New York City Continues Meltdown From a Blowtorch of Violence

Doctor new to NYC distraught after dog stolen from apartment

MTA bus driver pepper-sprayed by passenger in the Bronx

NYPD cop hurt in clash with crowd at Washington Square Park

Maniac punches carriage horse, attacks two others in Central Park: driver

Pizza thief makes off with pair of pies in Bronx knife-point robbery

Man killed, 2 injured in shooting at Fourth of July block party

Teen stabs Uber driver in Westchester

At least two die in overnight NYC slashings and shootings

Stabbing victim assaults nurse, two cops at NYC hospital

Two people, including tourist, slashed in NYC: cops

Unhinged man randomly slaps 7-year-old boy in Central Park

NYC hate crimes skyrocketed by 139 percent this year: NYPD data

Man shot by unknown gunman in Queens: cops

Man, 29, punched in possible Greenwich Village hate crime: police sources

Three people wounded in two separate knife attacks in Manhattan

Man stabbed to death in NYC apartment, one arrested: cops

Three wounded in two separate NYC shootings, cops say

Man slashed during drunken brawl on NYC subway platform

Three injured in drive-by shooting in NYC

Two hurt in separate NYC shootings overnight, cops say

Man, 65, pummeled by stranger on NYC subway train, cops say

Man drags woman into woods, strangles her in broad daylight: NYPD

‘White glove delivery’ horror: NYC woman sexually assaulted by Macy’s deliveryman, suit claims

Woman randomly attacked on NYC sidewalk in broad daylight

Much of this violence is being carried out by mentally ill people who are allowed to move unchecked through New York. Adding to the insanity of the “Mad Max World” that is now New York City is the underfunded, undermanned police department and a broken judicial system that treats criminals like inedible fish–i.e. catch and release.

Is New York City past the point of no return? If the woke political left–hell bent on installing their authoritarian vision–remain in control the answer is yes. Only the election of a governor and mayor dedicated to restoring law and order to the lawless avenues of Manhattan and the surrounding boroughs can make a difference.

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10 Responses to New York City Continues Meltdown From a Blowtorch of Violence

  1. Fred says:

    The leftists are purging the city of the middle class political opposition and setting the stage for federal police and a federal bailout of the usual socialists and the corporate elite. Did you see Nancy’s deployment of Capital Hill police outside of D.C.?

  2. TV says:

    People get the government they deserve.

    • Pat Lang says:

      True for the Afghans as well.

      • TV says:

        The Afghans seem to prefer living in the 12th century.

        • Pat Lang says:


          Always been fascinated by Stone Age or Medieval people who don’t have any trouble riding on aircraft that for them are run by magic. An American teaching at a Saudi U. told me once that his physics majors often asked him if these machines, TV, radar, etc. really worked the way he described or if djinn operated them.

          • TV says:

            Met a guy (Brit) who had taught Saudi AF mechanics.
            They had zero aptitude.
            Once covered a crack in a wing with grease and
            said “inshallah.”

  3. Jim says:

    A friend that lived in NYC, and in LA, for years, recently visited both within past fortnight.

    NYC: all the local-owned stores/shops/businesses: gone — only the big boys, those national and international businesses still operating.

    LA: homeless everywhere — everywhere. . . tents everywhere. Was told literally have to step over them to go anywhere.

    This person is a die-hard Liberal, and did not recognize either city.

    And also, in LA and environs, I was told, signs everywhere warning of drought and great danger of fire. . . all the lawns are burnt from no water; and the forests look like a Sci Fi movie, I was told.

  4. Eric Newhill says:

    According to Cuomo, guns are the problem. Apparently the most stringent gun laws in the country aren’t stringent enough. So he is going to double down.

    It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with political attacks on police, “bail reform” and the early mass release of prisoners, some of whom are quite violent based on their rap sheets – or that Western civ., also under attack by democrats, really is superior to the third world spear chuckers that democrats love so much – and Dancing with Wolves is Hollywood BS.

    New York, the city and the state, is ever faster circling the drain. Productive tax paying individuals and businesses are leaving in droves. Cuomo and local governments will raise taxes to cover the loss in revenue, which causes more tax payers to leave. Round and round it goes. Add to that the uptick in violent crime and general lunacy of the democrats that run the place infesting every aspect of life. The descent into a stygian nightmare scene will soon be complete. That is exactly what happened in the city of my birth, Detroit. It is exactly what happens anywhere democrats obtain full control. It is sad because once the tax paying base has left, the city (or state) cannot recover.

    I’m glad I recently got the hell out of there and have returned to God’s country.

  5. akaPatience says:

    I doubt it’s a coincidence that an ex-cop just won the NYC Democratic Party primary for mayor. Of course, some of his support may be because of his minority status, which appeals to Identity Politics voters. But still, I imagine a lot of people there are fed up with the results of current governance (or more precisely the lack thereof).

  6. Another Chicago police officer was shot today. Expect some fallout.

    The carnage over 4th of July weekend, while distressing, were nothing particularly out of the ordinary. It’s practically always our most violent weekend of the year.

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