Open Thread – 6 March 2021

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  1. Deap says:

    ” Brand X” Voting machines continue to make media headlines: New Hampshire investigates peculiar voting counting irregularities too:

  2. Deap says:

    WSJ paywall prevents a full access link, but the lead WSJ editorial today ( Saturday 3/6/21) takes Facebook fact checkers to task in great detail, after FB fact-checked the WSJ.

    WSJ did not like FB’s addition to their WSJ op-ed piece claiming herd immunity could be in effect by April 2021: “Missing Context. Independent fact-checkers say this information could mislead people.”

    Begs the question: why is Facebook so invested in keeping this “pandemic hysteria” model going? Is more face time on Facebook during locks downs leading to more monetized eyeballs the explanation.

    Because as the WSJ points out, their FB warning label was certainly not science-based. Facebook continues to take on old-fashion religious overtones, now including banning shunning and ex-communication.

    For our nation’s dialogue to be in the grips by a sniveling college drop out should make a good opera story line in a few more years. Or a new film by Spanish surrealist Brunel.

  3. Deap says:

    Very good analysis of the several “Black Swans” that have shaken up the American status quo of late, including the the 2016 election of Donald Trump.

    While Nancy Pelosi and Eric Swalwell chose to distract with trivial assaults, what damage are they really doing to us behind the scenes? With their new found supermajority status, what further damage is in store over the next two years:

    Now is not the time to drop out in disgust.

    • Martin Oline says:

      I think most of us here can remember the inflation in the Ford and Carter administrations which was at least 18 to 20% a year. I feel that the spending craze of the democrat party over next two years will produce a similar result as Vietnam and the Great Society during the Johnson administration. It also seems likely that sleepy Joe’s handlers will engage in some military adventurism in the Middle East, simply because they can, They have no oversight from the White House. They will cross a bridge too far and the desire for revenge will draw us back into a land war there while the real threat is China.
      With the combination of foreign military engagements and out-of-control domestic spending inflation will return with a vengeance in the near future. It could be much worse than the 70’s, although if it takes that long to develop I will never see it. The Black Swan article you referred to was concerned with the past. I will return to that site in the future for more information, but I wonder about the next decade and how to be prepared for it. I am at the age where I have been considering divesting assets like land and equipment just to tidy up my estate and now I am afraid the best thing to do is nothing. Physical assets may be just what I want to have rather than cash. I wonder where all the money invested in Equities will go if inflation returns?

  4. Fred says:

    “DNC Climate Council Roundtable: Climate Urgency and Awareness with Jane Fonda, others…”

    Nothing quite says 21st Century leadership than a program headed by Jane Fonda – and “others”. Others include “Randi Weingarten, President of the American Federation of Teachers”

    Time for DNC meetings, but no time to get teachers back to teaching.

  5. Escarlata says:

    On what the vaccination cards are for and where they will carry us.
    On the debunking of God, and capitalization of life, and, as a consequence, whom will take His place…well, no other than corporations…Umbrella Corp. anywhere?

    Interesting conference by Dr. Bradley A. Perkins celebrated already in 2017 where he talks about the need of collecting big data on human genome which then will be stored in servers like Amazon cloud, and which will transform medicine ( and life in general…) as we know it. Also on the coming possibility of sinthetizing human genome and thus creating human life in a lab..

    On Perkins´ background…

    They are selling it to us as a way to prolong human life beyond 100 years ( for “our children”, he says…) but what he does not talk about is about consequences. Obviating the unavoidability of accidents while developing this “technology”, and thus the creation of monsters ( with all the ethical implications on whether allow them continue living or eliminating them…) there is the monetization of all this ( and surely people´s medical data going public at stock exchanges..) thus the need implied of liberation of medical records from their current mandatory secrecy. To this a pandemic and following unending “state of emergency” comes as way too useful, until people´s resistance to share their medical data is definitely broken, by fear, or desire to return to “normal”, on the grounds of the “common good”, which in a while translate into “common good” of the few corporations of always..

    This could well imply that people with pre-conditions will find it hard to achieve a medical insurance ( once all privatized, which is clearly the goal, starting with this pandemic…), but probably getting a job, or travelling due the risk for the airliner nad so on.. It does not get too much effort to imagine that all these people will be pushed to suicide, as almost it is being the case with the current signalling at workplaces of the “non-vaccinated”, at least in certain parts of Europe where people are behaving like sheeps more than one would had expected by questioning nothing…As always happens, I do not discard reality may overcome fiction in a while..

  6. johnt says:

    Has anyone seen a comparison between the August 2017 Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville and the January 6 Protest in DC?
    I did not follow the 2017 events closely before the event, as I was working full-time and had some family concerns. However, I was living on C’ville then.
    Following the 2017 event, reading between the lines, it seems as though the Unite the Right had a permit to hold the event. Participants came from around the country, both individuals and organized groups. Other groups, largely leftist, applied for permits to demonstrate but these were denied, because the clash of the two sides might end in violence.
    The mayor at that time, Mike Signer, was a “fair-haired boy” who seemed to me to appear from left field. After the event–the protest, counter-protest, and clashes, ending in the death of a C’ville resident, Heather Heyer–hearings were held by City Council, and an attempt was made to place the blame on the C’ville Police Chief, a recent hire from a nearby county–for failing to protect the counter-protestors. He was accused of telling the police to “stand down”. At some point, the Council went into closed-door session to hear the testimony of the Chief, who had called into question statements made by the mayor which pointed a finger at the Chief’s actions. The result that I recall was that the mayor retracted what he said, the meeting ended soon after; the Chief soon after offered his resignation, but left with a high six-figure termination settlement. The mayor, Signer, continued to serve, but was replaced soon after by the current mayor. Signer is no longer on the City Council, a body from which the mayor is selected.d
    My thoughts are as follows: Signer told the Chief to order the stand-down, which he as mayor was authorized to do. The Chief complied. The result was the clashes that we know of, over three days. When the mayor tried to put the blame on the Chief, that man told the truth. I believe that the mayor, backed by council perhaps, wanted the clashes, so that public opinion would sway in favor of one of his/their political ends, which was the removal of two equestrian statues commemorating Generals Lee and Jackson. (The planned removal of the statues was the origin of the Unite the Right rally.) When the Chief spoke in closed-door session, it came to light that he would not accept the blame, and that it would fall on Signer, and so a compromise was reached.

    My question: could a similar thing have happened in DC in January? Could the law enforcement have been led to expect no violence due to Trump events having been mostly peaceful? Or–could they have been thoughtfully not reinforced, hoping for an end similar to what occurred?

    I have not re-read coverage of the events, so I may have gotten some details wrong from 2017. But I think I have it pretty much correct. I know there are some committee members who live in or near Charlottesville, and I would appreciate their thoughts on those events, and any similarity to recent events.

    • Tidewater says:


      If you are going to get seriously into this matter, you should read ‘Cry Havoc’ by Michael Signer. I have not read it, but I am getting more and more interested. Also, the comparison with the rioting on January 6 to what happened on August 12, 2017, in Charlottesville has been discussed in a number of news articles, including, I think, in Time Magazine, some of these also by Signer.

      He has a website that is simply “Michael Signer.” It’s a pretty good display of his considerable drive. I have not read all of it.

      You can see his whole somewhat in a way cleverly defensive angle here. He takes the position of mea culpa, but he still moves forward to command the high ground. He is going to go places even after this whole desgracia. But if he has to run for election at some point this will not go away. He seems to me to be a weak leader. Check out some of the city council meetings on YouTube.

      You need to understand that the real power in Charlottesville was the City Manager, Maurice Jones. Signer did not have hiring and firing powers. He had been elected to the council, yes, and the council had elected him mayor from among themselves, but his job was in a way mostly ‘ceremonial’.

      “On two separate occasions during the height of the crisis, the Mayor threatened my job and that of the police chief because of our concerns about allowing him to be part of the command center,” [Maurice] Jones wrote. “He said, ‘You work for me,’ and I replied that ‘I worked for the city council.'”

      Signer stated that he was told by the police chief Al Thomas: “Stay out of my way.” I think the command center was at the top of the Wells Fargo building down on Main Street. As I understand it, they would not let Signer in! This is incredible. What I would like to know is this: who was in the command center at that time? Was Wes Bellamy there? Was Kristin Szakos? Bellamy, Thomas, Jones are all black. If this is the case, why wouldn’t they want the Mayor to be there? Would actually lock him out? Can this be? He should have been there. Both during the rioting and afterward, he seems to me to have been completely humiliated by the council. This Kristin Szakos is a very interesting player on the council who seems to have been a power behind the throne and ardently pro-black.

      “Police stood by as mayhem mounted in Charlottesville.” This is an article in ProPublica by A.C. Thompson. Thompson quotes Bellamy. “I’m not in the business of throwing our police department under the bus, because they’re doing the best job they can,” said Bellamy. “I don’t think the police officers were just twiddling their thumbs.” This sounds disingenuous to me. That’s exactly what they were doing. Bellamy is a real piece of work. ( For some reason I am, I guess inappropriately, I know, but nonetheless, thinking of Benito Cereno.)

      Mark my words on this. Bellamy and Signer both will rise high in the new scheme of things. Both are relentless, both are intelligent, and both are shameless. Michael Signer should have resigned when the council put minders and the other restrictions on him. Bellamy’s tweets were astounding. Pure race hatred. He reminds me of a guy by the name of ‘Rock’ on death row some years back. Him and his buddy Panama.

  7. Escarlata says:

    On why the Russian vaccines definitely do not arrive in Europe, while the others were approved in a hurry…

    Pfizer asking for military bases and sovereign assets in exchange of vaccines

    As you say here, heads should roll…

  8. Escarlata says:

    Did you know that the term Pontifex means bridge builder. According to some theories, the Pontifex was the one that created a figurative bridge between gods and men….

    Pope Francis, already in his dream travel in Iraq, building bridges….

  9. Keith Harbaugh says:

    Given your experience with both Catholicism and Islam,
    I request you devote a top-level post to this development:

    “Hours earlier in Najaf, Francis met Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani”

    It certainly is worth noting, and I would be interested in your thoughts.

    • Pat Lang says:

      Keith Harbaugh

      We gave up the crusade a long time ago. Those Muslims who wish to co-exist with us are welcome to do so. That does not mean that the Catholic Church accepts the truth of the message of Islam. It means we are willing to live in peace with those who wish the same.

    • Escarlata says:

      IMHO this is the most fraternal event by international leaders and representatives of peoples that have taken place in the world since…ages? Soething comparable at civil level would be all the leaders of the West and East meeting for the Vciotry Day clebrations in Moscow next May 9th..( Let me dream…)

      I dunno for you, but to me and I fear the young it gives us hope…

      Pope Francis in his 85 risked his life by avoiding mask at crucial meetings so that Iraqi, and world wide, people could test his happiness and enthusiasm with the visit..

      IMO this is a slap in the faces of the evil corporations who want to erase the divine spark ( the fire…) in the origins of the people of the world

      Now we all are wishing to visit Iraq as soon as this pandemic nightmare ends…

      • Pat Lang says:


        “in the faces of the evil corporations who want to erase the divine spark ( the fire…) in the origins of the people of the world.” You are a childish creature who has been influenced by leftist professors. The world is much more complicated than their cartoon version of it. Our children here have been made fools by the same kind of people.

        • Escarlata says:

          Well, am I a childish creature if it happens that today´s evangel, on III Sunday of Lent, while Pope Francis is praying in the middle of the ruins of Mosul´s Four Churches Square, correspond to the passage of “Expulsion of the merchants from The Temple”?

          May be, but imho, there is not more blind than that who refuses to see…

          Anyway, Pope Francis looks pletoric of happiness by being able to perform this travel and contact the people after 15 months of pandemic confinement…The faces of thios who he meets along his odissey exprese he is spreading hope, and, with it, strenght, which translates always into rising the mood of the peoples to not accomodate to injustice and outrage and fight for a better future for all in Iraq…

          I fear we all know here in this blog who were/are behind the destroyers of churches and civilizations, the killers of the Christians and all faithfull of all faiths in Iraq and everywhere…I bet they are aware in the Vatican as well…

          • Escarlata says:

            Today´s gospel, sorry…

          • Pat Lang says:

            “I fear we all know here in this blog who were/are behind the destroyers of churches and civilizations, the killers of the Christians and all faithfull of all faiths in Iraq and everywhere.” Ah, the hidden hand. I suppose it is Yankee capitalism that is the villain the your childish mind.

    • Escarlata says:

      From the Holy See media, video-report..

  10. Keith Harbaugh says:

    Thanks for your insights.

    It is an interesting question to me as to how much of the killing in the ME is due to religious zealotry, which a Pope/Imam rapprochement might have at least some effect on, versus political (and national) rivalries.
    Turks versus Arabs, Israel versus whomever, the old Persia (whoops, Iran) versus Mesopotamia (whoops, Iraq).
    And of course the old (Third World versus the West and the U.S.) conflict.

    The Pope is quoted as trying to resolve conflict.
    I haven’t heard as much about Muslim reaction thereto.
    The genocide against ME Christians is tragic, but hardly covered by the U.S. press.
    (In my opinion, proving who really controls the U.S. media, their concerns and their goals. It’s a very specific subset of the “globalists” and oligarchs.)
    Will this meeting reduce Muslim/Christian tensions? I wish it would, but I doubt it.
    Your thoughts, Sir?

    • Pat Lang says:

      Keith Harbaugh

      “Imam?” You really do not know anything about Islam. “Imam” just means a religious leader great or small. Islam has no priests, no hierarchy. It has scholars of the law, jurists, administrators of endowments (waqf). Muslims are organized on the basis of consensus groups with regard to what it is that God wants. This is called “ijma” This is one of the roots of Islamic law “sharia.” The Muslims that Francis is meeting with are willing to accept the idea of co-existence with Christians. The ijma’ groups that do not accept that idea are the ones who hate us for what they think is our impiety and lack of obedience to what they think is God’s will. Christians pre-date Islam in what is now Iraq. In the days of the “Republic of Iraq” (Saddam’s time) there were Christian Universities in Baghdad. They dated from Ottoman times. I traveled to Iraq often then on US government business and attended Catholic Christian services on Sunday there. The US Defense Attaché was married there to the daughter of the Argentinian charge d’affaires. He was married in an Anglican Church. I was at the wedding. Francis is trying to restore some of the security that Christians used to have there. This has nothing to do with the jihadis who are committed to war against Christians, Jews, heathers like Hindus and other Muslims who do not agree with them as to what sharia’ should be. The hostility of the jihadis is not mutable. They will remain what they are unless they personally decide to change, and if they do that their former co-religionists will call them murtad (apostate) and seek to kill them if they can.

  11. longarch says:

    A blogger wrote:

    Further Catalyst for China’s Invasion of Taiwan – China gives up ambitious $20 BILLION semiconductor investment project
    March 4, 2021 by IWB

    China wants to seize the country of Taiwan for several reasons, including control of the first island Chain for force projection into the Pacific Ocean, and the Chinese realize that about 70% of the world’s semiconductors transit through Taiwan.

    China has constantly tried to advance their own semiconductors over the years to rival Taiwan’s but has yet again failed in that regard. This further pushes China towards their attempt to invade Taiwan again.

    A US$20 billion semiconductor manufacturing project backed by the Chinese government has gone belly-up, as its key operator Wuhan Hongxin Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (HSMC) announced its decision to dismiss all employees on Friday (Feb. 26).

    Employees at the company, which was once touted as part of Beijing’s plan to become a self-sufficient chipmaker, were “asked to resign” by Monday via a WeChat message, according to Chinese media reports. The company made clear that it had “no plan to resume production,”

    Link to outside source:

    Link to original blog:

    The PRC is not an all-powerful deity. The PRC sometimes fails and makes mistakes. That said, I am always interested in practical actions that can be taken to keep Taiwan out of the clutches of international Communism. Thus far, the USA experts encourage “asymmetric defense,” which may be sufficient for a few more years.

  12. longarch says:

    A technical site wrote that the USA might be obstructed by neutral countries in a war with the PRC.

  13. ex-PFC Chuck says:

    Just started reading Tim Bakken’s “The Price of Loyalty,” and already in the intro found some interesting stuff. The author asserts a 1974 SCOTUS decision, “Parker vs. Levy,” has been a major factor in the decline of effective civilian control of the military, and also led to pervasive risk avoidance in the ranks and especially the officer corps up to and including general officers. Here are a couiple of pithy paragraphs that state the issue:

    “One arrives at a sobering, frightening realization: The U. S. Constitution does not apply to members of the U.S. military the way it applies to everyone else. America’s most consequential document does not constrain military leaders the way it constrains every other public official and institution. This has freed the military to promote the ethos of loyalty over truth within the institution, which necessarily pits the military against the civilian society that is supposed to oversee it. The rule of law has become less prevalent; individual officers make all the rules without being effectively constrained by legal doctrines or democratic norms. Where there is such discretion in authorities andlack of accountability, there are fertile grounds for corruption.

    “A negative feedback loop has developed. The Constitution no longer effectively constrains the generals. Any military officer interested in career advancement will not speak freely, especially when it’s most necessary, as when the nation must decide whether to engage in war, because then the officer will be more noticeable. (This was a huge issue in the faulty decision to invade Iraq in 2003). To avoid antagonizing any of the officers higher in their chain of command, officers, including generals, remain silent or fall in line by parroting the positions of superior officers. Members of Congress, whose voters work for military contractors in every congressional district, cannot muster the personal courage to overrule military leaders. When, through this process, an institution as powerful as the U.S. military becomes autonomous, authoritarian values have the potential to displace democratic values and practices.”

    Howard Levy, the medical officer whose conviction for insubordination was upheld by the Supremes’ decision, won’t get much sympathy here, especially from readers with a Special Forces history. IANAL so I don’t have ready access to the majority opinion by Justice Renquist, but Bakken implies it was pretty broadly written.

  14. JerseyJeffersonian says:

    Col. Lang, and other readers,

    Here is a link to a post that purports to be an investigative effort into the doings and family history of Klaus Schwab, a big figure in the World Economic Forum, Davos, and alead actor in advocacy for the Great Reset. The article is interesting, and shows some dogged research in pursuit of its aims. That being said, it seemed to me to exhibit some blind spots and/or preconceived notions, and these should be borne in mind. So, for whatever value might attach, here is the link:

  15. Deap says:

    2020 election “irregularities” just keep coming. Days before the now sanctioned Maricopa County (AZ) audit, bags of shredded ballots found:

  16. mcohen says:

    east ghouta is to be accounted.

  17. J says:


    Both Iran and Israel are once again playing the propaganda/threat game against U.S..

    While Iran does have ‘operational cells’, this is being blown way out of proportion. Israeli Intelligence I/O is claiming that D.C. has Iran-militia threat groups on every corner in D.C..

    An Israeli Intelligence cut-out — MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute) is trying its best to keep D.C. ‘engaged’ with their struggle against Iran. MEMRI is mixing fact with fiction. And these days it seems that D.C. doesn’t seem to notice the difference. U.S. Civilian LE (Federal, State, Local) and their Intels have sadly all been ‘indoctrinated’ by Israeli Military/Intelligence ‘schools and trips’, and take any/all Israeli propaganda and their I/O’s as factual.

  18. Deap says:

    Science marches onwards: data reveals more CDC “covid” counting controversies – aka the Trump Election Year Cootie Crises Countdown.

  19. BillWade says:

    A Covid casualty:

    I know a great guy that ran a very successful local advertising business. I used to speak to him at our local watering hole. He mostly frequented it while buying a few drinks for prospective clients, many of them local independent restaurant owners, plumbers, mechanics, and such. Over the years I got to know him fairly well, my wife worked for him at times interviewing and writing adverts. I learned he was divorced and that he had weekend custody of his two sons. He relished those weekends. I also learned his family has a history of mental illness. He had a nice truck, a modest condo, nice clothes, 3 employees, and a few part-timers like my wife. When the covid crisis hit his income dropped to zero. No business here was going to spend ad money as they were mostly closed themselves and were struggling financially. Well, my friend started spending his time helping 3 restaurant owners feed anyone who needed a meal for 3 consecutive Saturdays. It was actually kind of fun, they had a band playing music and were handing out gourmet food. My wife and I went to all 3 events and helped out financially. That ended when the food/money ran out. My friend then became quite religious and was thinking the end times were near. As the crisis wore on he became more zealous in his beliefs. Whenever I wanted some work done around my place I’d call him and he’s come over and do it, he would say to me that I was paying him too much. He wasn’t too hard to be around but it was getting annoying. Now in the past week he’s become different somehow. He is very annoying and the bartenders at the place I frequent don’t want him around. He’s annoying other customers to the point that they leave rather than put up with him. I am sure he will be banned from there at any moment.

    • Eric Newhill says:

      Bill Wade – Sorry to hear about your friend – there’s of that going around. Psychiatric prescriptions are record levels.

      Here’s an older article (Last year, but the trend continues).

      Before long we might actually get our own wailing from from the apartment windows, but it will be real distress this time.

    • Escarlata says:

      Sorry to hear, but one would ask why is that he results annoying…

      Is it because he is complaining whenever he meets people, at the bar or fixing things at yours?

      Why a person who complains about the economic destruction sown by this pandemic is considered annoying?
      Why is that there are not hundreds of thousands complaining?
      Is he already a psychiatric patient ( labeled by whom, a bunch of psychiatrists meeting in a room? ) because he complains, or is he the only one in his right mind?

      He says Luis López Carrasco, director of the film “El Año del Descubrimiento”, in an interview I just finished viewing, about the events related to labor fights taking place in Spain in 1992, amongst the celebrations of the Centenary of the Discovery of America and the Olympic Games in Barcelona, that a parliament being set on fire express a lot of desperation, because, working people, unionized people simply do not like to go on the streets during hundred days under the rain or a sun of justice, they simply want the same than everybody else, rest at home with their families after working.

      One wonders where are all those who, like your friend, have lost everything through this pandemic.
      Is it that they fear to complain as they saw how their fellow citizens were labeled domestic terrorists after they assaulted Capitol?

      IMO, it is possible that all those people were pushed there by an organized gang whose main goal was demonize and crminalize protest that definitely they kenw would come after all this destruction…

      The assault on Capitol acted as a punishment of futre protests, the organizers who then went scot free for sure knew it.

      Complaining about an outrageous situation and abandonment by own government is the right thing to do, it is the rest looking in amazement who seem to need the psychiatric treatment…Such scale of arbitrariness is not worth to complain about in a day or the time one spends taking a shot, or a coffee, is worth to complain during an eternity if things do not change…he must complain until everybody have a good headache and or awake to this injustice or go definitely crazy.

      No hay paz para los malvados!

      Please give that man a big hug from my part next time you meet him again, tell him that people so aware like him are sorely needed in this world, and thus to try hard preserving himself, go find peers, and start organizing for the fight.
      There is a lot of work to do, of another kind he was doing, but work after all, that is the life of the working people.

  20. BillWade says:

    thanks Eric, I believe he would be fine now if he still had his business.

    • Eric Newhill says:

      No doubt that is true.

      Most people can take only so much destruction of stability in their lives before they crack. That’s not a slight against your friend; just a fact. I’m amazed that more people haven’t flipped their lids and perpetrated horrible crimes, assassinations, that sort of thing. I guess it’s a testimony to the decency of our society. I hope it holds as the situation further deteriorates.

  21. elaine says:

    longarch, I assume your referencing Hon Hai Precision Industry CO, LTD
    trading as Foxconn Tech Group/Foxcon, ticker: HNHPF presently trading
    between $7 to $8 a share, am I correct? If so, do you happen to know who their main competitor is? The whole field is confusing to me.

    I doubt the U.S. would fight over Taiwanese freedom but perhaps over semi conductor

  22. Serge says:

    Some very interesting imagery out of Iraq: a billboard of Mary pictured side by side with Soleimani and Muhandis.

    • Leith says:

      Not surprising. Didn’t the Koran say that Mary was chosen by Allah?

    • Leith says:

      Found it!

      “Maryam ʾibnat ʿImrān, the mother of Isa (Jesus), … holds a singularly exalted place in Islam as the only woman named in the Quran, which refers to her seventy times and explicitly identifies her as the greatest of all women”

      “The Quran refers to Mary more often than the Bible.”

  23. Serge says:


    Why didn’t he get a government check? They were/are handing them out like candy. A friend of mine owes a few pretzel stands and got a few hundred thousand no questions asked. And he is getting it again I believe

    • Escarlata says:

      I guess that a guy who is able to say to other he is paying too much for a job done at the other´s home, does not seem a guy who would be asking for a state check when bankrupt..

      It seems that the man still have a sense of dignity, may be ideologically he is unable to do it…

      There are people who would prefer dying than going to ask for beneficence after having had a decent life…

      We must not rush to judge others, may be we would not be able either…

    • BillWade says:

      Serge, The last I heard was that he’s owed about 22K and that he hasn’t received it yet. We asked around and he hasn’t been heard of or seen since this past Friday. We texted him yesterday offering to take him out to lunch and never heard back. Later today, I’m going to try and track him down.

      I need to open a pretzel stand!

      • Escarlata says:

        Bill, please, read below new anañysis by Alastair Crooke on the Great Reset, so that your friend, in case you manage to find him, can understand it is not him who failed.
        He is not definitely a loser, but simply object and one of the first victims of this new scam and the planning to achieve it.

        Stay well, you are a very compassionate person.

        • optimax says:

          Euro-American males think of ourselves as independent and successful, making it difficult to accept failure as anything but personal, even if beyond our control. It’s times like this that people turn to biblical and secular end-times for hope.

  24. Lasttruebeliever says:

    The Ukraine is heating up. In memory of uncle joe and the girls that got the ball rolling there—a rhyme:

    The Three Harpies

    Have you noticed the harpies three?
    There’s “the Hill”, Samantha, and Miss Vicky;
    For them no outrage is too much,
    Murder and mayhem’s their sweetest cup!
    Pass the cookies, laugh with glee,
    Let’s kiss the butts
    Of the three harpies!

    Kiev, Odessa, the Donbass, and Lugansk,
    There’s still a lot to pillage,
    For these sexy, hottie pants!
    They sent their best snipers,
    Their sappers, and their keys,
    Cause it’s murder and it’s mayhem
    Give joy to the three harpies!

    Is there no part of earth
    Deserving to be free
    From these joyous, glorious, maidens
    We call the three harpies?
    Is there no pure and holy place
    Free from their liberty?

    They promised Europe and rainbows,
    Warm houses and good coffee,
    But we got rape and murder,
    The whispering of sweet nothings—
    From the girls we call harpies.

    Harpies, harpies!
    How could you go so wrong!
    A time for you is coming
    When you’ll burn where you belong.
    You’re lucky you love fire,
    It fills you so with glee.
    There’s such a perfect place for you —
    The girls we call harpies!

    Brother Blue Iconoclast

  25. Escarlata says:

    Interesting for all of us, especially for BillWade´s bankrupted friend, on what the Great Reset is all about, and, definitely, aswering Pat´s possited question on who pulls the strings behind Biden…Introducing the “Great Wizard” Larry Fink…
    Excellent deconstruction of the whole charade of the Great Reset and to whom it will benefit in the end ( spoiler: the 0.1% of always, this time dressed in the “saviors of the planet” costume …)

    MUST READ for to awake from this confussion created by the “pandemic” ( which reveals being totally instrumental into the shocking and sudden changes leading to this distopy whihc otherwise would have been strongly confronted in the streets…) and start going preparing to fight.
    Share as much as you can so that everybody understands this new scam…A new exceptionalims in the making, only this time to be exerted also over you, US citizens who do not commune with millstones…

    Good night and good luck, pilgrims turcopoles!

  26. Escarlata says:

    Getting you to hunger levels is the best way the elites guarantee for themselves not only that you will not have enough health and strength to think on why this is really happening, but also to do the intellectual and physical effort to protest and fight for your rights…
    What our cities are becoming everywhere…Hunger lines in the UK….( you will be said any resemblance with “The Hunger Games” is pure coincidence…)

    Also, how this will never end, until they ruin us all so that we all depend on their “carbon credits” to survive..
    According to The Guardian, global lockdown would be necessary every two years to meet the París Agreement CO2 goals…

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