Maybe we did blow up the NS pipelines, but did Tucker Carlson and Tulsi Gabbard have to act as Russian partisans?

“TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): Every action has a reaction, equal and opposite. Blow up the Nord Stream pipelines? Okay, we’ve entered a new phase, one in which the United States is directly at war with the largest nuclear power in the world. It doesn’t mean it’ll go nuclear immediately but it does suggest there could be consequences. If we actually blew up the Nord Stream pipelines, why wouldn’t Russia sever undersea internet cables? What would happen if they did that?

What would happen if banks in London couldn’t communicate with banks in New York? Just that one piece of it, leaving aside its potential effects on our power grid. But let’s just say the banks couldn’t communicate would each other for one day. What would the economic effect of that be? It would cascade downward into your house. We could have an actual collapse. We could wind up very quickly in third world conditions. Those of the stakes.”

Comment: If the Bidenistas did decide to do this, it was a dumb move. To alienate the Germans in this way would be incredibly stupid, BUT was it really necessary last night for TC and his new sidekick, TG to condemn the US and promote Russia’s imagined interests as they did? I think not. pl

Tucker Carlson suggests how Russia can create “third world conditions” in America “if we actually blew up the Nord Stream” | Media Matters for America

Tucker Carlson Hints at Biden Connection to Nord Stream Pipeline Damage (

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40 Responses to Maybe we did blow up the NS pipelines, but did Tucker Carlson and Tulsi Gabbard have to act as Russian partisans?

  1. Young says:

    Is an underwater pipeline a civilian target?

    Will there be civilian deaths in Germany this winter due to the lack of gas?

    Is killing civilians by blowing up pipelines terrorism?

    Is condemning terrorism wrong?

  2. Fred says:

    “To alienate the Germans in this way would be incredibly stupid…”

    It would only alienate the Germans if they were actually thinking of making a deal with the Russians to use that pipeline in the near term. Now Germany is definitely in a bind. On a related energy note the EU is pushing to prevent EU flagged vessels from carrying Russian oil.

    “The EU’s current oil sanctions, which were agreed in June, include an embargo on Russian seaborne oil, a ban on providing services — such as insurance, brokering and financing — needed to transport oil around the world and exemptions for pipeline deliveries. That package is due to come into force in December for seaborne crude and in early 2023 for refined petroleum products.

    Shipping was excluded from the previous package after pressure from shipping nations, including Greece and Cyprus, meaning that vessels that aren’t reliant on EU services could in theory continue to transport Russian oil outside the bloc.”

    That move will alienate a few more EU member states, certainly Greece and Hungary; probably Italy now too.

    On Bloomberg earlier today John Kerry, years late, admited that Trump was right about Germany being too reliant on imported energy. But, tada, Germany has moved to renewables! and how great they are for Germany now. No wonder he lost to Obama.

    • Fourth and Long says:

      Holy Cow Batman! John Forbes Kerry. Another JFK. At this rate someone will figure out the U S A. And last name starting in Ke, ending in y, and with a double consecutive consonant rr as with nn in Kennedy. Probably what did in John Fitzgerald was the ed. Education? Or do I have something backwards ..

  3. Notfakebot says:

    IDK whose responsible, but TC and TG aren’t Russian toads. They’re pacifists to a fault and want to avoid a bigger war with Russia.

  4. Barbara Ann says:

    Agree 100%. TC and TG have an important role to play in questioning the wisdom of America’s foreign policy, particularly towards Russia. But this can and should be done without the sensationalist threats which leave the impression that the scriptwriters use the Kremlin as a consultant. MSNBC has the Russia scare story angle more than covered with the inimitable Rachel Maddow.

    As for how the Germans will react, I’d very much like to hear from German readers of this blog how the public there is taking this. Can anyone imagine the reaction if Germany took a dislike to US energy imports from Canada and blew up Keystone?

    • JamesT says:

      I second Barbara Ann’s appeal. I would like to hear from any European readers of this blog on how the public there is taking this – most especially the Germans.

  5. Fourth and Long says:

    Well, I can’t get my Tu and Tu comment published. I must be sending secret codes to the martians.

    Meanwhile an 8 year old girl in Florida was kicked out of a Christian school for not agreeing to be photographed doing her homework in a bathtub. Who is the Gubbernor down there? I wonder what the idea is. I’m not seeing why a child should be photographed doing her homework in a bathtub. And I am kinda liberal on such matters. Oh well. Maybe it’s too deep for me.

    • jld says:

      “I must be sending secret codes to the martians. “
      Have you considered that all the garbage puns and idiotic language plays you’re spewing might be a cause?

  6. Deap says:

    It didn’t take Carlson to “hint” at anything. He just reported Biden’s own words, amplified with his deep state sidekick, Victoria Nuland. They have some explaining to do.

    Round up the usual suspects, and these two stand out for direct questioning due their own screaming headlines. Good find, Tucker.

    Nice to be reminded what Biden has been doing, in our names. While we spend too much time mocking Biden’s bumbling dufous cover act.

  7. different clue says:

    Here is an article by John Helmer of the ” Dances With Bears” blog offering the theory that Poland diddit ( with help from others named in the theory). It seems very plausible to me, in my admittedly low-information opinion. The article also offers a detailed theory as to why Poland would have dunnit.

    If this theory turns out to be correct, and not just a theory, then it should get the West EUropean countries ( Which Rumsfeld sneered at as ” Old Europe”) to abandon and abrogate NATO all on their own, and set up their very own NEATO with at the very least Poland rigidly excluded from it.

  8. Jovan P says:

    The last few days I’ve been watching Jordan Peterson. He really is a par excellence intellectual, erudite, and a very brave man who seeks truth. And all that against the current of the Zeitgeist of wokism, cancel culture, political correctness, environmentalism, etc. He often cites Dostoyevsky’s (mostly The Brothers Karamazov and Crime and Punishment) because as a writer Dostoyvesky’s wasn’t the best, but he sought the answers by ,,bumping the head in the wall” without compromise (that’s why you can’t read him on a beach) and he found them (unlike Nietzche).

    As Peterson, so is Tucker Carlson important. He could swim with the tide, sell out, repeat the MSM story, but he willingly fights, and does journalism what he thinks is the best interest for the USA. He may or may be not right, but if because of his journalism and criticism just one hospital in the USA stops maiming underage kids with ,,gender changing” operations, he paid his due.

    Such people are worthy even as opponents, because they do their best to keep their human face. Unlike Nuland, Blinken and the rest of the pack.

    • Jimmy_w says:

      Jordan Peterson is a fraud, more than Candice Owens is a fraud. For Owens might not be smart enough to fully understand what she is spouting, but Peterson does. His job is a false idol for all of the conservatives, to divert them from the truth of Christian Nationalism. His backers are paying him to provide the atheist alternative, to reduce the Christianity Revival currently underway.

      Peterson’s psychiatric problems are but the tip of iceberg. His practice of automatic writing indicates deeper problems. And of course his daughter indicates potential child abuse.

      Listening to Peterson, trying to follow his “logic”, will lower your IQ.

      • cobo says:

        Jordan Peterson is helping many rediscover the Bible. Your Christian Nationalism BS is, again, the UN/WEF/Global Communist mind-fucking the world. Let’s plan to meet, on the field of battle.

  9. EZSmirkzz says:

    Well Colonel I’m starting to wonder if we aren’t wandering into Able-Archer 1983 v2,

    “It was an intelligence failure of a scope to vastly exceed all others, when one nuclear superpower perceived the other moving to a nuclear first strike and prepared for war, while the other missed all the signals and believed it was business as usual.”

    The entire series is a good primer for duffers like myself, and perhaps is a good refresher for you professionals, and is linked at the bottom of the aforementioned link. As per usual, YMMV.

    I’m not sure everyone is clear on the pipelines infrastructure either,

    “Nord Stream is a setup of gas pipelines that would allow Germany to be supplied with Russian natural gas via the Baltic Sea. The first two pipelines were inaugurated in 2011 and are known under the name “Nord Stream 1.”

    The Nord Stream 2 project for the construction of two other pipelines was launched in 2018 to double the quantity supplied by Nord Stream 1.”

    Perhaps one of the four explosions failed in the endeavor. No one’s perfect.

    This article points out the economic interests involved in constructing the pipelines, and who suffers and who doesn’t. Apparently American advocacy of the free enterprise system suffers another hiccup in this affair.

    “While benefitting from the unmitigated support of Moscow, Nord Stream 2 is a truly European project, driven by 4 countries: Russia (through Gazprom — 51% shares), Germany, (through Wintershall and PEG Infrastruktur — 15.5% each), and France and the Netherlands (9% each, via Engie and Gasunie). In addition, more than 100 companies from 12 European countries are involved in the construction of Nord Stream 2.

    I wanted to point these two reports out to you since they definitely fall outside the orbits of the conservative/progressive information bubbles that dominate the discussions these days of everything from baby formula back around to baby diapers.


  10. MT_Bill says:

    Can’t think of anything more American than our somewhat limited freedom to criticize the government.

    Policies being pushed currently seem to have very little to do with providing for the prosperity of the average American and deserve much more criticism than they receive.

    If Russia can identify who was responsible and does not retaliate in kind, then we know the view of many here that Russia is all bark and no bite is confirmed.

    Doomberg has a great take on potential downstream effects, it’s worth a listen.

  11. cobo says:

    “What would happen…” “What would happen…” Why, we would ALL find ourselves in need of a Great Reset. I’m having as much fun as anyone trying to pin the tail on the country. However, there is only one thing about the current runup to WWIII that I think has slipped the leash of stage management. That is the performance of the Ukrainian Military, and the steadfast support of their Eastern European brothers. perhaps with a bit of wobbling in Hungary and Bulgaria. I’ve been a long-time Tucker watcher, and I thought Tulsi Gabbard was the best political hope we had for some kind of “reasonable” government policy. However, TG is a graduate of Klaus Schwab’s Young Global Leaders academy. I haven’t checked Tucker. I believe that it is absolutely irrational to think that we aren’t ALL being played.

  12. Deap says:

    Since we are still talking reparations for act committed and corrected over 150 years ago (slavery in the US), the talk of Polish reparation demands against Germany, while their acts are still in living memories, …is intellectually as well as viscerally intriguing.

    I have often thought that I don’t hold present day Germans responsible for acts of their predecessors, yet I live in California that is working right now on funding “slavery reparations”, when in fact California was never even a slave state. How long do blood feuds last, particularly by surrogate agents.

    Time to go back and read the Greeks – as war, revenge and recriminations are as old as recorded time. Past remains prologue.

    Achilles is angry ………….

  13. John Merryman says:

    At this point, it’s fighting over the deck chairs on the Titanic.
    Damn iceberg.

  14. Mark Logan says:

    Tucker decided to show up at Sonny Barger’s funeral to speak praise of the old head of the Hells Angels.

    I see no reason for Tucker to have done this. What good could come of it for either himself or his patrons? Tucker seems to admire absolute power and brutality these days. His judgement has become highly questionable.

    • Fourth and Long says:

      Political ambitions more than likely. The hells braingells are networked throughout the country. Rallies, protection, harassment, preventing meetings, securing them etc etc. Maybe T Ucker is Fee Ixxin to run for sumpin. Power comes down to force. He gets that at least.

    • Deap says:

      Some insights into the Carlson-Barger connection.

      Hell’s Angels are no longer the “worst motorcycle gang in the country” when you have Crips, Bloods and the El Salvador MS-13 cartels still viciously and lethally roaming the state.

      Put aging Angels today more into rogue nostalgia, along with James Dean veneration and his Rebel Without a Cause persona, whose image for some reason still shows up all around the world. Try the Juma Palace Cafe in Bhopal, India for my own last siting of Jame snarling down at me, while enjoying a very fine slice of Banoffee Pie.

      Looks like Tucker, when younger, had his own fantasy bad boys. Just like many a college dorm of that era sported a requisite Che Guevara poster.

    • cobo says:

      I have respect for the Hells Angels. I lived next to a group of them in Ocean Beach, when I graduated high school. I was there when they held the funeral for their local president, killed by a Mongol at Dumont’s in El Cajon in 1973. Sonny Barger passed away in the town where I now live. I thought about attending his funeral in Stockton, but I felt that it was a family affair, even though he has a big family. I recognize Ralph Sonny Barger as an American hero, and I would never imagine someone using his funeral as an opportunity to make his hard-core-right-wing cred, as Tucker has done. Tucker is faker than fake, wussy elitist bitch. He reflects the efforts of the globalists to pretend to stand for the hardcore real American, disgusting.

  15. MJ says:

    No way the United States did this one…no one on Washington can keep their yaps shut anymore. Somebody would have bragged to the Post or Times already. Scoopable Secrets last for minutes.

  16. Poul says:

    Worth noticing that in 2015 an underwater drone with explosives was found by the Swedish military. Who might have done that?

  17. Vince says:

    A submerged steel pipeline with a pretty thick layer of reinforced concrete casing is virtually unable to ‘accidentally’ explode. There is no oxygen required for combustion. Demolition charges will leave tell tale fracturing signatures, we’ll have to wait for the forensic investigations. Hopefully, the engineers can valve off pipe sections to minimize gas loss. Whoever is responsible is certifiably insane and should be drawn and quartered when caught.

  18. Jose says:

    1. “Russian Partisans,” I really expected the blog to be more tolerant of opposing views since we are committee of coresponcdence but, ….

    2. Best best event for Russia since the energy prices will go through the roof after this event plus the US SPR (Straetigic Petroleum Reserve) is almost empty. There alternative markets.

    3. The pain that is coming to people is going to hurt this Winter:

    “He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight.” – Sun Tu

  19. eakens says:

    Yes, it was necessary. Maybe somebody watching will have the guts to write a letter to their congressman or senator to try and effect some change. Sanity can use all the help it can get.

    If we really wanted to weaken Russia and not destroy Europe, we could have simply cut a deal with Iran/Syria to get gas into Europe via Turkey and/or Mediterranean ports. Alas, that would have been bad for Israel.

  20. mcohen says:

    Blow my pipe up for sure.the whole thing is tightly interlocked.chess game with many players.

  21. Dolores O´Neil says:

    It is not partisan to be decent and honest and condemn and reject what perpetuates war an international crime.

    • TTG says:

      Dolores O´Neil,

      Tucker openly and gleefully cheers on the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Nor have I heard him condemn and reject either this illegal and criminal invasion or Russia’s brutality against civilians, also a war crime. Tulsi, on the other hand, is against US involvement in any foreign adventure. Whether she has a similar disdain for Russian foreign adventures, I’m not certain.

  22. Dan says:

    I haven’t checked this site in a while, but its definitely surprising to see the top two posts being a claim that Russia destroyed its own pipeline, and Col. Lang engaging in some bottom of the barrel red scare rhetoric. I’ll try somewhere else.

    • Deap says:

      It has been a pretty free-reeling discussion, when you read all the posts. Kudos to the moderator for allowing this fulsome exchange. Underscores the enduring value of what one continues to learn here.

    • borko says:


      Go to Martyanov’s blog. They are still celebrating the imminent arrival of Steiner with his rescue forces for Liman.

      Seriously though, you should definitely check more than top 2 posts. I for one don’t believe Russians blew up their own pipelines.

  23. Deap says:

    For background reading how “all of this” may have gotten its start, I am finding the book “The Tower of Basel” (Adam Lebor) to be a fascinating history of modern Europe from post WWI and the rise of international banking.

    According to this author, modern European realignments started with the Bank of International Settlements(BIS) which was created to handle German post WWI war reparation payments. The BIS building is the Tower of Basel (Switzerland)

    The mission was to also become a centralized and private voluntary banking authority, with the intent to stabilize post- war Europe against the background threat of the spread of the communism after the 1917 overthrow of Russia. All created with a gentlemen’s agreements, handshakes, secrecy, and now continues with fine dining and wine at the 18th floor dining room.

    Gives new insights into the rise of Hitler and why “Good Germans” were able to turn a blind eye to its increasingly disturbing elements that were becoming more obvious. Turns out …… it’s the economy, stupid (auf Deustch) …….. got traction here too, as a primary political motivator.

    I lived in Basel only a few blocks away from this new BIS tower for a year and half and always heard that underground the streets of Basel was stored more gold than anywhere else in the world. Zurich may be the more glamorous public face of international banking, but Basel is where the headquarters of the entire enterprise was located.

    The city was chosen originally because it was a more humdrum face, but faced both France and Germany. And now has tentacles around the world. All on a handshake.

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