News of the day – 15 January 2020


1.  It appears that the number of anti-government protestors in Tehran has been under 1,000 for the last three days.  CNN reported that the riot police outnumbered the protestors last night.  This means that the chimera of revolt spread by ALL the MSM including the Foxnews clown car is just that and probably the result of wishful thinking on the part of the covert operators in the Israeli/American IO designed to bring down the Iranian government.  I wish them luck.  It looks like they will need it.  Has anyone heard of  Kermit Roosevelt?  He had more success in Tehran.

2.  The Iranian SAM battery fired a salvo of two at the Ukrainian airliner.  Is anyone really surprised at that?  That is what they do in the air defense business.

3.  As I speak, the DJIA is up 150 points at a new record high, The economy is booming.  Unemployment is at 3.5%.  Wages are rising and the Democrats are claiming that Americans are starving.  Asinine.

5. I watched the last Democratic Party debate last night.  It was incredibly boring.  Klobuchar is probably their best bet with Fred Yang in for VP.   This election will be yet another test of the wisdom of the Framers of the constitution.  They sought to insure that the people of the small population states would not be ruled like serfs from states like New York, California, Illinois and Florida.  We will see if their wisdom will still keep us safe frpom big city tyranny.

6. Vladimir Putin has proposed to the state Duma a set of governmental reforms that includes presidential term limits.  How does that square with the notion that he is a frightful tyrant?

7.  The statements of Mike "Pompom" Pompeo have made it clear that he (we?) do not consider Iraq to be a truly sovereign state in that the expressed will of the Iraqi PM and parliament that we should remove our forces from their country means nothing to us.  Evidently we will leave when we feel like leaving..  That makes our forces Occupation Forces.  We will see if the Iraqis will "take" that.  the last time we did something of this sort was when we refused to accept the will of the Filipino people after we acquired the islands from Spain.  We and the Filipinos paid a high price for that.

8.  The US/China Trade agreement was signed today and the USMCA will be ratified by the US Senate tomorrow.  Perhaps Le Petit Justin will cry over that too.

9.  Oh, yes, Peolsi is sending Schiff over to the senate to deliver her nonsensical papers.

10.  Tim Kaine is going to get his War Powers Resolution passed eventually.  God bless Him.  pl

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