Kamala Harris, Princess of Pogrom Progressivism.

Looks like a thrid world prison cell to me.

90 days into the new Adminstraion and we have a new Border Crisis. Fear not though, Kamala is on the job and you know what that means! Lolita Express II. A true caravan of dreams. Some of which are nightmares.

Let me say now, I agree with Kamala Harris. This is a human rights abuse. Of course she only thought that when she was campaiging via the basement and Dominion. Now? Yes sir, now that her step-daughter has a ‘modeling’ job the FBI won’t be investigating that agency once associated with this guy:

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8 Responses to Kamala Harris, Princess of Pogrom Progressivism.

  1. Oilman2 says:

    The Chauvin was a SHOW TRIAL. Biden, as our demented President, tacitly alluded to the verdict he wanted, and it was rendered by a jury carefully selected to produce that verdict, and a judge coerced into allowing it. I repeat – this was a SHOW TRIAL.

    The result of this appears to be that minorities have more rights than white people, which is what the ‘systemic racism’ thing is actually about. This is hardly going to sit well with the majority white populace in flyover land. It will sit quite well with the unimaginative SJW’s in many cities. BTW, I am not white…yet this is obvious to me.

    This is another mechanism to divide the country along racial lines, IMO. The rhetoric and reporting seem all designed to inflame white people. This admin really does want things to break down here in America – their actions are what people need to consider, and they match their rhetoric.

    We have NATO pushing troops into Poland and surrounding Russia. We have the UK moving ships into the Black Sea; will they do a FON exercise into the Kerch Strait? Talk about a suicide mission…

    We are pulling out of Afghanistan and sending those troops to…where exactly? Because the two I have had contact with are now off the map and silent after leaving that country, and they are NOT back home as they told us they would be…

    The only apparent plan I can see is to foment chaos within the US and to do the same in every existing hot spot on the planet…

  2. Peter+VE says:

    It’s a good thing there’s a mask mandate, or stepdaughter Ella might not be hired as a model….
    I know, we shouldn’t visit the sins of the stepmother on the children, but when they accept the grift so readily, they’re asking for it.

    • Fred says:

      It says a great deal about the quality of parenting by two California liberals that their very liberal daughter enters into a profession which has at it’s heart the objecification of the body.

  3. Deap says:

    The Federalist lays out the degree of political intimidation we are now living under – flash point the Chauvin trial: https://thefederalist.com/2021/04/21/theres-no-way-americans-can-trust-the-jurys-chauvin-verdict/#.YIAnPxrgH3s.twitter

    How are these times of civil violence parallel to the revolutionary spirit that founded this Nation? If they ultimately burn this Nation to the ground, what will be rebuilt in its ashes.

    Did the Founders have their Plan in place before the first shots were fired in Lexington and Concord – those revolutionary shots later heard around the world?

    • Oilman2 says:

      As it stands today, the current nation will dissolve into several. My group, a bunch of deplorables in a poor rural county, doesn’t have a dog in the hunt with respect to most of the things happening in big or even medium size cities. We had one hyper-aggressive cop on the city payroll, but only for a few months. A few husbands confronting him in concert as he went off duty convinced him this was not his pasture to play in. Unfortunately, this type of intervention does not work in big cities. The same holds true for judges – and the higher you climb, the more insulated from reality and other ‘normal’ humans they become.

      If things do not decentralize, then the country will split into various regional or state entities making it up as they go along, based on the situation around them. Which is the answer to your question about the founders, I believe.

      • Deap says:

        What would this ‘new” America look like on paper – what would be its governing documents.

        Do we break up like South America into multiple, but sovereign entities. We each undertake our own laws, currencies, security arrangements, larger economic membership, citizenship requirements and administrative structure?

        How do we establish new boundary lines – states full or partial, waterways and allocate current federally owned lands?

        Would each new sovereign entity write their own new constitution or would they cannibalize the one we have now?

        Once “America is burned down”, what structure will replace it or will it descend into warring tribal territories.

        • Oilman2 says:

          The catalyst for this is likely to be the dollar going to zero and impoverishing everyone. At that point, it devolves rapidly since most of us will be penniful, but a penny worthless.

          Nobody worries about documents until things settle out – even when the country was formed, things had to settle out – businesses functioning with local governance.

          This is not going to happen quickly, btw. In fits and starts and many ‘misteaks’. I hope it doesn’t, but things are so upside down at this juncture that I have no idea what will happen. I am locally focused – because my vote is worthless nationally at this point in time. Our nations capitol is surrounded by armed military – why?

          Some boundaries will be natural features; others will be lines drawn on a map and defended – same as always.

  4. Fourth and Long says:

    Is Kamala an anagram of Amalek? Oops, off by one.

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