“NSA Seems to Be Spying on UFOs” – TTG

This week brings a new DoD release through the Freedom of Information Act which opens up a whole new front in the endless “What does Uncle Sam secretly know about UFOs?” debate. Back in July, The Black Vault, which specializes in FOIA requests regarding UAP and related spooky matters, asked the Pentagon for more documents related to UAP. On December 12, DoD responded by releasing seven overwhelmingly redacted pages of documents from U.S. Strategic Command, the combatant command which controls our nuclear arsenal. Even though almost all the pages are concealed, what’s visible is shocking enough.

The release comes from STRATCOM’s Directorate of Intelligence (J2) and consists of two Intelligence Team Activity Reports from 2020, dated July 24 and August 21. These reports are very highly classified – more on that in a moment – and contain revealing hints about what the Pentagon and the IC know about UAP. The first snippet, from the July 24, 2020, STRATCOM J2 report:

A couple things jump out immediately to the trained spook, aside from the very high classification level (hold that thought). First, UAP here includes the phrase Phenomenology, with is an au courant variation on Phenomena, which was taken by The Black Vault to mean that UAP are real, based on previous AATIP comments. That’s controversial plus outside my wheelhouse.

What’s very much in my wheelhouse is the reference to the UAP JIATF since that’s the DoD/IC term for a Joint Interagency Task Force, which is what the Pentagon and the spooks set up when they need to tackle a difficult challenge with the hush-hush assistance of the full alphabet soup of federal departments and agencies. There are several of these in the U.S. Government, for instance JIATF West (based in Hawaii, which manages counter-narcotics activities in the Pacific region) or JIATF South (based in Key West, which manages the counter-narcotics mission for much of Latin America). It’s quite a revelation that Washington has deemed the UAP issue so important that it needs a “whole of government” approach and therefore set up its own JIATF to deal with this sensitive matter.

Then, in a strange turn of events, when The Black Vault asked DoD for clarification on the UAP JIATF, the Pentagon quickly explained it was all a misunderstanding and there was no such thing (even though its own highly classified document mentioned it):

“That was a simple error in terminology – both ‘JIATF’ and ‘Phenomenology’ — when USSTRATCOM personnel prepared their internal report. There was not a DoD JIATF on UAP,” said Pentagon Spokesperson Susan Gough in an e-mailed statement to The Black Vault. “We began using ‘task force’ or ‘UAPTF’ informally internally shortly before the UAPTF establishment memo was signed on Aug. 4, 2020.”

That’s as clear as mud to me. Let’s now look at the second STRATCOM J2 Intelligence Team Activity Report, dated August 21, 2020:

Note again the reference to the supposedly non-existent UAP JIATF. The “Admiral Richard” mentioned is Navy Admiral Charles Richard, who headed STRATCOM from late 2019 until just last week. This matter was important enough that the nuke boss got the briefing along with his top staff. So did the Secretary of Defense, who in the summer of 2020 was Mark Esper. We have no idea what that highly classified UAP briefing included but it was significant enough that Secretary Esper was “read on” for its contents.

However, the high classification is really the tell. Both snippets are classified TS//SI//TK//NF and, if you know what that means, you grasp the significance.


Comment: This info comes from John Schindler, a former NSA analyst and counterintelligence officer. He’s also a historian and author of several great books about the Austro-Hungarian Empire in WW I.

So the USG is taking this UAP stuff serious. Is the NSA listening in on these things? Are they coordinating with SETI? It’s odd the Pentagon would release this document identifying the UAP JIATF and then turn around and deny such a thing exists. I find that clumsy and unnecessary. Bureaucrats. Go figure. 


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  1. Fourth and Long says:

    As we believe you are aware, the precise number of fish in the sea is a closely guarded secret. Furthermore, we hope that you will not say or publish anything which leads us to suspect that you can become overly incautious regarding delicate information which may jeopardize national security should the enemies of our nation seize hold of it.

  2. d74 says:

    “NSA Seems to Be Spying on UFOs”

    Maybe, why not?

    The opposite is much safer:
    “UFO Seems to Be Spying on USA ( and earth)”.
    Because if they come to see us, as the NSA seems to think, it is certainly not for our beautiful eyes, even those of the USA.

    To come and manifest themselves on our earth, especially in a low profile way, they need a technological advance that escapes us.
    Let’s open our arms to these envoys who could crush us if they really wanted to. And one thing is certain: they don’t want to. For the moment.

    In the Universe we are nothing, just puny reeds and wooden heads, thinking wrong.

  3. Here’s a column I did on this recently. There does seem to be something out there that pilots are seeing. But that doesn’t mean it’s space invaders: https://www.nj.com/opinion/2022/09/some-down-to-earth-dialogue-about-ufos-mulshine.html

  4. Kilo 4/11 says:


    Is this John R. Schindler? If so, I can only find his books on the US Navy and national security and reconnaissance during the Cold War. Can you give me a title of one of his Austro-Hungarian Empire books?

    • TTG says:

      Kilo 4/11,

      “Fall of the Double Eagle: The Battle for Galicia and the Demise of Austria-Hungary”

      “Isonzo: The Forgotten Sacrifice of the Great War”

      I know he doesn’t think too much of Tuchman’s “The Guns of August” at least concerning anything to do with the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It seems to be a sore spot on his twitter account.

    • Muthaucker says:

      John R. Schindler is a government tool of the highest order. He still pushes the Russia Hoax for example. Take him with a very heavy grain of salt…i.e. he is a grifter.

      • Kilo 4/11 says:


        I will look a little closer at Mr. Schindler.

        • TTG says:

          Kilo 4/11,

          I’m sure Schindler has his good and not so great points like all of us, but he has spent a lot of time at NSA much like I spent a lot of time in Army Intel and DIA. We both were in prime positions to observe Russia developing its IO capability. We know how it works and what it targets. Muthaucker and others may be in denial, but Russia certainly targeted the 2016 election in the US with its IO capabilities. We know things. Besides, his books on the Austro-Hungarian Empire are really good.

          • LeaNder says:

            but Russia certainly targeted the 2016 election in the US with its IO capabilities

            TTG, in the end it all comes down to what you define as IO or information operations.


            It does not matter what percentage of the money spent in US elections? Many assume that Russian spent, even if you calculate US pays for the St. Petersburg troll army were minuscule.

            Whoever assumes Russian interference were minuscule compared to home grown US interests and activities is already a victim of Russian IO?

            Did the Russians ever interfere as successfully in US elections as the Americans did in Russian ones? Which? Yeltsin’s second term?

            Curious, who other then Russians are targets of US information operations? Me too?

          • TTG says:


            What we now call IO is not new. It’s practice predates Washington, Moscow and, in a way, the rise of man himself. Animal aggression displays are a form of IO. But back to the present. Washington and Moscow waged IO against each other over the fate of several European governments immediately after WWII, Greece and Italy for starters. A textbook example of IO was Washington’s orchestration of the 1954 Guatemalan coup d’état. It was the informational aspect of that coup that made it work not the puny and ineffective military force we put together, not the symbolic bombing of Guatemala City or the half-assed blockade we imposed. IO is not expensive, but it is effective. The marketing and advertising industries agree. So do all politicians and political consultants.

            I only just started reading that Russian article. So far, I like it. Thanks for the link. I stopped following the Russian view of IO professionally when i retired in 2011. What i read so far tracks with the Soviet era theories of reflexive control and information confrontation. A major component of Russian IO is shielding the Russian population from the effects of enemy IO and shaping that population’s minds through the application of their own IO. That comes through in the article. It’s not that different from any other government, is it?

          • Fredrick says:


            GCHQ isn’t Russian and Mr. Steele’s operations on behalf of the Clinton campaign were not Russia information operations. I believe Mr. Danchenko was paid a significant amount by the FBI. That wasn’t on behalf of Russia either, nor was what the FBI was doing in 2020.

          • LeaNder says:

            TTG, Fredrick points the way it feels and always felt to me: the real support for the Trump election came from within the US, with the loosing party simply clinging to what it had established within its own PR/Marketing plan and then stood on message … changing reality/perception???

            Yes, the Russian media mainstream loves Trump as does the US right. But that may well be a different matter. They feel he treats them better.

            Be well my friend, and the best ever X-mas to everyone else still around.

          • Pat Lang says:

            Yes. You are all alone here. Poor thing …

          • Pat Lang says:

            It occurs to me that you do not understand that it has become dangerous to post or comment on Turcopolier. Walrus was quite open about this. He is afraid of the Australian government. Wokist governments, Russian psyops agents and Russian intelligence do not like Turcopolier. In spite of my precautions, they can break into the back side of WordPress and learn used name and IP. From there they can work on identifying you.

          • LeaNder says:

            they can break into the back side of WordPress and learn used name and IP. From there they can work on identifying you.

            If they spent time on that, I assume they would be very, very disappointed. Waste of their time?

            Admittedly I did not pay too much attention on your reasons for moving your blog to, what was it? New Zealand? Admittedly I may have missed something significant.

          • Pat Lang says:


  5. jim ticehurst.. says:

    the UAP/UFO matter has been on Going For Decades…The UAP Drone matter Is Probably at the Highest Threat Level..I Just Read some Interesting Related Data
    At a Website..Called “The Debrief”…with Various Defense Articles…Who can Monitor/Detect UAPs..?

    By clicking onThe DEFENSE Catagory..There is an Interesting Related Article…”The Strange Tale of Russia’s UFO Wonder Weapons Based on New Physical Principles..”

    https://the debrief.org/catagory/defense/


    • Fourth and Long says:

      jim ticehurst,
      Many decades ago an escapee from one of our ruling class insane asylums was discovered living in a rural home with several barns and a fancy well insulated root-cellar or two which he had converted for his own nefarious uses. Although the details are still classified it was rumoured that through very devious and ingenious electronic and other forms of communication he had so cleverly and thoroughly deceived the commanding military forces of one of our evil enemies that they had come to believe we were in possession of alien technology by means of which we could force their surrender if we so chose. As you will appreciate, I cannot disclose any further information in this regard. But in some variants of the tale, the oppositing generals were overheard during discussions in which it appeared that they were convinced that they had listened to recordings of communications of an advanced Alien civilization with our leadership. Were they sincere? We simply don’t know.

      • Fourth and Long says:


        I invite you to observe carefully an image which may appear on your TV, laptop, computer or Smartphone screen should you venture to enjoy listening to this masterpiece of Flamenco guitar playing by the immortal Paco de Lucia:

        Paco de Lucia – Aires Choqueros (Fandangos de Huelva)

        Do you see what is spelled out by the leading letters of the names of the songs on the album, if you go from top to bottom?

        EARS … .

        James Ticehurst, if I may presume to be so proper in addressing you: Do you have a sufficient appreciation of the seriousness with which a certain covert organization (whose identity it is highly dangerous to disclose) regards that topic – EARS, especially if it written out in a fashion by which it may hope to go unnoticed and unsuspected?

        Paco de Lucia – inedito bulerias sublime.

        Bulerias – related to a word meaning joke or for amusement.

        • jim ticehurst.. says:

          Interesting ..FnL…Thank You For Courtesy…
          We Need EARS…To Hear..Far and Near..
          EYES to See..Data..All Means and Methods
          . The False..The Real…The Cryptic
          Coded.Like Numerology..or DNA.

          Until the Last Book is Unsealed..The Last Scret Revealed

          In the Office….FnL,,,,It was Not james It Was Dr.T..

          ….Looking Down cross Rooftop Constellations
          Sit Juan and Rosa…In a Fragrant Villa Garden..
          Smiles Are Reflected From His Spanish Guitar
          Pouring Its Flamenco Flow over Rosa’s Rio Eyes..

  6. Mark Logan says:

    Tangentially related, perhaps, but these were recently spotted flying around our office.

    An an excellent stocking-stuffer for other children who have parents we would like to get some form of revenge on.

  7. Fred says:

    “Wokist governments, Russian psyops agents and Russian intelligence do not like Turcopolier.”

    That’s the truth. I believe we have to include parts of our current government, and a lot of allied ones, in that statement.

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