Military Access Survey

Ear From time to time I like to take a survey of the locations from which people can access SST on military, on-base computers, NIPR net,etc.

Please write to let me know.  Someone please make me a map if you have the time.  A serving officer (O-6) has written to tell me that he feels that he is being deprived of his civil rights by arbitrary and unpredictable DoD action in blocking SST on government computers that access the internet. pl

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15 Responses to Military Access Survey

  1. Chris Bolan says:

    US Army War College in Carlisle, PA
    All my best to you and Marguerite!

  2. Tom Coyle says:

    Defense Language Institute in Monterey, CA

  3. Kevin K says:

    I’m a civilian that works at WRAMC, but I mostly read at home.

  4. hotrod says:

    A Contingency Operating Base (COB) in Salah ah Dinh province, Iraq.

  5. Andy says:

    Your site is blocked on every Air Force computer because it is part of the typepad domain. Air Force comm are the SS of security Nazi’s. We can’t even access many government sites and most Air Force email systems cannot send or receive email from Hotmail and some other webmail systems.
    So I read at home.

  6. Eric J says:

    FOB Fenty, Jalalabad Afghanistan. I use a private satellite system, NIPRnet is too slow.

  7. J Kemp says:

    never at work (civilian DOD).
    SST is daily news at home.

  8. Watcher says:

    unable to at work (DIA) but on my iPhone once I leave the building

  9. feocito says:

    You are now blocked at Ft Leavenworth

  10. JD says:

    Sometimes yes, sometimes no, from Ft Gordon, GA. IA is is a bit Bi-Polar at the home of the Signal Corps.

  11. Bill H. says:

    On a fellowship this year and off the .mil domain. Hope to be able to read it with my on base computer at my next duty station.

  12. feocito says:

    Update — Leavenworth is back online.
    Mea culpa.

  13. Pan says:

    NSA at Ft Meade, MD

  14. Bob says:

    Colonel – stayed late at the office today and checked. Got to the website with no problem via the Army network in Wiesbaden.

  15. Starbuck says:

    You are blocked on the military network at COB Speicher in Iraq, but I can access this through the civilian Internet.

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