Kamala Harris, Princess of Pogrom Progressivism.

Who didn’t kill himself. His partner in child trafficking finding under-age escorts for the rich, the powerful, and the well connected was in the news, well not CBS/ABC/NBC or the rest, but here:

Federal prosecutors add sex trafficking charges against Ghislaine Maxwell

On other child trafficking news: “News is leaking out late on a Saturday that the Biden Department of Homeland Security has quietly quit requiring FBI conducted fingerprint background checks for employees of DHS contractors who are being used to provide emergency caregiver services to unattended children streaming into the country at the invitation of the Biden Administration.” Surpise, surprise. They aren’t checking for Covid either. I’m sure there’s nothing to worry about with that highly contagous disease.

Now nothing quite says “good parenting” like letting your children walk a thousand miles Northward, crossing multiple national boundaries, to reach the land of, what do the supporters of the Biden Administration call it: America is Racist! (If you wonder what Kamala and Joe really think of America, keep reading.)

Wow. Mr. President, what did Kamala advise you and your former boss, the sacred one, to do about that while you were Vice President? Was that any different than when she denounced your opposition to school busing while you were in the senate during the campaign, the one where she won zero delegates? Perhaps she gave you some great tips on how to put people in jail.

As to those streaming North, with zero NGO support of course, that would be human trafficking and that’s a crime. You would think an experienced prosecutor who put thousands of black men in jail for extended periods could take on that project and get results. I mean it’s been almost a month, where did she go? Oh, Chicago for German chocolate cake and home for California water. Priorities, like this comment: “We still have nearly 10 million Americans that are unemployed. We need to get them back to work.” Then we don’t need a million unemployed immigrants, do we Kamala?

Why do they come, didn’t anyone warn them?

Funded by your tax dollars. Wonderful, detailed work in that too, like “In 1932, the U.S. government launched a medical experimen…” Hmm, almost 100 years ago and they left out that was Democrat FDR’s 1st term and just how many other democrats followed him who could have fixed that. Of course distrust of the medical system is nothing new. Why just last year Kamala said she wouldn’t trust a vaccine developed by companies while Trump was president. But that ‘disparate impact’ of Covid vacination rates has nothing to do with black Americans not trusting the health care system.

On related Legacy Guilt news.

That’s the person nominated by a man who spent 44 years in government? This is how a career professional represents the best interests of the Republic at the UN? I wonder if expressing such views to the former president would be the reason he fired her? Here are a couple of public examples of her professional beliefs.


Perhaps she could tell us where Washington, Jefferson, Adams and all the rest immigrated from? Erasing the actual history of the nation to craft a divisive narrative seems to be the agenda. Thanks Joe. I’m sure Kamala would not have objected to her nomination, only 20 Senators did. So it is back to the drawing board Obama Administration for new the same ideas that didn’t work last time. Speaking of getting back, what has the Princess of Pogrom Progressivism been doing to get students back into school?

File photo from someone who knows how to get results.

Rest assured Kamala supports getting students back into the …. never mind. Laughing like Lord Haw-Haw. How much do we spend in taxes for “education” that is going to people who refuse to go to work? Maybe somebody with backbone could cut that spending, since it isn’t educating anyone, other than in teaching the meaning of “hypocrisy” to the taxpayer.

Now, on to Justice! The ACAB protecting DOJ refuses to charge the say his name! police officer who shot and killed the unarmed Ashli Babbitt on January 6, 2021. (Perhaps the Capital Hill police motto should be “one shot, one kill”? That’ll send a message.) The photographer who videotaped the shooting? Yes, his house was raided and he’s in jail. Sundance has an interesting post with video of FBI Director Wray explaining why that investigation of all those federal agensts who were injured last year still hasn’t resulted in charges against anyone.

Excessive use of force was in the news today, wasn’t it? No worries, our elites are well protected by the well armed and trained capital police. Oops. Left that in the stall when you zipped up? (Did you catch the “again” part of the article?) Well, no worries. If an immigrant finds it and causes an ‘accidental discharge’ that kills a woman, none on the left will march in protest. In case you have forgotten:

In the wake of the killing of Kate Steinle, California Attorney General Kamala Harris, a Democratic candidate for US Senate, is standing staunchly behind sanctuary cities laws 

““Let’s react to that specific case….”

I wonder if that applies to Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa of Boulder, who killed ten people including a police officer. Did you notice how fast that not meeting the narritive story disapeared from the headlines? Meanwhile Kamala fully supports going gun free.

No, no, not removing the thousands of national guard troops protecting, well you saw how well they protected – or at least assisted – UberEats driver Mohammad Anwar, 66. He was shot with a stun gun and killed by two girls – hey did they get their phone back? I know, teen priorities. Like knowing right from wrong. Well if daddy and mommy didn’t teach them that what have 6 or 7 years of government run schools managed to do? I guess Mohammad was not the color of life that mattered to these two assailants, or mom, or dad, or the local school system; or Kamala?

Justice; well SJW approved justice seems to have been served up. I pause at this point to mention a quote from Socrates found in a new translation of Cicero’s On Duties which I have been reading:

.. If one acts in some way that he wishes to be perceived, then that is the sort of person he will actually be.” To which Cicero comments “Those who think that they can attain glory by deceit, inane ostentation, or by inventing words and facial expressions , are seriously wrong”….. “He who wishes to pursue true glory, then, should be engages in the duties of justice.”

I’m sure that Judge Lynn Leibovitz and prosecutor Bonnie Lindemann will achieve a special kind of glory in their performance of the duties of justice.

Those protesters from January 6th? Still in jail. Kamala, to her everlasting glory, perhaps had a word with the DOJ on how to keep men in jail. January 6th, that day of “insurrection” where only the police had guns and only Ashli Babbitt was shot and killed – by an as yet unidentified officer – who according to the investigation conducted by the glorious Metropolitean Police – did not use excessive force In related news the D.C. coroner finaly released the cause of death of 4 of the people who die on January 6th.

The police officer whose narrative requiring death – still hasn’t had a cause of death officially identified. “Results typically come within 90 days of a death, but Sicknick’s death remains under investigation.” Right. Minneapolis burned for weeks before the facts came out there. Here are the causes of death for the other four:

  1. died of natural causes from cardiovascular disease
  2. died of natural causes from cardiovascular disease
  3. died by accident from acute amphetamine intoxication
  4. drum roll please…… Shot by police officer. Excessive use of force anyone? Where’s the riot?

Why that is in Brooklyn Center. Because nothing says ‘riot’ like a cop shooting a person rather than using a taser. What do the city ‘leaders’ appear to be? Just? Or just lackeys of the common mob. It is reminiscent of the other lackeys of the common mob in the Summer of Mostly Peaceful Protests that burned more than one city center. Let me give praise where it is due though. Congratulations to the City of Seattle. Seattle saw highest homicide number in 26 years. It must have been the Covid.

News update: Released while drafting this post, Officer Sicknick died of natural causes (a blood clot and blockage in the basilar artery where it feeds into the brainstem. A condition that is created over time.) That makes it official: The January 6th kill count was: Government 1 Protestors 0. Which is completely different from the Capital Hill police’s (run by Nancy Pelosi) official statements. I look forward to the stars of CNN and MSNBC doing an update.

Now back to Kamala wanting to go going gun free. No, she will not get the troops with weapons of war out of D.C.; she wants to disarm people like those shown in the bottom photo:

Just like the rooftop Koreans during the Rodney King riots.

Do you think the princess of pogrom progresivism is going to support due process of law? Let me refresh your memory. The California senator got on the social media bandwagon against Betsy DeVos’ decision to remove former President Obama’s guidelines for college campuses regarding sexual assault that assumes the man is guilty before an investigation. Accuasition is guilt, apparently. I wonder if she, and planned parenthood, are going to stand firm in that belief when it comes to the allegations about rape made against the Lt. Governor of Virginia? Kamala, any word on that matter? #believeallwomenwhenexpedienttodoso.

Brooklyn Center city manager fired after call for due process for police officer. So black mayor fires black manager for holding to the standard of “due process” for people accused of crimes. Due process is woven into our founding documents; you know, the ones the UN Ambassador is complaining about.

What is going on in Brooklyn Center now? Why the revered Countess of Conflagration is out inciting riot and insurrection:

Thank goodness she had defund the police protection while she, an elected representative from a district in California, travelled to Minnesota to do that. Ever wonder which political party has been running that city for years? A few hours after Congresswoman Waters’ call – the Minnesota NG is a victim of a drive by shooting. Thanks Countess. Can anyone top that?

Regardless of the decision made by the jury, there is one true reality, which is that George Floyd was killed at the hands of police.” Thanks Mayor Frey. You are part of the leadership, systemically racist according to Jo and Kamala, who led the city of Minneapolis during those ‘troubling’ times. I’m sure glad there’s no jury or witness intimidation going on.

What’s a good legal take on the Countess of Conflagration’s conduct? Here: “Waters has a First Amendment right to say what she wants on matters of public concern. …. It would be up to Hennepin County to determine whether they think she has committed a crime.” Mike Lyndell, banned from Twitter, right along with Project Veritas, should take heart in that.

“Donald Trump gets banned from every social media platform over concerns that he might incite violence despite the fact that he calls for calm. Meanwhile Maxine Waters tells protesters to “get more confrontational” with police and that’s totally allowed.” Jack Dorsey could not be reached for comment.

I wonder what Kamala and her boss have to say about the right to due process and equal justice.

The Right Verdict“. What a damned ass. Kamala must think that is just the correct way one “engages in the duties of justice.”

Thanks for assuming virtue’s burden by remaining silent Kamala. Due process of law, a legacy from the founding of the Republic; Kamala knows all about that. Lets move on from America’s soon to be burning Democratic voting strongholds to look at what Kamala is achieving on the World Stage.

Our Actual President was just too busy to be bothered.

More here. “Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi had warned his Japanese counterpart in a call ahead of Suga’s visit to see to it that China-Japan relations “do not get involved in the so-called confrontation between major countries,” according to a Chinese government readout.”. Did you see Princess of the Pogroms Kamala’s comments after the Chinese insulted the US in Alaska earlier this year? Neither did I.

The US is Japan’s only treaty ally. You would think being that important we wouldn’t delegate the initial meeting to the VP because Joe’s too demented “busy”. Did they even discuss Taiwan? What about that great EV push that needs all those chips that are in short supply? Which nations do you think they come from?

Let’s move East of China and West of Moscow and see what’s going on. “The U.S. intelligence assistance represents one of the first indications that the Biden administration is quietly playing an active role in helping its partner Ukraine.” Wow, our ‘partner’. Did Kamala negotiate that one or is that a legacy of Hunter’s influence? So we are helping them on the one hand and punishing them on the other: https://conservativedailypost.com/biden-admin-withholds-aid-from-ukraine-in-move-that-got-trump-impeached/ Well that’s one way for Kamala to take over, impeach Joe for the same thing Trump did. Talk about Kamala Karma being a bitch.

Ah, how about someplace simple, like Syria? What is going on there? Bombs away!  “U.S. military forces earlier this evening conducted airstrikes … in eastern Syria,”” “… what is the legal authority for strikes? …. Syria is a sovereign country.” Legal authority? Who needs that in this age of the Pogrom Princesses. ““What Donald Trump has done because of that phone call with Erdogan is basically giving 10,000 ISIS fighters a get out of jail free card,” Harris said” Of course a princess is never wrong……

I would comment on Libya, but the Arab News is aflame with rumors, as some of cities might be with actual flames shortly. Why on Earth would I think that, given the news?

KEITH ELLISON: “I would not call today’s verdict justice

Nancy Pelosi thanks George Floyd for being killed. His name will always be synonymous with Justice. He sacrificed his life for justice. So she says…..and Kamala.

Defund the Police!

Kamala introducing a Federalize the Police act of 2020. It is back for 2021, since nothing says we need more federal power than a man who sacrificed his life for justice (not when he committed “aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon charge in 2007, which resulted in a conviction and a five-year prison sentence.”, but that other thing which is all you need know about him.) On a related note, 3 more MPD Officers await trial.

It is not justice. So, in unity, say the left.

The new Pack the Court line of the left, led the Prosecutor in Chief, Princess of Pogrom Progressiveness, Kamala Harris. She is going to do what that servant of a “systemically racist” America, Barrack Obama, a man with 44 years of service in the Senate and as VP, failed to do in all those years. “This is a time for this country to come together. To unite as Americans”. Well, calling us all systemicly racisist like Kamala did is sure an interesting way to start going about that.

What is the Princess of Pogroms going to about her personal history of systemic racisism? She sure put more a lot more black men in jail than Dereck Chauvin ever did.

post by Fred

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8 Responses to Kamala Harris, Princess of Pogrom Progressivism.

  1. Oilman2 says:

    The Chauvin was a SHOW TRIAL. Biden, as our demented President, tacitly alluded to the verdict he wanted, and it was rendered by a jury carefully selected to produce that verdict, and a judge coerced into allowing it. I repeat – this was a SHOW TRIAL.

    The result of this appears to be that minorities have more rights than white people, which is what the ‘systemic racism’ thing is actually about. This is hardly going to sit well with the majority white populace in flyover land. It will sit quite well with the unimaginative SJW’s in many cities. BTW, I am not white…yet this is obvious to me.

    This is another mechanism to divide the country along racial lines, IMO. The rhetoric and reporting seem all designed to inflame white people. This admin really does want things to break down here in America – their actions are what people need to consider, and they match their rhetoric.

    We have NATO pushing troops into Poland and surrounding Russia. We have the UK moving ships into the Black Sea; will they do a FON exercise into the Kerch Strait? Talk about a suicide mission…

    We are pulling out of Afghanistan and sending those troops to…where exactly? Because the two I have had contact with are now off the map and silent after leaving that country, and they are NOT back home as they told us they would be…

    The only apparent plan I can see is to foment chaos within the US and to do the same in every existing hot spot on the planet…

  2. Peter+VE says:

    It’s a good thing there’s a mask mandate, or stepdaughter Ella might not be hired as a model….
    I know, we shouldn’t visit the sins of the stepmother on the children, but when they accept the grift so readily, they’re asking for it.

    • Fred says:

      It says a great deal about the quality of parenting by two California liberals that their very liberal daughter enters into a profession which has at it’s heart the objecification of the body.

  3. Deap says:

    The Federalist lays out the degree of political intimidation we are now living under – flash point the Chauvin trial: https://thefederalist.com/2021/04/21/theres-no-way-americans-can-trust-the-jurys-chauvin-verdict/#.YIAnPxrgH3s.twitter

    How are these times of civil violence parallel to the revolutionary spirit that founded this Nation? If they ultimately burn this Nation to the ground, what will be rebuilt in its ashes.

    Did the Founders have their Plan in place before the first shots were fired in Lexington and Concord – those revolutionary shots later heard around the world?

    • Oilman2 says:

      As it stands today, the current nation will dissolve into several. My group, a bunch of deplorables in a poor rural county, doesn’t have a dog in the hunt with respect to most of the things happening in big or even medium size cities. We had one hyper-aggressive cop on the city payroll, but only for a few months. A few husbands confronting him in concert as he went off duty convinced him this was not his pasture to play in. Unfortunately, this type of intervention does not work in big cities. The same holds true for judges – and the higher you climb, the more insulated from reality and other ‘normal’ humans they become.

      If things do not decentralize, then the country will split into various regional or state entities making it up as they go along, based on the situation around them. Which is the answer to your question about the founders, I believe.

      • Deap says:

        What would this ‘new” America look like on paper – what would be its governing documents.

        Do we break up like South America into multiple, but sovereign entities. We each undertake our own laws, currencies, security arrangements, larger economic membership, citizenship requirements and administrative structure?

        How do we establish new boundary lines – states full or partial, waterways and allocate current federally owned lands?

        Would each new sovereign entity write their own new constitution or would they cannibalize the one we have now?

        Once “America is burned down”, what structure will replace it or will it descend into warring tribal territories.

        • Oilman2 says:

          The catalyst for this is likely to be the dollar going to zero and impoverishing everyone. At that point, it devolves rapidly since most of us will be penniful, but a penny worthless.

          Nobody worries about documents until things settle out – even when the country was formed, things had to settle out – businesses functioning with local governance.

          This is not going to happen quickly, btw. In fits and starts and many ‘misteaks’. I hope it doesn’t, but things are so upside down at this juncture that I have no idea what will happen. I am locally focused – because my vote is worthless nationally at this point in time. Our nations capitol is surrounded by armed military – why?

          Some boundaries will be natural features; others will be lines drawn on a map and defended – same as always.

  4. Fourth and Long says:

    Is Kamala an anagram of Amalek? Oops, off by one.

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