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  1. Pat Lang says:

    Laura Ingraham had an elderly woman on last night who reported that 18 hours after having the second COVID vaccine shot she experienced a massive subdural hematoma for which a craniotomy was necessary. Does anyone here know of a similar vaccine reaction?

    • Wife and I, second Pfizer shot last Sun/Mon, First one: usual arm slight pain for a day; about a week later a day of minor joint pain. Second shot nothing so far.

    • Eric Newhill says:

      Col Lang,
      Yes. It is a rare reaction, but one that appears to present with some level of statistical significance. In other words, subdural hematoma is rare in and of itself, but it is looking like the incidence of subdural hematoma post vaccine is a little higher. That reaction appears to be occurring, to the extent that it is, anywhere from 24 hours post-vaccination to 3 weeks.

      The data is not yet clear. There may be a selection bias. Could be a slight statistical blip (i.e. normal variance). The data isn’t all “in” yet., etc. – everything is still closer to the anecdotal level as opposed to “proven science”.

      This is why I asked you if there was perhaps a causal relationship between your vaccination and your brain bleed (btw – hope you are feeling better and recovering well).

      • Pat Lang says:

        Eric Newhill

        The connection is obscure as yet but I am deeply suspicious and will refuse any suggestion about boosters. I rarely leave the house. My SH was not as bad as hers but I am definitely still in a convalescent mode and seeing specialists on a follow up basis.

        • Larisa says:

          Colonel Lang, Pfizer is already asking for permission to governments for a third round shot, keep away from that as your would do from the pest…
          It is the Spike Protein, which the vaccines, all, make the body producing in massive sacle at every organ of the body ( found in an authopsy in Italy done to an elder…there was no corner of his body who was not invaded by the Spìke protein…)

          It is the Spike protein which is toxic to the body…

          There is a study which concludes around 83% is immune to Covid-19, and the 17% left are suceptible by pre-conditions..

          There is lower probability to die from Covid-19 than from the vaccine ADE and serious side effects.
          In any other moment of hisotry, these meds would had been bannned time ago, there have been meds forbidden for human use after first death..Why are we allowing this carnage I wonder..
          If anyway, nobody will return to normal, most will not be travelling anymore…

          About ADE…UK´s secretary of trnasport clears the fog…for the deluded who thought that the shot will grant them free pass…The vaccine just increase the possibility and seriousness of the infection!!!

          I am sure the multiple variants are a product of the massive vaccination campaing, warned by a virologist time ago, when the campaign started.
          Never before a massive vaccination campaign was done into full expansion pandemic fase.
          You notice that flu vaccination campaign is done every year in the previous months of infections pick….around January/February…

        • Larisa says:

          A significant number of relatively young people in their fifties, previously healthy without serious health issues, have gone through cardiologic surgery and are now in antocoagulants treatement for life, after the vaccine…

          Which probablilities they had of catching Covid-19 and in that case recovering without sequels…is a question they should be making to themselves the rest of their lives..

          I do not blame those unable to inform by themselves, simple, gullible people who only are able and willing to watch tv, but others gifted with the ( let´s say at these times of history ) curse of intelligence, have no alibi…

        • Eric Newhill says:

          Col Lang,
          I recommend that you watch this video by a well qualified expert (physician/microbiology/infectious disease). The interesting information explaining how the vaccine can cause the blood clots and cerebral vein thrombosis issues begins around the 10 minute mark.

          Remember, use of the AstraZeneca vaccine was stopped in Europe for reason of causing those issues. The doctor in the video explains that all of the vaccines are based on the same spike protein mechanism and therefore can cause the same issues.

          Please stay on the mend.

    • Larisa says:

      Indeed, but this time in an Italian 18 years old, who, in practice, got her brain smashed out of presure by a massive clottinh of venose sinus….

      In case any covidian believer could come in full force arguing that, well, she had a pre-condition, I am going to debunk such a claim ipso facto, since what she suffered, Autoimmune Familiar Thrombocitopenia, would had caused, in any case, a massive hemorragic….

      But, well, what AstraZeneca really means…what is to be surprised here..?

    • Pat Lang says:


      What conclusion if any should I draw from this?

  2. BillWade says:

    I bet those Colombian mercenaries and the two Haitian-Americans caught in Haiti are cursing their paymaster(s), didn’t seem like much of an exit strategy was planned for them.

    • Fred says:

      On a bright note maybe Chelsea can follow the family tradition and reopen the charity. With another Democratic administration in office and a pliable UN I’m sure that there is an immense amount of money available for enlightened management and development of Haiti. It’s not like anyone is going to allow them to solve their own problems.

  3. Eric Newhill says:

    Here are some “open source” links for the vaccine/brain bleed (and related conditions) connection. Before anyone notes that two of the articles speak to issues other than brain bleeds specifically, keeping mind that if, say, veins in the legs are swelling, veins in the brain can also swell. These are related conditions. Blot clots also cause “strokes” and so on.

    • Artemesia says:

      Apologies for the personal nature of this comment.

      Six weeks ago I had a “brain bleed” — subarachnoid hemorrhage. 2 weeks in ICU + 2 weeks in Rehab hospital + 3 weeks of home nursing = ~$400k tab. In course of treatment, I had over 300 pills or injections to prevent blood clots, the worst thing that can happen to someone whose brain malfunctions as mine had.

      Friends were concerned that I had not been vaccinated while hospitalized. In fact, I was tested and determined to have antibodies; “immunity on loan from god,” to paraphrase . . .

      Neurosurgeons emphasized that, based on my family history, it was imperative that I inform blood relatives (my two children) that they have a family proclivity for a similar brain-bleed. I did so, and advised as circumspectly as possible that vaccination did not seem safe, but one child’s employer mandated vaccine. I spend every day on tenterhooks, concerned that my children have to balance their health-future against their career; wondering if my children will suffer some catastrophic event — Fortunately, my children each have children. It’s impossible to know how real is the possibility that vaccine can render young men (and women) sterile.

  4. Barbara Ann says:

    The Capitol Police are “..pivot[ing] towards an intelligence-based protective agency” and opening “..Regional Field Offices in California and Florida with additional regions in the near future..”

    • Larisa says:

      The target of such “policies” will be the unvaccinated, unbelievers…

      But everybody, vaccinated and unvaccinated will end with the same cutailing of civil liberties in the end..

      The unvaccinated, dissenter unbelievers, of course, covuld be terminated as pfreventive measure, but, well, who said living has no risk? And anyway, who would want to live much more under the harsh dictatorship of the “new normal”? Without travelling, hugs, kisses, children, friends, laugh and freedom once we knew? Only working unending shifts to them return home exhausted to just receive last instructions from “experts” through TV?

      Better to die on foot that to live on your knees…

    • Deap says:

      Nancy Pelosi wants to keep her eye on those supporting the Gov Newsom recall in Calif, and the rise of Gov DiSantis in Florida.

      I suspect i will be put on a no-fly list in California now, which will beg my need to get the “covid” shot if I want to resume travel. WTF is the “Capitol Police” doing in either location?

      Whenever have I, as nearly a four score, native born US Citizen, ever had to live in so much fear from my “government”?

      • Barbara Ann says:

        Re the Capitol Police’s sudden jurisdictional expansion, there is at least one precedent, from the 1930’s:

        “Instead of being exclusively a Prussian state agency, the Gestapo became a national one as a sub-office of the Sicherheitspolizei (SiPo; Security Police)” – wiki

        In this case it functions as the Nancypolizei.

    • akaPatience says:

      Thank you for mentioning this Barbara Ann. It scares the hell out of me that there isn’t push-back against this expansion of Capitol police! Where are all of the people who routinely cry “fascism!!!” when we need them? Where are the “de-fund” the police protesters? What good is the ACLU anymore – since it’s basically been worthless, AWOL in fact, as the IC increasingly tramples on rights and privacy? Those are of course rhetorical questions but I CANNOT believe a gun-free 3-hour riot on 1/6 has been blown SO out of proportion, resulting in something like this.

      • Deap says:

        The only solace is this new government intrusion into our lives, will operate as well as too many other government operations. May be a while before they reach maximum efficiencies, if ever.

        Probably an excuse to get taxpayers to pay for the moving expenses of soon to retire Capitol Police officers, who did appear to be in pretty pathetic shape if the Jan 6 incident was any indication of their physical fitness.

      • Barbara Ann says:


        National Socialist analogies are easy to overdo, but 1/6 really is being used as a Reichstag Fire type event to justify a crackdown by the security state on all opposition to its power. Today. In America. Trump drained the swamp alright, the beast therein is exposed for all to see and now it’s pissed.

        But this is good news! Nancy’s proto secret police and the Democrats’ other madcap initiatives to demonize conservatives will backfire big time. Complacent Americans everywhere are starting to wake up to the real extremist threat; the unholy alliance of wannabe Orwellians and cultural Marxists who are hell bent on destroying the country.

  5. Larisa says:

    What about the killing of Haitian president Juvenal Moïse by a mercenary command compossed by Colombian and US operatives?

    Could that have any relation with the fact that he was not vaccinating his people?

  6. Larisa says:

    What about the CyberPoligon simulacra of today organized by “sausage lips” Schwab on a pandemic cyber attack which would leave the wordl without power, communications, banking services and all that?

    Recall that previous to this “plandemic”, there was also a simulacra, organized by WEF, and the very Pompeo left sliding in a presser past year that we were in a “live exercise”…

    It seems that the preppers were not so mislead after all….I am seriously considering getting a camping gas, just in case…otherwise I would not be able to get even a hot coffee if what these psychopaths are rehearsing ends happening ( as it will be highly likely the case…)…Also I will get some, or most of, cash and will be keeping it under the mattress..or under the tile….as in the old times…

  7. Deap says:

    When will they pre-screen for existing complications before inoculating, instead of learning about these complications after the fact?

    New data shows 99.995% recovery rate for young people who allegedly contract “covid” — as if there was even an accurate test for this confirmation. Factor that into evolving risk-benefit analysis, before making the decision to experiment with this highly touted inoculation.

    Local teachers unions are demanding entire community college continues to stay closed based upon the “science”, until proof of 100% vaccination, including any campus visitors is mandated and enforced.

    There is now a showdown against the local board and college president including votes of no confidence if this demand is not put in place. And of course, since this is California no one can be fired if they don’t show up and teach.

    Personal history – I have chosen not to be injected, but may have my hand forced by the cruise industry – planned cruise in March 2022 – wait and see until then. DH, from my perspective has never quite been the same since he got the Pfizer two shot deal in Jan 2021 – just a collection of annoying and moderately debilitating side effects – coincidence or causation? Unknown.

    Despite our advanced ages, we did have remarkably robust health prior to this. Do I want to risk giving that up —for a dubious “vaccine”? Will my hand be forced, if I want to re-engage in global travel?

  8. Mark Logan says:

    The condition has been linked to COVID too.

    • Deap says:

      Matching anecdote for anecdote in these real “information wars” about covid and their alleged vaccines: mom dies of similar and sudden conditions, but after getting required shots for work:

      Was also put on ventilator – which has a very poor track record for survival.

    • Eric Newhill says:

      Maybe/maybe not.

      Maybe the person just had a stroke they were going to have anyhow and it turned out that they happened to have covid.

      The problem here is that solid info is hard to come by. Beyond all of the politics an associated data manipulation, there simply hasn’t been time to accumulate a firm picture.

      The vaccines can have different side effects for different people. There are a myriad of unexplored medication/vaccine interactions of which nothing is known. Anyone taking the vaccine is literally volunteering to be a guinea pig for a new class of pharmaceutical. This is especially true of the under 65 cohort, for whom the risk of death by covid is miniscule. I guess an octogenarian might do a cost/benefit analysis and decide to risk the vaccine. I truly do not comprehend the mindset of pregnant mothers who get the vaccine. Child bearing mothers are at virtually 0 risk of death by covid. Same with infants.

      • Lysias says:

        I’m 74 years old, and I’m not getting any covid vaccine. My primary reasons have to do with the good of other people. The more unvaccinated people there are, the harder it will be to institute a system of vaccination passports. The unvaccinated can serve as the control group needed to measure the efficacy of the vaccines, a control group that the powers that be have been doing all they can to prevent the existence of. And those powers that be have done so much to discredit themselves, I just don’t trust anything they’re pushing so hard.

  9. Fred says:

    For those looking for a new dish to cook up for dinner:

    Yummy, with nice scenery too.

  10. Deap says:

    J P Sears puts “woke” comedians to shame – Humor skit – what to do when the Biden administration knocks on your door if you have not gotten “the shot”:

    (NB: Ignore the website, just watch the Sears video)

  11. J says:

    My wife talked with her sister in Amarillo who said those that took the COVID jabs were dying off like flies. My wife and I have no intention of taking the experimental jabs until they have gone through the proper process.

  12. d74 says:

    I would like to point out the publication of a book about the US assistance to the Kurds in Syria in the common fight against Daesh or IS.
    Its title seems to me to be perfectly accurate: “Accidental Allies”.

    The authors know what they are talking about, in particular Wladimir Van Wilgenburg, a journalist who has been present in North East Syria and Iraqi Kurdistan for a long time. They have interviewed many US Special Forces on the ground with the Kurds.

    I believe that this alliance of circumstance is one of the rare cases where US forces have succeeded in allying themselves with foreign forces, of a particular culture and a rather opposite political orientation. The only common criteria or objective being the crushing of Daesh and the extraordinary effectiveness of the Kurdish men and women in the fight against this totally inhuman plague.

    I salute the respect of the Special Forces for the individual «equipment» of the Kurdish fighters. They knew not to americanize them. Except for the Iraqi style red beret for public military demonstrations !!! I have seen only one video of that. The incongruous beret does not seem to have lasted. It seems to me that the americanization of the Peshmerga in Iraq was a serious mistake. From a flexible and inventive guerrilla troop (in 1967), the Peshmerga have become as if obese or bureaucratized impotent.

    There is no doubt that the joint school of the Syrian Kurds and the PKK in the Zagros mountains (“University” of Kandil or Qandil, located at 1500-2000m in converted caves on the border between Iraq and Iran) has produced and is still producing guerrillas of very high operational, tactical and strategic value. This is a fact that US instructors readily acknowledge, even though the PKK is on the list of terrorist organizations by State Department and Nato. PKK is a misnomer. The PKK is a political organization. Its military wings are the HPG for men and YJA-Star for women, which are no less active than the HPG. Currently they are fighting the Turks who want to settle in the Iraq-Turkey border area, apparently with some success. Guerrilla warfare continues in Turkey.

    My opinion:
    For a Frenchman, the US use of excessive firepower and oversized means remains a question mark. It is too much, it lacks finesse. The massive destruction of cities and means of communication -including bridges- is counterproductive in the long run. It feels like a drunken elephant in a china store. This is the best way to get hated. This is where people will live after their freeing.
    I saw a video where a woman Kurdish commander with her FAC tablet was telling the A10s not to treat this or that area of Raqqa. And she explained that her job was to judiciously restrict the US air force’s desire to destroy. Instead, she would send a platoon to nibble away at that neighborhood day after day. «It takes longer, but we’re sure to kill only the bad guys». Of course, she claimed and guided the A10s when she felt it was necessary.
    The Kurds say that without US help the victory would have been the same but longer to achieve.

    I haven’t finished reading this book, more than 250 pages full of rare information.
    It is freely available at :
    Wladimir Van Wilgenburg:
    Daily news Kurdish of Syria:

    • Ishmael Zechariah says:

      These much vaunted kurdish cadres performed so wonderfully well in Afrin, males, females, hermaphrodites. Truly epic. they should be looking at Afghanistan and thinking of the ways of the world.
      Ishmael Zechariah

      • Leith says:

        IZ –

        There was not much that AKs and RPDs could do against F16s, T155s, and up-armored battle tanks. Plus 6400 TKK troops reinforced by 25,000 daeshi and al-Qaeda headchoppers. But the Kurds still managed a small bit of payback. And they are still fighting back in a guerilla action by the HRE commandos aka Afrin Liberation Forces. Some claim they are being supported and armed surreptitiously by Assad and they coordinate their raids with the Syrian Army.

        Meanwhile you can be proud of your president. In Turkish controlled Afrin 83 women have been murdered, 200 women were kidnapped and at least 70 women have been raped in the last 18 months by Erdogan-backed jihadist groups. They have sexually abused Afrin children also, male and female.

        • Ishmael Zechariah says:

          Skip magical thinking. A realistic comparison of the command structure, equipment and “military training” of your current allies, the kurds, your erstwhile allies, the “Afghan Army”, and the Taliban fighters might give you a better idea of what might transpire.
          FYI, our so-called atrocities are peddled by the same bunch who accused Assad of chemical attacks. If you think these are true, put on your ballroom outfit and show up. We will give you a dance. Same goes for d74. We will give her an extra MANPAD to make her happy.

          Ishmael Zechariah

          • Leith says:

            at IZ – ‘our atrocities’

            I never claimed the Turkish people or Turkish Army were to blame for the rape, murder, mayhem, and kidnappings for ransom in Afrin. Those criminal acts were committed by Syrian jihadis of the TFSA. The same happened in many other parts of Syria. Erdogan’s refusal to stop that terror makes him personally as much to blame as the perpetrators. Turkey needs to send him to İmralı or to the Hague.

            BTW it was NOT the white-hats that reported on the brutality in Afrin. IT was the UN, and Amnesty International, and even a few Turkish nationals. Nice try though.

            As for the YPG – They did very well in Kobane fighting alone against ISIS for two long years before Coalition Air joined their side in September 2014.

            And the YPG did very well fighting against al-Nusra Front and Ghuraba al-Sham [another al-Qaeda wing] in the first Battle of Ras al-Ayn back in 2012/2013.

            I do agree with you that the YPG cannot stand toe to toe with the TKK and THK in a conventional slugfest. But that does not imply cowardice. They will continue their ambush, sabotage, plus hit-and-run tactics in Afrin, Ras al-Ayn, and Tell Abyad. And they will keep looking for and perhaps eventually get some advantage to asymmetrically outweigh the technological and numerical whip hand of the TKK/TFSA occupiers.

      • d74 says:

        You are right. They were no match for the Turkish air force. Give the guerrillas a few manpads…

  13. J says:

    A great way to spend a Friday evening is saddle up with a bed roll and long island sland tea fixings and head for a nearby Mesa and watch the sun down with a small camp fire

  14. longarch says:

    The following succinct theory is making the rounds:

    Only 5 countries have not yet started vaccinating against Covid19.

    North Korea, Eritrea, Burundi, Haiti, Tanzania.

    Since last year, the presidents of 3 of these 5 countries have died.

    There is certainly no correlation….

    A great many people who would have been called conspiracy theorists 20 years ago now have large followings.

  15. Deap says:

    If you have time to read just one things today, this is it.

    If you think you alone are drowning in a world of alternative facts since the 2020 election, this is the antidote. Can’t think of a point this writer makes, that I disagree with – and he presents the argument more people (including Democrats and independents) are now reaching the same conclusions. Biden healed nothing. Just the opposite.

    Deep State and Big Tech Media gas-lighting may finally be burning itself out. This link is preaching to the choir on most points, but its real statement is claiming this message is now reaching a lot more than just “beer swilling, red-hatted, Tea Party, MAGA heads”

    No, this is not more election “conspiracy” stuff; it is just a clear reminder of the road we have traveled this past year and how many times our “government” punched us in the gut leading up to election day. It is why greater numbers from both parties and independents now think election fraud did take place.

    And why more people now see the Deep State and Big Tech Media as the primary dirty tricksters.

  16. Sam says:


    I’ve been pondering why Fauci, Big Tech and Big Media used all the powers at their disposal early 2020 to discredit lab leak hypothesis?

    What’s fascinating is that now that this hypothesis is becoming mainstream neither the Democrats nor Republicans are bringing down the roof to have a credible investigation of the origins and the lessons learned from the pandemic response. And that goes for the “left wing” of the Democrats and the “right wing” of the Republicans. Where’s MAGA Trump on this? Ron DeSantis?

  17. J says:

    The world recently lost a multitalented individual, actor, poet, linguist William Smith
    William spoke 5 languages Russian, French, German, Serbo Croat. William flew missions over Russia and the Eastern Bloc.

  18. Jose says:

    A Tale of Two Majors…

    Read the article below concerning salaries of Master’s Degree in today’s America versus return on investment (debt).

    Know someone who has a Master’s in Machine Language Learning from a state school and he got:

    1. a free ride
    2. several offers in the range these other kids have in debt.

    It’s a shame this Hispanic student lives in such a systematic racist country…

    • Fred says:


      The border is open in the other direction too. Twelve years of indoctrination that without a college degree you are without value helps push the gullable into spending other peoples money to extend their childhood for years.

      • Jose says:

        Fred, great point. Plenty of good jobs without a degree. The Great Lie is supporting these indoctrination centers.

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