Now, this should be interesting …

 ” … as a condition, the judge insisted that the Dems post a $1 million bond to cover potential costs incurred as a consequence of the delayed recount. And, by the afternoon, the outlet said, the state party had indicated it wouldn’t do so.

That cleared the way for the recount to go on as planned.

Earlier this week, Senate Republicans exercised a subpoena to move voting equipment and ballots from county storage to the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum, where they have said a team will spend a month doing a hand recount and forensic audit.

According to the Post, Senate leaders have said the process is intended only to explore ways to improve future elections, not to cast doubt on Biden’s win by more than 10,000 Arizona votes over Trump.

But the recount has been slammed by Dems and other critics and voting rights advocates as lacking proper oversight and having potential to perpetuate baseless claims of an illegitimate election outcome.

Trump insisted for weeks following the vote that he’d been defeated only because of rampant, systemic fraud. He filed numerous lawsuits, but they gained no traction; Biden was sworn in, as scheduled, on Jan. 20.

Comment: “but they gained no traction” Oh BS! The damned judges and boards would not hear the evidence! The worst was SCOTUS who would not hear Texas’ suit against Pennsylvania in what was a matter of Original Jurisdiction for SCOTUS, i.e., a dispute between states as sovereign entities.

The result of this re-count will be interesting. pl

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  1. Sam says:

    The question is if they’re just gonna count the ballots or first verify that the ballot is valid by comparing signature to voter roll if it is a Mail-in ballot? If the latter what are the criteria to verify signature compliance?

    • Deap says:

      Looks like they will be using special scanners, ala Jovan Pulitzer’s pattern detection technology, to determine the initial validity of the ballot itself- scanning for water marks, creases and machine-made markings.

      This comes from someone who observed what looked like this sort of equipment was present on a table, from the in-house surveillance cameras. Not confirmed.

      Since the goal is surveying for in inherent voting procedure flaws that would undermine any election integrity, this would be a reasonable up front physical ballot evaluation to make.

      How can you mail in a ballot that has no creases? Put it in a large envelope is one way – perfectly valid. Thousands of them – all for one candidate? All with the exact same down ballot choices?

      No watermarks – someone took the money for himself and hired the cheapest bidder to print up non-water marked ballots and sent them out as “official” – and there was no double checking?

      Machine printed ballots, filled out at home. Handicap accommodations? How many ways to Sunday can phony ballots be added into the final count. How may ways to Sunday ballot anommolies can finally be explained.

      How to reverse engineer as many possible methods of voting fraud as can be speculated. Everyone wins in this case, even if any one favored candidate does not win the final new vote count in the long run.

      Look for loop holes, build in every imaginable level of fraud prevention. We can settle for nothing less. But first we have to know all the ways to Sunday voting fraud can possibly take place. Democrats should be joining in this speculation – surely Stacey Abrams would want to know more about her “stolen” Georgia governors race election. She might have been on to this a lot earlier than 2020.

    • JohninMK says:

      They are doing a lot more than just count the ballots, its going to take them a month. I don’t know but I assume, as everything else is being double checked, that signatures are being validated against those previously held on file.

      Longer answer below.

  2. Eric Newhill says:

    AZ still has enough deplorables in the population that the Governor and a lot of the state legislature retains the will to fight the woke bolshies. AZ recently joined other states in a commitment to defy the federal government on whatever attacks they make on the second amendment.

    Pretty sure that if the recount/audit shows that Trump actually won AZ, we are all going to hear about it. That fact would lend support to the state fighting back against Washington (DC?) in whatever manner the state sees appropriate.

  3. Antoinetta III says:

    Will we be able to trust the results of this re-count any more than we can trust the outcome of the election?

    • English Outsider says:

      I can no longer remember whether Arizona was one of the States where the evidence was destroyed. Hope not.

    • Deap says:

      Does that not answer your own question? How indeed does one know there is a valid vote count. Looks like a lot more failsafe mechanisms need to be put in place. This new survey will be a good place to get started adding deeper transparency to the process. Continuing to use vote counting systems that cannot be made transparent is one way not to ensure vote count integrity.

      A couple of layers that need a lot more transparency: valid registration; valid ballots; valid counting; valid reporting. .

    • JohninMK says:

      I think the answer to that question is yes.

      For a start it is being done under the unblinking gaze of 9 CCTV always online to the Internet.

      Every aspect of the votes is being checked from signatures to mail in ballot folds, visually and with UV. All ballets sent for manual intervention in November are being digitally rechecked.

      The hardware and its firmware, comms links and associated software is also being pulled apart.

      On top of that electors are going to be interviewed to double check that what they thought they voted was recorded. The external teams will also investigate the large number of ballots from single addresses.

      AZ was won with a majority of under 12,000 so if failed votes over that are found all kinds of issues arise. This is no doubt with the Democrats have a very large crack team of lawyers on the job. As an example, in the court case today they have apparently forced the recusal of the current judge by appointing an attorney who was once one of his interns. Using every trick in the book.

  4. SAC Brat says:

    A fun part of the new state voting law in Georgia is that the state can take over voting in counties that have shown to have problems with running elections. Some counties have always had problems even when the state has rules for the number of ballot marking devices per eligible voters to prevent long lines. Some counties often have interruptions in their counting. Another function of the law is to make ballot drop off boxes more secure.

    I suspect a lot of the noise against the Georgia law is that the state will take away control of some of the polling from the local political machines and prevent unfolded mail-in ballots from being counted.

    • akaPatience says:

      My husband has become woke in recent years. I still love him, but don’t get me started… Anyway, yesterday I heard pundits on either MSNBC or CNN (of course his main sources of news) RANTING about how, due to the new GA voting laws, that no one’s allowed to offer food and drink to people waiting to vote, and that it’ll harm minorities. Why, they could get sick or even die of thirst or starvation don’t you know! And this will discourage them from voting!

      As has become typical and customary among far too many leftists, this RACIST claim presumes that people of color can’t bring a bottle of water or snack along with them if they anticipate a long wait at the polls. I say it’s racist because it infers white people are smart and conscientious enough to have a contingency plan and take care of themselves, but not minorities. The same goes for providing acceptable ID at the polls, or returning absentee ballots in a timely manner, etc., etc. SMFH…

  5. mcohen says:

    Has become Useless

  6. robt willmann says:

    The audit is to be at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix, for Maricopa County, Arizona. Nine cameras are set up inside at a distance that are broadcast live over the Internet–

  7. TV says:

    The courts are as corrupt as the rest of the swamp (and the little state capital swamps).

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