Mostly Peaceful Protests in D.C.


Commentary by Fred.

The nation's capital witnessed a massive and mostly peaceful protest today. During this mostly peaceful event tens of thousands of law abiding concerned citizens gathered to discuss their greviences, to air them before the press and government officials. The national leadership was all gathered in the city to attend to pressing matters of state. What better time for a rally and protest and a march for peace than when all our leaders are there to hear and see. 

This event even garnered the support of many on the left side of the political spectrum, as we can see from this tweet from a prominent national leader:


Here we see an evening photo of the mostly peaceful event.


Here we see video of the action:



That's Minneapolis' earlier "mostly peaceful" protests. The video is of an earlier  "mostly peaceful" protest in Chicago, a city that had 4174 shootings, leaving 3455 wounded and 719 dead in 2020. (The Democratic City Government cut police funding as a result.) 

Boy do I need a Mea Culpa. How could I put up all those wrong event photos. I sure hope you don't think I'm auditioning for CNN. Fortunately I didn't put up the ones of  "mostly peaceful" protests in Portland or Seattle. 

Now here we see our nation's finest in action.

FBI Knee

Sorry. That didn't happen today. That's FBI kneeling before the Black Liberation Movement Lives Matter people earlier in the year. 

I think I might have overdone it. Please Stand Bye.



Scenes from inside the Capital building:

Congress Flees

Truly some Profiles in Courage. Brave Sir Robin must be a role model. Then there's these guys:

BLM plants

Bernie Kerik says two of them on (circled in red) were with BLM protests back in June. False Flag? Agents Provocateur?  How dare you think that.

However it looks like Cruz and Cotton, along with Rubio and Romney, all missed their Yeltsin moment. So did Pence and Pelosi.


Yes, somebody might actually have tried to shoot that man. 

Also reported today: Two pipe bombs at RNC HQ (That's Repubican BTW).

False Flag? How dare you think that. 74,000,000 people voted for Trump, but now the left will craft a campaign of Covid as the plague  that there is ingrained hatred, bigotry and systemic racism amongst those individuals, especially those who went to D.C., regardless of what they did there. If you remember Christine Beasley Ford, if you remember Nathan Phillips and the Covington kids at the Lincoln Memorial, if you remember 15 days to slow the spread – you ain't seen nothin' yet.

Here's the same companies that knew BLM protests were "mostly peaceful".


Aint' the internet grand. You can signal your virtue before the facts are even in. Someone should tell him the tranfer of power isn't today, but the 20th, and also  remind him of who did what to whom. As seen here:

Closing summary: The President called on all supporters to be peaceful and to return home. (Facebook edited the first 15 seconds of the most recent video released by the President of the United States, the 15 seconds that mentioned the stolen election. None dare call that suppression of news.) Update: Facebook either deleted it or someone else did. Sorry. Time, or news suppression, flies.  "… isolate, marginalize and eliminate the message of President Trump." as Sundance put it. 

On a bright note all media sources say this was the most secure election in national history.  I expect they'll say the same thing about Georgia's run off election yesterday, and all future American elections. Reports are that the Senate is due to reconvene tonight (if they have not done so already) and ram through the landslide Joe continue their business. I'm sure the soon to be inaugurated president's first 100 days will be epic. I can feel the reconciliation in my blood. 

……… Footnotes and closing thoughts:

Caption photo is of the Black Panthers inside the Capital building in 1967

Also, it was an unarmed white woman shot and killed inside the Capital building today -by the Capitol Hill Police. Fear not, no police officers are going to get charged in that shooting. 

What do I think of the actions?

  1. Well, The Donald, WTF did you think would happen with a few hundred thousand people showing up? It would be free of idiots and agents provacateur?
  2. Mayor Bowser, congratulations on demanding the federal government not provide any additional security. 
  3. Only one report of one person shot, and that was by the police. "Mostly Peaceful" sure applies. 
  4. Lots of running away inside Congress. Just what were you told and where are all those brave combat vets we hear so much about? Not a good look for any of you. Especially The Honorable Mr. Eyepatch.
  5. The left is going to be out for blood. Expect charges, even if fabricated, against Trump and a number of rally organizers. Probably many of the attendees.
  6. Hope your taxes are all in order for the next four years.
  7. NRA, have fun with the new laws coming your way in all 50 states. 
  8. Beto, good luck taking those guns away from BLM/Antifa. Just kidding, they'll be auxiliary police units soon.
  9. Where's the Kraken? Oh, yeah. The CIA program, the servers in Germany, yada yada.
  10. Where's Gina Haspel?
  11. You still haven't fired Fauci? At least you still have time to do that.
  12. You haven't initiated the emergency broadcasting system to force all those media companies to at least broadcast your prior message for people to disperse? Now might be a good time for that. 

Now, what color is your revolution?  Sure looks like the standard playbook in action, but then I'm just a rube of a middle manager in the automotive industry who got a rude awakening when he actually ran for office more than a decade ago.  

One final closing thought. This is only day 6 of the new year. I wonder what tommorrow will bring?

Footnote 2:
Trumps suppressed speach is now available via here, enjoy. 

post by Fred

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27 Responses to Mostly Peaceful Protests in D.C.

  1. jim ticehurst says:

    I appreiate the Content and Meaning of Freds Post…Thank You for the Reality Check…

  2. JerseyJeffersonian says:

    Thanks, Fred.
    So, why didn’t one of those brave, highly-trained LEOs of the Capitol Police either pull Ashlii through the window that she was awkwardly climbing through and handcuff her, or just shove her back to the other side of the wall instead of shooting her to death? Inquiring minds want to know… And what do you bet that there will be no charges brought at the end of the shamvestigation? They’ll probably pin a medal on him instead (and doubtless he will remain anonymous, with his identity protected unlike the white officers who shot criminals trying to grab their guns with which they wanted to shoot the officers).
    These last few years have been rather like those home shows with a Great Reveal at the end, but we keep getting reveals one after the other. The only suspense is how much these creatures hate us and want us immiserated, humiliated, and dead. Apparently we’re still finding out how bad it can get.

  3. Fred says:

    Jersey Jeffersonian,
    The Left went from ACAB to Back the Blue in less than an hour. Ashli Babbit, 14 year AF veteran is the first martyr of America’s third revolution. The left and the cuckconservatives and Fake Americans are already demanding kneeling in submission. Meanwhile, an hour after I posted this, more confirmation that there were multiple Antifa operatives within the crowd and who entered the capital, including the guy with fur and horned hat.
    Senator Coons (?) just labeled the entire crowd of 250,000+ domestic terrorists. Hirono is droning on about “blood was shed” in the capital building, but left out the ‘by the police’.

  4. jim ticehurst says:

    The Man with Dark Curley Long Hair and White Beard…using a Plastic Device to Break out the Windows ..Similar to Antifas Tactics with thier Skate Boards…and then Pushing Young Men wearing Cammis and Back Packs into the Capital…and who do NOT look at all like anyone MAGA…Is a Primary Operator and should be Identified and Profiled..

  5. Deap says:

    Washington DC’s unsolved mysteries for mysterious Democrat advantage:
    1. Seth Eich
    2. Ashli Babbit
    Any chance Ashli Babbit was undercover FBI infiltrating Antifa – with her military and security background? Any chance she was taken out intentionally? Any chance we will ever get the real story, or do we in fact know she was shot by the police.
    This event sucked all the oxygen out of the election fraud hearings. How convenient. How very convenient. False flags flying all over the field. But there is no resource left that will ever find out what really went down today. Did the Capitol police make it easy for them to break their lines?
    No, I do not believe Trump supporters would do this. Yes, I do believe this event was exploited by same incestuous Antifa-BLM-Act Blue crowd that kept violence and threats of even more violence on the forefront of everyone’s minds ……… if Trump actually won 2020.
    The timing of this incident – just when the public record was being made about Democrat election fraud — does not pass the smell test. Neither does the assassination of the young lady.
    So many loose ends that were starting to gather, as well as unravelling troubling leftovers from the Obama administration. Now guaranteed to be deep-sixed forever. Without an electronic trace.
    How will they destroy Special Counsel Durham next? When will FoxNews kick Tucker Carlson to the curb? Is trump now damaged beyond rehabilitation?

  6. Fred,
    The clown is the bison horn headdress is QAnon. He’s been a fixture at rightwing rallies in mostly in AZ for the last year. He is Jake Angeli from AZ who regularly protests at the AZ statehouse and other places in support of Trump, against masks and many other QAnon causes. I don’t think he’s a leader of any kind, just another QAnon nutjob. The MAGA crowd has drawn a lot of these QAnon type in the last year along with their get ups more suitable for Burning Man. These are now your people, brother. Embrace them. We’re stuck with the Antifa wannabe ninjas.

  7. LondonBob says:

    Nah the Viking guy is not antifa, he was protesting against antifa in that photo from Arizona. I doubt there were any agitators.
    They were mostly peaceful and the police were standing around with them as they took their selfies. There were armed police in tactical garb just behind the air force veteran who was shot dead.
    Nothing like the BLM stuff. The left will come after them now though…

  8. Fred says:

    “Any chance Ashli Babbit was undercover”
    Close to zero.
    “Any chance she was taken out intentionally?”
    Looks like an intentional shot to the neck. I’m sure the D.C. police will quickly release all the bodycam footage.
    “Did the Capitol police make it easy for them to break their lines?”
    There’s already multiple videos online of the Capital Hill police opening the barricades outside and waving people into the grounds.
    “Any chance we will ever get the real story,….”
    Multiple Senators on the left have already called the gathering sedition, and not just in reference to the people going into the capital building. That is the official “real story”. That ‘real story’ includes one of Good Morning Ameica’s reporters telling us how BLM was met with ‘massive shows of force’ at 7:30 EST today.
    Did it strike anyone as odd that on the 1 day when all the American leadership of the legislative branch of office was present and on the Capital grounds that this is the best security the leadership of the Washington D.C. and the Legislative Branch of Government would allow?
    On a bright note for the Biden’s, Hunter’s laptop investigation isn’t an issue to the GOP elite any longer.
    What ‘mostly peaceful’ event are you refering too, one event in Arizona? That’s not the summer of love we just experienced in the year of Danger! that the China virus would kill off something besides old people the way the flu does.
    “There were armed police in tactical garb just behind the air force veteran who was shot dead.”
    That’s not where the bullet came from.

  9. LondonBob says:

    Mostly peaceful in regard to the protestors in the Capitol building, some windows smashed and doors damaged but nothing more that I have seen. As mentioned the woman shot had police fully kitted out right behind her and assisted her straight away.
    For such a violent and dangerous event seemed little damage, few injuries and police were milling about surrounded by protestors unharmed.

  10. ancientarcher says:

    Well, aren’t events going to plan?
    First, rig the election. Rig it in the face of a landslide for Trump, a rigging so egregious that they had to have excuses of burst water mains and had to ship in filled-in-ballots from out of state. The only stoppages in counting were in the swing states timed so that they could get the Biden ballots. A lot of irregularities found, and all were in Biden’s favour. Did the media bat an eyelid??? NO
    Second, the courts abrogated their duties and didn’t want to see any evidence of election irregularities. From the lowest to the highest courts in the land, none wanted to even take a look at whether the election process has been subverted. If you think that was strange, then you are naive. The fix was in.
    Third, the MSM blanked out any mention of Hunter Biden’s dealings with the Chinese. But remember the same MSM was in the forefront of the non-existent Russiagate controversy. A make-believe controversy created to hobble Trump’s presidency. Also see how the various intelligence agencies sat on evidence that would have exonerated Trump (Flynn’s case and conviction) and/or hurt Biden – (Hunter’s laptop: nothing to see there obviously).
    Fourth, they did the same thing in Georgia’s election. Just rigged it up again. And the republicans took it up their a$$ again. But this is not the last time. It will happen again, and again, and again. Next stop elections to the congress in 2 years.
    Fifth, when the crunch time comes, a fake event is created. Protesters are waved inside the Capitol. The MSM creates an impression of the event as if it was a coup attempt. Nothing happened. People went in, sat on chairs, desks, showed their placards and came back out when requested. The media made a big deal out of this. And yes, a young lady is killed/murdered by someone on law enforcement when she was definitely not a threat. A scene is created whereby all media oxygen/airtime is sucked in so that there is no space/airtime for anything else. The opposition to Biden’s confirmation will die.
    Still to come:
    1) The reversal of all Trump’s populist policies
    2) The hobbling of Trump by numerous lawsuits. They will tie him up in courts. Might even jail him. For sure, they will not allow him to contest another election
    3) Biden’s handlers will, with the help of RINOs, ‘clean up’ the place. All non-swamp creatures will be kicked out. The swamp will have truly won!
    Is any of the above surprising? was this all not predictable? What will the smellies do when all power is in the hands of the dems (as it will be in a couple of weeks)? If they protest, they will be termed as domestic terrorists and will see the whole force of the law land on them. The only thing they can do is to vote every two years, but that won’t matter – all elections will be rigged anyways, and the media (including Fox) will portray fake/biased exit polls to show that the dem wins were expected.
    You are fcked and can do nothing. Once the dems have power, they will squeeze you – out of your rights, money, guns, you just wait and see. History is written by the winners and in 20 years, you will be remembered as domestic terrorists. Heck, you are hearing it from media right now.
    Unfortunate to see, but the other side has played all the right cards. Heck, they had a loaded hand. They have law enforcement in their pocket (remember Barr, Durham,..). They even have the support of the courts (including the gents in the supreme court). You didn’t and don’t understand the power that complete control of the media gives them. They have used that to hobble Trump’s presidency, rig the elections against him and to top it off, paint him as the villain. This is how history will remember it. This is how America was lost!

  11. Fred says:

    “These are now your people, brother. Embrace them.”
    Up yours, brother. Respectfully of course. They are just as mine as BLM is yours.
    “We’re stuck with the Antifa wannabe ninjas.” Perhaps, but wannabes aren’t the Antifa that burned Seattle, Portland or Minneapolis or multiple other cities. I’m sure if one of the police officers there had done (assuming the video is accurate) this :
    then none of that violence would have occurred, right? See my point 1 for if you didn’t get it the first time.

  12. Deap says:

    ancient archer, you described what Democrat insiders did to the state of California over the past 20 years of term-limits and Democrat public sector union takeover which created a one-party supermajority, dedicated to ramming through every self-protection measures possible.
    You are not presenting a fantasy scenario based upon worst case possible – you just described our recent state history. Good thing is, this 20 year Democrat insider takeover of California is starting to fray at the edges.
    Because we got this 20 year jump start, we are also now starting to experience possible solutions and ultimate outcomes: voter pushback, one million signatures for governor recall, and outward migration of population and key one percent tax payers.
    Public K-12 falling to a #45 ranking nationwide is the most egregious outcome of this one party rule – for the “party of education”.
    Democrats unilaterally running rough shod over our state’s 40 million population will demonstrate the consequences when they finally go too far. Or, what happens when we do not go far enough in opposition. Our past is your prologue. It has not been pretty in California.

  13. Artemesia says:

    imho A closer look at Mike Flynn is in order.
    Why would someone who co-authored a book with Michael Ledeen appoint himself as leader & inspiration of MAGAites?
    And why oh why would the two post-election Trump rallies in DC that Flynn organized be themed, Jericho, and feature blowing on the shofar? Chuck Schumer could not have framed it better. Suggests to this skeptic that maybe Schumer had a hand in it.
    (In a history of ancient Israel, archeologist – historian Eric Cline observed that Joshua’s attack and overthrow of Jericho followed successful military operation tactics and strategy. Catholic Flynn would assess such knowledge differently than the way an evangelical Protestant would, and certainly with different salience from that of a Jewish zionist. Was Flynn just ill-informed?)
    Open statements that Pence is looking around for ways to earn a living post-government payroll. It is my suspicion that Pence is, as mentioned above, a Brutus.
    Flynn must also be in need of financial support, even more dire than Pence, with hefty legal bills.
    Did somebody pay Flynn to gather a gullible crowd that was then betrayed to the elites? Who would have done such a thing?

  14. Fred says:

    As a former VP Pence will get a salary, secret service protect and funding for staff. That’s on top of any pensions he earned for service in other elected offices. Good luck looking into Flynn, the DOJ did that for four years.

  15. Barbara Ann says:

    Ashli Babbitt’s martyrdom was captured on camera, she was clearly murdered in cold blood. I hope to see streets named after her one day.
    You are a good man. It is a tragedy that “your people” and our people cannot get along. I fear the die is cast.

  16. Kilo 4/11 says:

    “The peaceful transfer of power” is a phrase I will never be able to say again without a scowl, assuming I don’t actually choke on it.

  17. Kilo 4/11 says:

    Fred, your humor rubs me the right way – and right about now, I could use multiple full-body rubdowns! (Don’t worry, that will be the missus’ job!)

  18. Deap says:

    I rushed to judgement claiming Antifa – looks like some of the worst street performers yesterday were Trump supporting good old boys. I retract my hasty accusations.

  19. Serge says:

    “Jake Angeli, shamanic practitioner, leads the crowd in a yell before the march in solidarity with climate activism groups across the country to the Arizona State Capitol Building Friday, September 20, 2019.”
    As TTG said the QAnon/Proud Boys wing of this phenomenon certainly aren’t going anywhere, and they have far more in common with Antifa than they would ever like to admit. I expect lots of organized violence from these types in the coming years.

  20. Fred says:

    The left’s collective cattle branding of 250,000+ people in D.C. yesterday continues apace. If memory serves TTG previous stated that Antifa is an idea and not an organized body. Perhaps that was only a quote of Biden saying that during one of the debates. The “Proud Boys” is definitely organized and the D.C. police arrested and charged the founder of the group with multiple charges on Monday the 4th with burning the sacred banner of BLM.

  21. Serge says:

    Yes, from what I can tell the PB structure is very similar to antifa: decentralized local chapters with no real overarching higher authority. The Qanon idea, and other things running along that tangent, is what unites people like Jake Angeli(shamanistic practitioner) to people like the PB. The protests yesterday were notably devoid of the usual “white supremacists”, from what I could tell. The Qanon idea attracts the same type of people as the Pizzagate idea in 2016, the undercurrent is the same. Big trouble ahead, depending on what the democrats do with their power.

  22. Serge and Fred,
    Proud Boys are much more centrally organized with a chairman/leader and “elder chapter. They have a group lawyer and hold trademarks. Their “bylaws” and initiation rituals are well established for a group only five years old. Antifa, on the other hand has been around forever as a concept and activity. Their groups are strictly decentralized and local with no overarching hierarchical structure, although this certainly doesn’t rule out regional coordination. This lack of structure, along with the wide use of masks, is by design to hinder government surveillance. Antifa has been historically anti-government.
    The boogaloo bois are probably closer to Antifa in how they organize. They could be left or right oriented, but are consistently anarchist in outlook and usually accelerationist. They sometimes cooperate with police and sometimes kill police. It doesn’t matter to them as long as it moves towards the destruction of government and society. These clowns don’t have a clue what they’re asking for.
    QAnon is Pizzagate and an international cabal of cannibalistic pedophiles. Trump is supposed to be the savior sent by God to rid us all from the cabal. I think a large swath of Trumpers are infected with this particularly virulent strain of cuckoo. I have no idea whether QAnon will slink back to 8kun after Trump leaves office or not. The chance of him making another run for the White House or the promise of one of his children doing so may be enough to keep QAnon flourishing.

  23. Fred says:

    “This lack of structure, along with the wide use of masks, is by design to hinder government surveillance. Antifa has been historically anti-government. ”
    The Democrats demanded manadatory masks in multiple cities this year. When I posited, whether here or other mediums, that this aided terrorist groups like Antifa I was excoriated for it.
    “…although this certainly doesn’t rule out regional coordination.”
    Just how can you regionally coordinate a non-structured organization? Whose regional message are their non-organized members to follow? QAnon and Pizzagate and 8kun? Really TTG, can’t let up with them? They’re simultaneously a boogie man to wrap a propagandist story around and irrelevant.

  24. Deap says:

    The “Trump supporter” who was shot by Capitol Police was in fact a QAnon LIBERTARIAN, with a very sketchy history of retraining orders and violence. Do not commit partisan injustice in my name.

  25. Deap says:

    Why did DOJ spend four years trying to take Trump down, when these radical insurrection groups of all stripes were breeding right under their noses?
    They operated openly, they had names, structure, motives and money. Yet all we got from DOJ was OrangeManBad. No, deep state, partisan and politicized deep state, is bad. Bad, bad, bad.
    High tech, they will eat you too. Because you don’t understand their real agenda. Self-preservation is their real agenda, and they are coming after you and your accumulated wealth to support themselves only.
    Google-Alphabet, you don’t like the idea of your employees forming a union. Then how can you support Biden-Harris, the Green New Deal and BLM-Act Blue when they tell you up front in their own public manifestos, all jobs are to be union dues paying jobs and all barriers to employee unionizing shall be eliminated.
    You need a come to Jesus moment, High Tech. They are coming after you.

  26. Fred says:

    “Do not commit partisan injustice in my name.”
    I do not know who you are responding to but nothing posted here is done in your name.

  27. Kilo 4/11 says:

    “You need a come to Jesus moment, High Tech.”
    You should refrain from using Our Lord’s name in a trivializing manner. And of course the idea of the tech giants, run mostly by hindoos and Jews, having any reverence for Our Savior is ludicrous.

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