Not a Serious Country

Barely a month into the Biden Administration and we are already seeing the same neoliberal song and dance that was the hallmark of the Obama years: “Yeah let’s not focus on results but did you know that the team responsible for the fuckall horrendous disaster was the most diverse ever?” You think I jest but this was damn near the word for word response by chronic failure Jen Psaki when asked “what are you doing for small businesses” she led with “Well we put a woman in charge!”

The kabuki theatre around January 6th, in which some citizens walked through the Capitol and hammed it up for the internet while our elected representatives (the ones who send your kids to die in Afghanistan and Syria to defend gay pride rallies) cowered in fear of Buffalo Man and Q Grandma, continues. The Biden Admin and the Dems are now proposing a Bipartisan Blue Ribbon 9/11 Commission, mainly to avoid having to actually pay out on corona relief checks.

This is only an insurrection if you have brain worms – the real fear was that Trump, the ur-Boomer, would embrace his destiny as a Sulla/Caesar transformative figure. While I have my doubts that he could become what so many want him to be, the future is tangled and uncertain. One fact remains: that because Trump failed to become the avatar of (bloody) change doesn’t eliminate the arrival of such a figure in response to the System. Killing Caesar begat Augustus burning down all our shit and killing us on sight, as I’m sure some Roman Senator told another. Something the System has not considered while it blew up its credibility in an effort to stymie Trump and his very modest changes.

Meanwhile Biden looks awfully unfit to be President, with a breathless media talking about his Mario Kart results (for our senior members, this is a video game in which you race cartoon characters in go karts on fantastical courses) when he’s not on autosign crushing out EOs while the Deep State/Borg and Kamala Harris (neither of which won a single election in the Presidential race) make their plans to punish recalcitrant Americans who aren’t on board with Drag Queen Story Hour.

This is Clown Country, where everything is a joke but also deathly serious. Ask Randy Weaver what happens when you get caught up in the Kafkaesque cycle of “Whoopsie we didn’t send your summons like we thought and now your wife and son are dead lol”. ‘Fake and Gay’ describes so many institutions that SHOULD NOT be Fake and Gay, from our elections (fake and gay for quite some time) to our justice system (Meme King Ricky Vaughn currently looking at 10 years for “voter interference” because he shared funny memes back in 2016 about texting to vote) to SCOTUS (Texas has no standing in a case about intrastate voting compacts) to our military (The Army has to redo the ACFT because women can’t do a leg tuck, which is discriminatory, while the SMA handwrings over whether men can wear nail polish).

I can go on, dear reader, especially after the riots of last summer and the current focus on “white nationalism”, but I believe the journey is the education. Look on dissident twitter, starting with Bronze Age Pervert, and expand outwards from there.

I will end with the beginning of the next post, which is: If you are reading this, you are more than likely a dissident against a system that hates you and sees you, at best, as a tax cow to be milked to death. Plan accordingly.

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4 Responses to Not a Serious Country

  1. Eric Newhill says:

    Trump was the reasonable compromise offering from fly-over USA. The guy was basically a common sense Democrat; or what would have passed for a common sense Democrat 30 years or so ago (when I was still a Democrat).

    Many thought he was The One. Trump may have seen himself as such as well, but maybe not. Maybe that was inappropriately thrust upon him. IMO, he was not The One. Rather the messenger howling in the wilderness; a John the Babtist archetype – and suffering the same, albeit metaphorical, fate. Unlike John, I don’t think he gets to annoint The One. That will be via an entirely organic process.

  2. Fred says:

    It looks like CNN and NBC were funding part of the “insurrection”:
    “Lawyers for John Sullivan, a 26-year-old Utah native, disclosed the payments as part of the activist’s argument that he was acting as a journalist in the Capitol rather than a rioter.”

    Since CNN and NBC were paying that makes it a “conspiracy” to disrupt congress. Unless John boy can pull a congressional press pass out of, ah, back pocket.

  3. “chronic failure Jen Psaki ”

    Not at all, she is a master practitioner of bullshit.

    • Gallo Rojo says:

      We have differing yardsticks – I do not see her chronic bullshit as a measure of success, but what a failure does.

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