Let’s see … Which state will be next?

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  1. Fred says:

    Just like the Mueller Team’s cell phone erasures, so mysterious. Ballot boxes missing seals had up to 20% of the listed total of ballots missing? Surprise! …. Thank goodness we have a massive pipeline shutdown, with zero oil spills, driving this story off the front page. Once we centralize federal government control of pipelines (not the ones ordered to be shutdown by Joe & Kamala) and elections we’ll be soooo much better off.

  2. Deap says:

    This story should be screaming across the headlines, instead of buried on page 10. Rosemary Woods 17 minute gap, all over again. Two stories here: the real story based on the facts, and how the media will handle this breaking story.

    One more version: https://creativedestructionmedia.com/news/politics/2021/05/12/breaking-maricopa-county-deleted-entire-databases-prior-to-turning-over-equipment-to-audit/

    Digital genius Jovan Pulitzer has a good blog to follow – he is staying well on top of this and has developed the type of ballot scanning software to support the necessary audit of paper ballots.

    He explains why HR-1’s intent to eliminate all paper ballots is a sure path to the destruction of all future US elections – no civilized country on the planet uses electronic voting only, but this is what the Democrats now demand.

    • Deap says:

      Bookmark Jovan Pulitzer’ s FB page to stay current with breaking events. You do not need to be a FB member to view his blog: https://www.facebook.com/JovanHuttonPulitzer/

      Pulitzer is the tech genius who broke into the Georgia voting machine systems in real time, as they were being investigated by the Georgia Senate sub-committee, after Georgia elections had been reassured there were no internet connections to their voting systems. He was also the developer of the now ubiquitous “hash tag”.

    • Alves says:

      Well, Brazil does use total eletronic voting since the early 00s.

      On the other hand, we are not civilized.

      Anyway, auditing an eletronic election that has printed votes stored was supposed to be easy. It is weird to see all the problems happening overthere.

  3. Jose says:

    Hope it Virginia, Trump was up and then magical thumb drives appeared.

    90%+ went to the Bidensita regime.

    In the Free and Sane State of Florida, thumb drives are a backup to the actual vote not carriers of votes to avoid irregularities.

  4. Christian J. Chuba says:

    Arizona is a penny pinching Red State that brags about how little they tax their residents. Surprise, when you audit them multiple times, you find out that there are lapses in there record keeping. So what’s the remedy, are you going to give the votes over to Trump? But that would also have the same auditing problem. Require them to actually spend money and fix those issues for their next election? That would be reasonable.

    Even if you toss out Az’s results, Biden still won. Biden won by a larger margin in the same swing states than Trump did in 2016, 249k vs 49k.

    • Deap says:

      #1 – you clean up the vulnerable election loop holes, so this can never happen again:(1) casting, (2) collecting (3) counting, (4) reporting and (5) confirmation

      This issue now goes far beyond who won, who lost or who might be a fake pretender.

      You honor the fact other major industrialized countries have rejected “electronic voting” because of the ease of manipulations. America can settle for no less.

      You change the narrative to demand 100% election security, and reject the Democrats ginned up charge of “voter suppression”.

    • Lynn Addington says:

      Sad to see so many absolutely brainwashed by over four years of unadulterated propaganda.
      President Trump did win, Biden did loose, and yes, Elections were fraudulent.
      All of the censorship in the world (as now, exactly) can’t put those marbles back in the jar. WE KNOW.

      • Deap says:

        The Nixon-Kennedy election in 1962 was subject to the same election fraud charges, and now recognized to have been stolen. The Chicago Way. But the call at that time was to walk away and just let it be.

        Perhaps Richard Nixon’s most noble moment of public service at the time. The media had already fallen in love with the Kennedys and Nixon had been relegated to Tricky Dick. Proving yet again, fate is what is handed you; destiny is what you do with it.

  5. Deap says:

    False flag or not? Former spy plane now owned by Phoenix city police confirmed circling the election audit center – now reported to be on a routine police call surveillance in the same area:


  6. Deap says:

    Friday morning and counting – nary a word about the breaking AZ audit stories in the WSJ or local papers. Trump was right again – no coverage at all in the leading media on these critical issues. JustTheNews – John Solomon’s website keeps the story going:


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