“Paths of Glory” A Movie Review

"Paths of Glory"  Alan Farrell

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11 Responses to “Paths of Glory” A Movie Review

  1. Eric says:

    I really liked the movie, thought it was better than Breaker Morant, though Breaker Morant was very good.
    I don’t watch shootemup war stories much, though I did watch Band of Brothers, got hooked, and stayed to the end.
    POG was any artsy movie for it’s time, didn’t make much money, and was on TV 1-2 years after it’s release in theatres. Saw it first abt 1960 and it scared the crap out of this young one.

  2. Ckrisz says:

    Agree with Farrell about Breaker Morant. A forgotten classic.

  3. sbj says:

    This film has special significance for me. I saw it the first time in the mid ’60s and it made a powerful, pivotal impression on me that solidified my resolve to not participate in the Vietnam War.

  4. W. Patrick Lang says:

    It seems to have had a different effect on Farrell and me. pl

  5. W. Patrick Lang says:

    Guess I’d ask which “Unforgiven” he means (think one has a “The” and t’other not): the Clint Eastwood new one (which I don’t much care for) or the Burt Lancaster John Huston (annnnnnd Audie Murphy! … annnnnnnnd Audie Hepburn) one (which I do). Best meantime for Holiday(s), AFF

  6. sbj says:

    I think I can understand how this film could inspire such divergent perspectives, yet I find it quite interesting that it seems to have had the ability to do so.

  7. W. Patrick Lang says:

    What can I say? pl

  8. sbj says:

    Perhaps my wording created an unintended impression. My wonderment was only that a film such as this could resonate so differently in different people. I had no thought of rendering judgement as to respective perspectives, and I sincerely apologize if my remarks came across that way.

  9. W. Patrick Lang says:

    What? Me, worry? pl

  10. sbj says:

    Just wanted to make sure I didn’t give offense. I respect you immensely and am very appreciative of your forthrightness in speaking out with such unassailable authority on all the issues regarding Iraq, the Bush/Cheney gang’s maneuvers there, and the broader intelligence arena.
    Our nation is far better served by you and friends like Larry Johnson than by all the duplicitous “Jacobins” and their minions throughout the media.

  11. W. Patrick Lang says:

    AFF above is Alan Farrell. I love the Clint Eastwood “Unforgiven.”
    “He shoulda armed hisself.” pat

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