didn't want anything except  to meet Biden.  He was foolish enough to think that an acquaintance with such people is a kind of talisman.  It is not.  The Arab made some pro forma positive reference to the "peace process."  Biden flew into a rage, grew red in the face and shouted that this was an insincere lie and that his guest knew that it was only Arab stubbornness that prevented "little Israel' from living in peace.  His "guest" sat through this with what dignity he could manage.  I would have walked out on him if I had been alone.

Perhaps "Joe the Gardener" has learned something from this latest experience…  I doubt it.  I don't think he is smart enough for that sort of epiphany.  He will continue to "carry water" for Israel and for the group of political donors who actually control him.  Delaware is a small state.  Such a project is quite manageable.  Someone among you will inform us.

What should have happened yesterday?  Cancellation of the visit would have been the right response.  pl

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  1. Matthew says:

    Ironies abound. Some of the very people who decry Obama’s “weakness” toward Iran have no problem with Israeli officials systematically humiliating our representatives. The fact that Biden was not ordered to leave immediately is why I no longer listen to President Obama. He is a smart man who, sadly, has a total blind spot for deliberate insults.

  2. linda says:

    ***Perhaps “mindless” friend would be a more accurate description.***
    actually, that seems to describe the entire u.s. congress (and media) for the past 25 years.

  3. Nancy K says:

    I am disgusted that Biden did not get back into his plane and leave when he heard about the building of the settlements and equally disgusted that Obama did not order him to do so. We look weak, and that is not a good look during a time we are at war.
    I can so identify with the animals in animal farm except in our case, it is the voter who look from Democrat to Republican and cannot tell the difference.

  4. Fred Strack says:

    “I don’t think he is smart enough for that sort of epiphany.” At least Obama got him out of the Senate. Imagine how he’d be helping in what passes for banking reform these days if he were still there.

  5. Toni says:

    Are you really surprised that Biden didn’t stand up to Israel? How many politicians do you know that actually done that (and could keep their job:)?

  6. J says:

    Biden and the majority memberships of both the House and Senate need to register themselves as agents for a foreign government (Israel) under FARA, and resign their respective posts. Alas, there is no U.S. ‘backbone’ anymore in the White House or the Congress since Kennedy stood up to the postage stamp known as Zionist Israel.
    The way to stop this nonsense is for all of the voting citizenry to mandate/demand that the Presidency/Congress all work pro bono and the Congress membership live in dorm like facilites where their meals and transportation to and from the Hill is provided. It would require that they all ‘work’ for U.S. interests for a change, and not butt lickers for foreign governments who pay for their personal Congressional yellow brick roads.

  7. J says:

    The Israelis are toying with Biden and Obama. ‘If’ Obama and Biden had any guts amongst them, they would cut off ALL aid to Israel, shrink them back to their U.N. mandated borders. Take away their un-declared nuclear weapons arsenal, by force, if necessary. The right thing to do is arrest their Israeli leaders for their war crimes, and for their Schutzstaffel style collective punishment upon the Palestinan Arabs.

  8. Jose says:

    The fact this man is second in line to the Presidency is scary.
    He did not act like a person who cares about himself or the office he represents.
    So what can we expect should he, God forgive me for suggesting, be forced to move up?

  9. Castellio says:

    Appeasement, no? We’ll pretend this will all get better when we know it won’t?

  10. walrus says:

    I have Jewish roots. In discussions of the Jewish character with Jewish friends the comment was repeatedly made that Jewish tragedy is always to go one step too far. The Right wing will be congratulating Netanyahu on his Chutzpah, but Chutzpah can have fatal national consequences.
    From Wikipedia:
    “In Hebrew, chutzpah is used indignantly, to describe someone who has over-stepped the boundaries of accepted behavior with no shame. But in Yiddish and English, chutzpah has developed ambivalent and even positive connotations. Chutzpah can be used to express admiration for non-conformist but gutsy audacity. Leo Rosten in The Joys of Yiddish defines chutzpah as “gall, brazen nerve, effrontery, incredible ‘guts,’ presumption plus arrogance such as no other word and no other language can do justice to.” In this sense, chutzpah expresses both strong disapproval and a grudging admiration. In the same work Rosten also defined the term as “that quality enshrined in a man who, having killed his mother and father, throws himself on the mercy of the court because he is an orphan.””

  11. N. M. Salamon says:

    One wonders if Mrs Clinton and Mr Biden are trying to assure Israel that they have GRENN LIGHT for some more foolishness. This type of nonsense can have extremely prejudicial effect on Uncle Sam, for it Israel acts irrationally [re Lebanon, or re Iran] the USA cvould be between a rock and a hard place:
    1., back “our everlasting friend” with military might, which could lead to USA Collapse [oil stops flowing, and China Japan out bid the USA for the rest]; or starts WW III.
    2., The PResident informs the Israeli leadertsdhip that as C-i-C of USA forces, he instructed the said forces to shoot down any and all Israeli planes heading East! For good measure he could send a carrier group to the Eastern End of the Meditertrean Sea, to foreclose even flights to the North [Guaranteeing the sovereignity of Lebqanon and Syria Air-space against Israel]. Oil still flows but AIPAC et al cause untold internal problems [Solution to this is declare AIPAC a foreign agent!]
    Mr. Obama did not need this on his plate, he has MORE THAN enough problems already.

  12. euclidcreek says:

    Sure do miss former Secretary of State James Baker. He told the Israeli’s that when they were serious about peace, to give him a call. Next thing you know, credit crunch and out the door for Bush/Baker.

  13. Patrick Lang says:

    No. Of course not. That is what is called a rhetorical flourish. pl

  14. Patrick Lang says:

    No. I think that this is just more ineptitude informed by the overwhelming presence and hostility of the Zionist element in America. pl

  15. euclidcreek says:

    In January 1998, Clinton was going to read the riot act to Netanyahu regarding the settlements. While Netanyahu was in transit,the Monica Lewinksy story hits the media, and all hell breaks loose: settlements? what settlements? Biden/Obama are just as comprimised.

  16. Charles I says:

    Pat, as always, your little vignettes are the spice of your scholarship for me.
    Its business as usual in Bizarro Reverso Dog-wagging-tail World.
    Bow to a culturally significant hereditary Emperor whilst perusing the forward position in the East, where politics is nuance and face, and the peanut gallery goes DefCon Full High Dudgeon.
    Bend over and spread ’em for the high maintenance tail, and nary a peep from the same gang, maybe a “Good doggie” or a bone for Joe.

  17. Farshid Ebrahimi says:

    They are not mindless friend at all.
    This is a message to those nations that have any doubt who is really in charge of the strongest military power in the world.

  18. Patrick Lang says:

    Charles I
    “The life so short, the craft so long to learn…”
    Charlie, you are great! What is it that you drink? As Lincoln said, we should send you a case. pl

  19. graywolf says:

    You didn’t want McCain, you got Biden.
    Be careful what you wish for.

  20. Patrick Lang says:

    I wanted Hillary. McCain has something wrong with him. pl

  21. Patrick Lang says:

    Let’s see.. What would be more apt?
    “A pox on both your houses…”
    “I don’t have a dog in this fight…”

  22. graywolf says:

    I’m certainly no McCain fan.
    A bad candidate who ran a worse campaign.
    Hillary wasn’t on the ballot, though.

  23. Patrick Lang says:

    Sir, perhaps we can agree on this. pl

  24. Ken Hoop says:

    The only serious Democratic candidate who would have dealt with Israel effectively was Kucinich. (not sure if Gravel was serious.)
    Hillary had seemingly fewer Arab friends to betray than had Obama.

  25. GregB says:

    Do Netanyahu and his government realize that these actions add fuel to the fire and lend credence to the theory that the Israeli tail wags the American dog?
    It is astonishingly short sighted.

  26. BillWade, Nh says:

    Congressman Ron Paul is constantly derided in the MSM because they know good and damn well he will not go to AIPAC for their endorsement, what more do I need to say. Our politicians go to AIPAC for their endorsement and are loudly applauded by the audience who aren’t really applauding said politician but who are applauding themselves for their abject power over said politician. It’s very sad really.

  27. Farshid Ebrahimi says:

    I hope I understood your question. If not I apologies.
    In my opinion the houses merged into one house long ago, but very few noticed it.
    I don’t have a dog in this fight because it is an illusion of a fight.
    F. Ebrahimi

  28. SmithA says:

    Wait. So Obama bows to the Saudi King not to long ago (later in Japan) and that’s OK. But you are offended that Israel is choosing to build in East Jerusalem (they always said it wasn’t even considering stopping building there), and suggesting Biden was bullied?

  29. Over three quarters of the House and Senate voted for the Iraq War. A higher percentage routinely votes for legislation endorsed by AIPAC.
    The last president to seriously challenge the Zionists was Ike at Suez in 1956. The pro-Israel Lobby does not want any repeats of such behavior by a US president.
    Take a look at Obama’s campaign finance committee. Someone from Delaware can explain Biden’s “pro-Israel” record to SST readers no doubt.
    Pogo theory obtains.

  30. curious says:

    Somewhere in Riyadh, the king just swear FU. This is a rehash of Hillary’s giggle and chuckle “unprecedented” show.
    OK. so US credibility in the middle east has now completely and absolutely collapse. Netanyahu is in charge.
    Most likely worst case scenario: war in spring, even tighter congressional deadlock after midterm, $100+ oil, and double dip recession.
    whatever it is, US-Israel middle east initiative is now dead. Obama administration will not have any energy and credibility to do anything meaningful.
    for next 2 decades middle east issue will be about their relationship with asia. (supply of technology.) The middle east now enter a new phase.
    I appreciate, by the way, the response given by the Prime Minister, who today is putting in place a process to prevent the recurrence that sort of event, and who clarified that the beginning of actual construction of this particular project would likely take several years. That is significant, because it gives negotiations the time to resolve this as well as other issues.”
    Biden said that the announcement of the plan was interpreted in the West Bank as meaning that the 1,600 units would be constructed immediately.
    “Look, folks, as we move on, I promise you this, the US will continue to hold both sides accountable for any statements or any actions that will inflame tension or prejudice the actions of these talks,” the US vice president said.

  31. Patrick Lang says:

    If you think that the Muslim forces and the Zionist forces are not still opposed, then I do not understand your vision of this.
    On the other hand if you think that Israel controls operational decisions for the US armed forces then you are mistaken. pl

  32. Patrick Lang says:

    It was foolish for BHO to bow to anyone, but this was merely gauche.
    The Israeli government chose to insult the American government and all of us to our face in a way that damages BHO’s administration and frustrates American Middle East policy.
    Which is more important? pl

  33. “for next 2 decades middle east issue will be about their relationship with asia.”
    Yes, it would seem that a “look East” approach by Middle Eastern countries is a prospect. Taxi drivers in the Middle East know “Western” policies are driven by the pro-Israel lobby in the respective European and North American (US and Canada) countries. And while the taxi drivers and man in the street know this very well so do the elites.
    The dumbed down, and easily manipulated, American public is not yet up to speed but, who knows, economic and social crisis may sober some up and awaken others. Of course one might argue by then it is too late.
    Egypt could reorient toward China-Japan etal., as can Iran, and others. Russia can also benefit from Western decadence (and Zionist domination) and increase its position in the game.
    US elites have not given any evidence they can keep up in this game within the context of a much more complex multipolar world.
    I agree with Col. Lang that the game is beyond the ability of the present day American elite in power. Those Americans who could fashion and implement a policy in the US national interest are vetted out and excluded from serious policy positions and decisionmaking.
    Thus, Biden talks drivel about the US and Israel as unshakable allies…

  34. BillWade, Nh says:

    “US Vice President Joe Biden tried to put the furor over announcement of plans to build 1,600 units in Ramat Shlomo behind him, saying during a speech Thursday at Tel Aviv University that he condemned the move because as a friend he was compelled to “deliver the hardest truth,” but adding that he appreciated the clarifications he received on the matter from Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyhau.
    He opened the speech by stressing the importance of US-Israel friendship and Washington’s commitment to the security of the Jewish state, saying that “US President Barack Obama and myself know that the US has no better friend in the community of nations than Israel.”
    Biden said that he realized that construction in east Jerusalem “is a very touchy subject in Israel,” but because Israel’s decision to advance the housing project, in his view, “undermined the trust required to conduct the negotiations, I – at the request of President Obama – condemned it immediately.””
    hmmm, do we have a VP – President conflict here?

  35. Charles I says:

    If I make it to this May 18, not a drop for 15 years, it interferes with my hypomania!

  36. Nancy K says:

    My husband lived in Israel for several years and was in the IDF during 67 war, when he was 18. He has lived in the US for 33 years. He is disgusted with Israel and says it is not the country he fought for or his friends died for. He blames the Russian/Eastern Europeon Jews and the religious zealots from the US for the downward moral spiral.
    Many of our friends our Jewish and most of them are in agreement with my husband.
    I am fearful that Israel has become a rogue nation and instead of speaking out against their actions we are supporting and maybe even encouraging this.

  37. PS says:

    Interesting account of what purportedly went on behind closed doors: “>

    • Brilliant salami tactics by Israel. A slice at a time.

    • Charles I says:

      PS, I’m dying to know, but this is what your link got me:
      “Sorry but this page has either moved or cannot be found
      We apologize for the inconvenience and will work to correct the problem.
      Please contact us to notify us of the problem.”
      Same thing when I finished the word dangerous.

    • Farshid Ebrahimi says:

      In my mind the strongest trend is globalization and integration driven by technological inovations.
      Naturally there is a reaction to this trend with verying degree of intensity in every scociety.
      Nationalistic movements of various kind are incompatible with globalization/integration trend.
      They are fighting for their survival. In order for them to survive they need an enemy and if
      there is no enemey they will create one. Ultimately they will fade away. The houses merged
      long time ago. I seriously doubt there is a force strong enough to fracture it.
      I agree with you, Israel does not control operational decisions of U.S. armed force. The world
      knows that Isreali influence in U.S. is substantial. The world including Isreal also know that there is a boundary or limitation to this influence, however the exact location of this boundary is fuzzy.
      I am guessing the treatment Vice President Joe Biden received is a message from Israel to Russia,
      China, Turkey, Brazil and others that they are underestimating the location this boundary.
      F. Ebrahimi

    • Patrick Lang says:

      I think it is easy to overdo the globalization bit. I don’t know where you live but I think it is easier to see future homogenization of mankind from somewhere out in the 3rd world than it is from Europe or N. America. pl

    • curious says:

      Nationalistic movements of various kind are incompatible with globalization/integration trend.
      Posted by: Farshid Ebrahimi | 12 March 2010 at 04:17 AM
      Nonsense. The most successful countries in term of post war growth are all lead by highly nationalistic economic development model. US, Japan, South Korea, the asian tigers, the one following tigers models.
      Observe elementary education curriculum of Japan, Taiwan and South Korea or their conglomerate/government back business structure. Things like Nippon Steel, TSMC, Toyota, Samsung make Thyssenkrupp during the third reich looks like milquetoast charity organization. These companies control 30%-50% of global marketshare in their corresponding fields.
      When there is a war you can guarantee Boeing and lockheed martin are part of US arm force production line.
      The countries that fail are those who genuinely think market is the most efficient at allocating natural resource (usually ex colonies banana republic losers) or lead by clueless and bloody authoritarian who fails to integrate their country efficiently (most are incompetent military leaders)
      Scan statistics and compile all countries that have double digit industrial growth. All are semi authoritarian with democracy in name only. (most are single party, military junta, etc)
      Specifically middle east, they are filled with banana republics losers propped by oil money. Take away their oil and things will change rather quickly. (eg. Iran. The best thing that can happen to them is oil embargo, because then they suddenly realize they don’t have anything meaningfull to defend themselves. They need all the technology they can find. Syria and iraq are next.)
      Egypt could reorient toward China-Japan etal., as can Iran, and others. Russia can also benefit from Western decadence (and Zionist domination) and increase its position in the game.
      … ability of the present day American elite in power.
      Posted by: Clifford Kiracofe | 11 March 2010 at 09:37 AM
      – Egypt. I can’t see anything from egypt yet, very murky. Mubarak is getting pretty old and his politics start to look erratics. They are thinking to co-produce JF-17 tho’ (Pakistan) Saudi and Egypt might change leader one after another in unstable ways within 5 years of each. (oil price/Israel go crazy)
      – ability of the present day American elite in power. Much of US current power position is a result WWII build up. This include much of institutional capabilities (states dept. pentagon, cia stations, etc.) So the techniques, assumptions, resourcings are very much cold war stuff. (oil/energy input, dollar supremacy, allies willingness, trade pattern, military equipments, standards, etc) All the books and manuals are printed back in the 50’s and 60’s.
      An example the recent “let’s embargo Iran” lollapalooza diplomatic efforts certainly run under cold war assumption. that all those countries will ultimately say ‘yes’ because they think we still have overwhelming soft power advantage. (oil supply allocation, opec position, dollar status, world trading pattern, corporate leaderships, etc)
      so, the idiots were all cought by surprise when all of them say FU, we gonna take our business somewhere else, recall our representatives, dump dollar assets and Don’t Let The Door Hit You On The Way Out.
      Most of those “little poor countries” that suppose to follow our direction, turns out to have very up dated lobbying list, own the inside of coporate america data, knows exactly the state of US economy, etc. In other word, they can call our bluff and hit where it hurts with precission.
      This is actually very worrying because it now reaches industrial base and commodity prices. The chinese certainly knows how over valued dollar is. After all they are the one who do the order filling of all consumer products. They run authoritarian economy (eg. corruption aside, they have far deeper capability to see macro economic numbers than the guys in charge here.)
      If you ever feel amused how congress critter were running taiwan, korea, pakistan, India, Israel lobbyists sound bites. Wait until the chinese run their lobbying skill. They will have the ability to make congress pass a law declaring different number for gravity acceleration. Nobody will remember what is up, down, left and right anymore after the corruption wave is over.

    • harper says:

      Response to Bibi’s slap at Biden and the USA should have been swift, public and unequivocal: We are out of here. Call us when you are serious, and in the meantime, don’t come asking for any more money until you pull out of the West Bank, restore the 1967 border and make peace with the Arabs. Nobody is asking you at this moment to give up your nukes, so don’t scream about security concerns. And, by the way, if any of the outfits like AIPAC, ZOA, ADL, etal. mouth off, tell them that their tax exempt status is a goner. Nothing short of that means a damned thing.

    • AnyTruth? says:

      Goodness sakes…looks to me that this blog post and every comment accompanying it are all based on temper tantrums.
      Every blog, every article, every broadcast I’ve heard in response to Israel and Biden have been different…almost as if each heard and saw something different than the others.
      My theory: like this blog post, all responses to Vice President Biden are in direct proportion to the source’s personal and emotional agenda.
      I believe there is a real story out there, I trust Joe Biden over anyone else. Perhaps he’ll write about it one day. Right now, knowing Biden, he’s moved on.

    • Patrick Lang says:

      Any Truth?
      And now why would we not think that you are just another Hasbara? What is Biden’s cat named? pl

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