My Dream Ticket for 2024

Kristi Noem

I do not think Trump should run again. He is hated in a visceral way by the Left and women generally cannot stand the sight of him. This is especially true of Black women. Another Trump candidacy may well lead to a second term for Biden.

DeSantis is much spoken of as a possible presidential candidate but IMO he should stay where he is demonstrating what an effective governor of a big state looks like.

Kristi Noem should be the first woman president. She is the successful governor of what can only be described as a cowboy state. She is popukar there and any replacement is likely to be another Republican.

My choice for a VP candidate would be former South Carolina member of the House Trey Gowdy. Since his departure from Congress, he has established himself as a leading TV news commentator. He has a personality that is unlikely to offend and as they used to say, “butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth.” pl

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  1. Babeltuap says:

    Trump got more legal votes than any US President. The hatred is amplification by the media and the criminal guild of the Federal Government but I hope he does not win or any Republican.

    We need the welfare state to get more welfare, more stimy checks, more inflation to eventually hyperinflation. Once things go horribly wrong of people voting for more welfare and suffering for it then we can finally rebuild the country with sound money and a just rule of law.

    • Whitewall says:

      If it is to be with “sound money” then it must be guided by the Austrian School of economics and not the ‘giggle slap and tickle’ Keynesian model that has allowed pols to spend us broke.

      • Bill Roche says:

        Yes, there was another approach to priming the pump other than deficit spending … it was a giant tax break. If we believe that money equals demand then the demand w/have come. The gov’t budget w/still have been at deficit but the spend/voting decision w/h been in people’s hands. I d/n understand that when I studied Keynes. He was a genius, but a socialist at heart.

        • Whitewall says:

          Bill Roche,
          “but the spend/voting decision w/h been in people’s hands.” That is the part that statist pols could not stand, ‘in the people’s hands’. The man was a genius of a sort but equally a bon vivant and Beau Brummel. He took himself way too serious.

          • Bill Roche says:

            But Keynes did have a good looking wife … so much for that. What occurs to me now, I’m 76, is that I took a course on “modern economics” which was all about Keynes in 1971. Why d/n the prof, suggest the other option, a huge tax cut, to the class and let the students wrestle w/t right way to prime the pump. By the ’70’s, academia was loaded with big govt.

      • Babeltuap says:

        Concur. The west is on a collision course with too much social welfare. There is no such thing as student loan forgiveness or any other type of debt cancellation. It will manifest in higher taxes and price increases 10 fold. Seeing it already with the younger generation unable to afford a home.

        I don’t pretend to know how this shakes out but it will not be pretty. There are not enough resources to support this nonsense. It will collapse. A strong middle class lifts up the poor. The rich are not lifting up the poor and the poor can’t lift up the poor.

    • Bill Roche says:

      There is a great line in “I Claudius” where the drunken, crippled, emperor accepts Nero as his legally adopted son. His sister, Nero’s mother by another, offers herself for sex (so mebe we aren’t so debauched after all?). His life long body servant shouts at him “Claudius, do you realize what you’ve done?” “I do, let all the poisons that lurk in the mud hatch out”. Maybe things won’t get better until they really get bad; that’s the idea. Then again, maybe things get so bad there is no righting the boat.

  2. Jimmy_W says:

    Republicans should not be afraid of offending. That fear was how we got a milquetoast Mitt Romney who couldn’t go in for the kill. Republicans should trigger the Democrats so much that the Dems over-reach and culminate, thus discrediting liberalism, progressivism, affirmative action, equality, and every intelligentsia fantasy for the next 200 years. That is the greatest service Republicans can do for the American Republic.

    Sun Tzu may say that Win Without Fighting Is Best Strategy, but we are long past that point, thanks to the feckless compromised conservatives. The battle has started, and getting the enemy to culminate fastest is the best strategy.

    • Bill Roche says:

      Dear Jimmy_W, the GOP and its guiding organization the RNC offered Dole the tired, McCain the lier, Romney the unwilling, Bush the Stupid, Bush the Unready, and would like to offer Haley, Hogan, Pence, Cheney or some other RINO because they are all heirs to the professional pols. who captured the GOP in ’48. Prof pols don’t play to win, just not to lose. That is fundamental to understand American politics for the past 70 years. Conservatives and their libertarian cousins are not feckless, they were thrown out of the party in ’48. They’re unwanted in a non ideological, GOPe. Seventy years of prof. pols unwilling to challenge socialism has left America poised on the edge of socialism or capitalism. The battle lines are drawn. If conservatives and libertarians accept the offering of the RNC we may expect more milquetoast surrender. Get it? RINOs don’t care, as long as they get some pol. offices (moola). This is no time for half measures (which is why BTW I am not in favor of Trey Gowdy, the charlatan, anywhere near the GOP ticket. That’s the real issue. Will that ticket be GOPe, or GOP. If it is a GOP ticket expect Trump and a female for V.P. I’d be happy w/Trump Noem ticket. That Trump is hated by liberals is a given. Liberals are committed socialists (just rub them twice and you’ll see) so they will never vote for any other. A woman on the ticket is mandatory today. So Noem’s ok, but I also like Gabbard as a fushion offering. Didn’t Sun Tzu say anything about knowing the battlefield?

      • Fred says:


        H.W. Bush was elected president, and so was his son, who was also re-elected. The later gave the conservatives the war they always wanted, just as Biden is driving us into another one.

        “That is fundamental to understand American politics for the past 70 years. ”

        You might not have changed since coming of voting age, but the electorate has certainly changed in the past 70 years.

        • Bill Roche says:

          Fred the electorate has changed for sure. I still believe that election day is a day of nat’l celebration. A day we all get out and vote our minds together – not the same way, but together. In my county (Westchester) early voting has already started. Another American special day gone. As my buddy said recently “Billy, your problem is your stuck in 1959”. I told him thanks.

        • Deap says:

          What has changed is the growing numbers of voters who register Independent, rejecting both Republican and Democrat labeling.

          In California, GOP plus Independent registration total the same numbers as those who chose the currently dominant, super-majority Democrat Party registration ( which is mainly dominated by SEIU and teacher union members).

          What makes Independents go one way or the other, when it comes time to actually vote, because no Independent candidate ever gets real traction.

          Are Independents spoilers, allowing one party to win only a plurality rather than a majority, or do they finally side GOP or Democrat at the last minute and become either party’s secret weapon? Need to pay more attention to Independents.

        • Bill Roche says:

          Fred, conservatives and libertarians d/n want the 2003 Iraq war; neocon and swamp did.

      • Richard Ong says:

        There’s something off about Mr. Gowdy. He’s too old to be undecided about what hair style he wants and his fashion choices have been a bit “experimental.” He did a great job interrogating various witnesses but it always seemed it ended up hang fire with him. Optics but no subpoena.

        His departure from Congress was also odd. He was needed as part of that small crew of Republican fighters but he strangely chose to fade into the sunset for vague reasons.

    • Jimmy_W says:

      Indeed, almost all elected politicians are compromised one way or another. Which is why they’re allowed to get elected. And why Build The Wall, a popular policy, is not allowed to happen.

      Nowadays, the mark for the uncompromised politician, is how much hate the media directs at him, how little funding he gets from the large donors and PACs. Trump, for example. Though Trump is still compromised by certain factions, he demonstrates the personal qualities required to succeed in today’s electoral environment, against the forces of corruption.

      Basically, if a candidate is not the most entertaining and obnoxious person championing anti-immigration and Americana “white culture”, he is almost definitely compromised.

      • Deap says:

        One must be crazy to even go into politics today. This is now a given. Normal people can not stand the heat of the fire. Getting close to 80% right is a bonus; not a failure.

        ( Disclosure: I ran for two local offices in my community (and won), but even at that level politics is not for the faint of heart.

        What I did learn after first being appointed to fill a local board vacancy, that appointees are grateful to the institutional board who chose one to fill that position.

        But once you have to slug it out in public in an election, you know you must be in touch with the voters and that takes street work. My first election was 53%, my second was 60%. I am proud of that.

  3. JK/AR says:

    Well I for one must admit that’s an intriguing pairing Colonel Lang.

    One rife with possibilities. One of which I think should be the distinct possibility of a successful run.

    I am Sir, impressed.

    A single itty bitty qualm nags at me though, it’s to do with Mr. Gowdy’s “enthusiasm factor” for being in the Executive branch – no, not that ‘being second fiddle’ thing which as I’ve watched the fellow for quite *awhile he doesn’t seem the type to be affected much by what “I think” he’d consider a trifling thing – I just have a feeling the guy likes more the ‘team effort’ that’s inherent in being in the Legislative branch.

    *He appeared on a Nancy Grace episode prior to getting elected to Congress.

  4. Notfakebot says:

    Maggie Haberman said Trump might not run again. She seems to be close to Kushner/Ivana and Trump advisers. It’s possible he sits it out.

    I’d certainly prefer Kristi to most other candidates. Gowdy was a bit of grandstander, but has matured since leaving office. I hope voters pick sensibly rather than the loudest mouth in the room. Kristi is as sensible a choice there is. Pretty too.

  5. A.Pols says:

    I hadn’t heard of her until now, but she seems promising. And it doesn’t hurt that she’s comely. Her life story is sort of a classic as well. The liberals would squawk about South Dakota’s abortion laws no doubt, but many women might cross lines to support her.

  6. TV says:

    Agree that Trump, while entertaining, has
    too much baggage and doesn’t know when to SHUT UP.
    Noem is questionable in some of her decisions and being from a small state can be a handicap.
    Desantis seems most likely for Trump policies without the baggage.
    It seems unlikely that Biden will run again.
    He might not make it to 2024 given his obvious physical and mental deficencies.

    • Deap says:

      What is the Trump baggage, besides Big Media’s 24/7 savaging and lying about anything Trump may have said or done. We don’t yet know if any other Democrat will get this same treatment on principle, and not due to any personality.

      Trump for a lot of us was promises made, promises kept regardless of the 24/7 media frenzy that accompanied his every waking hour. Staring with a single early am “tweet” that they gnawed on all day long, while Trump was doing the Nations business our of their spotlight glare.

      Long ago I asked and still have no answer- why did Big Media want to go to bed with the Deep State so badly?

      • TV says:

        Trump’s baggage includes a dearth of hiring/firing skill which sandbagged his agenda from day 1.
        And constantly feeding ammunition to his enemies in the swamp.
        Media and the deep state have mostly common backgrounds, sharing the same coastal values and culture. Media is 90% plus Democrat and so is the swamp and that includes most of the so-called “Republicans.”*

      • Bill Roche says:

        I would like to answer. Yeah, I know another fn history lesson; but here’s why. In the last 1/4 of the 19th cent America was in a fighting war between labor and capital. Always easier to take the side of the less powerful whether they were right or wrong (you can decide that yourself). The emerging nat’l press took up labor’s cause. You learned about them in H.S., the “muckrakers”… remember? They were completely for labor, against capital and the state as corrupted thereby. They b/c America’s socialist press but were not so stupid as to call themselves socialist so they said they were progressives (shhe, socialists). They were championed by T. Roosevelt, W. Wilson, and F. Roosevelt. The press has ever since been socialists. It is not in bed w/the deep state, but socialism. WW II and Korea put a crimp on their anti American (read really anti capitalist private ppty and individualism) urgings, but by ’67 they were in full flower with Cronkite rprtng on the “failures” of the American military and American efforts to stem communism (get it, they liked communism). The press has never regretted its leanings. They have been loath to report socialists bads even in Ukraine in ’30-’32. Ho Chi Minh was a hero for the NYT, and today what red print media is not against those damn Jews and Israel. The Nicaraugans were for freedom, N. Korea is just misunderstood, and Islam d/n wish any other religion harm. Domestically the mask has come off many editorial pages and AntiFa, Black Lives Matter, and “free every thing” are good and the police and the rule of law is bad. Here is their arrogance in full face; knowing that the Soviet press was the lackey of the communist party, does not concern the media big shots b/c they believe they will be part of the ruling class. Ironically they will have changed places with those “robber barons” they so hated in 1900. So that’s my answer.

  7. Whitewall says:

    Agreed. I fear a Trump candidacy would split the Rs right down the middle thus ensuring a Dem in the WH, be it the current ‘vegetable in chief’ or someone else. We need Trumpism w/o the Trump. If he isn’t too tainted by past Trump association, Mike Pompeo might do at the top of the ticket with either Noem or Gowdy as number two.

  8. wtofd says:

    Not a great choice, imo. Too polarizing on RvW. Easy to mobilize the liberals with her stance on no legal abortions for rape victims or 10 year olds. Also, comes from a tiny state. Not sure Jesus Christ could be elected from SD. (Great state. Beautiful with lovely people. Just don’t think 900,000 people move the needle.)

    • Bill Roche says:

      Am I the only one who remembers George McGovern. I’ll bet Col. Lang remembers too. But he only won one state’s electoral votes in ’72. Guess which.
      As to Pompeo I thought he was a good secy state (I know Pat d/n) but he has no political base; brings no votes to the table.

  9. Fred says:

    Noem couldn’t even stand up to the trannies until she saw how badly her actual position polled with the electorate of SD.

    “The NCAA is a private association,” Noem said. “That means they can do what they want to do. And even though I fundamentally disagree with them when it comes to this issue, if South Dakota passes a law that’s against their policy, they will likely take punitive action against us.”

    Maybe she can enlist Senator Thune in ‘rescuing America’ from Trump, just like ‘The Hill’ titled their article from March.

  10. TTG says:

    Seems a reasonable ticket for the Republican Party, but Gowdy strikes me as someone who’s had his fill of DC and is too smart to fall for that crap again. The question of who runs is totally dependent on the demons in Trump’s head. A sizable chunk of Republican Party is becoming more entrenched in the Trump cult and will vote for him no matter what. Trump could endorse this ticket and he’d probably still get enough write in votes to ensure another Republican loss.

    • Bill Roche says:

      As the saying goes “hope springs eternal ..” but friend you miss the salient point. There are two parties. There is the GOPe born of Dewey vs Truman in ’48, and the original GOP composed of a libertarian conservative coalition that goes back to Hoover, Coolidge, Taft, and McKinley.
      A GOP loss could happen if the GOPe turns the race into a three way affair. After all, the GOPe is more opposed to Trump then a socialist/dem. A Cheney/Hogan (for example) loss would be a victory for the GOPe if it finally eliminated the libertarian/conservative (remember McCains “kooks and nuts”) base of the party. American politics w/b reduced to one party which is ideologically opposed to all that is America, socialist/dems, and another which doesn’t much care about ideology just public office. America used to be about compromise. Why not a compromise ticket (fushion ticket) of a “kinda socialist” Gabbard, and a capitalist Trump. I’ll give you the campaign slogan … “Trump/Gabbard A Compromise for America” I think it would sell. And I think Tulsi is just as pretty as Kristi.

  11. Sam says:

    IMO, it really doesn’t matter who the 2 parties nominate as the real power lies with the oligarchy and the unaccountable 4th branch – the national security apparatus. Both parties push divisive social issues to the fore to provide the illusion of choice, when they’re completely aligned on financial and economic issues which has seen an unprecedented consolidation of market power and the financialization of the economy over the past 50 years. The chart of Total Credit Market debt vs GDP tells the tale. From Reagan’s “supply side” gobbledegook that accelerated the debt trajectory on afterburners and Bill Clinton’s “free trade” providing communist China Most Favored Nation status & the evisceration of Glass-Steagall and other regulations to moderate financial speculation to Bush/Obama bailouts of Wall St financial speculation where policy became privatization of speculative profits and socialization of losses they have decided that borrowing from future generations has no cost to current generations.

    Trump had the anti-establishment & populist rhetoric but that’s as far as he got. The corrupt nexus of financial power with political and media power along with a lawless national security apparatus can’t be overcome with more Tweedle Dee or Tweedle Dum. We have become a Banana Republic. Our glory of the first and still unique in history philosophy of government where individual liberty was sacrosanct and governmental power was enumerated and limited is just that in the rear view mirror. Only the American voter has the power to change course peacefully but as long as they keep voting for either of the two sides of the same coin the big moneyed interests will keep consolidating more & more power and will use their power ruthlessly to divide the population and be as repressive as necessary to subjugate dissent. If one is not awake after the recent covidian authoritarianism then we’re too far gone.

    • cobo says:

      Sam, I agree with you. I don’t yet think that the US is done, but the capture is complete. What will break it? Certainly, no one “on stage” and not a return to the past. The future will be fierce, and the way forward will be hard. Jupiter will release Mars under the gaze of Saturn and the forces will flow from the skies (sorry, all that acid).

  12. Laura Wilson says:

    Never heard Trey Gowdy called smart before….

    • Deap says:

      Personally think Trey Gowdy is whip smart, can draw a bead on the essential issues, and is comfortably articulate in a folksy way, but not necessarily a proven large organization manager.

      The reason Trump got so much done even though he had to run flak 24/7 is because he had experience getting things done, big things done. And breaking past NYC interference was something he cut his teeth on from the Wellstone Ice Rink forward.

      Seeing the wretched waste of Biden’s massive spending programs, makes me regret Trump did not support Bannon’s trillion dollar infrastructure plan when it was first presented in early 2017.

      I believe we actually would have gotten serious federal infrastructure improvements (roads, bridges, dams, airports, rail lines) from that proposal; not a wasted green agenda bubble like what we are getting now for the same cash outlay. While our major national infrastructure continues to crumble.

      • Richard Ong says:

        Where in Art. I, Sect. 8 do you see a delegation of power to build and maintain “infrastructure”?

        Eisenhower sold the interstate highway system as an aspect of national defense which was, let it be said, a stretch. Expediency über alles.

  13. axel says:

    Why not support Tulsi Gabbard again for President? She seems to be the most grounded.

    • TTG says:


      Why not, indeed. She offers something for everyone to like, but unfortunately she also offers something for everyone to hate and that’s what motivates voters in this age of victimhood and outrage. She’s too socialist for the MAGA crowd and not sufficiently progressive for the progressive crowd. Her problem with the Green New Deal was that it left an opening for nuclear power. She couldn’t stomach that. She is steadfastly against US military intervention of almost any kind. I say almost because she’s okay with drone strikes on jihadis. She’d rather be friendly with Putin’s Russia, which might be okay in two years, but is a losing position today.

      In the 2020 Democratic primary, she couldn’t get any traction. She campaigned long and hard in New Hampshire. I thought she’d do well. She didn’t. She only got 3.29% of the vote far behind Sanders, Buttigieg and Klobuchar. Even Biden did better than her. Hell, Trump got a little over 1,200 votes as a write-in in that Democratic primary.

      • Bill Roche says:

        I am not hard and fast for Gabbard b/c I (and most voters) simply don’t know her. She is that pretty girl from Hawaii who flew for Army Air so she cant be a dunderhead, seems reasonable when she speaks, has served in congress … but is that really enough. This country better find a way to compromise so my interest w/her and Trump is exactly about that. The offing is; “see, we can compromise and America can compromise too etc etc”
        “she’s too socialist for the maga crowd (people like me) and not sufficiently socialist for the socialist crowd” that’s exactly the point. She offers the firebrands (again me) someone w/whom they can compromise. If the “fire eaters” on both sides of that issue refuse any compromise then we are all SOL.

        • TTG says:

          Bill Roche,

          She has clearly spelled out where she stands on most all issues quite clearly. I think that’s a problem for her in politics. I think you’re right about the unwillingness to compromise. Your crowd seems to want civil war now, not compromise. Not sure if any on the other side are calling for that, although they’re clearly calling for locking up Trump.

          • Barbara Ann says:


            “She has clearly spelled out where she stands on most all issues quite clearly. I think that’s a problem for her in politics”

            Unintended satire is the best kind. The fact that taking clear, defensible moral stances on important issues pretty much disqualifies you from a career in politics says far more about the degenerate state of that once high art than it does about Tulsi’s fitness for office. Sad.

          • TTG says:

            Barbara Ann,

            Yes, it’s a shame so many of our countrymen have turned into intolerant, spoiled, whiny bitches. I long for the days of sucking it up and FIDO.

          • Bill Roche says:

            My “crowd” wants a Constitutional Republic fully consistent with the constitution I affirmed in ’68. I still do. Why is that extreme. Goldwater (I stuffed envelopes for his campaign in ’64) had a great campaign line on that; something like “extremism in defense of Liberty is no vice and moderation in support of liberty is no virtue”. Call me crazy but I think I heard P. Henry say that just the other day. I guess my crowd just lives in the extremist past?

        • Richard Ong says:

          Tulsi’s ultra left positions have to be understood from the perspective of Hawaiian politics. Unless you tack hard left in that steaming pile of anti-American hatred you won’t make it to Pineapple Inspector Level I.

          It’s not possible that a sensible, worldly woman could seriously believe what she had to espouse to advance in Hawaii. She played her cards right and now steers a wide course to avoid that tar baby of local lunacy.

    • Fourth and Long says:

      Answer: From what I gather, she refused to promise to sacrifice her first born to Baal.

  14. Deap says:

    A great and proven governor, Scott Walker, stumbled badly at the starting gate over lack of international chops. Hopefully past will not be prologue for governors from small rural states.

    Sarah Palin did have more international experience in Alaska dealing with Arctic territorial issues, fishing rights, and shared native populations than many of her male colleagues, but look what mockery that actual experience engendered.

    Worthy of more exploration – why the Left viscerally hates Trump and what would trigger this same emotion in any other candidate who threatened the Deep State. Which is the huge issue staring us down that we the people can no longer ignore. It is the third rail and anyone who touches it will be viscerally hated.

    Politics follows culture, as Brietbart so often said. Midterms will indicate if the culture is changing even a little bit to welcome a new approach to old business as usual. And if any newly elected GOP have the staying power to address our nation’s deeper problems, including especially the Left’s cognitive dissonance that allows them to so viscerally hate another human being so much.

    • ked says:

      it is theoretically possible to reject trump for non-ideological reasons – without visceral hate & dissonance. cheating at golf was a start. cheating at deferments another. one could go on (as a friend of mine, who he pitched one of his bs real estate deals to, related to me) but perhaps better to stick to hopes & dreams.

  15. scott s. says:

    The ticket strikes me as a good way to get a 3rd party run. I can’t see MAGA going in that direction.

  16. Deap says:

    There are so many emerging black conservative women in the GOP party that are getting elected, one needs to recognize this trend and see where it takes us over the next two years.

    For another take about blacks and the Republican Party, which to date has been Trump’s Republican party -which today has been Trump’s Republican party so he is not necessarily anathema to black GOP women:

  17. Fourth and Long says:

    The grass as usual is not growing under the feet of our host, I see.

    He’s a wannabe dictator’: Democrat has DeSantis in his sights in Florida primary

    Appreciate the link. I had no idea she caved in to the Nitwits Craving Attention Association on that. My gut reaction was “she did?” but further thought led me to think that there’s possibly more depth to her than I initially thought i.e. a good thing.

    On balance I think Colonel Lang’s picks are astute in this instance. About a year or two ago, wracking my brains over the glaringly obvious dilemma of National leadership going forward, Noem seemed a possible healer and even inspirational revitalizating Liberty leading the People figure. (I put myself into campaign mode and ran mental video clips.. on a superficial marketing level you’d think she has all the ingrediments and then some, but it’s no game of tiddlywinks so ..).

    5 children (I’m in awe), attractive, articulate, middle America, can wave the flag etc, and entirely sans the angry brutal neanderthal strain which IMO can’t go away fast enough. Gowdy has impressed me as being more than simply a crafty country lawyer and cool customer – there’s substance and caution in him.

    Let us not forget what an American Vice President has tended to be since 1945. It’s the ancient duo of Benevolent Deity who can do no wrong with devious evil sidekick – think God and Lucy Furr, The cuckolded Shah of the Arabian Nights and his Vizier who accommodates his serial-killing revenge streak till Scheherezade rescues humanity from his clutches and then segue into, well, take your pick: FDR and Harry Truman, Ike and Tricky Dicky, JFK and LBJ, Nixon and Agnew, on up to pillars of excellence and humanity such as Dubya with Dick Chainsaw Cheney, not to mention all time top of the hitman list – mysterious stranger #44 Barack Who’s Sane Obomber with Josephine “Big Guy” Robinette Biden. I pass over the Trumpenstein Monster with Michelle Pencicle as anomalous acknowledgment to how children raised by crocodiles can find a home and also make increasingly bewildering attempts to fathom our present day dynamic Do Woe of Buy-Dem plus admittedly very cute chuckler and Breck curler girl Kamala “I was that Little Girl” Harris to little or no avail.

    Feast thine eyes on those critters, friends Romans and countrymen sayest I, and be very grateful indeed should Show-em Noem and Rowdy Gowdy lassoo themselves our top rodeo prize.

    I am torn between providing YouTube video links to performances of either a good bluegrass version of Gimme that Old Time Religion or The Cisco Kid Was a Friend of Mine by War. So, Gargoyle is our friend, right, you’ll find them.

  18. Fourth and Long says:

    Note: paragraph after the link is an editing error, I was composing a response to Fred and it got itself into an undo buffer or something. It’s sincere though – his observation on the NCAA trannie dustup increased my respect for Kristi Noem rather than diminished it.

  19. Polish Janitor says:

    Hypothetically, I agree with the Noem pick but not with Gowdy. Gowdy seemed bery promising when he was investiaging the Benghazi incident and Hilary’s emails but somewhere along the road he just waned and vanished. He wasn’t up for the task and he won’t be.
    Right now the GOP is the Party of Trump and will remain so for a few years. It does not matter who is what and why. What matters is to gauge how much influence does Trumpism still commands in the GOP.

    * All major GOP political institutions are under the command of Trump.
    * The Republican Conference, the RNC and nearly all of the state and local level political apparatus is still heavily influenced by Trump and the RNC is still paying Trump’s legal fees despite the fact that by pulling off a Jan. 6th Trump nearly destroyed the country.
    * Trump created a ‘fixed’ base of the Republican voters that has never been done before. But the base is only loyal to him So the GOP will never ignore this. People say this is why the GOP has become authoritarian. It’s easy because in the past the party came before everything, now Trump comes before everything.
    * Trump’s unique style of politics which is virtually all populist rhetoric and no policy (or meat!) is extremely powerful in keeping the GOP in power for a long time due to appeal to emotion and resentments rather than policy. Remember the Compassionate Conservatism or the Reformicons? Trumpism run contrary to all of that which brought no votes to the GOP in 2008 and 2012.
    * As of this moment Trump equals the GOP and vice-versa. This is how critical Trump is to the GOP. A GOP without Trump is like an F150 without an engine. What drives and motivates the GOP is Trump.
    *The GOP is the party of populism and not policies, so populist rhetoric is foremost indicator of success in the GOP. Whoever out-Trumps the Donald-which is impossible- will be able to capture the party for his/herself.
    * Nobody should even bother to consider searching for alternatives when Trump is well and alive and the recent FBI raid of Mar-a-Lago helped Trump who was slowly waning but not disspearing to have ‘stuff’ to talk about and play the victimizer for eternity and keep the ‘base’ aroused which speaks of the broader agenda of the Dems who favor Trumpism to persist rather than an effective ‘doer’ like DeSantis to replace him which would be bad for ratings, the cable news, the journalists, and generally difficult for the Dems to beat GOP in the realm of policies and plans. So the Dems would prefer a dirty battlefield with Trump rather than a clean and organized one with DeSantis.
    *Don’t forget that the DNC has been donating to Trumpist candidates against the more moderate/establihsmnet (Youngkin-type small ‘c’ conservative) Republicans. Why is the DNC doing these? What is the objective here? The answer is what I just wrote.

    For 2024 it’s Trump with Elise Stafanik as his VP (Both are New Yorkers, and the Mercers really like Stefanik too, so go figure).

    I would also be watching out for Josh Hawley (the only China Hawk). Sooner or later China will dominate the political discussion much like when Communism did during the Cold War.

  20. Deap says:

    What did Zuckerberg know months earlier about his own 2020 dream team of Biden-Harris and warning about an anticipated long-count election on election night? He issued this exact warning several months before the 2020 election issued in the most dire terms and which were also echoed by Hilary Clinton on election day 2020.

    The world was warned to expect violence in US cities, expect a very long count. How did he know this, and why did Zuckerberg broad cast both threats so widely around the world?

    This linked article below from Skynews (UK/AUS/NZ) is where Zuckerberg warns of civil unrest also explains the panicked email I received from a NZ friend on election night 2020. She was so worried that America would to dissolve into flames and violence …..if Trump won.

    This SkyNews article explains why:

    Doing a retrospective search right now for the still loose ends about “covid” and tracking the few of the very curious early common players, who suddenly burst upon the scene which set the global hysteria in motion right before the 2020 election, and shortly after Nancy Pelosi tore up Trump’s SOTU address.

    Were there over-looked links at the time that one can now find in retrospective? Everyone seems to be making bank selling books right now, portraying their own versions of “covid”events.

    Zuckerberg, AVAAZ, SkyNews, Imperial College of Medicine and particularly the SKY News early broadcasting of the Bergamo, Italy “covid” hospital scene in March 2020, were early hysteria leaders.

    Only now we learn 100% of those who died in the Bergamo Hospital from “covid” had been intubated, a practice that was quickly abandoned due to its almost guaranteed mortality rates.

    This Italian “documentary set off the early Cuomo hysteria attacks that Trump was not providing enough ventilators. Trump provided the ventilators and even sent up a hospital ship in response, yet they all went unused and finally the medical industry recognized they were actually killing patients by overusing of ventilators.

    This particular March 2020 Bergamo Hospital video caught my eye, since it was pounded on a local community blog in the very early days of “covid” here in California, by a local political operatives who suddenly became experts about “cytokine storms” and the need to censor any one they deemed as “co-vidiot” covid deniers.

    Suddenly the progressive community in this town were marching to the exact same drum, with the exact same attacks and buzz words, but not a health care person or scientist among the entire group. They obviously were sharing similar marching orders, but from whom since this was still in the very early stages of the politicized anti- Trump takeover of the covid agenda .

    Or was it, as some of these former loose ends only now start tying together. Zuckerberg, AVAAZ, Gates, WHO, SkyNews……… and the massive covid disinformation censorship campaign.

    These were the players in very early stage, when the rest of the world was just waking up to this thing thing called “covid” in early 2020.

    Yet local politicos were able to censor and boycott anyone who did not toe the progressive Zombie Apocalypse covid party line. How were they so sure they had the only truth about “covid”. And of course in retrospective now, they obviously did not.

    Zuckerberg emerges as the most shadowy force inserting himself into the 2020 elections, riding the covid train that he relentlessly used to destroy Donald Trump and feed Biden his sound bites.

    Along with AVAAZ and WHO censoring any and all debate. Except now, we know they were wrong on every count.

    • Fourth and Long says:

      Puckerberg was calculating his self interest, the only thing he’s ever done or is capable of doing. You just put yourself in his tender highly empathic exceedingly generous spiked digitally enhanced hiking booties and it’s as clear as the several hundred billion dollars he can’t seem to get enough of. When did little Zuckypooh first get into hot baby bath water? When Trumpsnstein became Prez and the liberal world went crazy – recall Cambridge Analytica and the media full of reports of how Zuckie’s Disgracebook distributed targeted ads designed to sway voters – voters located specifically by virtue of red-haired android lookalike boy wonder Markenstein’s nifty cookie collecting spy on everybody devices sneakily ginned up because users clicked “OK” on user agreement contracts they never bothered to read and wouldn’t understand if they did. He was in deepest do do and he knew it because unfortunately for him there’s a huge industry in the land of the free which rolls luxuriously in himalayas of money garnered by lawsuits litigated against the likes of himselfowitz.

      Thus, selfless acolyte of Ghandi, Tolstoy and Mother Theresa that he is, our stuporously wealthy boyscout understood that if the Trumpenstein tooth fairy was re-elected it would be curtains for him. Not even if he dressed himself up as little Nell and tied himself to railroad tracks would Dudley Dooright come to his assistance, much less the law firms who whose offices might also burn down in the new improved maybe trannie rights were stomped on too Zombie apocalypse dawning for sure if the Orange man prevailed. So, owner of ninety percent of the secluded Hawaiin beaches that he is, he saw the writing on the law suits and did what he did to alert his beloved useful idiot – the world – to the dangers of Super Trumpenstein i. e. the second term version of his bewigged nibs freed from constraints of re-election anxieties.

      So, realizing that Meta was an anagram for Team, Mate and Meat, while regretting it lacked an n for An Atm, he, without the slightest atom of intention to interfere in the well oiled lobbies of American democracy, alerted the high and mighty of the Democratic party to the oncoming perils.

      And so, America and the world became the grazing field for a horror movie of unparalleled terror and never before seen deprivation: Joe – Aviator Shades Wearing Monster-Ghoul of Scranton.

      • Deap says:

        Fact check needed: was Zuckerberg “vacationing in Hawaii” at the very same time as both Obama and Kamala Harris were also “vacationing in Hawaii”?

        Right before Biden’s long sereing Body Man fled his current employment to take a new slot at Buttigeig’s DOT?

        Why Democrats and Big Media try to gin up anti-Trump headlines for distraction, very curious things are going on under their radar.

        • Fourth and Long says:

          Yes, very good point. Is Hawaii where they hold their tri-annual “Decorating your bunker in color coordination with the decor of Facebook’s secret submarine crypto commodities futures currency trading cabana yet?” Contest. Or where Marky Zipheadberg’s lady assures Michelle Obomber that Jeffrey Epstein’s reputation in bed has been misleadingly down played publicly because Princess Andrew asked pretty please politely with sugar on top while wearing a simply dashing cutawy tux to the fox hunt? It’s whizzing around in the transsexual and cross-dressing rights holodecks of her Sweetie’s latest tax deductible philanthropic swindle scheme and well, her Barackieness was a cia hitman, I mean constitutional lawyer, senator and president wasn’t he?

    • Richard Ong says:

      Trump did not “pull off” January 6. His injunction was to proceed peacefully. Period.

      What happened afterwards was entirely the doing of the people at the Capitol and government agents or other provocateurs ramping up emotions and egging on various idiots with specific suggestions about entering.

      This was followed by a massive wave of Msm lies and exaggeration that has simply not quit. You’d swear Latvian infantry led the charge into the Temple of Our Democracy (TOOD). Insurrection? It is to laugh.

      • Bill Roche says:

        But if you tell a big lie often and loudly enough, it will b/c true. “that’s propaganda”! And that is exactly what is happening today regarding 1/6. The horn of truth is neither load nor ample enough to compete w/t liars. Freedom of the press never envisioned a complete take over of information into propaganda.
        But here it is and it is powerful. So despite Trump clearly saying go and make your voices heard peacefully, the evil ones will never report that truth. Who was Hitler’s minister of propaganda??

  21. Deap says:

    It was just a matter of time, but Democrats are already going full DDS, and not just full TDS: Roll out of their first Desantis Derangement Syndrome hit pieces – Desantis is a fascist, by none other than Robert Reich.

    Keep pushing any non-Trump “dream team” and they will get the same treatment too. This not just exclusive to the Trump candidacy – it is what Democrat do – the Mean Machine politics of personal destruction.

    We see it all the time in California. Trump pushed back and continues to push back – trial by fire going on right now, and that is not a bad thing. We will have to go with the last one standing, who does not wilt.

    • Fourth and Long says:

      Surely there’s a third Reich joke hiding somewhere for Professor Robert in return for his DeSantis tweet. I’m too tired to dredge one up. Somewhere in the realm of sawed off Rhodes scholars. Something along the lines of the Rabbi who gave cut rates for a briss, oops. He was not at all even a moderately ok judge of character – thought Bill Clinton was an honorable person. At least he admitted he was crestfallen when the Arkansas travelor eliminated welfare and child support. If Monica Lewinsky hadn’t entrapped him he was set to either destroy social security or give the funds to his Treasury Secretary Rubin and his Wall Street buddies. And he got rid of the 1930s banking protections which led to the financial crisis. Pigs. And he was the labor secretary under that regime. “Okay, so I worked for Stalin, who knew?” Clinton was the sober half of Clinton Yeltsin demonic duo, with a funnier nose despite his temperance. They were a perfect pair. Yeltsin destroyed the socialist Soviet Union with all its social benefits, as Clinton demolished the New Deal so thoroughly that the entire world went down the tubes 8 years after he left office. Was Roe v Wade simultaneous or nearly so with Chair Testicle Mao’s One child policy? Interesting. Another duality. I feel like the old emperor of the Masterpiece Theatre I Claudius series. Lets see. Trump is obviously Nero. There were mass hysterias back then believing that Nero had absconded to the east and would return even though he had died. There were a couple false Dmitris too in Russia’s nearly worst year ever as Boris Gudenov lost control of things. Monica deserves secular canonization. Was Dubya our Caligula? Which US Senator is really a horse? Mister Ed could talk.

    • Bill Roche says:

      After all these years so many still don’t “get it”. The press assumes to represent the people and alas, many people believe what the socialist press TELL them to believe. So otherwise smart people tell us that this or that segment of society really hate Trump. Trump is the canary in the mine shaft. The left hates (hates in a intolerant and frightening way) any American who objects to socialism. It’s that simple. Trump’s a convenient target. The left hates Trump because it viscerally hates the right. There is no tolerance in the socialist mind.

      • blue peacock says:


        The “left”/”right” frame and social issues are precisely what the oligarchy want the people to fight about. It is not about “socialism”. Note that the oligarchs want “socialism” for themselves where they get to feed on the trough of borrowings from our kids and grandkids. How much of the trillions spent by government go to them compared to an average working American? Where did the trillions spent in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria go? How much of the “green” spend is going to them? Who benefited from our dismantling of our industrial base and communist China getting all the manufacturing capacity? Who benefited from the financialization of our economy and the bailouts of Wall St speculative losses?

        • Sam says:

          It really would be nice if every congressman had to wear the labels of who owns them

          This image says it all. Both the “left” and “right” are owned by the same oligarchy.


          you’re spot on. The “right” labels the “left” as “marxist” and the “left” labels the “right” as “fascist”. As you note precisely what the oligarchs want and have proven very successful at in distracting & dividing the average American and the majority of the voters. The laptop class get thrown a few bread crumbs and most importantly the possibility to rub shoulders with the oligarchs on occasion.

          What the average guy who self-identifies as either “left” or “right” don’t get is that they’re not only being taken to the cleaners and their progeny indebted well into the future but they’re also the cannon fodder in the culture wars and military wars.

          There’s no getting out of this vortex and the illusion of choice because even the educated and the more discerning among the shafted class can’t see beyond the current paradigm and recognize that Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum are just two sides of the same coin. We’ve become puppets dancing to the tune of the oligarchy.

          These 2 quotes from Jefferson point to the fact that he knew what would derail our constitutional republic.

          “I wish it were possible to obtain a single amendment to our constitution. I would be willing to depend on that alone for the reduction of the administration of our government to the genuine principles of its constitution; I mean an additional article, taking from the federal government the power of borrowing.”
          Thomas Jefferson, Letter to John Taylor, November 26, 1798

          “And I sincerely believe with you, that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies; and that the principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale.”
          Thomas Jefferson to John Taylor, 1816

          • Deap says:

            Repeal the 16th Amendment – tax withholding, and we can take power back to the people while starving the deep state out of existence until our contract between our own government and the we people is reworked. In toto.

            The deep state has too much money automatically coming in via mandatory withholding and has shown no need for accountability for that automatic gifted largesse. They are reckless and riddled with fraud every time they put our money on the table for the deep state and their cronies to scoop up.

            Biden buying votes with our money is the final outrage. Repeal 16th Amendment. Start the process now.

  22. JK/AR says:

    Colonel Lang, All,

    As this is a ‘past the fold’ post I suppose it’s likely my addition maybe will get no attention at this late date (but which incidentally complements my thinking – alas; when I go long I also go obscure).

    I’ve posted a link to this fellow’s blog previously adding that “I don’t believe I’ve ever commented there” – Well that’s changed. I did comment on a post of this fellow’s from some weeks past. But not this one:

    • Deap says:

      Interesting lead, though I could have done without the THC overlay comments. Bottom lines – all Presidents have multiple flaws and peccadillos. Yet Barr was more interesting in “fixing Trump” and not the department he was asked to lead, which he admits was heavily engaged in sabotaging Trump. Barr missed his own opportunity for nobility; but would rather blame Trump when all is said and done.

      At this level, I suppose it is virtually impossible to ever find true civil servants who rise to the occasion for country first, and compensatory excuse-making later.

      You dance with the gal who brung you, Mr. Barr. Don’t set her up for revenge porn later. It was a risk putting an outsider into this swamp infested position, who had only managed a small closely held family corporation in the past, even though quite successfully.

      Trump’s personal ego failings make me cringe too, but NO ONE accomplished so much of his promised agenda than any president I can remember other than Ronald Reagan. The trade off is those very same ego failings are what put him into this position in the first place.

      Go wash your mouth out with soap, Barr if you truly want to earn your way into the national spotlight agian. You ego is failing in public view too.

      • Bill Roche says:

        Deap: Barr was/is swamp and behaved accordingly. Trump must be destroyed to prevent him destroying the GOPe. Political parties have and ideology by nature. The dems are socialist and pursue that w/o deviation. All else, everything, is unimportant to them But the GOPe has NO ideology. They are prof. pols who win elections to enjoy public office riches. Goldwater, Reagan, the Tea Party, and now Donald Trump must be destroyed b/c he sheds light on the GOPe true nature. The GOPe d/n care if socialism wins and destroys our republic as long as they get enough offices too continue. Trump is all conservatives and libertarians. When the socialist and swamp destroy him they destroy middle America which disgusts them.

        • Deap says:

          1. Protection of private property
          2. Rule of Law
          3. Free and competitive markets
          4. Limited government

          That works for my “dream ticket” and Trump still ticks off a lot of those boxes. Biden-Harris, none of them.

      • JK/AR says:

        Deap, Bill R.

        Bill’s “Barr was/is Swamp and behaved accordingly” contains any number of gems, depending on how many ways a person’s perspective can, simultaneously be focused.

        I think, in the time, Trump’s choice to have him as AG was the only “reasonable” one available.

        For the record my regards for what Trump managed in spite of the constant maelstrom is – to screw with a phrase “The Thanks of a Grateful Constituent” (with qualifying Multiple Personality thingamabob – meaning: I am not his only admirer).

        However – Should Trump run in the next presidential that maelstrom thingy I just mentioned will destroy utterly any hopes my great-grandkids could ever entertain for ever seeing in their lifetimes what their Great Grampa so long before undoubtedly did.

        My great nightmare scenario Deap is that, should Trump try a comeback Brian Stelter will surely make a comeback too.

  23. Sam says:

    “…our elites still love Epstein, even if he does rape little girls. None of us is perfect, after all.”

    None of the “johns” have been indicted! How could they when they own the “justice system”?

  24. jim ticehurst says:

    I Dont Think the Republicans have anyone Appealing Enough Right Now to Win the Election..The Perp Gressives Are Buzy Pnlling Levers and Twisting Minds Again..
    Buying Votes With Trillion Dollar Giveaways…Redistricting..Polar Shifts…Massive Propaganda…Motivating Ever One With A Cause..Case or who Is Crazy..Beyond Redemption..Disasters could move Many into Voting Democrat..Because It will Appear the Demo Doomers were Right all along..The Dynamics are changing Daily..

    We Conservatives..Need to Get Up to The Speed of Light… Get in The Passing Lane
    Turn On the After Burners..See how Fast that BMW will go..Like I used to Do..

    I Saw TOP GUN..

    The Primarys Will Be HOT..They have to Be ..Trump did it Once.jf only for a Lasting Supreme Court.and NO Hillary Clinton….If the United States has a Manifest Destiny
    There Will Be ANOTHER Star…Magi..and Wise Men and Women..For the
    JT …

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