Neera Tanden

Now both the left and the right are going to get at least a pound of flesh from her carcass.

What goes around comes around, the immigrant experience, the fancy jobs, Yale Law, (like so many other lefties), all the nasty jabs at people not quite as smart as she imagines herself to be.

Joe might want to withdraw her nomination but his lefty masters and mistresses surely don’t want that. That would signal that their grip on him is insecure.

Well, Turcopoles, we will now see if some RINO like Romney votes to confirm. pl

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4 Responses to Neera Tanden

  1. TV says:

    Romney, Sasse, Murkowski,Collins…..guaranTEED.

  2. Deap says:

    What I want to know is when Murkowski will finally ask for something in return for being a predicaible GOP turncoat and Biden lickspittle.

    Like getting a cruise ship exemption from the Marine Passenger Vessel Act that requires a non-US port stop if starting and ending a cruise in the US, unless a ship was wholly made in the US

    . Seattle to Seattle is a big Alaska cruise route and funds a huge part of the Alaska economy over the few short months of the Alaska cruise season – but it requires a stop in Canada – Victoria B.C. often obliges – so the US Marine Passenger Vessel Act demands can be met.

    There are no cruise ships today wholly built in the US, so this archaic requirement has created pseudo port stops like Ensenada Mexico, or Victoria BC, just to qualify for what is basically a US to US primary cruise. This puts veto power on US cruise ships into the hands of Canada and Mexico. The LA/San Diego run to Hawaii has to include the “foreign port” of Ensenada Mexico, a few hours south of San Diego.

    Problem is Canada has currently closed its borders to all cruise ships and is lagging in its covid protection plans. An Canada thinks the US is a very dirty buggy place. Therefore, no Alaska cruise season this year even though Seattle to Seattle with all other stops in Alaska appear to be good to go, because of this one gratuitous but mandated stop in a Canadian port..

    You would think Ms Alaska would be campaigning for an exemption from this vintage WWI Marine Passenger Vessel Act restriction, put in place to protect the US ship building industry, which for all purposes no longer exists. Alaska needs cruise ships – and many cruise ship companies are headquartered in the US, though flagged elsewhere. Most of the passengers are US or Canadians too.

    Hello Lisa? Make Biden earn your vote next time – make him create an exemption from the Marine Passenger Vessel Act for the upcoming Seattle-Alaska cruise season. Full disclosure- yes, I have an immediate interest in this topic.

  3. The Beaver says:

    A NO from Romney and Collins.

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