Looks like the Democrats are falling apart.


" … other lawmakers, including a group of Jewish members who pushed to pass the resolution focused on anti-Semitism, remain convinced that the House needs to act in response to Omar’s remarks. Twice in the previous two months, Omar has apologized for past remarks perceived as anti-Semitic, but she has publicly defended the most recent episode as a valid criticism of Israel’s influence in American politics.

Rep. Ted Deutch (D-Fla.), who is among the Jewish members involved in crafting the initial resolution, rose to defend the resolution and, according to one member present, grew emotional. He said his colleagues needed to understand that these sort of words were hurtful to people like himself who had dealt with them all their lives.

Hanging over the internal debate among Democrats is political pressure from Republicans eager to position their party as the more reliable ally of Israel — and a more appealing choice for Jewish voters who have long trended Democratic.'


Will Rogers once said from the stage (presumably while doing rope twirling tricks) that he belonged to no organized party, because he was a Democrat. 

FDR revolutionized the Democratic Party.  He managed to combine Southern conservative segregationists with Union Labor and Northeastern liberals into one voting mass.  That was a neat trick, but the season for that coalition seems to be ending.

Bernie Sanders "screwed the pooch" on that by appealing directly to the Millennial crowd and wistful Leftists with a platform that was openly marxist in its assumptions about money, banking and the economy in general (I wish I had taken that particular course).  This was naturally appealing to youngsters saddled with a mountain of college debt who had spent several years as captive audiences for professors who were basically refugees from the '60s and still unfulfilled in the hope of realization of the kind of wisdom displayed in the stage production "Hair" which blighted the country's dinner theaters in those long ago times. 

Malcontents of all kinds have flocked to the Bernie Banner.  These include; ethnic minorities still searching for 4,000 acres a mule  and someone who will buy them, people like Ilhan Omar who evidently think movements like Shabab deserve sympathy, people like AOC who somehow graduated in economics without absorbing much of anything except the Labor Theory of Value.  She is cute but funny.  She evidently thought that incentives for Amazon, NYC would be paid out of a pot of Leprechaun's Gold hidden somewhere ,somewhere…  Having negotiated with state governments over such incentives I believe she should be told that what they were talking about were future reductions in taxes to be paid by Amazon. 

The caucus revolt described in this argument is impressive.  IMO Pelosi and Chucky boy will preside over the destruction of the donkey party.  No more can it be said that the GOP is the special province of disunion.

And, of course, the Republicans are doing everything they can to pour fuel on the fire.  Lin Cheney?  Puhleese!  pl


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