Munich, Israel’s “Hit Team”, and the Crusade to overthrow Jeremy Corbyn–Decameron


“Can you get me the author of the piece on the Fraunces Tavern bombing?  I’d like to talk.” 

That unexpected phone call seeking out a free-lancer in the mid-1970s, who had researched and written about the support networks in New York behind then-current terrorist groups, the Black Liberation Army (BLA) and the FALN (the Puerto Rican independence group, Fuerzas Armadas de Liberacion Nacional) began a several-year long fascinating relationship between veteran journalist David Tinnin and the journalist.  The young journalist had gone down into the grey and black areas of terrorist networks, finding that FBI and CIA handling of information “assets” had facilitated circles, safehouses and organizations that were involved in the terrorism.  The journalist identified these as critical “support networks.”  Was the role of FBI and CIA “deliberate,” or justifiable and necessary counter-terrorism work?  Was the “deep state” using preventable terrorist murders to justify another agenda?  Including wiping out more innocent people and organizations that were on the “enemies’ list”?  FBI’s COINTELPRO was still in full swing. Certainly, in the cases of the BLA and FALN, secret services’ running the “assets” didn’t work to protect the public.   The BLA was accused of killing 13 New York police officers while they were on patrol in a short span in the early 1970s. 

As to the FALN, on January 25, 1975, the New York Daily News reported:

“Four men were killed, and 43 persons were injured yesterday when a dynamite powered fragmentation bomb, reportedly planted by an underground Puerto Rican group, exploded and spewed nails and other shrapnel through historic Fraunces Tavern [an historic building turned restaurant] an exclusive dining club in the Wall Street district.

This story isn’t about that 1970s journalist, though.  It’s about Israel’s assassination squads, Munich, and the current crusade against British Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn. for criticizing Israel’s and particularly Netanyahu’s barbaric policies against the Palestinian people.   But remarkably, David Tinnin and his 43-year-old book are very relevant.

Corbyn-haters have dug up an incident in Tunisia in 2014, where Corbyn was present at a graveyard commemoration along with officials of the Tunisian government. 

According to a different, and brave, young journalist – Owen Jones in the Guardian of August 14th—the attack on Corbyn is pure hypocrisy. He wrote:

“Corbyn was attending a conference as a backbencher at the invitation of Tunisian president Moncef Marzouki, a respected human rights campaigner who had been a prominent dissident under the western-backed dictatorship of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. The aim of the conference was to build unity between the divided Palestinian factions, and it culminated in the laying of a wreath at a memorial for the dozens of people killed, civilians among them, when the Israelis bombed the PLO’s headquarters in 1985. Back then, Margaret Thatcher herself contested Israeli claims that the attack “was justified in international law”, and reportedly said she had `recoiled from Israel’s attack on Tunis with the killing of many civilians’.

Jones called his piece, “The Corbyn wreath ‘scandal’ is just an exercise in hypocrisy.”  Well said.  Hopefully, the young journalist Jones won’t be tarred with the “anti-Semitism” brush for trying to get at the truth.

Back to the 1970s

To better understand what Corbyn-haters are up to, look at the aftermath of Munich. 

That’s why David Tinnin –an unsung hero and author of the amazing, bare-naked exposure of Israeli assassination teams in the book, “Hit Team” – is worth remembering, and his book is still worth reading.

“Hit Team” can still be found on Amazon.  In some cases, Amazon calls “Hit Team,” a novel.  It is not. It’s non-fiction – a naked account of the black ops (not “official” Mossad) assassination teams that killed 11 out of the 12 alleged Munich terrorists of “Black September,” or maybe their financiers or facilitators.  And–killed one innocent dark-complexioned Middle East waiter in Scandinavia.   Dag Christensen was the photo-journalist who wrote the book with Tinnin.   Sources say that he actually photographed the murdered waiter after the Israeli hit team got to him.  And sources say that many other innocent civilians were killed a "collateral damage" in the Israeli "terror against terror" campaigns. 

The 1991 Every Spy a Prince, authored by prominent Israelis, is another gut-wrenching look at America’s “best ally”.   Some terrorist incidents are not terrorist incidents. 

“Munich,” a film produced by Stephen Spielberg in 2005, based on Canadian George Jonas’ novel Vengeance can provide another view.  Jonas had a lot of input from ex-Israeli intelligence sources – those who stayed in Israel and some who left.  And then there's John LeCarre's "Little Drummer Girl."    

Across the Pond

There’s a drive to drive Jeremy Corbyn out of the British Labour Party, at a point that Tory Prime Minister Theresa May could be on her last leg.  That would be a travesty. 

One of the leading figures somewhat behind the scenes in the anti-Corbyn crusade is Tony Blair – the Labourite ex-PM who brought us the Iraq war.  Blair was “more Cheney than Cheney” and “more Netanyahu than Netanyahu.”  

Some say, Netanyahu and the Israelis are in their “end game” against the Palestinians.  Out to engineer another Nakba – have the Palestinian people leave in droves, especially after the new “Israel Nation State” law.  Those who stay can slavishly bow to radical Zionism.  Those who protest can be murdered – like the recent killing of a 23-year old pregnant Palestinian mother and her 18-month-old baby in Gaza.  

Some protests, truth-telling, and Corbyn-support from “across the Pond” are in order.  And not only from the young.

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