“New Research Reveals How Nuclear War Would Affect Earth Today”

“Even after the smoke clears, ocean temperatures would drop quickly and would not return to their pre-war state. As the planet gets colder, sea ice expands by more than 6 million square miles and 6 feet deep in some basins blocking major ports including Beijing’s Port of Tianjin, Copenhagen, and St. Petersburg. The sea ice would spread into normally ice-free coastal regions blocking shipping across the Northern Hemisphere making it difficult to get food and supplies into some cities such as Shanghai, where ships are not prepared to face sea ice.

The sudden drop in light and ocean temperatures, especially from the Arctic to the North Atlantic and North Pacific oceans, would kill the marine algae, which is the foundation of the marine food web, essentially creating a famine in the ocean. This would halt most fishing and aquaculture.

The researchers simulated what would happen to the Earth’s systems if the U.S. and Russia used 4,400 100-kiloton nuclear weapons to bomb cities and industrial areas, which resulted in fires ejecting 150 teragrams, or more than 330 billion pounds, of smoke and sunlight-absorbing black carbon, into the upper atmosphere. They also simulated what would happen if India and Pakistan detonated about 500 100-kiloton nuclear weapons resulting in 5 to 47 teragrams, or 11 billion to 103 billion pounds, of smoke and soot, into the upper atmosphere.

Nuclear warfare results in dire consequences for everyone. World leaders have used our studies previously as an impetus to end the nuclear arms race in the 1980s, and five years ago to pass a treaty in the United Nations to ban nuclear weapons. We hope that this new study will encourage more nations to ratify the ban treaty,” said co-author Alan Robock, Distinguished Professor in the Department of Environmental Sciences at Rutgers University.”

New Research Reveals How Nuclear War Would Affect Earth Today (scitechdaily.com)

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15 Responses to “New Research Reveals How Nuclear War Would Affect Earth Today”

  1. JK/AR says:

    But let’s look on the bright side.

    Global warming, … well … maybe not in the first three or four blinks of the eye but, after just some few hours would be, kaput!

    Then it’s Return to the Ice Age – just like they told me was gonna happen back when I was schoolboy age.

    • Fred says:

      “Pakistan holds about 100–120 nuclear weapons, which can be delivered by aircraft and land-based missiles, while India’s nuclear arsenal is around 90-110 nuclear weapons, according to estimates by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.”

      That means the total combined arsenal is a maximum of 230 weapons, yet this wonderful PHD “…simulated what would happen if India and Pakistan detonated about 500 100-kiloton nuclear weapons…”

      Can we get our money back from this individual who can’t do math?

      “…it’s important when we’re talking about resilience and how to design our society,…Harrison said.” Nothing like AWFLs, Affluent White Female Liberals, to design a society built on fear, as evidenced of her keeping us all ‘safe’ by wearing a mask on her zoom meeting, as shown in the article’s photo.

  2. TTG says:

    This might be a good time to rebroadcast “The Day After” or have all those 24 hour news shows put it on air simultaneously without editorial comment. I hear it is available for viewing on YouTube.

    Reading this I thought about volcanos. The last paragraph in the article does mention them saying there’s not a damned thing we can do about them. Even jimmy Buffet knows that.


  3. cobo says:

    I am not an advocate for nuclear war. That is beyond reason. It’s mental illness, and that is the very line that has to be drawn when entering into combat between peer nuclear powers. A nation cannot live in fear of the other’s nuclear weapons, as the other makes moves against its interests. The combatants still need to confront each other in battle. When one side in battle dominates the field and the other side is failing, then the risk is that the failing side will “end all existence as we know it.” Well, it’s the nuclear age, and that is a risk. Both/All sides in conflict need to keep a sharp eye on the other(s) and a ready finger over the button. But even in defeat, it must be made clear that theirs is a military defeat, and it’s not the end of the world, unless you choose to make it so. It must be approached without fear, but based on cold calculation. Accept defeat, make peace, negotiate settlement. Threatening nuclear war is weakness, not strength. Being afraid of the threats of nuclear war is weakness. Be strong and make war where needed.

    And for some insight into what massive catastrophe is, you might find this Joe Rogan interview with Randall Carlson interesting. Randal Carlson is one of my favorite podcasters.

  4. leith says:

    I’m of the opinion that Putin will NOT release the nuclear kraken. He understands what will happen in response. Sneaky retard that he is, it is more likely he’d attempt a bioweapon. He’ll target both Ukrainian troops and civilian leadership. The claim will be that it escaped from the mythical US controlled ‘offensive’ biolabs that Putin’s dezinformatsya has been crowing about.

    He’ll get lots of believers, both Russians and his admirers in the West.

    • Steve says:

      “He’ll target both Ukrainian troops and civilian leadership. ”

      There’s no such thing as civilian leadership in a war.

    • JK/AR says:


      A bioweapon huh …

      Wouldn’t that be rather like ‘shooting oneself in one’s foot’?

      (Seems like there’s been alot of foot-plinking going around these last couple of so years. But oh my dear G-d I sure hope – if it is a bioweapon – our CDC isn’t our ‘front-line defense’!)

    • Fred says:


      “…a bioweapon.”
      LOL, like China did to Trump? How many bio labs did we fund in Ukraine? I know, fake news, dezinformatsya, and the old reliable “Putin’s puppet” label.

      But seriously, what is it that will trigger a US intervention – with actual force not and material like now? In Syria it was ‘chemical weapons’ that crossed the ‘red line’. The white helmets (UK funded) were pretty adept at staging those, much discussed on SST and still available in the archives here.

      Should we go through a list of possible agents? Murder Hornets are obviously out; so too Monkey Pox (too much evidence of spready the same ways as aids), Delta varient and Omnicron are both already out, too late to blame Putin. Do they have some guys in Africa, apparently Ebola II or whatever the latest that we are being warned about is already active, but then again that’s on the wrong continent. I’m sure there are some other candidates out there. It won’t be like any of those Syrian war red line crossing things though. No way.

      BTW are Russians somehow going to be immune, because they have all been vaxxed against it? I wonder what 17 intelligence agencies, or even 50 former intelegence professionals, think about that.

  5. powderfinger1 says:

    Means nothing to people who cant wait to get to paradise and take as many infidels with them as they can. Life only means something to people who have something to live for.

  6. d74 says:

    Thank you for the side step. All this thinking about military nuclear power is depressing me. This hardware is the negation of life.

    So, I think you stopped your thinking halfway.

    If “Life only means something to people who have something to live for.” then it is our Christian responsibility to allow the crazies/no brains to have enough so that they have something “to live for.”
    It’s not a matter of “giving” but of “enabling.” I believe that comes through education.

  7. Babeltuap says:

    The apex of last resorts but yes, both sides would do it at this point no doubt about it. For now It appears the plan is to keep throwing NATO countries at it. Good strategy. Poland is up next.

  8. Condottiere says:

    Hmmm. I kinda wonder if this would be a survival option should we go through a polar swap with a lengthy transition period with a severely weakened ozone.

  9. Tidewater says:

    Keep an eye on Norway. It doesn’t have to be nuclear. If the lights go out on Svalbard, you will know that something big is underway.

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