“PAC Launched To Press Feds To Release More Info On UFOs”

““We created the UFOPac because it has become clear to us that there may be more to this topic than governments are willing to share,” Fisher said in a statement. “UFOPac.org will help build a mass movement to share this with our elected representatives – regardless of party or political affiliation.” On its website, the group says that once “UFO phenomenon is verified by the government and available data is released” it will help academic and technology communities study the “technologies, physics, and mechanics of these crafts” without stigma.” Forbes

Comment: This development will not be welc0med in the “men in black” community. pl


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4 Responses to “PAC Launched To Press Feds To Release More Info On UFOs”

  1. j.+casey says:

    If I may make an editorial suggestions, I think it would be useful to have someone knowledgeable who could explain who the players are in these apparently overlapping (and competing?) operations and who they report to.

    • Pat Lang says:

      j. casey

      And who do you think that would be since these are state secrets at this point.

  2. PavewayIV says:

    I have pretty low expectations for the unclassified DNI/Pentagon report to Congress. I expect a big nothingburger with a few bonus fuzzy videos and murky references to projects like the Advanced Aerial Threat Identification Program. The only thing that piqued my interest was this article in Politico yesterday (May 26th):

    Ex-official who revealed UFO project accuses Pentagon of ‘disinformation’ campaign
    Lue Elizondo’s inspector general complaint asserts that officials have tried to discredit him since he went public.

    Elizondo’s IG complaint and UFOPac.org both seem like cringeworthy, feeble attempts to manufacture some kind of outrage to “…get the government to finally tell us the truth about UFOs!” Report to Congress = Unclassified = nothingburger.

    “Agencies also have to explain how they collect data about UFOs, whether foreign adversaries are suspected of controlling them, and if the objects pose a threat to national security.” — Yeah, but NO. The details are still classified. I’m guessing the briefing will, however, indicate a clear and imminent threat to national security, along with a request for a few tens of billions to build a possible solution. The classified part is to buy Elbit, ELSA and Raphael stock now. Why shouldn’t Israel get a piece of this ‘UFO Defense’ action?

  3. Keith Harbaugh says:

    we find the following:

    The impressive F-35 cockpit has all of this [advanced technology], and that makes all the difference.
    The F-15EX enhanced cockpit displays
    mirror the newest displays coming to both F/A-18 Block III and F-35 Block 4, mostly because
    they are all made by the same company.

    And who would that company be?
    The link in the original shows it to be Elbit Systems:
    What that means is that America’s most advanced tactical aircraft have one of their most critical and sophisticated components designed and produced by an Israeli company.

    From an American POV there are several problems with this.
    One of course is the possibility, even the probability, of Trojan horses.
    But the issue I worry about most is
    the atrophy and loss of America’s once great engineering skills.
    So many of our electronics are designed and made in Asia. Think Sony, Samsung, and the Taiwanese chip industry.
    And now key parts of our avionics, like the Large Area Display, are designed in Israel.
    Meanwhile, the American political, educational, and media systems all obsess about all their politically correct obsessions.
    Something is radically wrong here.

    And I don’t believe the culprit is public sector unions, say.
    No, there is a certain set of the population who believe they have been victims of Western civilization for centuries,
    and want to diminish its future capabilities to, in their fears, harm them again.
    A combination of vengeance and deterrence.

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