Not even Lemon knew what Biden was talking about.

C’mon, man!

“”Many of Joe’s answers were completely incomprehensible,” he said. “At times no one seemed to know what the hell Joe was even talking about. Not even Don Lemon, not the audience, not even Joe himself.”

Hannity spotlighted moments where Biden stammered over his thoughts while answering questions about vaccinating children and mistrust in the Black community, calling it a “total cognitive mess.” 


But the host admitted that the joke surrounding Biden’s cognizance really isn’t funny when national security is at risk. And when the president was able to form a coherent thought, he was “almost always lying” including his assertion that crime in the U.S. is down.”

Comment: The farce that is the Biden Administration still enjoys relatively high polling numbers. How can that be? pl

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  1. How can that be?
    Answer this koan for me: “If a tree falls in the forest and NYT/CNN/BBC et al don’t report it, does it make a sound?”

  2. Eric Newhill says:

    This exchange between Biden and the press is utterly bizarre. What he is talking about with “are there people in the republican party that think we’re sucking the blood out of kids”? Freudian projection? How on earth does that answer the reporter’s question about defunding police? Anyhow, it is deeply disturbing for many reasons on many levels.

    Biden is a sick twisted deranged old man, to be sure.

    But hey, no mean tweets! Totally worth it!

    • TTG says:

      That line “are there people in the Republican Party that think we’re sucking the blood out of kids” is a direct reference to the QAnon belief that Democrats are pedophiles and cannibals propagated in the Pizzagate phenomenon. QAnon believers are a substantial faction of Trump Republican support and Trump is more than willing to ride on their shoulders back into the White House.

      Back to that video, the non-smart ass answer to the reporter’s question would have been yes there are Democrats who want to defund the police and they are wrong. Instead of answering “I’m not sure” to Biden’s rhetorical answer, the better way for the reporter to respond was to say yes there are Republicans (the QAnon faction) who believe the blood sucking thing and they are wrong. She might have then gotten a real answer from Biden. Biden thinks defunding the police is just as ridiculous as blood sucking.

      • Eric Newhill says:

        Regardless, it was an incoherent response. I can’t believe you’re defending Biden, yet criticized Trump’s style – though I I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at this point.

        The typical American – even the typical conservative – knows nothing about QAnon (I don’t, other than it’s some kind of silly internet mythology that has, quite naturally, arisen as a reaction to the globalist socialist push). Maybe, like me, they’ve heard the name, but that’s it. Ann certainly cannot be more stupid than the notion that there is a racist police driven genocide against Blacks in full swing.

        Yes, Biden had a responsible mature adult answer available – the kind you’d expect a leader and uniter to utter. Instead he replied in a smart ass bizarre manner that was probably utterly incoherent to 80% of listeners. But that would mean upsetting the radicals that increasingly ARE the Democrats and who really DO want to defund the police. Surely you know that as much as you know all about QAnon.

        Fortunately, I guess, there weren’t that many listeners because everyone with a lick of sense knows that Biden is a babbling old BS spewer. No one needs to suffer through another confirmation of that.

        • Fred says:


          “QAnon believers are a substantial faction of Trump Republican support…”

          How on Earth did you determine that?

          • Pat Lang says:

            Left wing true believers seem to be a substantial faction in TTG’s household.

          • TTG says:

            Fred, a fifth of Trump’s support professes to believe QAnon conspiracies and the vast majority of all QAnon believers are Trump supporters. This is from Wikipedia.

            “In February 2021, a poll by the American Enterprise Institute found that 29% of Republicans believe the central claim of QAnon, that “Donald Trump has been secretly fighting a group of child sex traffickers that include prominent Democrats and Hollywood elites.” A March 2021 survey by the Public Religion Research Institute and Interfaith Youth Core found similar results: Republicans (28%) were twice as likely as Democrats (14%) to agree that the “elites” would soon be swept from power by a coming “storm”; Republicans (23%) were three times as likely as Democrats (8%) to agree that “Satan-worshipping pedophiles” control the government and media; and Republicans (28%) were four times as likely as Democrats (7%) to agree that “true American patriots may have to resort to violence” to resolve the situation.”

            Ashli Babbitt and the QAnon Shaman, embarrassing to all, were among the Q adherents at the Capitol on 6 January. Q flags and other paraphernalia was prominent among the mob.
            Michael Flynn, Sydney Powell and Marjorie Taylor Greene are QAnon adherents. But in general, QAnon is an embarrassing pack of nut jobs to most Republicans and to a lot of Trump operatives. They don’t want Q flags or T-shirts at rallies and other campaign events. Yet they keep showing up. Trump himself only says good things about them for the simple reason that they are loyal to him.

          • TTG says:

            “Left wing true believers seem to be a substantial faction in TTG’s household.”

            Touché, Colonel Lang. Not just the TTG household, but among the entire extended clan there is but one Trump voter. We still love him.

          • Pat Lang says:

            Fine, but they should all write separately if they want to write on the blog.

          • TTG says:


            Where do you get the idea that more people than I write as TTG? Multiple personalities, perhaps, but it’s all me.

          • Pat Lang says:

            Too bad.

          • Fred says:


            “This is from Wikipedia.”
            To quote Kamala, “Bah ha ha ha”

            “professes to believe QAnon conspiracies” …

            Says “wikipedia”, as quoted by TTG.

            Russia collusion, now that was easy to understand, led to the House being controlled by the Democrats, and was proven to be, to be polite, pure bunk. I wonder if we’ll have a couple of years of Qanon investigations, complete with DOJ lawyers fabricating evidence to get warrants?

            “..a group of child sex traffickers that include prominent Democrats and Hollywood elites.”

            Jeffery Epstein: Who is he and what led him to ‘cough cough’ commit suicide in Federal Prison where the guards didn’t guard and the cameras didn’t work?
            Harvey Weinstsein, who was he and what connection did he have to “Hollywood”? Isn’t that just a small town in Florida, where Mayor (Tallahassee) Gilham was the losing gubenatorial candidate found in a hotel room with…, well it made some of the news.
            Then there are Terry Bean, Ed Buck, and others, but I’m assured by “wikipedia” that there’s nothing to it.

            “Q flags and other paraphernalia…”
            Like Reverend Jeremiah Wright comments and endorsements from Louis Farrakhan? My, why didn’t Obama make those a prominent part of his campaign?

      • akaPatience says:

        TTG, a substantial faction of Trump Republican support?”

        Are you kidding? I know 100X more Democrats who believe in QAnon than Republicans. SMH. Any conservative sites I’ve frequented have largely and usually scoffed at or dismissed QAnon comments. Sheesh. I’m starting to believe QAnon may be a Democratic Party dirty trick.

        • TTG says:

          I don’t know any QAnon believers, Republican or Democrat. However Facebook found thousands of groups and pages, with millions of members and followers supporting QAnon ideas. The whole idea is such an embarrassment to most Republicans that I bet Democratic Party dirty tricksters wish they thought it up.

          • Eric Newhill says:

            Are the members real people or bots? I don’t exactly trust FB as a source.

            Btw – just an OT follow-up….that 99% covid hospitalized are unvaccinated stat came from a study done by someone or another somewhere in the first four months of 2021 and it’s apparently heavily loaded for Jan and Feb – before the vaccinations were rolled out and only people least a risk of a serious covid case had received them. The UK govt is publicly admitting now that 40% of their hospitalizations are not only vaccinated, but also got the booster. Another leftist meme shot down in flames; smoldering on the ground in ruins with the QAnon misdirection.

            P.S. I just completed a Q1 – Q2 2021 covid impact report for a fairly large population across the country. 0.01% covered lives hospitalized and 0 deaths.

      • Deap says:

        TTG, As a California Republican, by default we must be a pretty rabid cell due to our very small numbers and active, mean-spirited opposition against us. As such, I haver never even heard of QAnon or Bugaloo Boys or any of these crazy activists you claim to be mainstream GOP. Never.

        Someone is making up this whole QAnon movement out of wholecloth if they think they are an extension of GOP politics -even in its extremist state of GOP existence in California. Did QAnon slap that large RACIST sticker on our Trump lawn sign? Did QAnon try and steal that same lawn sign in broad daylight, while we were sitting in our front patio?

        Nope, I think it is crazed Democrats who were out there inflicting political violence against we poor marginaized folks, who did fly the Californians For Trump flag. Alone and proud.

  3. Barbara Ann says:

    Cognitive ability in a head of state is not essential, in fact neither is life itself. The longer this goes on, the more convinced I become that the Dems would be fine with the DPRK necrocratic model – Biden as “Eternal Leader” and the DNC as the Party.

    • Deap says:

      Biden is proof the organized union bosses are the ones really running the show behind the scenes and leaking out their existence only on the edges of recognition. Like the Biden puppet who kept repeating endlessly he wants to recreate the former Civilian Conservation Corp so he can use tax dollars to “create good union jobs”. He kept repeating this mantra over and over again in the entire article –good union jobs.

      Why would he create a tax dollar cash flow into independent third party operations like the unions? Talk about wealth redistribution – let the unions ride coat tail on an artificially created government jobs program?

      Unless Democrats are now so brazen about the unions controlling them, they think no one notices or cares. Biden still survives this front man ruse, so the unions are now moving in for the meatier and direct kills.

  4. Babeltuap says:

    He’s the best thing that ever happened to crony capitalists. An uncommon ability by default to use mental decline defects to smoke out any on the left that even entertain there “may” be some issues. The second they do they get put on the list, marginalized and muffled. Everyone knows getting even just one count off step and recovering quick has amplified consequences. Joe “Amelia Bedelia” Biden is funny, entertaining and insightful. Got a problem with that? Didn’t think so.

  5. Deap says:

    Underscoring how much “we” let the media control the national narrative. The 24/7 media barrage against Trump exhausted the nation and the world. That inflated role the media plays now needs to give us all pause.

    The highlight is how little that relentless media bashing affected both Trump’s ability to carry out campaign pledges and retain his supporters deep loyalty, and even grow new ones. The Silent Majority will continue to confound the rabid media pundits.

  6. BillWade says:

    Someones noticed that foreign heads of state meet first with Kamala.

  7. A. Pols says:

    Truth no longer matters, only “Truthiness” which supports the prevalent narrative, which is itself a pastiche of wishful/magical thinking. The same narrative that says hundreds if not thousands of innocent unarmed black men are stalked and killed every year by police, when in fact only a bakers dozen in a year actually are and they all, like Floyd, were resisting arrest. That’s truthiness in action.

  8. SAC Brat says:

    Has the US found their Leonid Brezhnev?

    • Brezhnev died aged 75, succeeded by
      Andropov died at 69, succeeded by
      Chernenko died at 73.

      Biden is 78, Pelosi 80 and Schumer 70.

      • SAC Brat says:

        I was thinking more about Brezhnev anekdoty than actual ages. Is Biden being posthumously reanimated every morning? Biden also looks like he could only go two or three medals before falling over, compared to what Brezhnev could hump.

        • Pat Lang says:

          Maybe he is re-animated often like Juan Peron, with Doctor Jill standing in for Evita? he would like that. “Don’t cry for me Wilmingtona!” Well, artistic license.

        • akaPatience says:

          Perhaps, as in the Woody Allen dystopian comedy Sleeper, Biden died – and like “The Leader” in that film whose nose was preserved for cloning purposes – part of Joe’s body was preserved and cloned in order to carry on. Only problem is the cloning didn’t work as planned!!! Maybe his hair plugs were used, to ill effect. I bet CORN POP, or the LYING DOG-FACED PONY SOLDIER could shed some light on the matter…

    • Fasteddiez says:

      Yup, but Leonid was only like him at the very end. It believed he was
      over-nembutaled over time, poisoned by Andropov, s many believed. Unlike witless Joe, he was not a draft dodger. He did have heart conditions on and off, and he smoked like the proverbial chimney, as well as drank excessive amounts of Vodka (as did most Russians). Joe, to the contrary, has been a corrupt POS, In my opinion since his feral government career began.
      Check this out.

  9. Jose says:

    Sadly, this townhall came in third for its time slot and nobody even bothered to attend. This should be disappointing for a President that got 84 million votes. We can safely assume nobody care or understands what Biden says or does:

  10. jerseycityjoan says:

    I think the poll numbers still largely reflect the fact that he isn’t Trump. Don’t forget the critical importance getting Trump out of office was for many voters. People here may have the opposite view of Trump but many Americans disagreed.

    But as time goes on Biden will be judged on what he does. During the campaign he did not seem to wrestle with the progressive wing of the party. We spent trillions on Covid which at some point is going to affect the changes and additional spending the progressives want. We are seeing signs that people are getting fed up with the wokism that younger Democratic elites have embraced with such enthusiasm.

    It could be that immigration will end up being his Achilles heel. He gets so much pressure from so many special interest groups. Meanwhile, the predictable housing crisis that comes from importing tens of millions of poor people while building almost no low income housing and while gentrification in the big cities is taking place is starting to become obvious.

    I don’t know how things will end up after Covid settles down but I suspect 2024 will also have a frustrated and angry electorate looking for a savior.

  11. James says:

    I like the fact that Biden has been meeting with Putin, and Biden has allowed Nord Stream 2 to go ahead.

    The neocons are gnashing their teeth about Nord Stream. Good.

  12. Deap says:

    84 million voters say: Is Joe good for the unions? Then I am good with Joe. I don’t need anything else. Just keep signing the paychecks.

    My spouse and family thank you. My friends like you too. That can add up to 84 million voters when you start with 20 million bona fide government employees.

  13. TV says:

    “The farce that is the Biden Administration still enjoys relatively high polling numbers. How can that be?”
    An uninformed, badly educated, unthinking and immature population never questioning the massive amount of lies and propoganda being fed to them by a throughly dishonest media.

  14. Jose says:

    Comment: The farce that is the Biden Administration still enjoys relatively high polling numbers. How can that be? pl

    In October, all the enhancements to unemployed people happy will be gone, let’s see his polls then.

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