“Nearly half of voters say Biden worse president than expected …”

Nah, Biden is worse than these guys.

“With exactly one year until the midterm elections, President BidenVice President Harris and Democrats in Congress face bleak ratings that indicate they could be in for a rout in 2022, according to a new USA Today/Suffolk University poll. 

The survey, which was taken after the Tuesday elections but before House Democrats passed the popular infrastructure bill Friday, shows Biden with nearly rock-bottom approval ratings, Harris with numbers that are even worse and Democrats trailing by a wide margin on the generic congressional ballot. 

Among the topline numbers, according to USA Today/Suffolk University, are a 37.8% approval rating for Biden with a 59% disapproval – more than 11 points underwater. Forty-six percent of those included in the survey said Biden has done a worse job than expected, and 64% said they don’t want Biden to run for reelection. ” Foxnews

Comment: I think Sleepy Joe is the worst ever. His controllers seem determined to destroy the country or at least the Union. That beats Buchanan on the left above and Harding. Buchanan is often put down by nationalists. I say Humbug! The man was just trying to hold the Union together through compromise and Harding on the right above was simply stupid and personally corrupt about money. He was not trying to destroy anything.

Trump? A boor with sound policies. pl


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4 Responses to “Nearly half of voters say Biden worse president than expected …”

  1. MapleLeaf says:

    And Biden’s approval rating will continue to decline, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it hit the mid twenties…

    I expect two paltry cynical giveaways closer to the midterms:

    –a minimum wage increase, that doesn’t even match inflation, spread out over five years, and starting in 2024

    –student loan forgiveness in the amount of $5k, and changes to the post-graduation deferral period to extend it a few more months, to get the younger crowd behind sleepy-Joe

    Those measures will fail to increase the vote. But theywill be used to point at and say “we tried to make the country better, but we were punished” while not addressing systemic issues of mal/(under)investment in infrastructure, education and health. Instead, the democrats will beat the drum of wokeness even louder, perhaps inspiring a few dullards in the wider public into pushing down more statues, and renaming a couple of public buildings. And of course, they will tell us how we are all deplorable and don’t know what is best for ourselves, children, communities, etc…

  2. Deap says:

    Biden put a face and party label on Big Government. The power and reach of this one-party Big Government is scaring almost everyone.

  3. TV says:

    Carter could relax during the Obama years and now Obama can relax – he’s no longer the worst President since the 20th century.

  4. blue peacock says:

    Trump? A boor with sound policies. pl

    Col. Lang,

    IMO, Trump was also weak from a leadership point of view. His rhetoric didn’t match his actions. While Drain the Swamp was a nice campaign slogan, he hired the Swamp for all the key posts. When he knew he was being smoked by the Deep State in the Russia Collusion hoax, he let them continue to wound him, instead of declassifying which was his complete prerogative and expose the lot. If he had the fortitude and courage he would have landed a significant blow to the top echelons at the DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA, etc. At the end of the day his nominee Rod Rosenstein signed the knowingly false FISA affidavit and schemed to launch Mueller and nothing happened. Trump didn’t even fire him when he knew that he was being completely screwed over.

    IMO, he was weak due to a character flaw where his primary motivation and instinct is for everything to be about him personally. I also believe he was dependent on Ivanka & Jared to his detriment.

    I stand to be corrected by your more considered judgment.

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