Joe Biden is Creating a “Perfect Storm” Disaster for America

Did you ever see the movie The Perfect Storm? It tells the story of the Andrea Gail, a ship caught unexpectedly by a monster hurricane. All members of the crew were perished, along with a pilot of a Coast Guard rescue copter. I think Joe Biden is sailing our ship of state, America, into a perfect storm. The difference between the sundering of the Andrea Gail and the peril that looms for America is that the ship’s captain did not know he was sailing into a hurricane.  Joe Biden and his team of derelicts are choosing to put America at risk.

Let’s start with the draconian vaccination mandate. This is forcing members of the military, including those in our most elite special operations forces, to resign rather than subject themselves to unproven, problematic COVID vaccines. It makes absolutely no sense to require young, healthy men and women to get vaccinated against a disease that is killing the elderly, the obese and those with co-morbidities such as heart and pulmonary disease.

A more immediate concern is the impact on our health care system. The United States is now in the midst of a new wave of COVID infection that is putting more people in the hospital and killing more patients than the wave that hit us last November and December. The data from Sarasota Memorial Hospital in Florida provides a good predictor of what is going to happen in the blue states up north. Fewer than one person a day died during the November/December wave. Now? Four plus per day. We have had as many people hospitalized with COVID in the 45 days as we did in the 250 days from November 17, 2020 to July 22, 2021.

So at the very time that hospitals are going to be swamped with new COVID patients, not to mention those with the non-COVID influenza, nurses and physicians and technicians and cleaning staff and others needed to run a hospital are being forced out. Do you think this will make it easier to handle a new tsunami of COVID? Hell, no.

All of this takes place as Joe Biden squanders the United States’ position as the leader of the free world. Within the last week, he has damaged our long relationship with France. In an unprecedented move in U.S./French relations, the French recalled their Ambassador after Biden blindsided them in signing a deal with the UK and Australia that scuttled France’s plans to sell submarines to Australia. Then to top it off, Biden’s press handlers rudely interrupted and cut off the UK’s Prime Minister’s chat with the press during an Oval Office meeting.

Then there is the border. Completely out of control with tens of thousands impoverished illegal immigrants flooding into the United States along the border with Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California. None are being tested for COVID. None are being required to get the jab. Yet, they are being shipped throughout the United States and being given hundreds of millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars. Homeless veterans do not get these services. Why should they? They just put their lives on the line for the United States. Biden is now sending a clear message–your service to this nation counts for shit. He is only getting the checkbook out for people who are not Americans and have not sworn fealty to the Constitution.

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  1. Deap says:

    AMA, the medical trade organization, teaches members how to manipulate resistant patients into taking this shot: by any means necessary, using language and proven psychological persuasion techniques. How to replace off-putting words with more enticing words. Eg: Operation Warp Speed becomes “standard protocols.”

    First, do no harm does not seem to be part of their new “standard medical protocols. …….You vill take this shot, and you vill like it – do we now understand each other?

  2. Fred says:

    Larry, you have not been paying attention. Inflation is already here; the lockdowns have already destroyed jobs by the tens of thousands (not government ones though, “we’re all in this together”) No, Covid isn’t it. The greatest threat to the Republic, as the elite leadership of the Democratic Party, the media, the ‘cultural’ leaders in entertainment and academia, and the JCS have been stating for months, is “white supremacism”. By this do not mean whites in general, nor exclusively, they mean their political opponents, the overwhelming majority of whom voted for Trump. That is the greatest threat to America, because they ARE America, and you, and many others, aren’t. They’ve been saying so for a long, long, time.

    If you recall the recent events, we are half-a-dozen days past the very clearly ‘false-flag’ rally set up in D.C.; staring hundreds of armed capital police, the D.C. Guard, fencing around the Capital – whose members fled in advance. The only armed person arrested – he was released – was an undercover agent. The ‘insurrectionists’ of January we hear so much about? Guess what they charged “Q-Anon” shaman the insurrectionist with. Insurrection, riot, assault, armed invasion? Nah. “obstructing a congressional proceeding”. Danger! Danger! Danger! He is so dangerous a congressional proceeding obstructor he’s been held without bail since January.

    On another dangerous note a judge finally forced the release of the “National Security” restricted capital building videos Kamala/Biden/Pelosi have been fearing the release of. Yep, stay withing the velvet ropes insurrectionists. Selfies okay and look at those cops waving you in. Danger! Danger! Danger! Thank goodness the tik-toc generation can’t seen that. They did get to see the tears of AOC, not over kids in cages at the border, not at the unvaxxed being bussed to (not her district) unknown areas, no; but due to voting ‘present’ on a bill to fund Isreal’s defense spending. The Horror!

    Then we have the news that Biden Administration National Security Adviser John “Sullivan is facing scrutiny, sources say, over potentially false statements he made about his involvement in the effort. As a senior foreign policy adviser to Clinton, Sullivan spearheaded what was known inside her campaign as a “confidential project” to link Trump to the Kremlin through dubious email-server records provided to ….”

    Well, that’s sure dangerous to Hilary, and the Biden Administration, and just what the hell did Obama know and when did he and his subordinates know it? THAT is dangerous.

    The left have wanted to “fundamentally” transform America for years. This is just laying the foundation for ‘creative destruction’ that will give them an excuse to do what they have always desired; or at least damn well destroy their ideological opponents before they release their hold from power. Covid, and the fear generated by coverage of it, is just another tool in their arsenal. Too bad it actually kills people.

    Open borders? Think of it as Chevauchée, using illegals human trafficked for the purpose. They don’t give a damn about these “Haitians” any more than the Clinton Global Initiative grifters or the UN lefties did.

    • LeaNder says:

      Fred, that was a for me a quite surprising verbal exuberance. Maybe you want to cooperate with Larry going forward? So he gets to the point or gets matters right?

      • Pat Lang says:


        “So he gets to the point or gets matters right?” Very close to an ad hominem attack. Hey! Make my day!

        • LeaNder says:

          Not in the least my intention. Seriously. Ad hominem?

          “So he gets matters right”, isn’t maybe precise enough:
          Helping to collect data, announcing the perfect storm?

        • LeaNder says:

          Pat, Larry, what looks opaque to you, is actually a response to Fred’s response. I may have misread him, but seem to recall the opaque reproach. … Without any doubt, I often have troubles to be “short and sharp” on whatever issue. …

          Fred: Larry, you have not been paying attention. Inflation is already here; the lockdowns have already destroyed jobs by the tens of thousands (not government ones though, “we’re all in this together”) No, Covid isn’t it. The greatest threat to the Republic, as the elite leadership of the Democratic Party, the media, the ‘cultural’ leaders in entertainment and academia, and the JCS have been stating for months, is “white supremacism

      • Fred says:


        I hope my ebullience keeps you as warm as all that Russian natural gas the great chancellor has arranged to be delivered to your fine country. Tell me, can you get any good bannann bouyi in your home town? Uncle Joe can arrange a few thousand chefs to help diversify your cuisine.

        • LeaNder says:

          can you get any good bannann bouyi in your home town?
          A special type of bananas as alternative to potatoes, rice, pasta, millet, bulgur or whatever other cereals …?

          Not that I am aware of. You may get them over here, though. Restaurant wise, I am more familiar with the special tastes of visitors, and presently Thai dominates. 😉

  3. JK/AR says:

    “Turmoil is on the horizon” and this is no campaign commercial:

    He [Senator Cotton] doesn’t represent the district I live or vote in. I do disclose that I communicate to his [in-state] staff offices however any and all replies my email account has gotten from either his staff or he directly hasn’t; in any regard had anything to do with Covid. (I will acknowledge a direct response fairly immediately following President Trump’s declaring his intention to pull *US forces southward from – the Turkey-Syria border:

    (And I may well catch some hell for inserting this snippet I communicated to Senator Cotton (hopefully, limited to readers here] But such is the hazard of being “interested” in these sorts of things.

    Regard me as you will:

    “10 OCT 19

    The Honorable Senator Tom Cotton

    Allow me to begin with my stating I support our President’s extricating US Forces from northcentral Syria generally, I’m guessing from near Akcakale in Turkey (Manjib in Syria) from the east westward to Syria’s Idlib province. From my previous communications I am confident you’re aware of my opinions toward Erdogan. And the Russians. And the Iranians.

    However I do not support pulling US Forces entirely from Syria. I suggest consolidating forces concentrating around the Syrian provincial city of Dayr al-Zawr (alternately spelled Deir ez Zor, depending on source) capable of assisting in force extending some distance toward Jordan (Al Tanf) fortifying and consolidating from say, ar Raqqa (on the Euphrates) Syria to the entirety of the Kurdish Autonomous Zone of Iraq. If any Kurds are truly “our allies” it’s the Iraqi Kurds – and I’m informed Iraq’s Kurds get along better with the Turks than Syria’s Kurds.

    I choose the provincial capital Dayr al-Zawr because I am very well acquainted with West Point’s CTC 2007 publication of “Al-Qa’ida’s Foreign Fighters in Iraq, A First Look at the Sinjar Files.” Too I am familiar with the various iterations of what our media has settled upon as ISIS – Abu Musab al-Zarqawi’s first AQI (2004) next ISIL (2011) then IS (2014 Daesh) presently agreed, ISIS.”

    The above included not at all to establish any ‘bona fides’ such as many of the readers and commentors here indisputably display rather, that “mere rookies” can, sometimes influence stuff we rookies are beyond the limits of, fully appreciating our superiors’ understandings.

    But even the rookiest of rookies understands what sheer ruthlessness is.

    And so in my best Forrest Gump I say, “That’s all I have to say about that.”

    Maybe my best hope, if, is to hope I get reincarnated as a cockroach.

    Paleontologists inform me cockroaches have managed to survive several million years – So should I manage to make it back and somehow be lucky enough to find myself in Washington DC I’m not going to be among the masses having to spend good money figuring out what my lineage is.

    I’ll have come over on the Mayflower.

    • Pat Lang says:


      US Senators do not represent districts. They represent states.

      • Condottierre says:

        Which is why we should repeal the 17th amendment and return that nomination to the state legislatures.

      • JK/AR says:

        Aye Sir,

        Two to a state as I recall.

        Senator Boozman [“representing”] my northern and eastern side of Arkansas: Senator Cotton – and a damned good thing Tom has, as the Brits have it, a “Para” legitimacy – handling the “mostly” Left side of Arkansas.

        Very hesitantly Sir, very hesitantly, so far as Arkansas, and it may well be a somewhat *unique case” as ‘Mattie Ross’ and Senator Cotton share in common a “hometown” – Grit as it might be.

        Senator Boozman on the other hand owes a very large part of his “faithfiliness” from east of Black Rock and over Crowley’s Ridge then, to down south splitting, roughly, the AR/LA border clean in half.

        So and necessarily Sir as it is, your blog, I would nevertheless and with a great great deal of trepidation, venture the proposition that, so far as Arkansas is concerned Senators do not as was supposed in our Constitution.

        (I know but of Virginia from histories of Civil War battlefields and an eternal forlorn-ness I carry for since Rebecca – the Remembrance of her prodding not ‘lightning-like’ but rather a different degree of “Hoo man. Losing her was the stupidest thing I ever did.”)

        Please Sir, pause. We’ve all been lately through a bunch of … ‘stuff’ – but as you point out as if I’ve no clue:

        “US Senators do not represent districts. They represent states.”

        Respectfully Sir – recall Colonel Lang Arkansas is the only state in the Union has diamonds just laying about on the ground anybody can pick up? That something ruinously made Wichita Kansas the “Air Capital”?

        Heck – We even got Lithium (though not as I’ve heared yet Space Force’s needed ‘Di-Lithium Crystals’ – Still Arkansas’ mineral wealth is something to wonder at:

        At any rate Colonel Lang I would, humbly and respectfully suggest that – Arkansas may be the exception where figuring out what US Senators were to do

        Hope I’ve not p’d you off.

        Just a diamond in the rough to borrow a colloquial.

  4. Valissa says:

    People are dying in hospitals because thuggish big pharma have bullied hospitals into denying inexpensive treatments to patents admitted with covid. Both hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin work in combination with other drugs very effectively against covid, especially in early stages but in later stages as well. But Doctors are not allowed, in general, to give their patients prescriptions for home treatment. After all, there is a financial incentive for hospitals to report covid patients. The system is corrupt and people are dying because of it.

    You have to contact Frontline Doctors (or similar ilk) to find ones willing to write scrips and then you have to find a small local pharmacy that is willing to fill it, as CVS and Walgreens won’t. In fact the AMA has threatened doctors careers if they prescribe these healing drugs to sick people. Many people have died that shouldn’t have while 8 or 9 CEOS of big pharma have become billionaires.

    This is not Joe Biden’s fault. He’s got dementia, he’s just the fall guy who is happy to follow along. It’s much bigger and deeper than Joe fucking Biden. This is the elite globalist class against the rest of us. This is the fault of the entire political class that desperately want big pharma lobbyist money and power over the little people. The Republicans have sold their people out as well, except for a few. Are any of them standing up for the Jan 6ers? Even the libertarian party is not promoting liberty. It is only superficially some kind of L vs R issue. The only difference is the Dems are being more obviously mean spirited because they’ve become power mad and the Dem party is now the party of rich corporations.

    • Laura Wilson says:

      So…how do you feel about polio and small pox?

      • Larry Johnson says:

        Polio and small pox were properly tested. The COVID vaccines have not completed the same protocols. If you enjoy playing Russian Roulette, the COVID jab is for you.

        • TTG says:

          The testing wasn’t that proper. In 1955 over 200 000 children received a polio vaccine in which the process of inactivating the live virus proved to be defective. Within days there were reports of paralysis and within a month the first mass vaccination program against polio had to be abandoned. That vaccine caused 40 000 cases of polio, leaving 200 children with varying degrees of paralysis and killing 10. This was for a disease that affected the nervous system in about 2 % of those infected and actually caused residual paralysis in less than 1 %. Deaths from polio were even more rare.

          • Larry Johnson says:

            I hope you take a bunch of the jabs. Good luck.

          • Fred says:


            Don’t worry, the companies making the Covid vaccines used in the US are immune from liability.

          • RE says:

            It’s not about feelings.
            Protocols were created to protect people from what TTG describes and from future Thalidomide disasters. This is not a vaccine in the original definition of a vaccine and uses experimental technologies that have not been fully tested. It doesn’t eradicate the disease. In fact because it doesn’t do much and now they know it does next to nothing after 6 months, they demand booster shots.
            Here is an actual Navy Surgeon discussing factual numbers and side effects.

    • Persona Non Grata says:

      I’ve been self-medicating with hydroxychloroquine in the form of Gin & Tonics, which the British in India found effective. Seems to work. Still here at age 84.

  5. Babeltuap says:

    Retired Roman officers were asked to return to duty when the state was facing a severe threat. They declined. I have been asked to return three times in the past year with bonuses. The prior seven after I retired they never asked.

    The US Government is severely diseased with corruption. It can make all the threats to me they want; Loss of employment, pension, access to anything. I do not care and want nothing to do with it.

    As I learned from my Cajun ancestors, the Fed went to check on them during the Great Depression. What they found were people with lots of good food, shelter, music, culture and not much use for the Government or even money. I have many of those same skills. I pray it does not get that bad but the Fed is running out out of time to improve their situation. Making an example out of a few folks would be a good start.

    • AK says:

      Your last paragraph reminds me of my very favorite short story by the great William Faulkner, “The Tall Men”. I read it every so often to grieve for what we no longer are as a people.

  6. Sam says:

    “If Congress were at all interested in the origin of a virus …, why would it not subpoena Dr. Daszak to turn over all his records and explain under oath everything he knows about the research he funded at the Wuhan Institute of Virology?”

     — Nicholas Wade, former science editor at The NY Times.

    Indeed why are both political parties not interested in getting to the truth of the origins of a virus that has generated more authoritarianism than anything in recent memory with the exception of the War on Terror ?

  7. EEngineer says:

    Biden is merely a puppet figurehead. They pump him up with Adderall or such so he can wave for the camera occasionally. His handlers and their counterparts in all of the other English speaking nations are doing all of this with the express goal of destroying these nations so that they can be “Built Back Better” in their own image. Australia is the beta test. Expect the new an improved version to get rolled out to the rest of the Anglosphere this winter/spring. The only question in my mind is who holds the whip hand. The Chinese or the EU WEF/Davos crowd. I think both want to get the US to fight the other to leave it “the last man standing” and premier power in the 21st century. Stalin may have had Trotsky killed, but apparently his minions survived to march through our institutions and gut us from within. Hard times ahead…

    • LeaNder says:

      Does he get Temazepan too, when they need him to be soundly asleep? Semi-serious question. …

      Expect the new an improved version to get rolled out to the rest of the Anglosphere this winter/spring.

      Covid mutation or vaccine? Both? Or none of both? What other improved version? And that is/could be somewhat related to AUKUS?

      Nitwit here, see. 😉

      • EEngineer says:

        I have no idea what they put in the virus (GoF research), the vaccine, if the “research” continues, or what they THOUGHT they were trying to accomplish with any of them. What I do see is the long term side effects slowly starting to become unhideable. I suspect that the vaccine has immuno-suppressant/disruptive action that will allow all sorts of other problems that the recipient’s body had under wraps to wiggle free. mRNA is unstable so only God knows what mayhem it will cause. That’s the reason there’s never been a successful (proven and tested) RNA vaccine to date.

  8. Barbara Ann says:


    Yes America is sailing towards a storm, the sheer magnitude of which is beyond anything most of us can comprehend. Biden may appear to be at the helm, but in reality the helmsman is not one of the crew. He is a stowaway, or perhaps better, a deranged pirate who has slunk aboard and donned a Biden mask to fool us. It is this pirate who has set a course towards the hurricane. The sooner we realize both the nature of the helmsman and the truly terrible nature of the storm the better prepared we will be to act appropriately.

    There is some good news. The storm is not a force of nature, it is a force of human design and can thus be defeated. This storm also has a name, it is called the Great Reset – whose slogan “Build Back Better” Biden now repeats ad nauseam. The pirate of course is the collective power of the WEF. This is manifest through the innumerable politicians they have corrupted (on both sides) or otherwise seduced – to continue the Andrea Gail analogy – into thinking the ship can make a record catch on the outer banks.

    On the nature of the storm: I firmly believe that this is unlike anything America has ever faced before. The deranged helmsman wants to sink the ship that is America, so as to bring about a World government. But it goes beyond even that. The driving force behind the Great Reset is a profoundly anti-human agenda. Many of its advocates are Malthusians and even outright eugenicists whose concept of humanity is akin to cattle, to be herded (with propaganda) branded (with Vaxx ‘passports’) and at some point no doubt culled, as required. One look at the wildly dystopian promo material for the Great Reset shows you their nightmarish vision for the world. A world without nations is a world without culture. Alastair Crooke puts it well:

    “So what will global oligarchy’s ‘Conquest of Absolutely Everything’ look like? A world of atomized consumers, stripped of their rights and of any allegiances to family, or clan, or nation, or religion, or even to meaningful cultural appreciation”

    Those of you who have read Huxley’s Brave New World will recognize this description of the future. I would argue, without hyperbole, that the threat we face from this storm is nothing short of a fusion of the visions of Huxley & Orwell. It is time to scare the children, because it is our children who will be growing up in such a world unless these madmen are stopped.

    I remain optimistic. The sheer delusion of omnipotence exhibited by the regime which intends to transition us into the world; the Biden’s administration, means they have forgotten where the real power lies. It is time to remind them.

    • EEngineer says:

      Barbara Ann, I’m with you on the intended goal but I’m not sure Biden and most people in visible positions of power are anywhere near clever enough to be running the show. I consider them to be grifters, useful idiots, and suck ups. I think they’re being used, and will be discarded just as soon they trash the place. They may even wind up getting the blame. The strategy is to make the world so chaotic that the average dimwit on the street begs for some draconian solution. No slave is more docile than the one that begs for his chains…

      • Eric Newhill says:

        And arrogant. They delude themselves. IMO, the biggest contributor to their impending downfall.

        I guess they didn’t read the Greek tragedies, hubris and all that.

        • Barbara Ann says:

          They subscribe to the same view as the Resident Controller for Western Europe Mustapha Mond, that “history is bunk”. Well history gets a vote and we’ll see in due course what is bunk.

      • Barbara Ann says:

        Absolutely, that’s exactly my point. There are legions of useful idiots including senior politicians, do-gooders running public health agencies, philanthropic foundations & NGO’s, you name it. Bill Gates himself may even be one of them, for example. All have been systematically infiltrated or manipulated by the architects of the Great Reset. The architects are very clever and use global threats like Covid & Global Warming to craft global solutions – all of which takes us further towards their goal of unified global governance, which of course will be under their control. Leftists are probably the easiest to sucker in as they are predisposed to believing in centrally controlled Utopian schemes to save mankind.

        The bankers and financiers are the real powers and they know the current dollar-based hyper financialized financial system cannot last much longer – hence the “opportunity” replace free market capitalism with stakeholder capitalism (Neo-feudal serfdom for you & me). They are not going anywhere, they will merely end up as the majority/sole stakeholders in the new world order. As you say, the useful idiot dreamers & idealists will be thrown on the trash pile as soon as the revolution has been accomplished.

        Btw, re your other comment on Trotskyists, one of the authors at Strategic Culture Foundation, where Patrick Armstrong posts, has a 2 part article on James Burnham which you may be interested in. He was a Trot, turned proto-neocon and the Great Reset can be traced back to his thinking and 1941 publication The Managerial Revolution (which itself inspired Orwell’s 1984).

        • Eric Newhill says:

          Well said, Barbara Ann. Spot on.

          Sadly, I think some very hard times are coming before find out whether we win or lose.

        • Artemesia says:

          “There are legions of useful idiots”

          The further down the totem pole one resides, the more authoritarian: the clerk at the Dollar Store, or the volunteer at local library, are the most eager to call cops for failure to mask up a 3-year old.

          Turns out Goldhagen was something of a prophet.

        • blue peacock says:

          Barbara Ann

          I’m not sure I’d characterize them as “useful idiots”. They’re the equivalent of the railroad conductors making sure the trains run on time as people were herded on cattle cars for the trip to Auschwitz.

          The banality of evil.

          Upton Sinclair said it best. The urban professional & managerial class is required to execute the Great Reset. As we have seen with covid “The Science”, there are so many in the virology research community in academia and labs who depend on their livelihoods from grants issued by Fauci & Collins. And those few with the character and ethics who questioned the groupthink were immediately canceled and vilified as “conspiracy theorists” and now in some cases even terminated from their positions with the prospect that no one would hire them due to fear of attack and punishment.

          This is the insidious nature of what is happening and a by-product of the consolidation of market power over the past 50+ years. Fascism didn’t arrive here in a bang through a takeover but slowly as market power got consolidated and the economy financialized and politics & governmental leadership got consolidated too into the Party of Davos.

          At the end of the day we have to accept responsibility as we have allowed this to happen. The ease with which we have been frightened with the Tough on Crime and then War on Terror to now the covid hysterical fear-porn has naturally allowed them to develop legal frameworks for repression. Of course the judiciary have also been coopted.

          There’s no Second American revolution since there no longer exists revolutionaries among us except as a fringe minority.

          If Australia is any indication the speed with which totalitarianism can arrive in a western society is incredible.

          • Sam says:


            How soon before what’s happening in Australia shows up in your town?

          • Barbara Ann says:

            blue peacock

            It doesn’t necessarily need a revolution. Mass civil disobedience (e.g. to Vaxx mandates & ‘passports’) may be enough to reassert the power of the People. The Aussies are fighting back. I think you’ll find the fringe minority willing to engage in such activities very substantial. If they crack down hard then maybe we’ll get into revolutionary territory.

            But what I have endeavored to get across here is the magnitude of the threat the Great Reset represents. Failure is just not an option. Liberty will be extinguished permanently in a digital prison. This is way more serious than anything George III could have threatened. (Re)read Orwell & Huxley. This is our future if they win.

          • Sam says:

            “Australia is the canary in the coal mine”


            Neil Oliver: ‘There’s fear in the air. The strongest smell of fear is emanating not from the ordinary people, but from the leaders… They are frightened. You can smell it. Smells like victory.’

          • blue peacock says:


            Thanks for the link to the video of Neil Oliver. He’s correct that Australia is the canary in the coal mine. The overt police assaults on people outdoors not wearing masks has nothing to do with public health. It is all about control. Especially since there is no scientific evidence that masks prevent transmission of aerosolized sub-micron particles across a cloth barrier indoors let alone outdoors.

            The videos coming out of Australia can only describe what a police state looks like. How quickly they have descended into authoritarianism is remarkable.

        • Sam says:

          It’s hard for ‘freedom people’ to get along with ‘safety people’.

          The former believe the latter’s desire to feel safe is a threat to their freedom.

          The latter believe the former’s desire to live free is a threat to their safety.

          The “safety people” have been winning for some time.

  9. BillWade says:

    “South Korean President Moon Jae-in traveled to Hawaii on Wednesday to repatriate the remains of American service members. Not a single representative from the Biden Administration showed up.” Gateway Pundit.

  10. Eric Newhill says:

    JOE BIDEN in 2015: “An unrelenting stream of immigration. Nonstop, nonstop. Folks like me who are Caucasian, of European descent, for the first time in 2017 we’ll be an absolute minority in the United States of America. Absolute minority. Fewer than 50% of the people in America from then and on will be white European stock. That’s not a bad thing. That’s a source of our strength.”

    Strength for the racist fascists, like Joe, that see the descendants of the founders and keepers of that cultural tradition as barriers to their seizing total control and enjoying a feudal system complete with serfs and slaves. They will be replaced and destroyed in everyday. All of these simpletons buying into woke ideology and replacement schemes are the true racists and, like cult zombies, are digging their own grave.

    • Deap says:

      Work, save, invest – white middle class values – fuels the American dream. The same dream that does attract so many to come here.

      It won’t be the same America without that old white bedrock. California is now majority non-white and our governance has become third world. Still a place for extreme wealth, but also a place now of permanent divisions by language, culture and deeping hostile resentments.

      Too many underprivileged here assume whites got where they are because of skin color “privilege”, when in fact it was adherence to work-save-invest.

      Those who came here, legally or illegally, who did embrace “work-save-invest” have done well. But it is now their second generation who is no longer in touch with those old white bedrock values – easy money in drugs and gangs.

      And barely literate after 12 years of “free” public education and then continued drop-outs after that. 12 year teaching them to hate white people and white values. So it will be at least 12 more years to see any change, and that is only if we start right now. Which is not yet happening. Glimmers do exist – not all is lost.

      Work-save-invest is now mocked. I don’t know how any country can survive without those values. But the next 20 years in California will tell the story.

      • Pat Lang says:


        We have a handyman who is very white, is quite skilled, who appears to be friendly and who is sure that all material wealth is the product of theft of one kind or another. He owns an inherited house and is a Marxist through and through although he could not define the term.

      • Fred says:


        “Work, save, invest …”

        Work, pray and save, I believe is how Professor Mosse described Calvin’s doctrine.

        “hate white people and white values.”

        The values are colorless, which you would understand if you were not so saturated with Californianess.

        “Too many underprivileged…”
        God defend us from the overeducated. They have the greatest privilege of all: Learned helplessness. Many, many unlearn that and get on with life, which is why the left needs to import poverty every year.

  11. Deap says:

    Gaslighting the AZ Audit has begun, even before the formal release at 1PM PST today. You can follow this live on Gateway Pundit, or other souces. See this in real time because the media is already making hash out of it.

    Just like they did with the Horowitz IG report when they grabbed one single line with no context – “initial investigation into Trump was properly predicated.”

    Even though the lists of resultant wrongful action that flowed from that initial statement were long and detailed. And conveniently omitted the qualifying phrase- predication was adequate only because the ground for predication were so flimsy.

    Jovan Pulizer who worked on thisAudit says watch for the votes that were not counted – not the votes that were counted (allegedly Biden got a few hundred more votes). What was the pattern of discarded votes and which precincts displayed troubling discard patterns.

    • Deap says:

      Watched the entire AZ hearing – EU was correct. Ban all electronic voting systems.

      AZ simply did not follow their own election laws and deep state forces obstructed their lawful duties to maintain records and make them available. Which means there is no clear cut outcome as to vote counts – because acceptance of ballots and tracking ballots and voting systems was too corrupted by failure to follow their own procedures, let alone assess the entry of new corruptions into those same systems.

      Was this the most secure election ever, as many have claimed? No, of course not. Handed over to the AZ Attorney General for follow-up. Which means it will most likely die from more obstruction and inertia. It succeeded however because it is now refutable – these are no longer secure elections.

      Best comment – start treating ballots like you are sending out money. Just don’t take list of compromised validity and send out dollar bills to everyone on the list and tell them to send that same dollar back to you.

      Worst charge were the numbers of duplicate ballots and major signature issues that were adjudicated valid, most coming in at the very 11th hour.

  12. walrus says:

    Minor point; Australia has chosen not to buy French designed conventional submarines as is their contractual right. There are a series of “go/no go” decisions built into the contract and we said “no” at the last one. The French anger is just BS.

    There is now in principle a AU/US/UK defence agreement. The first part of that is access to nuclear submarine technology. There is much, much more to come. Indications are that we will be hosting ships, aircraft and nuclear weapons soon as we counteract the Chinese.

  13. Deap says:

    This is as good of a recap of the AZ Audit as you will find, for those who did not watch the entire AZ presentation.

    No, Joe Biden did not “win” AZ – he got the most votes of the ballots cast, until you take out the votes included in this count that are clearly demonstrated to be invalid. Those ballots and the intentional deletion of their back up records are now in the hands of the Arizona AG.

    If Biden in fact “won”, there would be no AG follow-up. He did not win by any stretch of. this audit outcome. He did not lose either – because the content of the sheer volume of invalid votes has yet to be tallied.

    That is why there could be no easy conclusive outcome for either Trump or Biden – the sole determination is thousands of counted ballots failed to reach statutory requirements of validity, back ups were intentionally destroyed and far too much material information remains withheld from audit scrutiny, like all the provisions ballots.

    Narrative vs fact. Democrats yet again cynically control the early narrative reducing this entire AZ work product down to a sound bite that is 100% inaccurate. The one inescapable conclusion is this election never should have been certified under Arizona election law.

  14. walrus says:

    Kamala Harris is attending and talking at meetings with heads of states? This is deeply unsettling on many levels. Where is Secretary Blinken? What role and power position does Harris have in the Biden Administration?

    In my opinion, Biden is going to be purely just an obvious figurehead by january 2022.

  15. JK/AR says:

    I’ve seen this RN on another video that was taken down. I’d give this one perhaps two, maybe three days before it too gets taken down.

    Get it before it gets too hot in the kitchen:

    • Deap says:

      Media vs Medical insider – two very different “covid” worlds.

      She is preaching to the choir from my perspective. Nice to see independent corroboration of my own gut, even if both she and me are operating by anecdote against both media and “official” medical mandates.

      Media out here here is still screeching covid-covid- covid- and you are all gonna die from covid plus everyone 100% must be a participant in this experimental gene therapy. The walls have definitely closed in on my choices in this state.

      Her gut as an ICU nurse says something is wrong. I support her gut. Strange times. Plus her ICU bedside observations – she has never seen a healthy patient come into ICU with “covid”, but unhealthy patients with covid are testing artifacts; not “covid victims”.

      Her claim of 80% plus patients she sees in ICU are victims of their own poor lifestyle choices is the discussion this country needs to have, and have it long before anyone commits to ” free universal health care”.

      We have been shocked for years how obese kids in California are, and how many young people, in fitness crazed California are morbidly obese. I blamed the Oprah effect – she fist made being morbidly fat okay. Then the fat-shaming cabal. And now “covid” is the payoff for this departure from standard good health guidelines?

      • JK/AR says:

        “Her claim of 80% plus patients she sees in ICU are victims of their own poor lifestyle choices is the discussion this country needs to have …”

        Speaking with all the medically trained authority of being an MD’s son (zero effectively but I have stayed in a Holiday Inn a time or two which, maybe qualifies me to tear the wrapper off a Band Aid™) … And three sisters, all RNs and my since 2015 current girlfriend alsowise; Myself’s experience mainly and mostly relegated to hearing “JK – Quit smoking [tobacco]!” – (but I did learn, very circuitously & vicariously how to ‘tend/mend’ this guy’s machines:

        My Dad and he doing some “private practice stuff” in Yucca Valley fair near to Twenty-Nine Palms and actually my middle sister being delivered in Palm Springs in 1960 – me being the eldest of four siblings but all that by the wayside …

        However Deap, as you may’ve noticed me writing (typing) around these parts *most of my “visiting/telephone” friends are MDs – some few AnPs [Nurse Practitioners] I guess you might call ’em out there in Looneyland.

        At any rate Deap, there’s been nothing you’ve ever said/asserted on this here site I’ve particularly found disagreeable.

        I would offer, just in passing mind, I’ve a couple of RN first cousins and a … well rather than “older” lemme put it ‘former girlfriend’ who’s made the decision to, rather than “demand” to be her earned AnP is traveling around the US – as are my aforementioned ‘couple of first cousins’ “doing the contract term” as I’m near dabcertain you know what I mean?

        None of ’em (so far) has found any inducement to be jabbed as a work requirement equal or worthy of avoiding a “I’m outta here!” thus far.

        Nor do I see ’em anytime soon hurting for employment.

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