Live from Mars?

Is this from Perseverance?
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  1. John Minnerath says:

    I’m sure the panoramic video of the Martian surface id live from a Perseverance onboard camera. But, I’ve been disappointed in what NASA has released.
    From the video streamed of the landing I understood there were cameras mounted that would show the actual landing, so far I’ve found nothing. Did they fail or what?
    Bits and pieces seem to just be scattered throughout youtube land with no connections to real time
    I understand that there will be a fairly long period to get everything turned on and operating but no real time announcements of what is happening.

  2. Escarlata says:

    It passed unnoticed with this event of yours, but past February 19th was the anniversary of the launching of Space Station Mir, precursor of ISS and sign of other times were cooperation in science and space was the norm…

    Here an interesting infographics…You will find NASA astronaut Shannon Lucid photographed while reading in the module Spektr …

  3. Deap says:

    More info on the role magnetic poles play in changing climate. Allegedly, according to NASA spokesperson covering the Mars landing, Mars lost its magnetic poles which in turn led to the loss of its previous and perhaps life sustaining atmosphere.

    This article discusses the link between our own earth’s climate and its shifting magnetic poles:

    So it might not be cow poop and fossil fuel cars after all. But subterranean forces over which we have no control. Except somehow we clog up the system with lost socks, because this must be where they obviously go to die.

  4. Joe100 says:

    I noticed this morning that a scientist deeply involved in one of the new rover’s camera systems lives in my local Mid-coast Maine community (Brunswick) and has been working remotely here for three years! She is about to shift to “mar’s time” now that the rover has successfully landed – which means she will be working mostly through the night and hoping her family does not mind her making lunch at 3 AM..

  5. The Twisted Genius says:

    NASA is releasing video of the landing right now. I just looked at a few seconds of the parachute deploying. This is the stuff I wanted to see. So far, it’s magnificient.

  6. The Twisted Genius says:

    Probably on the NASA site as well.

    • John Minnerath says:

      They were very cool, even if only seconds long.
      I also found a sound track with a couple puffs of Martian wind sounding.

      • The Twisted Genius says:

        At the 17 minute mark on the video I linked to, The landing videos are slowed down and explained. Definitely better than the few seconds in real time. I’ve heard the wind sounds on TV. That’ll be interesting if/when a storm blows through.

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