” … Judge rejects Sussmann request to ‘strike’ special counsel’s ‘factual background’”

Sussman is on the right

“The federal judge presiding over the case of former Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann rejected his motion to “strike” the “factual background” section of Special Counsel John Durham’s February filing Thursday.

Sussmann’s legal team last month filed a motion demanding that the court “strike” portions of Durham’s Feb. 11 filing, including the “Factual Background” section, claiming it would “taint” a jury pool.

“I’m not going to strike anything from the record,” U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia Judge Christopher Cooper said Thursday during a status hearing. “Whatever effect the filing has had has already passed.””

Comment: This looks like another nail in the Clinton coffin. pl

Durham probe: Judge rejects Sussmann request to ‘strike’ special counsel’s ‘factual background’ | Fox News

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3 Responses to ” … Judge rejects Sussmann request to ‘strike’ special counsel’s ‘factual background’”

  1. Whitewall says:

    I’ll bet any ‘Clinton coffin’ will have an escape hatch in the bottom. The Devil doesn’t want her.

  2. Sam says:

    Durham has a lot of material he can work with. Not just the Clinton campaign and their lawyers but the nexus among the DNC, Fusion GPS, FBI, FISC, CIA, and DNI. The only question is how far is he willing to go to get Comey, Brennan, Clapper, et al.

    There’s a direct line from Russia Collusion hoax to the current conflict. Who knows what could have been possible in Europe if Trump wasn’t a cornered rat? Of course that wouldn’t solve his hiring decisions. Pompeo would never have executed a settlement.

  3. KjHeart says:

    YES!!!! Another step forward for this arduous case.

    Remembering basic Law Professor saying

    “When the Facts are on your side, argue the Facts
    When the Law is on your side, argue the Law
    When the Law and Facts are on your side, argue both

    When Neither is on your side throw as much confusion into the mix as you can.”

    I always watch for those ‘confusion tactics’ because that underlines (to my mind) that they don’t have a strong defense.

    Dominant tactic of Sussman is for delay and confusion (from what I have seen).

    I like the Durham style of legal approach; quiet, methodical; in the end – always get your man (or woman).

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