Open Thread – 14 February 2017

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  1. Willybilly says:

    Mike Flynn was sacrificed/scuttled by Kushner ahead of the planned meeting between Trump & Netanyahu, Hence it’s Kushner who should be punished re the Logan act…. and put in the klink.

  2. spkoc says:
    A brief 2013 research paper on gerrymandering, focused on Florida. It’s conclusion is that intentional gerrymandering is NOT the cause of the GOP’s advantage at the state/congress level(they don’t really study presidential elections though I’d imagine a similar process is in play there).
    Money factoid about the 2000 election: “First, Democrats are far more clustered within homogeneous precincts than are Republicans. For example, while Bush received over 80% of the vote in only 80 precincts, Gore received over 80% in almost 800 precincts.
    The paper also studies randomised districting in Florida and finds that the GOP has a significant advantage almost every time. In fact, they speculate that no reasonably geographically contiguous districting would allow the Dems to win at the state level, due to how concentrated blue voters are(this despite roughly equal numbers of D and R voters in the state as a whole).
    My own thoughts beyond the paper: This situation can get very weird indeed. The GOP could start to lose the popular vote and still win state level and in congress by fairly strong margins for quite some time.
    While the US elections are not strictly population based, my feeling is that the popular vote usually, historically has matched the winners. Yay/nay? Regardless, I think the efforts to delegitimize the GOP based on the popular vote at various levels are only going to get louder. Also wouldn’t be surprised if the next midterms are fairly solid for them regardless of Trump doing well or badly.
    Disclaimer: Dirty Euro with no real horse in the race ideologically.

  3. Jus'Thinkin says:

    What do you think are the five best books on the theory of warfare?

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