“Murdoch recently condemned cancel culture as ‘awful woke orthodoxy'”

“”For those of us in media, there is a real challenge to confront a wave of censorship that seeks to silence conversation, to stifle debate and ultimately stop individuals and societies from realizing their potential,” Murdoch continued.

This rigidly enforced conformity, aided and abetted by so-called social media, is a straitjacket on sensibility. Too many people have fought too hard, in too many places, for freedom of speech to be suppressed by this awful woke orthodoxy,” he said. He encouraged young people to “have the confidence to follow opportunity, be ambitious, to be curious” and advised them never to be self-satisfied or smug, saying they weren’t “ingredients for professional success.””

Comment: I have heard people in the UK refer to this man as “the dirty digger.” I read this and now believe that he will save people like T. Carlson, Hannity and Varney. Bless him. pl


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    • Fred says:


      Dated April 17, 2013; “It is high time that Congress act to reform immigration and visa laws that are diminishing our country’s competitive position in the global economy and wasting precious resources for no good reason,” said Rupert Murdoch, Co-Chair of the Partnership for a New American Economy and Chairman and CEO of News Corp.”

      I read that as him telling Obama not to do what Obama eventually did.

      • Deap says:

        California loses $23 billion dollars net every year due to the costs of illegal immigration. Much of it going to the 1982 SCOTUS mandated free K-12 education for all illegals.

        That mandate needs reformation too – since its only accomplishment was making open borders a teacher union cash cow.

  1. james says:

    murdoch is one to talk, lol… what an in-congruent statement from him at the top! he stands for everything the exact opposite of what he preaches… this is typical with propagandists…

  2. Walrus says:

    I will ask certain people if they sent him happy birthday cards today. Rupert has a well rounded disgust for the British upper classes and their imitators which still serves him well.

    That is based on their treatment of his father – who as an Australian journalist at Gallipoli during WWI was the quintessential whistle blower on the rotten British Generalship of that sorry campaign.

  3. Deap says:

    The question some still ask in academia: do we prepare the road for the child; or the child for the road? Vote the latter. We have now reaped the former and it is not healthy for anyone. Except still misguided helicopter parents.

    How now to rehabilitate the collateral damage done to this overly coddled generation after overly preparing the road for the child -which harvested only perpetual childhood?

    What exactly was the infamous Rebel Without a Cause rebelling against? Never understood the popularity of that 1950’s enigmatic movie but it wildly resonated for a generation and one continues to see James Dean reverence around the world. Including a huge poster in an elegant hotel coffee shop in Bhopal, India. What was with that?

    Glad to see Fox is having a recalibration moment. For ideology or just filthy lucre? Either works.

    • TV says:

      James Dean:
      If you go to Marfa, TX, you can stay in the room at the El Paisano hotel that he used when they were filming GIANT.
      There is a gift shop with a life size cutout of Dean.
      Groupies come there, rent the room, borrow the cutout and have their picture taken in the room with the cutout.
      Imagine these dimwits voting?

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