Lest We Forget. A Suggestion to President Trump on his visit to Paris. by Fred


The gateway is gilded in gold just like your Manhattan Apartment. The symbolism is fitting to your rhetoric.


France remembers

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There's an American flag.


And a great view of the city.

A priceless view of the city of light

 Remember to plant a flag, or bring some flowers.

Fred (no relation)

There are 1,500 more.



Suresnes American Cemetery

It's an easy ride on the L from the Grande Arche de la Defense. Walk up Rue du Calvaire, turn Right on Boulevard Washington. Have lunch across the street at Au Pere Lapin. No Michelin stars but its about time a few presidents ate at someplace middle class for a change. Take a stoll along the river later in the evening and remember, 100 years ago the red sky at night had a different meaning.

Stroll by the River and Remember 

Lest we forget. 



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