Northam must go …


I am deeply ashamed that Ralph Northam is an alumnus of my alma mater.  His callous endorsement of post delivery infanticide is not representative of what he and I learned at VMI where we were taught to revere Western Civilization's values as expressed in the history of the school.  Many people will reject the record of our alumni in having fought for the Confederacy with the cost of the death of 50 % among our people, but the record of us all over a long time should stand for something whether you like that history or not.

Northam is an opportunist.  He rode scholarships given by the US Army to his bachelor's degree, a medical degree, a residency in pediatrics of all things and minimal army service to satisfy his contract with the army.  Now, he endorses the murder of children for the purpose of riding the Democratic Party's race to the left and advancing his national political ambitions.  He must go.  pl

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