Morning After Sickness for the Dems by Larry C Johnson

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Bernie is done as burnt toast. Reminds me of a man I knew who believed in resurrection for the dead. His son-in-law died accidentally in a horrible accident. At the graveyard, this old gent insisted that God would intervene and his son-in-law would come out of the grave and return to life. One of his trusted, wiser friends kept telling him, “Ed, he ain’t coming up. He ain’t coming up.”

Advice to Bernie–You ain’t coming back.

Let’s look at the results from yesterday and compare to 2016.

Bernie collected less than half the delegates from these states (111) than he did in 2016. In simple terms, Biden crushed Bernie in the delegate haul. Across the board, Bernie’s percentage of votes this time compared to 2016 fell way short. An abysmal performance.

While Democrats are busy celebrating a “record” turnout, they should damper their excitement. The increases came in states with OPEN primaries. That means some Republicans and Independents crossed over to vote. Was this a continuance of Operation Chaos?

Idaho–This was an open caucus in 2016. Bernie garnered 78% of the votes in that contest.

2020–42.5% for Bernie, who earned 9 delegates.

Michigan (Open primary)

Bernie 2016 — 598,943 (49.7%)            Bernie — 36.4%, 576,916   52 delegates

Hillary 2016 — 581,775 (48.3%)            Biden — 52.9%, 838,564.   72 delegates

Mississippi (Open primary)

Bernie 2016 —   37,748 (16.6%)            Bernie — 14.8%, 39,915   2 delegates

Hillary 2016 — 187,334 (82.5%)            Biden — 81.1%,  218,538  31 delegates

Missouri (Open primary)

Bernie 2016 — 310,711(49.4%)             Bernie — 34.6%,  229,638 23 delegates

Hillary 2016 — 312,285 (49.6%)            Biden — 60.1%,  399,439. 40 delegates

North Dakota

Bernie 2016 –Caucus, 64.2%                 Bernie – – 53.3%  8 delegates

Hillary 2016 —                                       Biden — 39.8%    6 delegates

Washington–With only 67% of the votes counted

Bernie 2016 — 72.7% of the caucus.        Bernie — 32.7%,  335,498   17 delegates

Hillary 2016 —                                        Biden — 32.5%,  333,414    17 delegates.

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15 Responses to Morning After Sickness for the Dems by Larry C Johnson

  1. Diana Croissant says:

    I am looking forward to the Biden campaign. It should provide lots of interesting stories. I personally want to hear more about this Corn Pop character. Is he round and yellow like the cereal?
    The investigations into Hunter will also provide some interesting stories. And will Joe remember the difference between his wife and his sister?
    But then, it is sad that we won’t be getting more information about what humanitarians the Castro crowd were and are.
    I’m sure, however, that Trump is have fun getting ready for the debate.

  2. D says:

    Bernie has money and ground troops. He can bedevil the Democrat establishment right up to election day. He owes the DNC nothing; and vice versa. Let him make his case, because there are plenty behind him with the exact same pitch.
    We do need a national referendum on this growing topic that primed an entire generation to swallow it without one ounce of facts or critical thinking. We are stuck with them so why not let them put their cards on the table in a national referendum.
    Bernie and the SJW snowflakes versus the rest of us. Maybe this will “bring us together”.

  3. Timothy Hagios says:

    I wouldn’t count Bernie out yet. The probability that Biden will commit political suicide in the next few weeks isn’t very high, but it notably isn’t zero, either. If Biden gets caught propositioning a 5-year-old, belts out racial slurs out of senility, or carries out a Bloomberg-level performance at the upcoming debate, Bernie may still end up as the last man standing.

  4. Upstate NY'er says:

    Ah, the millennials – can’t change a tire, can’t make change, “think” that the world is melting, but……they CAN text and whine at the same time.
    Makes for natural brain dead Sanders voters – when they figure out how to register to vote.

  5. D says:

    Millennials don’t have to figure out how to register to vote in California. We do this for them.
    If not automatically registered when they get a Drivers License, all they have to do is show up at the polling place on election day and demand to register and vote on the same day.
    This is called “Expanding Voter Participation”. Others call it public sector union-thugged vote harvesting; but then we get accused of Voter Suppression.

  6. D says:

    Millennials come into their own once they stop blaming their parents for their own upbringing. Just like every other prior generation was ultimately forced to do.
    However, never confuse observations with “bashing”. They are merely perspectives viewed from a different perspective who sees life both fowards and backwards; not just forwards. Stick around and please continue sharing your perspectives.

  7. CK says:

    After the DNC finishes screwing Bernie, it would only be fair for him to announce that he is running as an independent party candidate for the presidency.

  8. different clue says:

    Sanders won’t do that, because he truly believes that “defeating Trump” is Job One.
    That doesn’t mean that all his supporters have to think that “defeating Trump” is THEIR Job One. They might decide that getting revenge on the DNC and the DemParty is their own personal Job One . . . at least for a while. They might actually put Sanders’s name on all 50 state ballots without Sanders’s permission.
    Gabbards’ supporters might also do the same thing. If they do, then various unhappy campers will have two more choices than they had before.

  9. Richard Ong says:

    Any attempts to rationally assess anyone’s chances in the ongoing Dem Party six-month, frat party and mud wrestling extravaganza are doomed, doomed I tell you.
    Events of the hour, if not the last 30 years, seem more aptly captured in the opening moments of Bergman’s “The Seventh Seal.” This is some seriously sick [stuff] we’re dealing with and, inter alia, the Dems can’t be but sweating bullets over Joe the Walking Gaffemetron though that does, I admit, presuppose that they find Joe’s talk of AR-14s and running for the Senate disturbing. This has not been established.
    Murphy’s been on an extended vacation it seems and surely must be planning a triumphal return to the shores of The Exceptional, Indispensable Nation. When he does Bernie, Tulsi (go Tulsi!), Sacajawea, Willy’s Punch, Warrior Pete, Bloombucks, Senor Booker, Ms. Moon Calf, the Pander Bear, Yangman, William of Gotham, and The Unindicted One may suddenly find that the way is clear for a smart Pee-wee Herman tricycle ride up the middle to victory as a salvationist, compromise candidate to take on the Trumpster.
    Maybe this is a world where having a majority of delegates in your back pocket is a slam dunk for the nomination but, frankly, I’m not seeing that this is that kind of world any more. DNC “rules” are, to say the least, of a not-set-in-concrete-and-distinctly-vaporous nature, mere suggestions a la Bill Murray contemplating the delicious Sigourney. And Joe could always experience “health problems” in the near future, in which case I’m definitely hearing voices moaning “brokered conventionnnnnnn” coming from my refrigerator.
    If I were Bernie I wouldn’t exit the field just.

  10. Serge says:

    Richard Ong,
    Speaking of The Seventh Seal, Max von Sydow passed earlier in the week. Highly recommend this film to any that haven’t seen it.

  11. Richard Ong says:

    I’m sorry to hear it, Serge. He was a unique talent.
    On the subject of great movies allow me to recommend the Finnish movie “The Man without a Past” (2002). It is a gem.

  12. D says:

    Richard Ong:
    “Deer in the headlights” Trump is done for. Did you see him on the TeeVee? His Coronavirus response blew his chances. Biden won’t be far behind if he fails in bullshitting (and staying lucid which I doubt) the American people in the upcoming debate. That leaves Sanders (the Commie), the only rational one remaining of the three. I prefer the Commie. Just my opinion, I could be wrong.

  13. turcopolier says:

    “”Deer in the headlights” Trump is done for. Did you see him on the TeeVee? His Coronavirus response blew his chances.” How so?

  14. Richard Ong says:

    I did not see his speech on the corona virus response. To say that he blew his chances presupposes that there is a response to the virus that is crystal clear, patently obvious, minimally burdensome, and certain to solve the problem. Whereas, in poinit of fact, this possibly a huge problem whose so-far seemingly most effective solution is stopping all internal and external communication and everyone staying home out of an abundance of caution. This is known to cogniscenti like myself as the “kill the economy” option which Trump and other leaders may be forgiven for embracing with all their might.
    I think most people understand that this is a giant furball that does not lend itself to easy solutions, let alone accurate assessment. Of course, there’s solid evidence of the US and Western elites’ and populations’ flight from reason and descent into gibbering pussyhat-wearing, tattooed, pierced, feminized, progressive fagophilia so that demographic would make the content of Trump’s speech irrelevant were he Cicero himself. It’s a demographic given a false prominence by the media so I’m going with basic common sense dictating that the best of men will struggle when faced with a problem of this nature.
    I’m given to phlegmatism temperamentally so I’ve yet to be convinced that this will be more deadly than your garden-variety flu. Only events will separate the sheep from the goats on this point.
    Biden will step on his yingyang on any and every topic you want to name. If Bernie’s rational then I pray for dementia for myself. The ship done sailed for his brand of political stupidity and it takes a special kind of stupid to advocate the stuff that he does. A stupidity shared by all the present and recent Dem candidates including, alas, even Tulsi on the “helicopter money for the duration” point.
    One way or another it’s impossible to not notice that we are witnessing the results of a massive evaporation of legitimacy in the Western world. EVERY decision of the last 30 years has involved a deliberate turning away from decency, common sense, and loyalty to one’s own. Examples well known to all.
    Whomever you and other voters like it will be irrelevant as the string pullers behind the DNC simply CAN’T permit the nomination process to play out and make the obviously-failing Biden the nominee. If they think he can be persuaded to resign after his unlikely inauguration then I think they are deluding themselves if they think they will not unleash the whirlwind. The sun has set on those bright days of consequence-free politics. They just don’t know it yet.

  15. Fred says:

    The cnnmsdnc viewers are all buying into the panic. When millions don’t die comrade Sanders saying “I could have done better” isn’t going to be a winning strategy. Try suppressing the vote in September by repeating the panic one my time and reminding everyone who let China into the WTO and who signed NAFTA and see how that works.

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